Tanzania makes its stand clear on Nile Water


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16 Responses

  1. Abayrga Koro says:

    Bravo Tanzania !I do not understand why the current Egyptian leaders try to make a historical mistake which is not equivalent to the our global condition as well as expired with this century.We all the upper stream countries’ people are not selfish we do not ignore the the lower stream counties’ people especially the Egyptian.However we were ignored by them for 10s of centuries .Please Dear Egyptian leaders do not try to play unfair game as lazy child think over globally rather than narrowing.

  2. Sol says:

    Egyptians, you are distancinng yourself from Africa, you better watch out . Quit this nonsense and coaporate with the people, you are the benefitted. There is no free meal anymore , use your money to development not buying war equipment , supporting civil war, share the water share the wealth.

    • Awolie says:

      The decision of the Tanzania is fine concerning the utilization of the River. Egyptians are fearing ahead of nothing because they want to monopolize and order on what they can’t. Rather Egyptians better help the other countries in establishment and sustainable development to make the water flow continuously even by participating in rehabilitation actions.

  3. Abu kaliff says:

    Nile is part of the Saudi Arabia kingdom. Dark skinned Africans must be loosing their minds if they think they are blessed with natural resources. All the natural resource belongs to non-dark skinned Africans. They are not even supposed to comment on this issue.

  4. Habtamu S says:

    This is bad news not only for Egypt politician but also to Ethiopian Extremists opposition parties and ignorant Diasporas. Thank you.

  5. Eleni Z says:

    Why Ethiopians put their effort on having more of natural resources while they are unable to manage what they already got is for no other reason but so that the thieves get a chance to keep on stealing. There is this old Amharic saying “GIRGIR LELEBA YAMECHAL” meaning caos gives opportunities to thieves to steal. Twelve thousand tons of coffee exported with fraudulent documents

    A research study by the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of Ethiopia on the administrative shortcomings in Coffee Administration has found out that 12 thousand tons 120,000 quintals of coffee has been sold outside the country through the use of fraudulent documents since the death of the late prime minster meles Zenawi. The reporter stated that the how and who stole the coffee is under investigation. The money has also reportedly not been returned to the country.

    At the current market price 12 thousand tonnes or 120 thousand quintal of coffee can be sold for $16 million or over $300 million birr. Ethiopia has become a country where one can steal this much money with faked documents and make one wonder if there was a government.

    When the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was in power over 10,000 quintal of coffee had been lost. Asked about the issue, then, Meles said it was under investigation, the outcomes of which have not yet been revealed.

    Although the Commission says it is investigating it, it is likely that the findings of the investigation could be muffled.Attempts by the private press to get the response of officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry has not been successful.
    Teff is the next .

    • Mario says:

      This shows that you are writing because you don’t have a chance to still now! We all know this can’t satisfy a power hunger….! Unfounded information! A lie as usual!

    • asghedom says:

      So we have to stop to build the Dam because 12,000 tones of coffee has been stolen. Asususlm you are critzising the government or those who are redy to destroy ethiopia and give it to Egytians.
      I am sure you are like those people, who are saying Ormo Agezsm, Tigrei Agezam, Somali aigezam, the only is Amhra to govern ethiopia, if not ethiopia should not developed. We haijack the plains, we destroy the Dams, all the roads becouse Amhara are not in power , Ethiopia should be in Darknnes. Ellna way,?
      Ethiopia have lost a lot of billiones of corrupted officials, busdiness men and mist of them are abroad spescialy in Americs, may be very close to your residence in America, or your parents, you relatives msy be my rekatives too, but we have not to lose our temper and give up the country for Egyptians. The Dsm, ethiopian aitlines, roads , sll the infrustructures brlong to the people not to the government. As Haile selassie, Derg have oredy gone even weysnie will go , don’t weary, but don’t destroy the country fir this. “EVERY THING HAVE ITS OWEN TIME” now is time to construct not to vomplain

  6. ewentewent says:

    I tried to google no major media outlets reported this. Where do get it. These days I do check to substantiate.

