Countering Violent Extremist Messaging in the Horn of Africa Takes Center Stage in Addis Ababa


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8 Responses

  1. juhar says:

    if real Amerca commits stably east Africa
    they should look up extremist media encourage
    plane hijacking and killing each other specially
    ethiopia diaspora hijacking free expression in
    American to provek violence ethiopia so American
    should hand over them to ethiopia government

    • ted t says:

      You are the by_product of the education system the woyane junta put in place to dumb down our future generations. Think twice before you spew your ignorance. Better yet, get some lesson in life by reading and practicing commonsense.

  2. Tsehay says:

    It is all very well to devise means of countering violent extremism in Addiss. However, for such noble initiative to bear fruit, the actual battle ground shouild be US, European and Middle Eastern cities. If we have to speak openly and franckly, most of the sources and organisations who spread violnt extremism, be it religious or political, are stationed in these cities. What is the point in proposing counter attack on the diseminators of violence while at the same time encouraging and supporting them to freely operate in one’s cities.
    Unless the US and other European countrie are prepared to curve the so called ‘freedom’ of these organisations, some of them with very strong links with members of Congress, European parliaments and powerful lobyists, the outcome of the workshop is going to be very limited, if at all it shows any results. Let’s not ally with somone’s terrorist for any real or percieved benefit benefit.

  3. Kinane says:

    Q : What in the world is extremist messaging?

    A : Some say it is radicalization of society towards any extremist ideology involving a process of conveying messages based on wrong interpretation of religion, and on wrong information by organized forces.

    Q : Who is to decide whether religion is wrongly interpreted or wrongly informed? The Ethiopian government , The US government , The Saudi government or the United Nations? who?

    The POPE said ‘Who am I to judge?’: The most powerful phrase in 2013

    Ethiopians currently do not have freedom of expression. They can not share information freely. The whole society lives in fear. This suppression of basic human rights will eventually lead to underground means of communication.
    An a capella music could be used.

    In South Africa music was used to communicate with each other among blacks to fight apartheid. The freedom songs heard in Amandla have an important historical context in South Africa. Particularly in the United States, freedom songs have referred to protest songs of the abolitionist, civil rights, and labor movements. Yet, in South Africa, the songs take on a different meaning, referring to a unique collection of songs tied to the struggle for racial equality during the twentieth century. Stylistically, freedom songs originated in choir as a unifying and prevalent genre that combined southern African signing traditions with Christian hymns. Most of the songs have simple melodies and are sung a cappella. More importantly, they are composed and sung in groups, and often reflect changing political circumstances and attitudes. Michael Dunn, a Florida, USA man shot a teenager to death in a parking lot during a dispute over loud music,Mr. Davis, a high school senior who had spent the day with three friends on the day he was killed, Nov. 23, 2012, was hit three times and died in the car.

  4. me says:

    How is it possible that Ethiopia have lost over 400 young man in Somalia on so called war on terror at the same time all the haredcor Ethiopian terrorists leaving in the west.or is the Ethiopian government losing to the people.?

  5. juhar ahmed says:

    if real america commit its self to stable africa they should block extremist media propaganda broadcast to africa from diaspora community specially ethiopia diaspora old regime element support provoke violence to ethiopia I know they are hijacking freedom of expression they are real obstacle to happy democracy in our country some how we need to stop them some where other wise our freedom will be hijack by wrong people

  6. Semien says:

    “violent extremist messaging” is a catchy phrase that could refer to practically any thing. But its implications are far reaching. I think there are many diaspora based websites and broadcasters who put a great deal of “negative energy” as a strategy to express their objections to practically anything the Ethiopian government does, which could conveniently be branded as “extremist messaging” by the powers to be. In my opinion, freedom of speech is not all about “polorization”. Political expressions based on unmoderated polemics, as is often seen in opposition websites, could be counterproductive. Such approach, if it ever bear results, will with an outcome of politics of hate which in turn may be a breeding ground for ethnic violence and civil war. If the opposition is to be considered as a viable option for governance, it must show some sort of wisdom and humility to teach the people the very essence of democracy which in part requires people to express their concerns without being violent. I think the opposition websites and broadcasters are putting too much into their mouths that they cannot chew without choking themselves to political oblivion and marginalization. The people will cease to listen to them if their main tools are polorized politics and hegemonic language. Just a thought

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