On Aba Mela’s u-turn and the rumpus it created (Dilwenberu Nega)


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24 Responses

  1. Abe Garbage Mela says:

    All we know for sure is that Aba Mela is a pig who likes to wrestle on the mud. He proved again and again how unreliable, dishonest and confused he is. I doubt this man is normal. If medical experts scan his head all what they can find is a mud, mockes, or a ton of garbage, but not a brain.
    I never trusted him, and I will never trust a man whose biography is full of lies, dishonesty and hypocrisy. He has blood on his hand. For him to turn from EPRP and jump in to the DERG camp he has sacrificed his own best friends, and when DERG fall he become woyane. When the woyane colonial master daies all of the sudden he become opposition, now again he is back to the woyane camp.

    Aba Melan yeweledech enat mehasen yeteregeme yihun

  2. Gemechu says:

    I relly afraid if this so called Aba Mela is normal or have some mental issues?

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    The late dictator Meles Zenawi during a 1994 interview with foreign journalists in Asmara said the following about Isaias Afwerki:
    “Spending one hour with Isaias is far more worthwhile, rewarding and enlightening than reading ten books.”
    And today you are claiming that the opposition are shabia proxies…kkkk….what a hypocrisy! Just for the record, about half of TPLF top leaders are Eritreans.
    By the way, G7 made it clear that they use all means, including Eritrea, for their aim. So what is the fuss about this? It is a street secret that Woyane used the Saudi’s petrodollar facilitated by the Sudanese and the Egyptians. Today, the Sudanese are getting large fertile land of Ethiopia for their contribution.
    The Abay dam project is a political diversion which is unplanned and without proper foundation both financially as well as diplomatically. That is why the regime is looting the citizens forcefully without their consent. I can produce you an evidence that the regime deducts money from a 300 birr pension while looting and hiding billions in foreign banks. On the other hand, all subcontractors of the dam are EFFORT companies, from providing machinery to cement. The forcefully looted money from the public is funneled to TPLF’s pocket. Moreover, the diplomatic entanglement with Egypt may lead the country to war, that we need it to a least. Besides, the selection of the contractor (Salini), subcontractors as well as the consultant decided by TPLF behind doors.
    None of Ethiopians hate a development project for their country. However, unplanned pseudo politically motivated projects at the public expense are unacceptable. The regime even never disclosed how much it collected from bonds and how it allotted. Now you are trying second round bond selling….but, you are facing fierce public resistance.
    Regarding aba bela, he’s always available for the highest bidder. It is all about Benjamin, $$$. No more …no less!…however, I am just wondering how he will blend with the regime lieutenants and cadres that he used to bash and trash with a harsh street language….kkkkkk
    I want to congratulate the opposition diaspora that the divisive tumor is removed. Now it up to TPLF camp to keep an eye on him. This guy can flip flop better than an olympic gymnast. However, my deduction is….the dude made a political suicide.

    • Dilwenberu Nega says:

      It seems like you are one of those know-it-alls from outside Ethiopia who love to criticise the EPRDF government willy-nilly. May I remind you that it was only this week that the government announced – on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for GERD – that the government had so far earned Birr 7 billion from the sale of bonds. This is a great feat of achievement on the part of the government given the all out anti-bond campaign unleashed by the likes of your good-self. I have no doubt in my mind that sooner than later will you and your likes come to rue your anti-GERD stand while Ethiopia completes GERD and start exporting electricity to its neighbours.
      Meanwhile, however, I wander if ridding yourself from the politics of hate might just do you the trick of turning you into a responsible critic of EPRDF.Does this suggest that if you rid yourself from the politics of hate, you will be better able to oppose EPRDF more effectively. I can assure you it’s much better than churning out clap trap day in and day out, lol

    • yohannes says:

      Please go to hospital for general check up

  4. Alula says:

    Look at ESAT, G7 & other empty oppositions! They don’t have any principle at all! When one is with them, he/she is a hero, but when one chooses others one isn’t a hero! Aba mela has the right to choose what to do, with whom he wants to align himself! Where is the freedom of choice? Nowhere! The G7,ESAT are naturally not democratic & the worst kind of savage dictators! They have no idea what democracy & freedom of all kind means! As long as they get a cash from Egypt & Isaias they don’t care!