  7. ttre says:

    Egypt is trying to trick and deceive Ethiopia by putting a lot of pressure to stop building the renaissance dam. The pressures from Egypt includes military action, diplomatic campaign, destabilization of the country, blasting the dam using elite forces, and harassing Ethiopia using opposition groups. Even though Ethiopia should take all these threats seriously, I think none of them would materialize and the implementation of these threats couldn’t result in to secure Egypt’s water demand in the long ran. All this threat, if taken by Egypt, would be difficult to sustain them all the time for a long time in a very dynamic East Africa. Egypt’s campaign, political and military threat, is to scare Ethiopia about the dam, that Ethiopia put a lot of its scarce resources and a lot of hope, is to make Ethiopia sign a binding document that Egypt can use in the future to guarantee its Nile water. Egypt has enough water engineers to understand the impact of a hydro dam on water flow. Since Ethiopia is building this dam by scarfing a scarce resources, Egyptians think that if there is enough pressure Ethiopia thinks that the Egyptians would bomb the dam. If Ethiopia comes to that conclusion instead of losing the dam Ethiopia would sign an agreement with Egypt. I think this kind of campaign would be intensified by Egypt as the Ethiopian renaissance dam comes close to completion.
    I think Ethiopia should separate two things that Egyptian try to put them together in purpose to confuse the negotiation agendas.
    The two issues that needs to be separated are:
    1. The renaissance dam issue
    2.The sharing of the Nile water among the riparian countries.
    The impact of the renaissance dam on Egypt can be discussed between Ethiopia and Egypt. The issues that relates to renaissance dam are technical;the safety of the dam, how soon the dam is going to be filled are some of the technical issues. Egypt and Ethiopia can discuss this technical issues and does not require any binding agreement.
    The second issues, sharing the Nile water among the riparian countries, is an issues that needs to be discussed, addressed,ad determined by those nations. Discussing how to share the Nile water is not the same as building a dam on the Nile because the water flow of a river is not impacted by a dam for hydro electricity. Sharing of the Nile water is deciding who gets what and in what quantities. This will surface down the road and has nothing to do with the renaissance dam.

  8. Alula says:

    Egyptian politicians are acting foolish at all level! Ethiopia isn’t parts & parcels of the colonial era agreement! Why the British has kept quite though?

    The Nile must be used in an equitable manner! When the Nile is in Ethiopia it belongs to Ethiopia , therefore, Ethiopia has a full right to use its water!

  9. Kebede says:

    What Saudi kingdom are you talking about Abukaliff?The savage and backward family controlled country?just seventy years ago you were riding camel.

  10. rtyyy says:

    Egypt for a long time blocked financing for any project on the Nile from international monetary institutions using diplomatic advantages Egypt had. Right now, Ethiopia seems to pass that hurdle to build a dam on the Nile. Egypt, though, thinks that there is another influence that it can impose on Ethiopia to get what it wants from the Nile river. This advantage seems its military power. The question now becomes, can Ethiopia defend itself from military attack waged by Egypt, which has close to 1500 military plane in its air force fleet compared to 80 Ethiopia’s military air planes in the air force. Any attack from Egypt from our air space is going to be a test for Ethiopia’s air force in the coming few years. Ethiopia’s ground force can stand it’s ground against any Egyptian assault, but, if the air force is not going to defend the Ethiopian air space the Ethiopian ground force will have a difficult time containing the Egyptian army. In this generation battles are fought in air with a great distance to minimize casualties to create favorable condition for ground assault . Whoever controls the air space controls the ground. The Ethiopian air defense system needs a robust overhaul in terms of hardware and personnel to meet Egyptians challenge. Ethiopia needs to do risk assessment and close some of the loops that might go against defending the Ethiopian air space. An international air defense experts and the Ethiopian military working together need to come up what the rescues are from a point view of Egypt’s attack from the air. If Ethiopia can close the venerability of Egypt’s military threat, the bickering from Egypt will stop. In 1970 the Ethiopian military needed to get help from Yemen, Russia, and Cuba in order to use and maintain newly purchased military hard wares. Ethiopia have to make its military combat ready and the best military hard wares has to be purchased way ahead of time. The military be able to operate, maintain theses hard wares without any help. Complacency will cost us very dearly in this dangers world but a readiness will save as abundantly. Don’t forget, “Things tend to favor a prepared mind.”

