Updates on Ethiopian aircraft hijack drama


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32 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    This shameful guy could gone from his hotels anywhere at Europe &/or America! He must have been paid a blood money by Ethiopia’s enemies directly or indirectly! This shows that Ethiopia have so many citizens who have no love for his country!

    Ethiopia will continue to grow , no matter what some greedy individuals evil intention is!

    God bless Ethiopia !

    • ኤፍሬም says:

      እኔ የገረመኝ ነገር ቢኖር ምን ተጠቀመው ። ችግር ቢኖርበትም በሰላም ወጥቶ መኖር ይችል ነበር። ወደ ከፋ ችግር ለዛውም ሃያ አመት በእስር የሚያስቀጣ መፍትሄ አይመስለኝም ። ልጅ ተሳስተዋል ። ለራሱ: ከቤተሰቡ: ለሃገሩ ትልቅ በደል ፈፅመዋል ።

    • Ashu says:

      Exactly I agree with u

    • Addis Alem says:

      MARIO SAID “Ethiopia have so many citizens who have no love for his country!”

      TRUE MARIO. I can not agree more. But, of course, let us not forget that LEGESE ZENAWI was the number one Ethiopian hater.

    • Nelsson says:

      Mario, growing or developing of our country[ ethiopia] is good news for all nations, not only you or ur TPLF.BUT YOU must open your eye and mind to see and think what TPLF government building their owen house by using ethiopian people pure blood.And also please,you weak up to fight any one to think ethnically like TPLF.AND THEN WE WILL LIVE IN ETHIOPIA EQUALY.

  2. Mario says:

    The government denial and lies continues as the hijacker is making a point and telling the whole world that he is fleeing from day to day political persecution.

    While Ethiopians are fleeing their country in droves on land and sea, Hailemedehin Abera Tagegn did it by air. That is the only difference. The political persecution by the brutal regime is the same for all Ethiopians.

    The drama will continue as the government tries to flavor the story with lies coming from its ministers and cadres to convince the world that all is well at home. If a co-pilot hijacks his own airplane and lands it at a different location and applies for asylum, no one will doubt the seriousness and gravity of the problem that exists. “Beggars belief” or not, we Ethiopians and the world are getting the message of the hijacker.

    I wish Hailemedehin Abera Tagegn all the best (including freedom to work and live in peace in any part of the world of his choice) in his life.

  3. Ethio Love says:

    The only hope for this guy is to join G7 and make a political case just like all DC toxic diaspora opposition such as Abebe Gelaw

  4. menelik says:

    Crap!the country’s economical and political system is a great mess!only the minority woyanes prosper!putting the other majority under poverty and spreading tribal hate! ethiopian politics stinks!it is a disgrace!the corruption level is high so as child mortality rate especially in Amharas region…the government Is committing in systematic genocide of Amehars people!it is a shame the world is just watching!

  5. Nardos says:

    what could have initiated this stupid act?

    1.-obviously, it could not be economical problem.
    2.- Political problem?— so he has every opportunity to get visa and move around tnx to his profession. he had many options to take instead of this stupid act. he has scarified his next 20 years of his life for what?

    considering this, he must have had ‘Abisho’…

    what ever it is, it is a shameful act and idiotic.

    fortunately, the passangers are safe. but he has decided on his upcoming 20 years very badly

    • Ermi says:

      I agree with you 100% that he has many options to flee oppression and political persecution quietly under the radars. However, it takes a hero to sacrifice ones self for the benefit of the 90 million people who have no options and opportunities to obtain freedom. He is definitly not one of those hodams who tolerate the suffering of fellow human beings by the thugish weyane. Let’s take our hut off for such heroes who are born to serve good and expose evils , and those who think beyond self .

      Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


  6. I don’t understand the motive, and everything. May be he is mentaly sick. We demand full explanation from Swis authority.