    Solomon Tekalign saw that they have nothing for Ethiopia, left them & we heard their filthy mouth about him, Aba mela saw that they have nothing for Ethiopia & left them… Listen to what they are talking about now! Aba Mela is a smart guy! Now he has enough evidences to expose Egypt’s mercenaries agenda!
    Bravo Aba mela!

    • Eyosias Mesfin says:

      Who ever writes this is woyani .still in 2006 EC don’t tryto tell us about Esayas if you have issues I refer to you what president Mengistu said about Bademe ” derom leba yemetalaw sikafel new” sele Berhanu Damte tenager kalk “once weyani is always weyani”

      • Alula says:

        What are you talking about? I’m proud woyane! Do you think you can underestimate woyane? No you can’t! Woyane is a golden organization that passed a lot if test like a gold & diamond! Think again & try to find your equal!

  5. tutut says:

    One of the major trade mark of the diaspora opposition is that they think every single inconvenient, social, economical, religious small or large, is a political opportunity to discredit the ruling party. I think in doing so they lost legitimacy. Diaspora politics in USA and west Europe is becoming a way of life that woven into some old politician who can not detach themselves from revenge. Theses politicians have bad blood between them and ruling party at one point of their life and Because of that politics in the diaspora is a way to show personal discontent.Since politics in Diaspora is based on personal agenda, it is detached from social commitment unless that social commitment fulfills and heals past personal failure. The leaders of the diaspora oppositions major agenda is to return home. Returning home however can’t be a reality since theses groups burnt the bridge that takes them back home by associating with countries and political organization who undermined Ethiopia’s sovereignty . To fulfill this dream of going to motherland they have to use some kind of method. This method seems to use politics as a scapegoat. If the Ethiopian government can forgive this politicians most of them can go to Ethiopia and their politics dram ends. If you look at the people in the opposition, they are a group of people who can’t go back to Ethiopia because of their association with anti Ethiopia elements like Eritrea and Egypt. What ever political association a person has, that individual must understand the party he has association with has a good understanding of what Ethiopia’s sovereignty means. When a party or political group deviates from respecting Ethiopia’s sovereignty the person who is a member of that part has to leave the organization in order to keep his loyalty to Ethiopia’s sovereignty. Governments change but Ethiopia’s sovereignty should stay intact all the time in all Ethiopians mind because that is what is keeping us together. Political differences arise only when we have a palace we call Ethiopia. If any politic or political organization becomes to undermine the need to keep Ethiopia’s sovereignty intact that Politics has surpassed the need to exist. In general the diaspora politic and politicians today have nothing to do with Ethiopia they are just use the name of Ethiopia to make a living one day at a time.

  6. Hermi says:

    Dilwenberu, you are very perceptive and elequent as always.
    Aba Mela has a political right to either stand firm or swing as a pendulum. When one swings from one side to the other, it is likely to get smacked like a pinata.
    To those of us who admired his contribution to civility and his stand, if you oppose do it with respect and integrity and if you must support let it be on fact, has been a rare but important medium we missed. But looking back starting his first interview with this website and the subsequent interviews with ESAT, and other “opposition” (hate) media was dishertening. Now for whatever reason he decided to make a U-turn. For us whoused to admire him, we say it is a legal and correct u- turn but the car he is driving is probably unworthy (too damaged) of the roads it intends to travel on. Either the car should be totalled or would need a major and complete repair. So we shall see if if if and if
    As for EPRDF this kind of people are the ones you keep at a measured distance. You would not want them as your enemy nor as a friend. For now it is good he is back to his senses.

