John Kerry Highlights Ethiopian Jailed Blogger Eskinder Nega


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39 Responses

  1. Hermi says:

    I doubt if Mr. Kerry is aware of Eskinder’s venomous articles in his famous articles “GET LOST JUDAE”

    This is why Clinton is a far better choice.

    May be the Ethiopian gov’t needs to throw this racist and hand him to Mr. Kerry on his next visit to Ethiopia.

    May God save and bless the U.S.

  2. HAM says:

    i can’t say there is enough freedom of press in ethiopia. but i don’t buy the western cry for human rights, freedom of speech… it is pure politics. i don’t trust politicians & priests of all religions kkkkkkkkkk

  3. Kassa Bennett says:

    Abslutliy no release for Foringen pimps and terrorists. What is next g7 can move to Ethiopia

  4. Tas Harsi says:

    The West led by USA does not really give a squat about human right value but does try to use it to its evil advantage by using terrorists like Eskinder Nega.

  5. yohannes says:

    john kerry keep ur money don’t till as about human right we know u s a gay people keep clean ur ass . who put 10 years in jel with out justice in guantanmo the thing is clean U S A need control the world who give the power to jege 154 county my GOD Go to hill john kerry!!!!

  6. Temsgen says:

    Mr Kerry
    This man not journalist he is a politician racist and he is sick.
    I blive free speach but with respect the low.
    To me this man the #1 sick man

  7. angereb says:

    የበለጠ ለማብራራተያ ይህን ይጫኑ።

  8. john says:

    eskinder is not a blogger he is not a jornalist he is a party member !!! the problem is UAS copy pest of human right wouch who is a repressive of human right wouch in horn of Africa? Daniel former CUD member any way that modern colonization never never never USA judge 154 country !!!gay people never lead our world john kerry keep clean ur ass!!!!

  9. derebew says:

    Mr.Kerry is entitled to his opinion but he hails from a justice system where black teenagers are hunted and murdered while minding their business and their murderers are released on a law which most civilized people would call a jungle law “stand your ground”. If the courts in the USA let go a murderer and we accept the judgment in the name of justice even though in the heart of our hearts we know it is injustice and discrimination (as for sure it wouldn’t work if it was the reverse and the one who was killed was white and the killer was black) what then makes Mr.Kerry blabber about Iskinder Nega who was found guilty in court?
    Let me hear him that it was injustice that Trayvon Martin’s murderer was late go free in America, that blacks are being hunted and killed like animals and their murderers are considered heroes in America and that it is injustice. He should remove the plunck from his eye before he speaks about the speck in the eye of Ethiopia.
    The USA tries to create heroes where there are none and sometimes from vilans if it serves its purpose. Iskndir Nega is a tribalist who preached hate and tried to incite mayhem in Ethiopia.
    I don’t understand why Mr.Kerry is wasting his time while there are more important things in the world that he should mind bout like the pressing situation in Ukraine.
    There are also hundreds of thousands more people suffering in the hands of the Saudis, who are his best friends and lets see him being a man and criticize them and then we will say may be he has a point.
    How about the the prisoners the USA has held for 13 years with out trial in the name of terrorism. If the USA the most powerful country on earth is threatened by the actions of terrorists, shouldn’t Ethiopia a poor country have the right to put at least one convicted enemy of the state in prison with his rights kept and his day in court?

  10. abe says:

    America doesn’t support democracy,here is my proof,
    1-in Egypt, the planned and supported
    coupd’etat of democratically elected president,the fully support the undemocratic move.
    2- In Ukraine, they work hand and glove with unelected fascist and right wing gangs against democratically elected government.
    3-Thailand, Venezuela…..the list goes on and on…
    Why would they be any different in Ethiopia?

  11. Tolossa says:

    This is a great news from john Kerry.

    This should be a shame for TPLF to hear this from such a high level senior officials.

    This says the so called anti-terrorist law is considered as a tools of repression against citizens, nothing else.

    So this is time to change strategy and to unite the people of ethiopia.
    If tpfl chnages strategy we all diaspora can contribute a lot but if they continue this way, we continue to fight them

  12. john says:

    Eskinder is not a jornalist & he is not a blogger he is a politician he tray to did like Arab spring in Ethiopia any way the problem is USA collect the information to human right wocuh 100% copy pest who is in the horn of Africa human right wocuh representative ? former kinjet party member & CRDA worker daniel !!! who is the founder of Ethiopia human right counsel former kinjet party member & right know semyawie party member pro mesfen weldamariam any way who give the power to USA jeged 154 country this is the modern colonization any way who put in guantanmo the past 10 years with out jesties. who killed many people with drowen jet . who missed up in the Arab country any way people don’t acept the Gay right that human right volition john Kerry keep clean ur ass!!! GOD bless Ethiopia !!”

