Work resumes at the Saudi Star project; Security tightened


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5 Responses

  1. Teddy Birale says:

    Who is Saudistar to offer a job on the Gamebella’s people’s ancestoral land?

    If somebody break in my house , take everything I own then offer to pay me to help him carry the stuff he stole out from my house by paying me money I would not call that a job offer. Would I?
    It is the same thing Saudi star is doing by offering a job to the locals.

    Stealing and then making the ones he stole from carry it out for him is his devilish way of making money .

  2. yebo says:

    the job alamoudin would create is nothing more than one that would make the local people perpetual slave workers on alamoudin’s rice paddy; cheap farm labourers, earning 1 dollar a day. that is what Alamoudin is talking about. The local people would not even be allowed to eat the food they produced by their hard labour. It will all be shipped to saudi arabia to feed the arabs.

  3. moon says:

    Trust me my fellow Ethiopians when I say this: the ancestoral land of the Anyuaks will not be taken by the likes of Al-amoudin. I will give them one to two months to work on the farms. Trust me,they will all be gone after that.

  4. abbo says:

    Alamoudin steals your land and then ask you to work for him to grow crops on your own land so that he could sell the harvest to his arab clients in saudi arabia, what a joke!

  5. Hagere says:

    Well as we have praised the former Ethiopian citizen Mr.Alhamudi trying to out smart Ethiopian people while he can. Since he’s under his control the greedy ignorant bunch of tigre cadres. What he doesn’t realize is unless he’s accepted by Ethiopians those who grab power through foreign intervention w/o knowing & hit and run type tigres. Nothing he does is not going to have future. He’s to be honest and sincer to the Ethiopian farmers and do the right thing that everyone can stand on his side as they thought he’s the nice guy if he can recall. But as money hungry person once he deep his fingers with woyane um…it might be hard to gain trust.
    Remember respect our people and be honest they will be with you. Lie is still a lie even sugar coated. Are there to help Ethiopia and of course yourself as a business man without being facist and disinfranchise our people. You know woyane won’t last forever the revolution is here to stay.
    We all die one death we’ll never ever accept foreign invaders. While our people are losing their land on their own ancesteral land Ethiopians are pesants. It’s not South Africa we fought for South Africa we’ll die for our freedom.
    Never ever try to trifle Ethiopian it won’t work!
    We are children of God!

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