Ethio-telecom: From Poor Network to No Network (Getachew Mengistu)


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22 Responses

  1. Ajire says:

    Why are people afraid of this fake Dr Debretsion whose sole job is to spy opposition and Esat? He can be given this job of spying for him alone and assign another minister for the telecom.
    He is the most incompetent weyane so far. What is the pseudo-PM doing to correct the situation? Still afraid of them?

    • Belay says:

      @ Ajire
      Before you say fake Dr. Debersione you have to know who is Dr. Debersione ? He was outstanding student before he join TPLF , E S L C E result was All A including French and Geze . And he went to Addis Ababa University department of technology Mechanical engendering he was A grade student even he didn’t have B until 3rd year after that he join TPLF . After TPLF take power he went to school the next day full time and serving his country by working 24 hours with out rest .Dr. Debersione is a nice person ,he always smile I love him,thank you Dr. Debersione for your hard working and god bless you.

      • mamush says:

        Intelligent is not only scoring “A”s on certain subjects, but also how to behave in various situations including his performance on the job he is assigned. I have no doubt in his educational back ground and also I have no objection for your personal admiration. Currently there are so many areas in Ethiopia where mobile network and internets are not accessible; this is his weakness which we cannot defend unless we are blind defender.
        You said “he is Mechanical Engineer” but on his personal profile he is Electrical Engineer.
        “Debretsion was born and raised in Adwa, Tigray Province, from which his parents hailed. He was described by some as being one of the best students in the province and was purportedly received a perfect score on his entrance examinations. He was admitted into Addis Ababa University, however he forwent his studies to join the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and fight the communist Derg.
        He was sent to Italy by the TPLF and received training in communications technology. He led the team that launched the Dimtsi Woyane Tigray (The Voice of Tigray) radio station in 1980. Debretsion, along with “General Santim”, were famous hackers during the Ethiopian Civil War. They routinely hijacked, jammed and sabotaged the Derg’s radio, TV and military communication systems.
        He earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree in electrical engineering from Addis Ababa University. While it has been claimed he pursued doctoral studies at (or even received a degree from) Harvard University, he is on record as having received a PhD from a distance program at Capella University in 2011. His dissertation was on “Exploring the Perception of Users of Community ICT Centers on the Effectiveness of ICT on Poverty in Ethiopia”.
        In 2005, Debretsion was appointed Director of the Ethiopian Information and Communication Development Agency (EICDA).
        EICTDA was established in 1995, its major objective was to create a conducive environment for the development of information and communications technology, and for its effective application to the process of Ethiopia’s national development with major functions to use information and communications technologies, in such a way that it contributes to the nation’s socio economic development and the building of democracy and good governance. As Director, Debretsion worked to improve the public service activity by launching the Public Service Capacity Building Program (PSCAP). In this program, ICT is treated as an important enabling tool to improve the delivery of public services and considered as one component of the program with its own action plan and earmarked budget.”

        • Belay says:

          Thank you about give information about Dr. Debersione school were he went and for you give correction he is electrical engender ,but befor you blam him as his weakness you have think twice and you have to know the fact . When TPLF get power they received zero bank Ethiopian gold and money was stolen by Derg Menguste Hilemariam .TPLF is sacrifice by working hard to Chang the country people to get every body Electric city, telephon,pure water, road,food,education etc..let say about telecom when Derg in powe the telephone service wasn’t for every body in Addiss Ababa few people was have telephone service that people was Derg and his famille members .in keflhagers their wasn’t home phone if people need to call they have to go to telcomnucation to speak with family’s and loves ones . people have in waiting list 17 years they didn’t get service until TPLP came to power after that by TPLF hard work every body got service even people living in Villegas ,as you say there is no telephone and internet accesses in the villages he working hard on it by switch to new technology if you need to have every thing over nigh you wrong .blaming people is doesn’t make difference if you love your country you have to contribute your own by understanding and by accepting the truth .god bless Dr. Debrsion and his great job.