  7. tiyak alegn says:

    As you say here if your problem is with some political parties, groupies or individuals why you decided to return to woyane?
    What was the need to rejoin woyane again if it is not to fill your fatty belly? If your issue is with this political groups why you did not fight them with the truth bringing others to join you.
    I hope you die soon

  8. Habtamu S says:

    A nice and healthy political thinking that unfortunately is hardly expectable to power lust and/or political power by any means so called oppositions and ignorant Die-ass-poor-a. Thank you

  9. Mike says:

    With the support of Shabia and the Egyptian government, the anti-Ethiopia groups in diaspora (literally called as Opposition groups) are working hard to destabilize Ethiopia. Their key strategy is to initiate and ignite a mob of protestors in Addis Ababa and some selected towns. They have already hired few opposition parties operating in the country, including ‘Andenet’ and ‘Semayawi’ to lead and coordinate the operation on the land. A secrete political clique called ‘Mahibere Kidusan’ was assigned to support the two opposition parties.

    The primary role of the government is, and should be the the safety and security of the nation. As witnessed in the 2005 election, the government of Ethiopia (GOE) is too incompetent/passive in evaluating the motives of some political parties, and in taking appropriate measures on time. Unfortunately, GOE used to wait until the last minutes, and focus on crisis management. GOE should assess each and every decisions, actions, and activities of these anti-Ethiopia groups proactively and DILIGENTLY and with great detail.

  10. Tn. says:

    Hailiye and Debreye seem to me like guys who lead by the numbers, perhaps because they reside at the implementation phase of the program or perhaps because both are of the same profession….nonetheless we are witnessing less of political air and more and more of results everywhere one turns. The developmental psychology is best communicated by example rather than orally which had been the nauseating moto of the last 40 years. The new approach of hailiye and gebreye has been a much welcomed breath of fresh air.
    Where this approach leaves spin masters remains to be seen but there is still a glaring void in the political sphere, namely the creation of a mutually complimentary political party…one which has been crowded out by the noise coming from the side that still holds that there is a lack of consensus on federalism/constitution and opts to, by hook or crook, revise it. The revisionists crude, arrogant and self-serving agenda has totally sickened the populous and EPRDF which would otherwise have been best served by a decent, parallely structured second party. The hows, the who’s, the when are perhaps items of discussion that Aba mela and others can touch upon.

    God bless drama shy Haileye and Debreye.

  11. Haile G. says:

    welaway Aba mella and his type should be called aba shintam.

    He is scared of his old friends, they have been twisting his arm into doing what they want him to do all the time. Nothing is new.

    One thing I realized from listening to him is that he is no better than his friends that were driving taxi in DC who moved back to Ethiopia joining Woyane becoming high level politicians after Derg failed.

    The EPRDF is known to be filled with ex-taxi drivers from USA since the Meles government(the Dispatcher) favored the hodam taxi drivers and the Eritreans network rather than the ordinary Ethiopians specially the Amhara and the Oromo to work in the transitional government of Ethiopia during the early 1990’s. After returning to Ethiopia in the early 1990’s the well educated and honest Ethiopians went to jail and refuge outside Ethiopia while the hodam taxi drivers from DC stayed with Woyane until now calling the shots in Ethiopia’s issue.
    A person like him with the access of much more informations than any ordinary Ethiopian should be in a position to say there are these benefits and there are these losses in any issue rather than just running towards where the dispatcher directed him. He also chooses to be called a politician while in reality he shows time and time again the woyane dispatched tendency he exhibits in his talks and actions. Keahiya yewalech lam min temra timetalech endetebalew. He finally is going to spy on diasporas so the Woayne can twist all diasporas arms the way they did it to him. They expect the Woyane to be the dispatcher of diaspora. Same as dirty dispatchers favor the taxi driver which bribes them Woyane favors snitches like Aba Mella that are selling out diasporas. Rather than preaching to diasporas on how to loose their hard earned money to give their money to build a dam that is creating unnecessary disputes he should be in a position to challenge why the country decided to spend all it’s resources in something the people did not get a chance to democratically vote on. Why don’t he ask his friends woyanes that are depositing billions of dollars in offshore accounts to start investing their money in Ethiopia rather than trying to take retirement money of diaspoaras. Many financial experts know Aba Mella is sent by the money launderers group to convince the diaspora to replace what Aba Mella’s ex-taxi drivers friends stole from Ethiopia, that is why he says do not focus on my friends otherwise we here from lawyer.