  13. Gebez says:

    WOW!!Aman be Aman Eskinder Nega ye CIA selay(AGENT) new. Gallows to traitors!!!!

  14. bb says:

    Well Mr. Kerry does’t know why Eskinder Nega is in prison what he knows is what the so called loosers diaspora said about Eskinder, if he knows what Eskinder did he would not say anything. Generally speacking these loosers diaspora will not stop harming Ethiopia as long as they are not in power but the truth the matter is they will never get the power unless they come up clean.

  15. Embasoleda says:

    John Kery should concentrate on his job than showin empathy anout the likes of Eskender Naga criminals. I’m sure if John Kary had exposure to what Eskender Naga’s the criminal written material, his opinion would been deferent. Therefore, John Kary has a big responsibility at hand and he should concentrate on how to fulfill these responsibilities than mention the name of Eskender Naga who is serving his time for his criminal activities…

  16. Alula says:

    Mr John Kerry don’t know what he is talking about at all! Eskinder Nega was caught red handed preaching genocide agsinst the people of Tigrai & at worst he didn’t regret accommodating such an evil propaganda! Man can made a mistake , but always retrieves his mistakes & gives an apology!

    Eskinder Nega must finish his term so he can learn! Anybody in support of his genocide preaching is definitely an enemy of the people of Tigrai! He could have said Woyane/TPLF, & fight them if he has the gut! Hate will never get anybody anywhere! A hater can’t bring democracy,freedom,good governance ….! There is no fool at this time of the century! Mr Kerry don’t care about Ethiopia’s politics , but his own interest!

    • Proud Tigray says:

      Accusation without a shred of evidence is a crime in the US. Can you present a shred of evidence that Iskinder has written any negative article about the people of Tigray? The answers is , NO! He has expressed, just like millions of other Tigrayans, the brutal nature of the mafia regime of the hardcore Eritrean nationalist who are currently ruling TPLF. He is a staunch Ethiopian fighting for the people of this country, and Tigray is an integral part, and exposing the rotten regime of Eprdf. Of course, we are all aware- any opposition to Eprdf is considered terrorism by its uneducated and racist Eritrean leadership in Addis. You seem to be a Banda Eritrean pretending to be Tigrayan. Stop using the name of Tigray in vain to support your brutal Eritrean leaders in Addis. You been busted!

      • Hermi says:

        @”proud Tigray”

        Do u only read what u write? Again here is the link. And remember Eskinder was the owner and Editor of Asqual.

        By the way, Eskinder is not in jail for this articles.

        Eskinder had plenty of time to reflect and the least he could have done was appologise for his lapse of judgement. His silence is tantamount to admission of guilt.

      • Alula says:

        First of all I can tell you are not a Tigrian; secondly, you are just talking just for the sake of talking! But go ahead & read the links hermi gave you & comeback!
        From John Kerry’s speech , we can see that he doesn’t know what he is talking about! I personally have no personal things with Eskinder , but his intention! I mean he is no one , but this shouldn’t pass unnoticed! Hitler was an ordinary young man,an ordinary soldier & transformed himself into a man who caused the worst destruction in this little globe!

        • ዲነግዴ says:

          “Freedom is partial to no race. Freedom has no religion. Freedom favors no ethnicity. Freedom discriminates not between rich and poor countries. Inevitably freedom will overwhelm Ethiopia.”

          -Eskinder Nega, Sept. 9, 2011, five days before his arrest

          The time is not that far,, Ethiopian will be for all of us , not only to the one who is carrying guns!!

          Eskinder is a hero!! and I wish him all the best.

          Haters go to hell!

          • Alula says:

            When you said haters go to hell, then Eskinder is the worst hater who wishes destruction to a people, therefore , as your per se, Eskinder is the to go to hell! Coz he is the worst hater! For your proof of his extreme hate google “judea get lost” & after you read it, I want to hear from you! Eskinder know nothing about freedom at all!

            Remember: Tigrian are strong enough to protect themselves from the likes of Eskinder !

  17. Netsanet says:

    Eventhough it is commendable the secretary decided to shed lights on Eskinder Negga finally, I would say why now? Was it that the secretary was unaware of Eskinder all this time?
    Or is it he thinks it is time to shed lights after Eskinder’s spirit , health and dedication to democracy had been broken down in prison?
    When is the secreary going to shed lights on the rest of wrongly imprisoned political prisoners?