          • mamush says:

            I accept all what you have said, but not your advice to think twice which arises from self inflated image and polarized politics that leads to branding game. Let us away from emotional when we are dealing with ideas or peoples, challenge the issue with alternative ideas. It doesn’t matter we may have divergent perspectives even on the same reality and the country belongs to all citizens of different perspectives and solutions. For how long time we compare the ruling party with Derge regime, or Solomonid Dynasty? I know that TPLF/EPRDF overthrown the military junta while the country is at zero budget. Criticizing the ruling party members doesn’t affect me to give credit for the EPRDF’S effort that aimed at developing my country. Telecommunication Corporation is the second richest state owned agency next to Ethiopian Airlines; this financial capability is not properly used to modernize mobile network and internet accesses throughout the country. Currently I am living far away from the capital city and regional capital cities; I have been using CDMA Internet, it doesn’t work unless network is fully accessible, I have bought EVDO the same thing is happened. Shall I keep silent for the next infinite years as long as the TPLF/ EPRDF is better than Derge regime or any other Solomonid Dynasty in this contemporary world? EPRDF is the best of all in responding to the national questions and in development of the country but not to the equivalent to his scarification paid during armed struggle to overthrow the military dictatorship.
            “በአባቶቻችን፣ በእናቶቻችን፣ በወንድሞቻችንና በእህቶቻችን መስዋእትነት እኮራለሁ፡፡… ምትክ የለሽ የሆነዉን ሰማዕትነት የከፈሉላት ሀገር የጥቂቶች መጫወቻ ከሆነች ግን፣ በእርግጥም ያኔ አነባለሁ፡፡…”

      • Et says:

        The problem is that the toxic diaspora don’t believe in Education, most of them spent in US for over 20 years yet they still did not go further than 8th grade, Eg. Tamagne Lemagne and the Evil satellite TV AKA ESAT Editors and all the likes.

  2. gebre says:

    ቴሌኮም የምትታለብ ላም ናት ብለው አቶ ሀይለማሪያም ሲናገሩ ሰምቼ።
    የላሜ ቦራ ታሪክ ለእንደሻው ወተት ያፈሰሰችለት ላም ጉዳይ ትዝ አለኝ።

    ላሜ ቦራ ላሜ ቦራ
    የልጄን ነገር አደራ።

    የሚለው ማለት ነው።
    አለም በሰለጠነበት ዘመን ቴሌኮሚኒኬሽንን ማፋጠን ሲገባን፣ hightech ን ከላም ማለብ ጋር እያመሳሰልን ስልክ እንኩዋን መደዋወል አቃተን እኮ ይገርማል።

  3. Abrik says:

    A capella music is how people communicate with each other in Addis Ababa. Since there is no teleconferencing or gathering around permitted in Addis Ababa due to the political unrst, people look like they are talking to themselves with giving each other their back while discussing about politics in public areas. Some do A cappella music(kererto) style on ADWA event to relay messages to their collegues regarding the socio-economic and political situations.

  4. Tolossa says:

    I want to see the EthioTelecom justification as usual, we are doing the best job hahahah…dinkem.
    what about the pro TPFL people?
    This is the 18% growth bravo.

    Lets suck this Debretsion and he is incompetent, totally disgres

  5. berhane says:

    Hold your horses, people. If a fiber cable was accidentaly cut, it would disrupt service (voice and data) for hours, if not for days. An accident anywhere, London, New york, Addis…it is all the same. Disruption of service. Now, complaining about a corrupt entrenched management and incompetent, lazy, overpaid,.. unionized workers who steal and sell tools and material meant for the public company. We should be understandable when it is an accident. I would fire all the workers and management and hire the good ones. NO UNIONS!

  6. abe says:

    Ethio Telecom made a net profit of 400M mainly from one source,
    “I am sorry,you can not reach the number you dallied” in Chinese accent.

