Co-pilot’s elder brother: No political motives behind Hailemedhin’s actions


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27 Responses

  1. w .yilma says:

    What did the vocal diaspora, including some the so called opposition parties inside the country, and their advocates are going to say now? pseudo Experts, political analyst, infantile professors etc.. Maferiawoch! Playing politics at the expenses of others is their daily occupation. The fact of the matter is clearly explained by his brother. No matter what the motive is or the hijacker state of mind the action taken was a damaging factor for the E. airlines industry.
    The achievement of E.airline is the achievement of Ethiopia, especially the airlines employee, not only the employer. Standing against this reality is standing against all Ethiopian airlines employee!
    Much PR work is expected from the E.airlines to avert the damage cause by this unfortunate incidence.
    If the mental status of the hijacker is not stable, from the humanitarian point of view the government of Ethiopia and the hijackers families should demand the Switzerland government to bring him back home for psychiatric treatment.I do not see the importance of talking about this issue if it was confirmed by physicians the cause of the hijacking is insanity. We have to stop and look forward both for the safety of the person in question and the airline industry. Diaspora insane pseudo politicians, please refrain from interfering in this matter, for the sake of the hijackers and his families privacy
    Long Live Ethiopia and GOD save Ethiopia from Diaspora TEKULA!

  2. ewentewent says:

    How did he know? This is the same kind of info coming from the other end (he has political motive).

    Let us wait and hear from the horse mouth.

    Eithier way hijacking should be denounced.

  3. Alem says:

    You just want the world to think your choice of news and information is all that matters. Guess what? There are more ways than you know that are accessible to the average person in today’s world. Here are three stories you selected about the plane hijacking:
    1/ “Co-pilot’s elder brother speaks out” as evidence politics is not the motive [to protect Ethiopian rulers from widespread human rights abuses].
    2/ “Interview with EAL official on flight hijacking drama” to drum up a drama.
    3/ “Thrown by unseen enemies, Ethiopian Air hijacker waltzes into Swiss jail” to suggest the co-pilot should go to jail before being heard [the problem is Europeans, unlike back home, will not allow such a thing].
    And so you are consistent in not being able to hide your true colors. I call this propaganda, not good journalism.
    ps: so as to save you some breath, I teach in Addis and in my politics not part of the so-called mindless opposition.

  4. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    This interview shows the real picture behind the Ethiopian Airlines hijacked plane case. It also shows how the diaspora idiots and losers manipulate news and information for their trash political agenda. It is really surprising that Ethiopian opposition groups are spending much of their time on trivial matters and ‘alubalta’ rather than doing politics based on facts.
    Gedif from California

  5. Yonas Michael says:

    Hi All,

    I think this young co-pilot might not have any political motives. It is just the stress of his job.


  6. Our hero! says:

    In 2014 more and more young Ethiopians are being thrown in the disease infested Ethiopian jails in record number since 2005. Co-Pilot Hailemedhin Abera is known to be a smart individual who was considered to be the generations leader. He is known to be a true son of mother Ethiopia ,he considered all Ethiopians to be his family members. He took every any Ethiopian’s suffering as his own suffering. His nature of empathy could not let him give a blind eye to the complete human rights violations and genocidal tendencies in Ethiopia. His concious took over and acted as a humanitarian/rebel for what he believed was right. As true Ethiopia’s child who tried to act for what is fair for his fellow Ethiopians he finally was on the verge of getting thrown imprisoned in the disease infested jails of Ethiopia. Without showing no sign of escaping he got up and left. Without saying bye to anyone or without giving his belongings to others. He must have done his homework not to choose Italy as his destination. It is a prooven fact the Woyane’s mercinaries got businessses and huge support in Italy. His life would still be miserable if not dead in Italy . So he did the right thing to preserve his life in the safety of Switzerland and not involve his blood family members in the mess he personally got in. As his blood family members said he even was not being close to them as usual. The publicity he got from the hijacking and the jail of Switzerland is the best protection for someone in his position. According to the majority of his generation’s true Ethiopians thinking he is nowhere near to be mentally ill actually he is the sanest person we know.We salute him for making our misery be heard throughout the world. He is our HERO!

  7. Golla says:

    This seems more realistic than what the so called ESAT “journalist” politicians are telling us.
    I am keen to listen what fabrication these pessimist people are going to tell us even after this fact is exposed. Please, please stop trying to gain cheap political profit from such tragic incidences.

  8. Tatek says:

    It is nice after all to hear from the family member of THE FORMER CO-PILOT. But truth be told I am still quite unsure that that is the bottom line of the story. My bet is that the said family member may be trying to protect the family from further persecution from the repression of the EPRDF. I am not judging them as I fully understand that they still live in a police State whose political recklessness is only rivaled by North Korea and Zimbabwe. The former co-pilot is still human, still a proud Ethiopian and is still ours. We can’t disown him no matter what. The ball is in the court of Swiss Authorities. As it is very unlikely that he wouldn’t be extradited to Ethiopia as requested by the EPRDF, it is incumbent upon Ethiopians in the diaspora to make sure that he has all the resources he might need to vigorously defend himself, and to the extent possible, it may be required of us that we do all in our power to make sure that he be exonerated from all charges and given a political asylum in Switzerland. He might still have so many avenues to be exhausted as far as the legal process is concerned, and there is a heavy burden of proof on the Swiss Authorities to prove that the accused committed the offence with the intent of harming those on board. We have seen so many personal attacks from those sympathetic to the ruling thugs and my message for them is this: history has shown that democracy could never be built on empty promises, bare truths (if not outright lies), fractured institutions and patronage—and if you really love the country and its future, let change happen before fate dictates your demise to a political oblivion from which you would never reappear.

