Government declares to mark the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the Grand Renaissance Dam


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13 Responses

  1. Alula says:

    Once the GERD is done, it’s power generation will lift Ethiopia to the next level! Investors will have enough power to establish heavy industries, Ethiopia will shine from coast to coast, it will be easier to pump water from our plenty rivers to irrigate as many land as we can,…,ohhhhhhh! Ethiopia will be shining!
    Let’s celebrate the third anniversary of of the launching of the GERD! God bless Ethiopia!

    • Hermi says:

      @Alula yes yes and yes, the sky is the limit. Let’s all contribute buying the BOND!!!! May these young Ethiopians keep growing in millions then the Meles’s, the Atomsas ….sacrifice qill not be in vain.

      • Alula says:

        Yes hermi, Meles, Atomssa,& all other who paid their lives for their people are not in vain ! There are millions behind them to fulfill their dreams!

        We will do everything we can to reach Ethiopia to the next level!

  2. solomon says:


  3. john says:

    good job keep it up !!!!!!!

  4. Girma says:


    This guy has a long and good future serving his country and people the best way. Ethiopia needs more citizens like him.

    This is how it should be. he speaks clean Amharic free from infected with the cheap and street English words coming far away from England that leads confusion, misunderstanding and being valueless the whole issue because of the people don’t understand it.

    Quality is purity. But some Ethiopians including so called officials that have no quality at all to be there are communication with the people using cheap and street English words from England.

    This guy deserves respect for not using some cheap and street English words while he was speaking Ethiopian born and grown Amharic with his people. Those backward and little head officials who have no idea what is wrong and what is write, need to learn from this young man.

    It is really shame hearing those backward and mentally damaged Ethiopians speaking Amharic while unnecessarily using English words. Ethiopians are ancient and proud people have their own alphabets which is the only one Africans have and it’s developed language. Why is using unnecessary and cheap English words while speaking Amharic?

    Those sick people need to clean their head or get rest. Because they have no idea what is right and what is wrong. The Ethiopian people don’t understand English. But they are talking to the people using cheap and street English words.
    They don’t care what they are doing and for what reason. This is also a big indication how incompetent are on the job they are sitting on.

    They are shameful and backward. The Ethiopian medians must tell them to use Amharic words when they give Amharic interview or must stop bringing these cheap and Lawless animals on Ethiopian Medias. Even some of them are managers, ministers and so on. What a shame.

    But this guy, he knows what is right and wrong. That is why he speaks pure Amharic to his people without infecting and destroying it with the cheap and street English words those cheap officials are doing. They are disgusting.

    Ethiopian Medias need to work their job the right ways demanding their customers using the language they are giving interview in order the people to understand them.
    Using cheap and street English words doesn’t make you wise but the cheap and have no idea what is good or bad, right or wrong don’t get it

    Fake those cheap and worthless officials using cheap and street English words while speaking Amharic. They are shameful, not officials. They need to act the way their position is demanding and their people are expecting them to do and behave.
    We hope including the minister of Children, youth and women can hear us and start to talk with the children with the language they understands and teach them how to behave including speaking pure Amharic without infecting it with cheap and street English words coming from far away and it is not Africans let alone Ethiopians that has her own advanced alphabets and very developed language.

  5. syd says:

    እኔ የምለው ለምን ግንቦት20 አይከበርም

  6. Mekdes says:

    Ginbot 20. Derg yetedemesebet ken slehone yihegnaw degmo HIDASEYACHIN SILEHONENA 3GNA AMETU SLEHONE .NEW ABAB SYD.

  7. Tn. says:

    Steve Wonder and the late Barry White are amongst my favorite Pan Africanist singers…real brothers with clout.

    That said, notwithstanding that the bond market/financial infrastructure is at its inception stage, the bond valuation leaves a lot to be desired. The project has astronomical returns, It deserves to be called a cash camel(one u milk standing). However, the bond, adjusted for inflation is one of negative return. If it is a donation/part donation say so but don’t just muddy it up and leave people with a bad after-taste for bonds here after. My preference is be to have it proportionally valued and marketed by underwriters who have done this before in a fashion that the diaspora can invest on a monthly bases like he/she does on their retirement account.

  8. treu says:

    Ethiopia’s economic growth is going to change not only the country’s economy but also the region’s political landscape. Djibouti is sitting on this political turmoil due to economic changes in Ethiopia. The Djibouti port has been the major source of income for Djibouti. This port has been without competitions for a long time. This is going to change as Ethiopia is looking to Kenya’s port at Limu for more reliable, not entangled with Arab politics that is not going to be used to take Ethiopia hostage for using ports. If we include the ports in Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Putnland, in the long run the completion is fierce for port service. Ethiopia should give more priority to Limu port corridor than what priority is given to this corridor now. Since Kenya discovered oil close to Ethiopia border the corridor is more important than ever for this two countries. The oil discovery in Kenya and a potential oil discovery on Ethiopia side makes this part of the region economically viable and the prospects of getting funds from international actors for infrastructure development is likely. Ethiopia, using this coincided events, should build a fast railway line to Limu port as soon as possible. This line would be very important than the east port’s from Eritrea and Djibouti for political reason regional and internationally. For Djibouti, though, political and economical integration with Ethiopia serve the country better to exist. Djibouti is dependent on Ethiopia for most of its need. If the train and trucks going to Djibouti from Ethiopia stops for a week Djibouti’ survival would tested. Djibouti’s economical and political integration by removing the borders between these two countries benefits Djibouti more than it benefits Ethiopia. The Djiboutian don’t see it that way because they don’t see what is coming. The strength of the Limu corridor is a death to Djibouti. Economical and political integration for Djibouti is the only out from this death trap.

  9. Ahmd mansour says:

    I’m Egyptian citizen…I congratulate the Ethiopians for the project…in the same time I hope that this project will not affect the Egyptian right in the Nile.the Nile is the only source of water for Egypt.we can never prevent Ethiopia from benefiting from the Nile..we also hope that Ethiopia will not prevent Egypt from its historical water right in the Nile..

  10. Wasihun Belay says:

    The concern of Ahmd Mansour is valid.But, Ethiopia has 9 river basins and reasonable rainfall.There is no reason at any circumstances that Ethiopia will negatively affect the water access of Egypt.The DAMS on the Blue Nile will mainly generate electricity and irrigate only few thousand hectars in the future.The water needed by the farmers in the Blue river basin is much less than the water saved in the Ethiopian dams due to evaporation and water flow to Mediteranean Sea during flood years.The only problem is the attitude of the some Egyptian elites and media.They do not consider the suffering poor Ethiopian farmers as their brothers.This is really wrong.Ethiopian people deserve more from Egypt.Ethiopians respect and love Egyptian people from their heart.Ethiopia is a holly country that accepted Islam before Saudi Arabia accepted it as a nation.But,Christian Ethiopia accepted and supported Islam to flourish in the best brotherly and sisterly manner.I wish you could come to Negashi near Mekele Tigrai and visit the place and learn the history.God bless the brotherly and sisterly people of Egypt and Ethiopi.May these peopel live in peace for ever.

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