Diaspora Oromos launch a television network focusing on the needs and aspirations of the Oromo people


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28 Responses

  1. Alula says:

    Good job! I hope OMN will use this news network to help promote democratization & good governance in Ethiopia & the region at large!
    Good luck!

  2. Bihon says:

    Another EGYPTIAN funded TV program to keep Ethiopians divided and poor. This stations are not cheap to operate and ran. Look at The Egyptian Spy Agency Tv (ESAT) and ask yourself where the money comes from? Obviously not from the Ethio diaspora as we are falsely told. Ask yourself why Egypt want to do this? Because it is much easier and much cheaper than any other means of deciding Ethiopians.
    Ethiopians must understand that there is an all out effort by Egypt to turn Ethiopans against each other to the point that Ethiopia as we know it no longer exists.

    • Jogir Abasena says:

      media that truly serving the reality is mandatory that free from propaganda which able to demonstrate the objective of the true media.I have much appreciation for those who made to realize the establishment of OMN.
      Jabaadha ilmaan biyyaa.
      Jogir Abasena.

    • Ben says:

      haha now its Egypt who want Ethiopia divided ha? No, my friend its the dirty weyana will distroy Ethiopia. by the way, do you know that most ethiopians are treated like second citzens. unless you are one of them, you know what i am saying.

      • ethiopia says:

        So untill when are we going to be just the citizen than second citizen? they are not only dividing us but also distroying us.

  3. abe says:

    “OMN will offer perspectives grounded in objectivity rather than propaganda”

    Please……….It has already a copycat statement of ESAT.

    Aya Gibo Satamehang Bilang..

  4. Geleta says:

    Good Job!

  5. ሰይድ says:

    the best idea bihon is the ashiker of weyane

  6. grmaye says:

    have you seen the “OMN”´s inauguration? On that event i have never seen, no one of the attendance with any kind of sense for ethiopia. I wonder what their imagnation would be, oromo without ethiopia and ethiopia without oromos.

    • grmaye beso bela says:

      “..any kind of sense of ethiopia”

      What does that really mean, bro?

      Serious sounding, but empty rhetoric!

    • ahmedu dawe says:

      I think you sound like”mamo kilo” even thinking to see or to sensse Ethiopianisim on that day, March first of 2014. Or let me say you are behind the curb, or stupid,idiot, or both. may be you are using your grand fathers(Takle Bashaw)mentality?

  7. billfree says:

    sheger is the only electronic media that we prefer to listen in Ethiopia.

  8. ash says:

    i just wash the OMN have Amhairc program so that they can reach more Ethiopians BBC and other western news have different language program hence i just wish that OMN give one hours Amharic program

  9. GETACHEW REDA says:

    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    All the Oromo youth need is not TV – all they need is to read the following constructive advice written by a young educated Oromo. Here is what you need to Google. —————————————————————-

    “OLF still maintained not Functioning Ethiopia but killing Ethiopia”
    by Biraanu Gammachu

    ————————————————It is the best analysis of these defected elemnts of hate group advising them how to get out of their hate politics. That is what also Tigrayans need to do. The pathetic TPLF cults who have tremendous problem worst than the OLF or the Eritreans. Listen here after this comment, they will cry like a bitch instead of examining why they are hold hostage by TPLF/OLF group of hate elites.
    Please do not even try it; I am not going to hear you cry or not. You know that by now, do not you cults?


    • Diversity101 says:

      GETACHEW REDA & Meqdellawi, why are you so angry? Is that because the Oromo diaspora managed to have a media outlet in a language that they speak and understand. Why does that bother you? Isn’t that their God given (natural)and basic right to use their language? What does democracy meant to you? Does it mean others should look and act like you? What ever grand and noble idea you may think you have, if it is based on imposing (forcing)your will on others selfishly, it won’t work? If you understand democracy and diversity, you would have a cool and positive attitude about others who are different from you. Who do you think you are? Only love, understanding and respect will allow living together possible. Swallow your ignorant & empty pride and learn to understand and respect others. Whether you like it or not, you can not stop people (40 million strong) from exercising their democratic rights.