  11. kassaberihun says:

    Mr. Abdukalif It is saudi arebia who was ruled nder ancient ethiopian empier, I am not surprised by your comment,becouse neghter your country nor your unsistors do have uncient history. Let alone that the current generation, including you are unciviliesd to be rulled by backward poletics ‘KING… ‘,prhaps the only backward poletics in the poletics,which never know its borders. egyptians and ethiopians knows well that you have nothing to do with this and stay out of thier naurally tied ,I mean it ,un detacheble brothers of nature, if they stand together. I am sure they will do it,if not they both will erradicate from the earth.

  12. kassaberihun says:

    we never used to be equiped with more modern and much quantity of millitary hardware, with the help of GOD, we never used to get defeated by human power;we never ever had felt selfish as they feel; I think that is whay GOD, didn’t make the nile in thier hand,becouse when I realsed they could have charge us per litre ,let milions of us die.

  13. Berhane says:

    Egypt is huffing and bluffing as usual. Can anyone perhabs tell me when an Arab has not opening their mouth dirty? The harder they brag the harder they brag the harder they go down. Egypts self made problem is not just ending it is begining. The issue of coming to power through military coup, undemocractic process will continue to cost them, major power counties are alrwady alinating them. Egypt economy is unsusrsinsble because the country does not have any sustsinsnle natural resources, the econmy merely base on western handout aid and tourism, which already in the sinkhole. The brotherhood leader presidentmis languished in jail, more than half of its citizens are oppose the miltary dictator Sissi. The world is watching everyday people die for freedom. Most of all almost all African are tires of Egypt bullying and has suspended the AU membership until there is inmplace of elected leader. America is not happy with Egypt due to the the new Mosco Egypt relation tend to antagonize israel next door. Any egyptian militsry bluff csn withtand by Ethiopia. After all Egypt is supper power, the only way they can stop the Dam is by occupying the county, and history is witness tomthst avail. Ethiopia have all the necessary militay rediness by airm by air land ready to crush them, just bring it on. Egypt air power old f_16 is no match to Ethipopias su_30 supperior in all aspect of dog fight, beside the country do after all have very effective radar system that can manitor the incoming and able to send interceptor in the speed of light. If and when other Arabs take side we have the unflinching African brothers ready to assist. At the end ofmthe day Egypt will not accomplish nothing. Egypt is the most vanerable country uou can imagine. The only alternetive solution for that country is to sit down and talk and work equitable solution, no country is able to sustain power over others at this age of time. I think the huffing and bluffing of Egypt is indeed trying to secure an agreement which Ethiopia should have likely aware. No economic sanction or collective pressure will stop Ethiopia from building the renesance dam, itmis all about survival issue, we cant have our people go hungry amd live in a dark forever, this ismthe time to show the way. One daynyour child willnasknuou by saying what have done for my generstion and you better be ready to answere that question. So to finalize the Egypt huffing and bluffing, first they need to worry about their demeetic isusue, second egypt lack the economic and military upperhand able to sustain the war over the nile, most of all they lack moral ground. The Ethiopia people are more determine more than ever, they have putt their mgger resources and have had enough of Egypts bullying. Time has changed, the era of dictator Mubarek is gone and Egypt need better democratic government that listens to the people.

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