W/ro Zenebu Tadesse Clarifying the twitter issue


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12 Responses

  1. john says:

    w/ro zenabu we recpct you !!! you are a good ledarship keep it up our dear sister !!! we know you!!! you are a good mother & a good sister !!!

    • Yonas Tesfaye says:

      Why you? why the rest of the authorities twitter? It is the first time your twitter among your friends.

    • tola kassa says:

      what you are taking about, she is illirerate,moron who has no clue about the technology. She better stay as EPRDF cadre in a jungle.

  2. Mekdes says:

    You are great and responsible person. You did good by clarifying this immidiately. This anti – peace elements are attacking the govt. Officials they are fearing most and you are one of them, by speaking the truth without fear. Keep up.

  3. wedinakfa says:

    As usual Woyane and their stooges seem not to know what their righ and left hand does.

  4. Lula says:

    I think , she is in closet.
    Come to US you will be free or come out ha ha ah !!!!

  5. abe says:

    Apology/Clarification accepted.This is much better than Alamnew’s.
    To my surprise She sound very honest,knowledgeable and reasonable person.
    She should be elevated to higher portfolio.
    I am very glad to see such qualified women at a higher level,we need MORE.

  6. syd says:

    ውሸት የወያኔ ልምድ ነው

  7. YOHANNES says:

    I don’t know the truth. But we know what Ethiopian/our/ mothers are. We know very much the conduct and ethics of our mothers. They always hate such like work of devils/setan/. She is innocent. She is not lesbian. We know who our mothers are.

  8. tola kassa says:

    Madam Minister
    There is a technology called Internet, as minister you are supposed to be ware of this technology and to save guard yourself from hackers. All this Interview is useless instead try to learn and use the technology to reflect your stand. The more you get scared of the tecnology the more isolated you will and also you will be a victim again and again. It is 21st cenury things will happen deal with in get over with and get yourself from knowledge illiteracy.
    Good luck

  9. TN. says:

    Wow I don’t know how I missed this…it is too bad we get to see her at such aucuard occasions when she represents at least 75 percent of the population and is the closest to report on HDI. In the end, development is about women and children so I think we need to hear more of her, the goals and actvites of her department…all in all she needs to be in public eye a lot more…at least once a month. as there are enablers (tools of development), there are also drivers (women and children’s needs). She needs to be driving it but it looks like she is the one being driven.

  10. kassaberihun says:

    dear madam , you don’t have to worry about evill comments and be sure they are all frome eritreans who neither have arespect nor action to set thier mother land except keep on disrespect thier own mother as if they are homeless,and motherless animals. after all they should comment on thier ethiopian sitizen president of eritrea esayias afewerki,which contraries theier freedom,never will they free from being ethiopian lead ,history less country.

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