Israel offers to mediate Ethiopia-Egypt dam row


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12 Responses

  1. Alula says:

    Dear Dawit, what news is this crap news you posted. You guys are posting pro Egypt? You guys think the Arabs will allow you water if you lick their asses.

    Russia will mediate ? Italy will mediate Saudi Arabia will mediate? Arab league will mediate? bla bla, mediate what? what Ethiopia has to do with Egypt? what conflict does Ethiopia has with Egypt? what did Ethiopia do to Egypt? is this conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt? over what? because Ethiopia tried to use its water? I wish all of you died. You do not post our opposition to Egypt? but you post this crap mediation and giving Egypt what is craving for? They refused Entebbe agreement and they refuse the findings of experts? why the hell are you posting this crap mediation things. What do we need mediators to use our water? Dawit do you are giving legitimacy to the thief who has been still our water in broad day light? You are sucking intimidation ? why are u all sucking humiliation? why u are sucking insult? Why are u giving lejitimacy? In opinion, seriously, it is better to stop the dam we get a real Alula Aba Nega and Yohannes and Theodores. I am hating you Ethiopians. You knowing nothing apart from begging everything. You even beg for you own property? why?

    Can you go to Saudi Arabia and demand oil share ? can u ? Do u know the water much precious for us. Do you know we have 100% right to use and harness our water? The problem is Ethiopians do not know their right. They think they to beg everything from others even for their own property? Dawit the hell are u doing promoting this mediator, the agenda of the enemy? they told 1 million times u will not be allowed to use a drop and you were told one million times it is red line? Dawit what the hell are you doing this?I do not sing a single Ethiopia posting opposing Egypt? except posting Egypts campaign? what is wrong with you people? The people whom you claim you represent are suffering everywhere in the world because of poverty caused by Egypt? I am wondering why all Ethiopians as dumb as dead human.There is no single Ethiopian website that oppose Egypt? I wish you were dead. I suggest the dam be stopped and no talk with Egypt and no agreement or no signature with Egypt. No, we have to develop first nuclear weapon and then we can use our water. If they say anything like what they are doing we can nuke them. I am warning you if u sign anything on the water in the name of Egypt. I will single headedly go to the river and pollute the water with nuclear radioactive material. I have the skill to do that. I have the knowledge I need to do that. Dawit, you must promoting the enemy. No committee, no expert, no international expert, no commission or no mediator is needed. Egypt has one choices to none, it can join the Entebbe agreement which is too generous to Egypt because Egypt does not have any right on our water. It is you and the woyanes who are giving them right. They have to pay for the water. That is my believe and even during Hailesslassie, the argument with Egypt has to pay. Egypt has zero right on our water. Because u do not know your right you are giving your house to enemy. I hope you guys listen to us. Time is proving me right. Everything I have been saying is now right. You can not negotiate with these dogs. These are human dogs. They look human inform, but they are dark forces. You may not believe me, but they working to destroy humanity. Not only the Nile, they believe the entire earth belongs to them only. They doctrines does not allow them to share anything with infidels. They might even talk to u nice, but they do not mean it. That is who they are and you can not change them. You not believe me, but they working to Islamize the entire humanity. They work underground.They do not use internet or radio communication. They use mosque to mosque to mosque communication. I am telling you truth which u do not know. I see Ethiopians begging Egyptian in Egyptian websites,I feel crying. You do not know the world. I know the world. I am telling you the truth you may doubt to believe. It is not about water or Nile, it is about Islam destroying eEthiopia and controlling Ethiopia. Ethioians mistaken Arab muslims for Ethiopian muslims? These a big mistake. The Ethiopians are Ethiopia, they are not arabs. Do u know the target in the world is US and England. The plan is destroy England and USA and then job done to control everyone and to convert into Islam. This is the grand Islamic agenda of building an Islamic nation. Did u ever heard Islamic nation building? no? I am telling you this going on underground all over the world. To islamize the entire humanity and either to kill the infidel or convert them to iSLAM. you may not believe this because you do not know? Ignorance is bad and end history. Islam is using and abusing democracy in the civilized world. You can built 1000s of mosques in England and USA, but not single church can be built in Saudi Arabia. They are not claiming ownership of Nile for no reasons, it is because they believe everything on this planets belongs to them. They will not mind wiping out in one day if they can.