  9. juhar ahmed says:

    Diaspora media look for any bad news to advantages of beg strategy from innocent ethiopias who care about they are country I hope their are learn something from hijacker brother not to jump conclusion without have fact in your hand seek of you audience because true media care about fact no for propaganda

  10. Et says:

    As usual ESAT Niga the lie machine tried to use this situation for their own political agenda however again they have failed. ESAT is a collection of Denokoro and hodam people. Please people visit the following website and watch the video and listen to the audio, it shows Gibot7 and ESAT crimes. please visit the website and judge for yourself people kidnaped and tortured by G7, watch and listen video that ESAT and Ethiopianreview will not show you.
    visit the above website and see for yourself G7’s crime from actual people who have been kidnaped and tortured
    SEE G7’s and ESAT’s crime

  11. et says:

    በነ አንዳርጋቸው ትዕዛዝ እንዲታሰርና ለሻዕቢያ አሳልፎ እንዲሰጥ ከተደረገ በኋላ የደረሰበትን ግፍና በደል፤ ድብደባ በአጠቃላይ ከባርነት በከፋ ሁኔታ እንዴት እንዳሳለፈ ይህም እሱ ብቻ ሳይሆን በአጠቃላይ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሻዕቢያ እጅ እንዴት እንደሚሰቃዩና እንደሚገደሉም ጭምር ይገልጽልናል። ከሽታው ሽፈራው ጋር የተደረገ ውይይት ቪድዮ ከዚህ ቀጥሎ ይዘን ቀርበናል ሙሉውን በቀጣይ በተከታታይ ይዘን እንቀባለን
    SEE G7′s and ESAT’s crime

  12. Gezaee says:

    I feel so sad for the kind brother; Amazing tone of high personality. I do agree with his brother something has gone wrong with the guy. But I do not think he can tell them about his plan or I do not think he carry things from his house either. I think like all Ethiopians, he night have taught become refugee is better than becoming a pilot in Ethiopia. We all know all Ethiopians do not mind leave Ethiopia to Europe, USA, … . Do not you think he might be a victim of that Ethiopian mindset going abroad is cool? This is my opinion so. The fact he managed the plane for 1:30 hours also shows he was not nervous or unstable. If he was nervous about it, he would have crushed the plane when he knew he was patrolled by fighter jets. If I have to agree with his brother that it was mentally sickness? I do not think he can manage the plane for all that long time and land safely. I think he was intact. I believe he was victim of his own greed seeking and trying to secure more green opportunity than he had. He was not scared or mentally unstable. My also thought at the beginning that he might be depressed or some illness. After thinking about it for awhile, I am thinking he was personally normal because he managed the plan until it landed safe. He also asked asylum? That was not random, it was a well-thought design. He even planned how to escape from the cockpit using rope. This is in my opinion not concidential, but well planned. What was the causes:
    1. Ethiopians mindset becoming refugee is cool thing
    2. Dreamed for more greener life than he has had.
    3. He did not consider the risks associated with his doing. May be he thought hijacking the plane by itself as crime, that means he was not aware the consequences. Many Eritrean pilots did run away with planes but never with commercial plane with 200 people on it.

    In conclusion: in my opinion, it was driven by ignorance and greed, not by insanity or sickness. Let us wait and see what he will tell in the court room.

    For sure, the dc politicians are trying to use him as much as they can, they do not care about him, but they want to overthrow EPRDF by that theory. We will hear the truth from the horses mouth and that will seal the story.

  13. Lemma says:

    Dawit, I am not sure why you’re wasting you’re time to convince the people who are completely disconnected with so called gov’t. Unless you lied to us, it wasn’t long that you told us you were forced to leave the country. This gov’t/Wayane would do anything to make this poor family say anything it wants. The family is hostage. Do this or say this or else we’ll do this or that. You remember what they did to Debebe Eshetu? Same analogy applies here.

  14. billfree says:

    Dear editor:
    all news presented here in relation to this hijack is purposely designed to defend EPRDF. is that how independent journalism works?

  15. Alem says:

    Why are you running to draw a conclusion without firsthand information? Let us wait and listen what Hailemedhin says. He is intelligent enough to have his reasons. Why do you relay on others judgments when he is alive?
    Dear editor, I hope you will try (or are you trying) to have any access possible to get him interviewed. Otherwise don’t try to mislead the public.