    • Mario says:

      May God forgive you & cleanse you from the hate that you are soaked in! ሓቅኻ ኢኻ! ኣብ ምዕራባዊ ዓለም ናብራ መሪሩካ ከምዝኾነ ኩልና ንርዳእ! በል ዳኣ ሰጥ ኢልካ ስራሕ! ሰሪሕካ ምብላዕ ነውሪ የብሉን! እቲ ፅልኢ እንተኾነ ከም ጠስሚ ከምክኸካ እዩ! ብፅልኢ ዝርከብ ነገር የለን!ሎሚ ሎሚ ትግራዋይ ዝፀልአ ካብ ፀላእቲ ኢትዮጵያ ገንዘብ ናይምርካብ ዕድል ከምዘሎ ካብ ኣፍ ብርሃኑ ነጋ ሰሚዕና!እንድዒ ንስኻ እቲ ናይ ፅልኢ መስፈርቲ ኣየማላእኻን ይመስለኒ? ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ፈጣሪኻ ይምሓርካ!

    • Jogir Abasena says:

      whenever the oromo doing vibrant move,it is obvious to have OromoPHOBIA,people whom thinking negatively.
      truly speaking,who have the good neighborhood tradition,than oromo,who adopt others as his own son through Gudifecha?why this people are denying the truth? please face the reality than negatively,commenting about the OMN.
      why you link this media to Egypt,Eritrea…and so on?
      as far as my knowledge is concerned about this media,it has no any link with Egypt and other,rather on the motives and initiation to build the true and balanced media services coverage which able to show the reality.Remember what the Calgary representative said,quoting three main points.Don`t make a wrong judgment as if Oromo unable to make it this happen.happen. Oromia has intellectuals,resources,and self sufficient,and never relied on others.

  10. Meqdellawi says:

    Why do we need a TV network for one ethnic group? Egypt and it’s satellite “Eritrea” are behind such sabotage. The strategy of Egypt is to fragment Ethiopia and Oromo regional State could be the next victim. I think we should only have one national ethiopian TV and Radio Network. We should condemn such actions of our tribal communities who tend more to identify with their ethnic group than with Ethiopia as a nation.

    The problem the eritean led TPLF, which is the dominant deciding force in the government of Ethiopia. Eri-TPLF has brought the eritrean virus to ethiopian ethnic groups. This virus seems to originate from Egypt and other arab countries. The aim is to create among the ethiopian people and to fragment Ethiopia into ministate, which will economically viable to dictate their wil on other countries.

    This being the case we should overthrow eri-TPLF and it’s puppets under the umbrella of EPRDF. We should be creative to bring unity of our people. The current “Ethnic Federalism”, should be replaced some sort of federalism that sees the Ethiopian Nation as it’s core. We need a mixture of federalism and unitary state organization. A democratic unitary state is more attractive because of the potential to unite the people based on Ethiopia’s past and present. Our glorious past should be appreciated and defended by all of us and our future could be founded on the basis of equality and fraternity of all people living in our country – Ethiopia.

    • Bekuma says:

      It has been a while since it started with the launch of ESAT, an Amhara station disguised as Ethiopian.

    • Jogir Abasena says:

      This is Simple answer.
      Because none of the media truly reflect about Oromo and Oromia.so that,the media is very crucial.This does not mean,this media will suppresses the right of others and the reality.This media is not about ethnicity,but beyond that which able to correctly and clearly able to show the reality of Oromo and Oromia to the whole world,which distorted,by others,like you.

  11. Ilula lemma says:

    what makes you different from Woayne funded OROMIA TV.The same song same slogan.USELESS.

  12. Ilula lemma says:

    I do not want to hear your program and please, do not broadcast in Amharic.

  13. asghedom says:

    Good by Ethiopia, your enrmies are rooting every where, the Almaighty gives you help snd courage.

  14. በለው! says:

    >>>ስለ ሠላም፣ ፍቅር፣ መተሳሳብና አብሮ ሠርቶ አብሮ ለማደግ ለሚደረግ ማናቸውም ሥራዎች በፉክክር የተሻለ ዘገባና መረጃ በማቅርብ መመዘን መልካም ነው። አቤ ቶላ(ቶክቻው) ስለተመሠረተው ሚዲያ ለአስተማሪነቱና ሕዝባዊ የትምህርት መድረክ እንዲሆን መልካሙን ተመኝቷል እኛም መቡሉ ልብ ደግፈናል። የዛሬን አያድርገውና በቋንቋው አልታማም…” በኦሮሚያ ሚዲያ ኔትወርክ ስፖርት ዜና ላይ፤ ስለ አትሌቶቻችን ሲዘገብ ኢትዮጵያ የሚል መለያ ለብሰው ለተወዳደሩ ሯጮቻችን፤ “ኦሮሞው አትሌት አሸነፈ፤ ኦሮሞዋ አትሌት ሪከርድ ሰበረች” ሲባል ሰማሁ፤ እንግዲህ የመጀመሪያ ዜና ስለሆነ ስህትተ ነው ብለን እንለፈው…አለበለዚያ ኢትዮጵያ የውጭ ሀገር ዜጎች እንዲሮጡላት ቀጥራ ለሕዝብ ሳታሳውቅ አሰልፋ አሸንፋለችና ያገኙት ገንዘብና ሜዳሊያ መመለስ አለበት ማለት ይሆናል። ኦሮሞ ባይሆኑ አያሸንፉም ነበር የሚለው ሌላው ብሄር ብሄረሰብና ሕዝቦች ዕድሉ አልተሰጠምና ኢህአዴግ “ብሔር በሔረሰቦች ሆኑ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች የሚለው መዝሙር ፺፱ከመቶ ምርጫ ለማሸነፍና በሥልጣን ለመቆየት ተጠቅሞባቸዋል የውሸቱን ነው። ኢህአዴግ ችግር ውስጥ ነው ማለት ነው፡ ወይንም ይህ ቲቪ የኦሮሞ አደለም!? ለኢህአዴግዬዎች ለተቃዋሚውዬዎች፣ ለአድር-ባይ ምሁራንዬዎች፣ለፓለቲካ ተንታኞችዬዎች ፣ለጭፍን ተቃዋሚዎችዬና ደጋፊዬዎች ለጎጠኞችና ለጠባብ ብሄርተኞች ሆይ፣ የትግራይ ድሃ ልጅ የሞተው ትግርኛን በእንግሊዘኛ ለመተካት አደለም!የፈረንጅ ባሕል ለማዳቀል አልነበረም! ኦሮሞ አማርኛ መናገር ተጭኖበት ሳይናገረው የቀረው ነገር የለም ለሁሉም ዜጎች ደንቆሮ ሥርዓት ሆኖ እንጂ! ዛሬ በቋንቋው እየተናገረ ከአብራኩ በወቱ ልጆቹ እየተገረፈ ፳፪ኣመት መሬቱን ተነጥቆ፣ ልጆቹን ለአረብ ሸጦ፣በእየ ዋና ከተማ የዘመኖች የስሜት ማርኪያ የሆኑት ለአቅመ-አዳም ያልደረሱ የህሄር ብሄረሰብ ህዝቦች እጻናት በቋንቋ ዕጥረት አደለም። በባዶ እግሩ በባዶ ሆዱና ቂጥ በባዶ ሜዳ ይጨፍራል…ከአልቅት ውሃ፣ከኩበት ጭስ ከትኋንና ቅማል የሚያድን የሚዲያ ቱልቱላ የውጭ ሀገር ጮቤ መርገጥ አደለም ።ዛሬም እንደትናንትና ድህነት መሃይምነት በመፈክርና በአዳራሽ ውስጥ ዲያስፖራ ድንፋታና የባእዳን ደጅ ተንበርክኮ ፀሎት ለቅስፈት፣ ሀገር ለመበተን የሚደረግ የባዕዳን ድጎማና ፖለቲካና ሃኢማኖት ማዋቃት አይጠቅምም። ብሄር ብሄረሰብ የተከለለ የቁም ከብት ስኳርና ጤፍ መብላት ለመደ እንጂ ጠግቦ አያድርም!አሁንም የደም እንባ ያነባል፣ እባካችሁ ወሬ ከምትሰጡት ዳቦ አብሉት! ልጆቹን የመሬቱ ወራሽ እንጂ የጉርሻ ተመጽዋች አታድርጉ! “ጉድ በል ሰላሌ ኢትዮጵያዊ አደለህም ተባልክ!አለ…አቤ ቶክቻው በቸር ይግጠመን

    • Hza Mara says:

      Good job Orormo keep up ur work.

      I am happy to hear that !!

    • Name (required) says:

      belew u are in aday dream Oromo and Oromia doesn’t concern u.We Oromos are z only concerned body,so don’t cry over us and our famous athelates,z other thing u should know is that being an ethiopian depends on interest but not our obligation that’s ur foolish thinking.If u are a human being use ur mind for fair thinkig unless we wiil buy u abarakina to wash itand make it clean for +ve thinking what u don’t understand no one can worry about edit people like u

  15. Hiruy Emiru says:

    Peice of sheet. Who cares about Ormo mobilization they can goooooo.

  16. አቤ እግዚአብኄር ይባርክህ እንዲህ ንገርልኝ ከገባቸውም አይደል።

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