  18. Alula says:

    Sir, when did Eskinder dedicated himself for democracy? Is hate against certain people & preaching gonocide a dedication for democracy? What kind of democracy are you wishing for Ethiopia ?

  19. ዲነግዴ says:

    Bravo US !!! Thumbs up!

  20. kebraraw says:

    Dear stupid alien looking kery keep your stinky mouth shut and do your business, as you don’t have any idea what human rights means for that matter you don’t even know it just don’t open your miss shaped mouth to say some none sense things here in us didn’t you see what your senets including some mayors are doing? didn’t you see how a dc mayor humilated and mistreated an ethiopian for not understanding his accent just said this as an example if state all the things we see here it would finish the pages of the books in the world. so just shut the fuck up and keep wiping your ass

  21. yohannes says:

    Kerry , kerry , kerry you are so stupied that you are not ebale to know the difference between giornslist snd polotician . He fsiled to the difference between terroristes and normal prople.
    sekrnder Desta is American spy like those diaspora collected by your green cards sll murderes of the formor Regime and the imprerial familly.
    All fake intellevtuals who were reading marx and lenin books from american schools sent to your country by the royal familly but they neglect your system and was trying to replace the marxixst lrninist idea but know all of them hidden in your vountry thruogh your stupied green csrds.
    as ususl u are preparing them against the ethiopian devrlepment.
    Mr. Kerry the from of speech for whom, for a country have no food to eat and water to drink. Country with out road and infrastructure, country with 89% its people don’t read and write.
    what is this freedom of speach. For those murderers they don’t knowceven the history of this country.
    Mr. Cerry don’t cry with these layz taxi drivers and thives.
    after some years americans people will note be happy of these layz people and thier sons. They will be a wound for your country as they are wound fir ethiopia now.

  22. robel says:

    Mr Kerry is misinformed by circles of anti-Ethiopia. Its scary these thugs has the ability to misinform Mr. Kerry’s office. Had Kerry highlighted the brave jailed Eritrean journalists who are on the death raw every second, he would ‘ve contributed to democracy in Horn. Mentioning the thug Eskinder in highlight is encouraging irresponsible journalism to say the least.

    ir sounds the world is run by thug diaspora hosted by super powers

  23. abe says:

    This hate mongered will vegetate in his cell.No Ferengi will save him.
    He is no Mandela nor Che.

  24. Amira says:

    Eskimfer Nega is big time racist advocating for the Amhara ethnicity phobia paranoid person. He openly said it no question he is not licensed journalist nor a bloger. He belongs to a political party kinijit which was all Amhara organization. We are glad the son of … Is jail and that is his real home were he belongs.

  25. Assefa says:

    Americans never truly support human rights, they used it as a means to achieve their hidden objectives which is clear for most of us that is for their group interests.

  26. bb says:

    Dear Alula, I don’t see any reason to call Shabia to proud Tigray, what is your point? He is telling you the truth of Eskinder Nega, who is one of the racist person in Ethiopia who hate the Tigrigna people and ofcource he is paying the price for what he did. We do not have any sympathy for those who have hate towards for any tribe or any hate towards anyone. We should not have any room for hate what we have to have is love love love.

  27. bb says:

    I am sorry Alula, I should say proud Tigray. My comment should be in respond of proud Tigray not Alula.

  28. hailemichael says:

    some of you guys are get benefit from TPLF led government because your background ADWA, US GOVERNMENT know why ESKINDER is arrested he is not terrorist ,HE IS A FREEDOM FIGHTER it good recognized by senior american leader kerry and the world know who is terrorizing the people FEW ADWA MAFIA GROUP,thank you DAWIT KEBEDE EXPOSING THIS MAFIA GROUP

  29. Alula says:

    Defeated entities always run away & cry from every corner! Adwan fought like every Ethiopian , freed their country & now building their country with their brothers & sisters! All in all, Calling names is the job of losers! The Ethiopian revolution broke out, Ethiopian promoted different political affinities & at the end TPLF won the war! To finish the war, they established a coalition of of 4 political parties & supporters , & here they are building Ethiopia! After victory , the Ethiopian defense forces , crushed the Eritrean agression & Egyptian mercenaries in every direction! Ethiopia defeated Egypt proxy war in Somalia & Eritrea ! Don’t you think so guys?

  30. America's Hypocracy says:

    It is good to speak for ppl who have no voice and suffering in prisons but What about USA’s own citizens like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden it irritates me when self righteous western politicians like this guy open their mouth before cleaning their own shit they try to lecture us about freedom while their own citizens are perishing in prison

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