  7. Daniel says:

    First of all, with the grace of our almighty God, all passengers are safe …this is important. For the next few weeks, so many people would continue to speculate why a young professional decided this act…was he trying to make a statement as it was reported by the Blue party leader? Is he a greedy guy who was after money or some twisted fame? I don’t know his motives but it is a wakeup call to TPLF lead government. This individual could easily travel wherever he wants to go or earn more money by working to other well respected airlines in the Middle East. One thing is clear, he asked “political asylum” ..This is undeniable fact…The political asylum is one of the human rights affirmed by Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a rules of international human rights law. All countries who have agreed to the United Nations Conventions Relating to the Status of Refugees must let people, who do qualify; come into their country…Netherland is one of them…People who qualify for asylum are those who can show that they might be badly treated in their own country because of their: race, religion, political opinions etc….The co-pilot who didn’t have a weapon and who never alarmed the passengers till he landed could be consider a criminal??? Time will tell…
    Beside the above blurb, A few days ago I visited Ben’s (Ethiopian First) webpage and he talked about how the incumbent is abusing its power and how the people are distancing themselves from their government…Ben , thank you for your remark and balanced view…please listen to what Ben had to say…listen to the people,…it would be hard to govern a country when you have citizens unwilling to be governed…
    By the way, why on earth, an Italian dude operating our airlines??? Where are our pilots? Where are my people?..God bless Emama Ethiopia…

  8. CHALLA says:

    What a moron is this man!He is a criminal now/

  9. Bekele says:

    Dikalaw – wait a little bit before you open your mouth.

  10. kebraraw says:

    is short this man is stupid and garbage being flown to Europe and us for 5 years and he did’t asked for asylum there now he has endangered the lives of hundreds just to make a joke the Swiss government should extradite him immediately and comply with the convention made in its capital city Geneva.
    This man is a criminal not an asylum seeker he got no problem leaving the country he got no problem arriving at any country but for his stupidity and selfishness he has endangered lives of hundreds of passengers and crew. simply I call this man an asshole

  11. Demo says:

    There was no a single pilot defected from ethiopian airline in those dictatorial mengestu regium .

    some thing should be done in the adminstration respected pilot loseing his job come on sort out your mess.

    blaming the pilot not enough.
    recruting is one problem if you see in those day hostess no country women can match ethiopians before today if you have relative in the admistration all agly cow with out any qualification they feel the service that the to the pilots side.

    todays hostese i will never employ them for a night club.

  12. Demo says:

    There was no a single pilot defected from ethiopian airline in those dictatorial mengestu regium .

    some thing should be done in the adminstration respected pilot loseing his job come on sort out your mess.

    blaming the pilot not enough.
    recruting is one problem if you see in those day hostess no country women can match ethiopians before today if you have relative in the admistration all agly cow with out any qualification they feel the service that the same to the pilots side.

    todays hostese i will never employ them for a night club.

  13. Orio says:

    What a drama….The co-pilot must be on high chewing chat/Qat scaling the airplane window like “Ye Merkato Leba”….I found everything it really funny. What a dumb ass he is. Din’t he know that he has a valid visa to travel all over Europe. Seriously, how can one get so stupid…he must be patently insane to do such a fool act – rot 20 years in jail & come out with a criminal record at age 51. He is fukked up for life…he better seek euthanasia.

  14. billfree says:

    This event will inform the world what kind of dictator government is their in ETHIOPIA.because no one is hijacking his country’s air craft unless his country’s government is dictator.
    I am proud of this co-pilot since he have exposed the repression that exists in our country with out harming the passengers.
    shame up on EPRDF.

    • Mekdes says:

      Billfree, this can prove otherwise, it will create good impression for the EPRDF. The outside world will understand that this govt. tollerance with this Kamacazis, who have no cause taking 200 people hostage, to get assylum. Now plan to contribute money, to have good lawyer like your ESAT is propagating. They already started collecting money for Saudi Returnees, this will be anotherincome for ESAT. TRUST ME THEY WILL START FUNDRAISING FOR THIS STUPID GUY. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MIGHT BE PROUD OF HIM. THE ARABS WERE PROUD OF OSAMA BIN LADEN FOR PLOTING TO HIT TWIN TOWERS IN NEW YORK.

    • Mario says:

      this shows that you are stupider than him.

  15. ZIM says:

    He choose a prison in Switzerland than the big prison in Ethiopia. Becuase,one cannot get equal service in government offices, cannot enjoy in pubs as equal with the golden race, cannot compete for career equally etc etc… Guys wake up and lets make Ethiopia fair for all before we destroyed our country together. Especially advice the Tigres in Addis Ababa to be responsible and to stop using their hugely armed clan members and security personnel to frighten the non-tigres.It is really frightening if things continue in this way. So the liberal Tigres have responsibility to stop the chauvinist Tigres to reduce their chauvinist behaviour to save our country. I believe, this guy is not an economic immigrant, rather a freedom seeker. In fact the damage is big on our beloved airline. Good news for Ethiopia’s traditional enemies that its children do not trust each other.

