Press freedom Vs. Developmental State: Debate between Scholars and Government officials (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. tn. says:

    It is impossible to talk about press freedom without first understanding all the contending political voices in the country and who has been allowed a relatively better selection. Perhaps part of the growing- pains of TPLF dominated EPRDF ,it nonetheless assumed the position of talking headship for nations -and- nationalities, hardneed the otherwise moderate southerners who pointed particulars that deviated from the TPLF hegemonic siege mentality stance. It washed away it’s guilt by promoting opposing views and media that make it look sane by comparison as these entities have no interest in the federal system to begin with and as such won’t even run in the regional elections. Since their stance is Mitanni exclusive and their interest is the desolution rather than the optimization of EPRDF they can’t and won’t provide constructive criticism as that would contradict there openly stated goal. IMO Ethiopia is still a predominantly abyssinan’s child play. After 20 plus years of this child play, we haven’t even begun to tackle the democratic infrastructure which EPRDF says is vital for ethiopias existence. As it stands, the Oromo youth is increasingly hardened inspire of little to no organizational effectiveness of OLF while all along EPRDF toys with voices which at best are 3rd. Or 4th party cheovenistic inclination.

    A south centric but parallel party to EPRDF that grows to maturity say in 10 to 15 years is the only feasible arrangement that even EPRDF members can switch to and vice-versa…parties that are complimentary and that can draw from each others momentum and optimize each other is the way to go. Then, and only then can we discuss about press freedom. As it stands it just seems like a clown show where the ‘opposition’ gets to use word misrepresentation to agitate a predominantly Amhara population by changing a good advice to a would be Amhara settler to misconstrue it as an insult. I guess we will have to leave it at that till post 2015 but would definately mention that this childish structure of the sick vs the psyco will come up and reflect negatively on our political risk rating.

    That said, I agree that developmental social psychology needs to be inculcated but I am afraid that EPRDF member’s conspicuous consumption of Blue Llabel Scotch and LV purse are a far cry from the chief engineers of china who rebuilt their nation while living in factrory housing, riding a bike to everywhere with the only luxury item they owned was a TV as an award for exceptional performance. Is the rent seeking abashit structure upto it?

  2. Ayele says:

    Dawit, I really am a fan of your website, the balance of your commentaries (relatively speaking!), etc etc But seriously, you can’t release such videos gradually, building up suspense minamin, DANA woyim sew le sew drama arekew ende?!

  3. Tadeos Daniel says:

    I am ashamed of the firstb speaker who, in my view, epitomizes confusion and illusion. His talk is neither there nor here. What language is he using? It is neither English nor Amarigna> How low the AAU has sunk in its scholarship is captured in the luck of clarity and conciseness we see in the way this guy pontificates. We’re really hopeless.

  4. nebaw says:

    ሽማግሌው ምን እንደሚናገሩ ራሱ አያውቁም ….10 ጊዜ ገበያ…. ገበያ …… በተጨማሪም የዛሬ 100 ኣመት የነበረ የእንግሊዝና የአሜሪካን ስርዓት በዚህ በ21ኛው ክ/ዘመን ካላመጣን ብለው ይጨቀጭቁናል…… ገበያ ላይ ሙሉ ለሙሉ መነከርና ድጎማ በጣም እንደሚራራቁ እንኳን አያስተውሉም…… ሰውዬው እኮ አልቆላቸዋል!!! እስቲ ከወጣቶቹ ይማሩ

    • Mekdes says:

      Nebaw, do you speak in his language as he is doing now in your language. This kind of chauvinistic attitude has no placein iur Ethiopia? Ante endesachew besachew kuankua ketenagerk kemilase tsegur yinekel. Shimaglenetachew aidelem wanaw kesachew andebet yemiwetaw wetat astesaseb new wanaw. Limatawi mengist betewesene dereja yekiray sebsabiwochin sigibgib yewga niret margeb alebet bilew new yasredut tadiya minu lay new chigiru. Chigirih keedmeyachew weyis keasabachew.

  5. Tazabi says:

    Ayeeee Tadeos,

    Don’t be ashamed; at least the guy presented it more or less in Amharic so that most people with basic English can understand the philosophy behind the lecture; As he probably lectures such subjects in English in classes at the university his effort here should be taken as acceptable.

    I don’t think you wanted him to speak just in English?? or Did you?

    It was a very concise presentation of what developmental state media is all about; if you didn’t like it just tell us why but blanket insulting AAU is being unfair from your side.

