Welcoming Prison Release of Asrat Tasse and Daniel Tefera (Girma Kassa)


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6 Responses

  1. Abegaz says:


    You are a good guy and a moderate opposition. Yes, it is good to give
    Hailemariam’s EPRDF the benefit of the doubt. But the decision to release Asrat Tasse is with precondition. He should not write against the courts for the next two years.If he does he will go to jail again. This is no good gesture of progress by EPRDF. So you praised EPRDF for no good accomplishment.

  2. ET says:

    What ESAT won’t show you Must Watch Video

    በነ አንዳርጋቸው ትዕዛዝ እንዲታሰርና ለሻዕቢያ አሳልፎ እንዲሰጥ ከተደረገ በኋላ የደረሰበትን ግፍና በደል፤ ድብደባ በአጠቃላይ ከባርነት በከፋ ሁኔታ እንዴት እንዳሳለፈ ይህም እሱ ብቻ ሳይሆን በአጠቃላይ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሻዕቢያ እጅ እንዴት እንደሚሰቃዩና እንደሚገደሉም ጭምር ይገልጽልናል። ከሽታው ሽፈራው ጋር የተደረገ ውይይት ቪድዮ


  3. juhar ahmed says:

    this old man should be in jail because he does not have any respect for the court and for people of ethiopia he lost he freedom by choice he should let him walk free but he is lucky get way with that watch he is gone do some thing stupid he is go back to jail than they are ready to blame government if somebody break the law own it stand firm because no one is above the law

  4. ተከዜ says:

    @ግርማ ካሳ
    1ኛ፣ የፖለቲካ መሪዎችና ብቻ ሳይሆን አባሎችንም ሁሉ መታሰር የለባቸው። ትክክል ነው።
    2ኛ፣ዲያስፖራው እሰካሁን ወደ 5 ቢሊዮን (በኤውሮፓ ሚሊያርድ) ማለት 10 x 500 ሚሊዮን ያስገባል ተብሎ ይገመታል።በፖለቲካው ደስተኛ ባይሆንም ማለት ነው። ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የፖሊሲ ለውጥ ቢመጣ ግን ብዙ ቢሊዮን ይገባል የሚል ግምት አለኝ። ይህ ደግሞ የሚሆነው በኢንቨስትመንት መልክ እንጂ በመዋጮ ሀገር አትገነባም።
    3ኛመንግስት፣የፖሊሲ ለውጥ ሳያመጣ፣ ሳይበረዝ ሳይከለስ እያለ፣ግን ከአድነቶች ጋር ስለተስማማ ብቻ የዲያስፖራው አዳራሽ ይሞላል የሚለው ግን ብዙም አይታየኝም። ይህን የምለው ከፓለቲካ ቡድን ተነስቼ አይደለም። በግል አስተያየት ነው።
    4ኛ፣እኛ ሀገር አንድ ነገር ሲጀመር የሚወራውን ያህል፣በሌሎች ሀገራት ሲያልቅ ይህን ያህል አይወራም። ሌሎች ሀገር ግድብ መስራት ወይም የትራም መስመር መዘርጋት፣አንዳንዴ በቴሌቪዥና በሬድዮም ለብዙ ጊዜ ለወሬ አይቀርብም። እኛ ሀገር ገና ሳይጀመር በዚህ ጉዳይ በክርክር የባልና ሚስት መፋቻም ሊሆን ይችላል። በጣም ይጋነናል ማለት፣ እንደ ብርቅም ይታያል።

  5. ተከዜ says:

    ዲያስፖራው በአመት ነው 5 ቢሊዮን የሚያስገባው።ኢትዮጵያ በኤክስፖርት የምታስገባው ይህን የሚያክል አይመስለኝም።

  6. Kebede says:

    Diaspora’s ethnic and religious division has reached climax. No need of their money. They can use it for their toilet paper. The time where these diaspora enter Ethiopia; it will be time of segregation and unrest. Please know that majority of the politician diaspora are cancer to our country. I do not think Ethiopia needs them. I do not think they need Ethiopia’s development too. Many of them are in hatred politics and even do not feel shame to themselves when using the name of ethnic groups in their stupid analysis of current Ethiopia’s politics. We young Ethiopians need not allow these 80’s diaspora politicians to enter Ethiopia as they are full of hatred and stupidity. They have superiority complex and they always think that they know better than Ethiopians who live in their motherland. As far as i knew them, living with them, many of them are dishonest, intolerant and misinformed. Let me borrow some of the phrases of our known professor. “There is no medicine for the bite of ruthless diaspora politicians”. God bless our motherland Ethiopia!

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