  16. ፍጃቸዉ says:

    እኛ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ፈጠራ እስከሚናጠፋ ድረስ tplf የምሰራ ልማታዊ ነገሮችን ለማፈንና ሶስተኛ የምንልክ አገዛዝ በአኖሌና በጨለንቆ ለመድገም እንታገላለን።

  17. Gezaee H. says:

    Lemma, Dawit was not threatened; Dawit said that to seek asylum only like the majority of Ethiopians including yourself. Dawit was not a political asylum, but an economic asylum. I never thought for a second Dawit was threatened and left to USA. We know you have to fabricate those things to secure asylum. The same apply this guy, he did it for seeking European dream, no sickness or no EPRDF bugging or following. Stop lying, if EPRDF did not want him, they would not have keep him at Ethiopian airlines for 5 years. Besides, the guy was never involved in politics. But you Lemma, you are trying to overthrow EPRDF by your crap theory. You better think of other methods, because this will not help you to get there. Stop bashing Dawit too.

  18. Bahlibi says:

    How on Earth could the brother of the Co-pilot know what his brothers motive could be? This simply an empty propaganda! give us a chance to learn the truth from the co-pilot himself!!

  19. korem says:

    at Gazeae,
    though i like your way of elaborated speculation, i was not convinced in your conclusion. For me conclusion is the most mattering part of any argumentation. It seems you made your conclusion against your own justifications/premises.

    Above all do you think the gentle men have no idea of what is waiting for him—the 20 years punishment? This is a kind of abc course for them. hence, if his greed drive him, he rather not do this. He can’t simply decide to hijack the plane to face such a big challenge without a concrete reasons—for me there must be a big message he wanted to transfer, in fact a message that surpass the 20 years jail.

    At W. Yilma,

    i better not to say anything about your childish argumentation. I wonder if you consider yourself not as maferia when you make such a big sum up based on the simple speculation his brother has made.

    I wonder if you are not far more maferia as far as you were convinced that the pilot has mental problem. How can a mentally sick person fly a complex machine for more than 5-6 hours, including landing it safe. Can you image what it means to fly being surrounded by fighter jets? Can a sick person ask the post for asylum?, telling them he will jump from the window and did that as he said—-. it make me remember the old saying—honbelo yetegna biterut aysemam alu—–

    tnx AWTS for posting. I am not insulting people, rather challenging their immature ideas.

  20. Mekdes says:

    Bilfree, this interview was not conducted by !. Why yoi want accuse people? The guy was explaining about his brother. The co- pilot bought new car recently. So may be he might have got the money from the G7 TO HIJACK THE PLANE AND EMBARRAS T. GOVT. TAKE IT EASY THE INVESTIGATION IS NOT OVER YET. THE PILOT MIGHT HAVE CONNECTION WITH TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS OR NOT. HIJACKING FOR POLITICAL PURPOSEOr not it will not save him . But the case is in the court so let’,d wait and see. If I were in Ethiopias position I would hav `1

  21. kebrom says:

    Dawit, then where is the difference between you these doctors??? it is all about 1 thing, AWTs censor us so ETV—OMG, life without difference is so so so boring. Thank you awts for making us bored.

  22. Habtamu S says:

    What the extreme opposition ‘politicians’ show me that, they have no substantial question that needed for change. Look how they tried use the event happened in Et Air hijacking and the co-pilot to their own unknown wish. You know I can accept individuals emotional respond on the matters that have seen in different media including face book. But how on earth expected that tried by a registered political party such evil done to their political game? Sometimes I couldn’t see the difference what they use in words, wish and hostility between local opposition parties and Shabeya for they have the some tone. One can’t be surprised if he\she know about their extreme evil wish that, they becomes happy and even dance if Et Air plane crush, if the newly build bridge on Abay failed down, if one or two condominium apartments with their inhabitant failed dawn, if a great famine arrive all over Ethiopia……etc… those are their wish come from grate/great ignorance and from their political jealousy. Thank you

  23. Dilawit says:

    If the current Ethiopian leaders got any sense at all, they would have asked for the return of the Ethiopian money that is stolen and deposited in Swiss Bank by the previous rulers of Ethiopia. Swiss government for that money instead. The Switzerland government is charging this guy because they are afraid he will start demanding the repatriation of all Ethiopia’s money.Ethiopia is entitled to demand the money estimated to be close to 50 billion dollars that was deposited in swiss bank accounts by rulers like Hailesselasie, Meles and their close family members. The young are currently choosing Switzerland as their destination out of all other countries because they know about the countless Ethiopian money that is sitting idle in Switzerland. Switzerland owes Ethiopians their future. The older generations owe it to Ethiopia to tell the new generations where the money of the previous generations is buried at.

  24. kebrom says:

    at Dilawit
    Are you kidding my sister!?

    How the current leaders ask the stolen money deposited by former leaders when they themselves steel and depositing in similar bank even several 100s of 1000s times fold????

    what some people ask is really make you sick.

  25. Geleta says:

    The co-pilot’s brother response to the interview looks a bit flamboyant. Despite being a brother, is it possible to give evidence about specific aspects of his brother. In the world we living in now, it is not even possible to know detailed evidences even about one’s own children. The comments given by the brother have underestimated the co-pilot, and are not convincing at large. They did not consider the talent, education level and responsibility of the co-pilot.

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