  16. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    This guy is not healthy. People may not agree with me; But I do not believe he is normal. If he was normal, then he would not betray 200 people’s lives. Either he is paid to destroy Ethiopian airline image or is sick.Even if he got paid, he must be sick because I will never do that even if they give the entire world. The other thing, Engineer Yilkal of Blue party may be part of the plot. Engineer Ylkal, aka wushetam claimed it is because there is no political space? What a politican Ethiopia has. Yilkal is an idiot of high degree. He sounds much worse than any of the opposition. An opportunitist and parasite. Every man made and naturally occurring events or incident is political. Engineer Ylkal, I can not even say this guy is an engineer. If the rain does not rain in Ethiopia, Ylkal will say it is because there is no political space. Ylkal = I abhor you man. You are really very stupid man.

    By the way, Egypt says it will demand Ethiopia to stop the dam? read this please:

    Why is woyane allowing the Egyptians to pee on us? why? why? why? Can the useless woyane government give them a warning we cut the river if they do not stop threatening and intimidating us? why we can not stop the river and make the understand clearly and loud. Why is woyane allowing them to walk on us? why? Why are you begging the dogs? I told you never trust this dogs 100%. Do you think what I tell you is based on hatred, biase, ignorance? no, it is based on science and knowledge of Arab mentality. You may not agree with me now, but you will agree with me later. Everything I have been saying has been proven right by time. You make a deal with Arab means, you will only lose. There is no gain with them. You lose with them.

    To Zim: u are really zimb.When people hang themselves your politize it and when a car crash and when plane get hijacked all politics. I am sure if your wife is in birth pang, you will accuse Tigreans for it. If you had a headache you will accuse Tigreans. Shame on you. This is another Hodam Amhara did it for his hode or for refugee status. But he calculated wrong and destroyed his life and he will get 20 years and live is then done. And Ylkal, the hodam and his cohorts like Zim and MARIO are blaming it on EPRDF for this? This will never help to get to Arat kilo.

  17. Daniel says:

    Here is what I think a person who forces his will on others is a stupid person in this case it includs th hijacker what so ever his point hê tried to make. Simply stupid and those who do not condem the act are no better themselves.

  18. Agegnehu says:

    Well, at least Swiss news media are reporting this man is “mentally ill”. Who would we believe better than those holding this poor soul:


    Now, I am getting worried for this mentally troubled person.

  19. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I am 100% sure he is not sane person and a normal person can not do this. By the way, his resume looks shady that he was not qualified to be a co-pilot; Without any experience he ended up a co-pilot. How did he get it? If he was a Tigreans? oh my God, many things could have been said. Luckily he is not. Now the chauvinists are accusing the government for this? is this politics or what? oh my God, I hope I will not see Yilkal around parliament leave alone around Arat kilo. Lying is away to get Arat kilo. Instead of guiding themselves by principle, discipline, ethnic, moral, virtue,… they guide themselves by wushet or lying, blaming, demonizing,… others. No matter how much I detest the antiEthiopian government in Ethiopia, this is not acceptable. Even wrong things are right for Yilka (aka ynkal). Car accident become politics? plane incident become politics? people who hang themselves become politics? Damming dam become politics? what is not politics? even marriage will be politics? Shame opposition; this shows you people really have no anything that can benefit our society. If you do well, you will be good mercenaries. Shame on you. If your children get sick you will accuse EPRDF or woyane. If your wife hates because your this type of behavior, you will accuse woyane. Why do not you have other good things to oppose and to use than using man made or natural incidents to attack the government? why can not you attack the policies of the government. There is plenty things to oppose? corruption, land-locking,… many others things to use against the government. Why you reduce yourself to petty things like this? oh my God, I hope this people will never get chance to get power. Ethiopia will be hell if they assume power. We want more but not less.

  20. tola kebede says:

    “Dedeb yemuher mehayem ager asedabi ” he has a lot of apurcunity to go any where any this guy is losser

  21. ET says:


  22. bruck says:

    @gezae i agree with you on what you said about the stupid oppositions claim of every incident, relating every thing to politics. how can they be trusted & given power to administer 90m people while witnessing how childish & immature they are? but with regard to your comment on egypt & diverting the nile: first it is totally immoral & against nature, second it will cost the country hugely on the diplomatic field & dont forget that we can not live without the other world, do you think the world will watch us just sitting while we are killing 85m egytian people with thirst? third ETHIOPIA will get nothing whether it flows to egypt or diverted to other direction, rather it costs us a lot. how can you decide which direction to divert? even if you are able to divert the river dont forget it will destroy many areas. finally dont forget that if we do so we will hurt not only egypt but also sudan. you see how things are complicated? it is futile how you can not see its effect

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