    • Hagos says:

      Alula starts his comment by saying: “Dear Dawit, what news is this crap news you posted. You guys are posting pro Egypt?” It is difficult to understand what Alula is trying to speak about with that statement. The ethical duty of an independent news media like Awramba Times is to report what is said and done, whether that report pleases the reader or not. What reason does Alula has to label the Editors of Awramba Times as pro-Egypt? It is absurd, to say the least!

      That said, I don’t believe that any third party mediator will make any thing different than that of what Ethiopia and Ethiopians have in mind about completing the Grand Dam as planned.

      However, what we ask the incumbent regime in Ethiopia is to assure the Ethiopian people with good governance and bring about free and fair elections that would honestly accommodate the opposition come the 2016 elections in order to ascertain the unification of the Ethiopian people to safe guard the national security and sovereignty of our beloved country.

    • Hermi says:


      Is it realy you Alula? This sounds like Gezae’s.
      At any rate. Dawit (AT), has the right to post any news, as long as it is true and not affect the security of the country. It is not important if the story (post) is what we like or deslike. He also has the right to totaly disregard a major event like the 39th aniversary of TPLF, where many gave their dear life so that he can freely excercise his (this) rights. I was looking forward to him going back to Tigray, Adwa, to his old school, and tell us what the people and the region is doing from a different vantage-may be next time?
      Having said that, it does really make a difference who is the mediator despite the ultimate outcome is obvious-the completion ofthe project.

  2. ttre says:

    I don’t know how a third party involvement is going to change Ethiopia’s stand unless Egypt changes its war mongering and all options are on table stance. The Egyptians picked up Arab countries that have investment in Ethiopia in order to create an environment that is discomfortable between Ethiopia and theses Arab countries since the Egyptians knew already what the out come of this kind of discussions is. The objective of this arrangement by Egypt is to make theses countries’ investment to be halted as a result of the discussion .Ethiopia should reject any third party outside from the riparian countries. If there is a third party outside the riparian countries, the third outside party can only engaged in if all the riparian countries are agreed to do so. There is no discussion between Egypt and Ethiopia how to allocate water reaching Egypt. There is discussion on technical level between Ethiopia and Egypt about the renaissance dam. The technical level discussion is not going to produce any kind of agreement how much water is going to reach Egypt in the future. NO bilateral binding agreement outside the Entebbe frame work Agreement between any two riparian country as far as Nile water goes.

  3. gem says:

    God Bless Ethiopia and Israel!

  4. mamush says:

    Welcoming any negotiation doesn’t have problems as long as it maintains Ethiopian interests; the problem arises if it stands opposite to this. When I read the topic articles, the first thing flashed in my mind is why Israel is ambitious to negotiate these two countries? It is difficult to begin with the negative perspectives before negotiation, we don’t know Israel’s plan in the future on the Nile; but to put my comment with my suspection; bilateral negotiation have been held amply times with no avail. As concerned Ethiopian citizens I have been paying deducting from my monthly salary from the commencement of construction and I will continue up to the completion of the Dam.
    It has been alleged by some groups that the blue stripes on the Israeli flag actually represent the rivers Nile and Euphrates as the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael, the land promised to the Jews by God. Those making this allegation insist that the flag “secretly” represents the desire of Jews to conquer all of the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, which would involve conquering and ruling over much of Egypt, all of Jordan, and some of Syria and Iraq. Yasser Arafat, Iran and Hamas also made the allegation, and repeatedly tied this notion to the stripes on the Israeli flag.
    Both Zionist and anti-Zionist authors have debunked the claim that the stripes on the flag represent territorial ambitions. Daniel Pipes notes “In fact, the blue lines derive from the design on the traditional Jewish prayer shawl”, and Danny Rubinstein points out that “…Arafat… added, in interviews that he gave in the past, that the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag represent the Nile and the Euphrates… No Israeli, even those who demonstrate understanding for Palestinian distress, will accept the… nonsense about the blue stripes on the flag, which was designed according to the colours of the traditional tallit (prayer shawl)…” Persistent critic of Israel and Zionism Israel Shahak is equally explicit. In his The Zionist Plan for the Middle East he states
    A good example is the very persistent belief in the non-existent writing on the wall of the Knesset of the Biblical verse about the Nile and the Euphrates. Another example is the persistent and completely false declarations, which were made by some of the most important Arab leaders, that the two blue stripes of the Israeli flag symbolize the Nile and the Euphrates, while in fact they are taken from the stripes of the Jewish praying shawl (Talit).
    Saqr Abu Fakhr, an Arab writer, has also spoken out against this idea. He writes that the “Nile to Euphrates” claim regarding the flag is one of seven popular misconceptions and/or myths about Jews which, despite being unfounded and having abundant evidence refuting them, continue to circulate in the Arab world.
    Nevertheless, the Hamas covenant states “After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates,” and as recently as January 29, 2006, Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar issued a demand for Israel to change its flag, citing the “Nile to Euphrates” argument.
    Egypt refused to talk and agree on Entebe agreement for 10 years. The fact that the negotiation was held for 10 years is to create common understanding and win-win situation. After all we are Sovereign Country we can do anything we want in our Territory.