  6. Tadeos Daniel says:

    Dear Tazzabi,

    A speaker who is unable to get across his/her ideas to audience in one language has a problem in his/her comprhension of those ideas. If one is using English, use English. If one is using Amarigna, use Amarigna. You don’t listen English speakers mix-up thier talks with any other language. It is a disgrace for the Ethiopian so-called schooled to use English and Amarigna languages in fora such as this one! It was pathetic to observe many AAU ‘scholars’ do the same at the time they met with the late prime minister. By the way, nowadays many at AAU and other universities in Ethiopia use the same confused mode of communication. If you ask them to just use one of the languages, they stammer and stater. This guy is no different than those and he is the Dean of the School of Journalism! I have been there and know how they communicate. An intellectual who fails to communicate his knowledge to his/her grandmother using the local language is suspect of what some might refer to as the ILLUSSION OF KNOWING. That to me should be the measure of expertise. He should have spoken in EITHER English OR Amarigna! That is all what I am saying.

  7. ayele says:

    Dear Tadeos and Tazabi, the fact that the person used mixed amharic and english is beside the point. For this particular audience, that should be acceptable, we shouldn’t be amharic or any other local language fanatics just for the sake of it. Most people in the audience could comprehend either languages and in his defence there are technical terms that don’t come naturally to amharic that force our hands to speak english occasionally. The stance of counting how many english words one uses in a sentence in amharic with a ‘gotcha’ attitude is as unhelpful as flaunting english inappropriately. Having said this though, I found the presentation at such a seminar to be tied to basic definitions when I would expect it to be more analytical and reviewing some cases minamin (debaleku ende?!). Good day, Dawit when will you release part 4 of sew lesew, oops, the debate. Good Day!

  8. Alula says:

    Why not argue about about how to step up the Ethiopian renaissance in progress & work together in unity? The only well experience that Ethiopia has at this moment is the EPRDFites! The EPRDFites chose to fight to free Ethiopia from the jaws the brutal Derg , they won the fight & now they are fighting to free Ethiopia from abject poverty & hence they are doing well on their aims! Why don’t we work together to establish a socio-political-economy that matches the Ethiopian historical, cultural,social & traditional make up? The Swedish,the French , the USA,the Norwegian , have constituted a socio-political-economy that matches their historical back ground, therefore, Ethiopia came all the way creating its own ways of accommodating events in every era,so why not now?at least we Ethiopian should have one stand on issues of national interests , like against Egypt’s crooked thinking against Ethiopia?
    In my belief, first, development, development will create an opportunity,opportunity will create prosperity & prosperity will create freedom, democracy,security…! Let’s work together to fulfill the everyday necessity of our people, therefore , our people could think beyond their everyday necessities! We have heard a lot of talks about Ethiopia from different political entities, but we didn’t see them attracting the majority on their sides! What they said is, let’s have the power by any means first & we know what to do! They said, we have many people who lead world organization! Ethiopia isn’t looking world standard life at this time, but from an open air cooking system to a kitchen with the least kitchen gadgets, from centuries old eating style to a little modern one,,,,. The EPRDFites are doing everything they can to change the lives citizen, so let’s support them on their good works & criticize them on their mishaps, all in unity!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  9. Tadeos Daniel says:

    Dear ayele,
    Thank you for your comment. Let me try to explain why “language matters” in the way we think and what we think about. Thought and language as you may know are very much intertwined. We often think in terms of the specific words that our language provides and we usually express our thoughts when we converse with others which is why we say we speak our minds. The language we use when we speak matters precisely because that language caries the relevance and appropriateness of the thought that we are trying to promote.

    In addition, the forum where the “Englamic” -English-Amharic – was observed is a public forum where anyone who may not understand a forign language like English may attend. My mother could have come!

    If an individaul has clarity on what he/she is discussing, he/she should be able to describe that phenomenon using their own langauage. I would even go further and argue that no one in Ethiopia is being educated in a vernacular because the ideas are mere translations. It is only when we produce the ideas based on our contexts that we would begin “mother-tongue” literacy. I could go on, but this is probably not the appropriate forum.

  10. kassaberihun says:

    shame on you all who comment about language fluency rather than the issue posted ,which ofcourse includes the ‘remixer’!!! becouse ,if you are real ethiopians; you have nothing to do with english and I shall call you backward ethiopians who can not speak thier mother tangue,than blaming the other way.
    when I come to the issue posted,but forgotten to comment by those backwards Imenstioned them above; press freedome has its own international rules and proffessional ethics which numerable supperpower countries of which sitezens can never be mislead and every private midia of such country has reached to an attitude “country’s interest first!”
    at the sametime it does mean free of any personal interest,they even,don’t know customer don’t want buy false bloges and posts as well as news

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