  7. noah says:

    to the one who Called Dr.Debretsion ,”fake”, it speaks a lot about you. so I will stop here.
    In regards to the cables being cut, I agree 100% with the editer.
    I don’t understand for a minute why the city officials in co-operation with Tele, Elpa, and alike either mark the route or supply the blue print where the cables, lines, piping etc are located to the construction companies. Why would residents of any neighborhood suffer from these essentials due to negligence from the greedy and selfish construction companies. “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!!!!!”

  8. Azeb says:

    A government in power for 23 years — basic services do not work.

    Water, electricity and telephone are failing too many times. Too much bragging about economic growth has a hallow sound to it when you cannot deliver the basics.

    Sadly, the TPLF track record is one of sheer incompetence and corruption. Where do we go from here?

    • Berhane says:

      Bend over and TPLF will show you where to go from there, stupid doma ras. Blaming TPLF for your stupidity won’t solve anything

  9. korem says:

    My only questions????
    This time is not about telle. Who cares about a dead dog? telle has already dead. As far as i knew from close person who work for telecom and mainly responsible in maintaining lines of big bosses, telecom give one of the best connection services to government people, and loyal cadres. They purposely deny us, as they want us not communicate. But no worries we go and met each other.

    No no y today’s question what happened to teshome of AWTs? i think most of the attendant knew him. I am sure woyane never had a dedicated cadre like him.

  10. Bihon says:

    The government should seriously consider privatizing this ageny. There is a systemic problem with government ran service companies. Sure they are cheaper but service is always inferior to privetley owened companies where competition improves quality and good customer service.

  11. Ayalew says:

    I called to my daughter who works at ILRI ngo from USA with a toll free USA’s 1-800 phone number. She said the USA and other international community’s are resorting to having their own telephone service provide the services for their projects in Ethiopia. satellite are given a go ahead from Ethiopian government to work with the international community’s their own tele sattelites since the NGO’s gave up on the poor service of the Ethio Telecom had been providing. The train transportation building project in Addis Ababa had also damaged major telecommunication lines.

  12. Yakob says:

    Well. well, well.The Ethiopian telecom, an institution with glorious past. I remember when I was a kid, going to school at Beyene Merid, from Kubanya (Legehar), the favourite stop was at Tele. to look inside through the side window with my kid friens and dream, one day we will be working their. that was in the mid 1960. but now I wonder if Ethiopian telecom still exists.
    Ethiopia sends its troops to somalia, but the troops will learn soon that a torn apart somalia is actually enjoying a far superior telecom service than their own homeland. it is good to help your neighbouring country be stable but they also have to learn one thing their. When they come back to help also their home land Ethiopia, get rid off the current Tele goons and restore its past glory. Their is only collective development not selective benefits that will result only in down fall.

  13. Alula says:

    In early 1990s it was normal to lose signal while talking! But in the process, they fixed it! Even now there is signal lose here & there, but they can pin point where the mishap is & can fix it easily! Don’t freak out! Ethiopia has to pass through everything that other developed countries passed through!

    I feel Ethiopia is doing great with the little resources that it has! Things will be alright as we go!
    Talking & criticizing is easy, but participating to perfect Ethiopia’s renaissance is difficult!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  14. Baba says:

    When you don’t have words to express service provision and service administration issues + ruling party’s reluctance not to privatize or share power, rather than burning out or “anjetachehu kemeqatele” I invite you the books “Animal Farm” and “1984” you will get an amazing similarity how power is managed specially in Africa. I tell you from the satire you can even say who is who…. with out thinking to much…that is common and have been happening in the world of dictatorship…READ it and comment…If you can relate to our previous and current leaders and translate it…

  15. Hiruy Emiru says:

    Donot talk about poletics. The one who too talkative about poletics is a person who cannot do any thing.

  16. shimeles says:

    net work topology type of ethio telecom

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