  5. berhane says:

    Egypt is stuck in the long past. Ethiopia is going to need more water for its growing population. Egypt must start looking for other alternatives to replace the amount by which the Nile is going to be reduced. The dam is just the begining, a preview of what is to come in the distant future. Who knows, Ethiopia might even need to change the course of Abay in order to irrigate more land to feed its growing population. Egypt can go with the flow or try going against and risk sinking.

  6. Sam II says:

    God Bless Ethiopia and Israel.

    • Oz. says:

      What a stupid saying ! First of all Ethiopia and Israel are not friends, neither the Government or the People so stop this fake love. And second of all If God had to bless, let him bless Everyone In every country 😉

  7. Tn. says:

    I donT really see if there is an issue to mediate. can Israel tell the Arab that in 2014, a discussion set in with a mindset developed when they were the primary slave trader? I doubt it!

    What rather should happen for the USA black caucus members to be the only mediators because they are the only once that can knock the racist international finical institutions that have refused financing for this otherwise a project with a guaranteed revenue stream.

    Another issue is the racism that is refusing to finance train projects in Ethiopia and across Africa…a guaranteed revenue stream…safer than the US treeasury that it should have been the zero line for risk. And yet we languish begging the dollar denominator world while all along we sit and watch, cycle to cycle them creating perceptory boom and bust while using racism to shun africas projects but we absorbe the inflation of Feds printing spree.

    This is not an issue of just the dam but of the efficacy of the dollar denominated world of which is the black caucus is a major part of albeit I would be surprised if they are even aware of it.

    Our goal is for justice overall but also to genuinely keep the dollar as the base currency but the dollar has to do something more than be a head fck…it should be backed with streams coming over a long haul out of actual physical projects rather than a currency of Fendi bags and expensive strippers of the Saudi royals and friends at the printing press.

    If there is anything worse than professor getachew and his ech chambers in addis is reasoning with an Arab tacitly backed by the dollar denominated system. Sufian is cool but he is old school. We however will not back down from what is coming yo us. As such i nominate dr. Eleni for finance minister to get backing for just financing by the dollar system and more.

    The dollar denomination

  8. Chombe says:

    Israel’s main interest is Egypt’s stability and security. Any impact to Egypt’s peace, will likely affect Israel. There is No real impact to Israel if ethiopia can’t use it’s water. For that reason, I don’t see how Israel could be a truly independent mediator without being biased.

  9. kassaberihun says:

    had it not been for the historical mistake made by egyptian poletitians ;to preach and mislead thier sitizems as if they did maintain the amount of nile water by thier own earthly power,We could have been atrue & natural alie,with out one of us we couldn’t servive. Unfortunately they found it deficult to repreach,”we were wrong,and we get the water from our sister country called ETHIOPIA!”

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