  12. astewai says:

    Judah betrayed Jesus for 30 of money, so did the diaspora opposition groups to our mother ETHIOPIA.

  13. Abegaz says:

    Enjoy abanela in the link below when he speak the truth about ERDF. I enjoy him!! He is amazing when he peak the truth.


    • Mekdes says:

      Hay guys who are G7 supporters did you see any smear campaign against Aba Mela when he flocked into your turf. What they said was good luck, why you guys are so bitter about leaving you. I am realy not fan of him yet I believe he has right change his position any time President Reagan used to be staunch Democrat and he became Republican and he became one of the best Republican leader. Why don’t you see it that way.

      I heard his interview with Solomon Tekalign Tsinat radio on Aiga forum, he has given spectacular interview. The guy said his moral value will not allow him to associate with Shaabiya funded G7 and associates. I think this is the just decision from true Ethiopian. Ethiopianism will triumph over eritreanism. That’s all what he said. So suck it up whether you like it or not. Abega, Astewai Yakobwho are Eritreans using the Ethiopian forums and spreading their venoum, Andargachew was saying with in three months we will show you significant development in Ethiopia. Even he was warning Bereke t at that moment. Tha is how you are lie,lie and lie that is what Gim 7 does. The guy is outspoken person that is why you are campeigning against him.

    • Mekdes says:

      Hay guys. who are G7 supporters did you see any smear campaign against Aba Mela when he flocked into your turf by EPRDF supporters? . What they said was good luck, why you guys are so bitter about him leaving you?. I am realy not fan of him yet I believe he has right to change his position any time. President Reagan used to be staunch Democrat and he became Republican and he became one of the best Republican leader. Why don’t you see it that way.

      I heard his interview with Solomon Tekalign Tsinat radio on Aiga forum, he has given spectacular interview. The guy said his moral value will not allow him to cooperate with Shaabiya funded G7 and associates. I think this is the just decision from true Ethiopian. Ethiopianism will triumph over eritreanism. That’s all what he said. So suck it up whether you like it or not. Abega, Astewai Yakobwho are Eritreans using the Ethiopian forums and spreading their venoum, Andargachew was saying with in three months we will show you significant development in Ethiopia. Even he was warning Bereke t at that moment. Tha is how you are lie,lie and lie that is what Gim 7 does. The guy is outspoken person that is why you are campeigning against him.

  14. Yakob says:

    “The straggler monkey of unknown nature”
    Aba mela he said his Aka

    Who the hell are you anyway? A lost diseases infested human asteroids ?

    What right do you have and who appointed you to speak on behalf of what you call the silent majority.
    Ginbot 7 is well known that it is working hand and hand with Ethiopian enemies for a long time now, but you tell us, fellow Ethiopians that we have no knowledge of that until you just landed from your treason infested, diseased and decayed planet, populated by Ethiopian enemies.

    What kind of jerk are you double traitor? It is obvious to any one that, the Cairo dog via Asmara of Birhanu Nega’s traitors party damped you because their is no place to spare for you, and you have no use for them any more not even to a degree of use like the estranged hijacker pilot of EAL.
    “ OH GERD”
    Who you are to fool, now you are supporting the GERD. If you are not a chaser of personal cult you absolutely never even questioned the Ethiopian government resolve to built it, like many millions of Ethiopians who stand behind it including every development initiative that is taking place now.
    You opposed it , you run to America to declare your allegiance to Ethiopian enemies but you failed because you are a smooth talker and the worst kind of vulture they had seen before whose ambition is a palace seat at ARAT KILO. To his night mare the Mayor without a city of Ginbot 7, your ambition is not seating well. You get the Asmara Boot at you dirty ass and you are still screaming from its pain.

    Not I care about EPDRF but they still have the ball to stand for what they believe on by any means, they are building the country despite “I hate them” for making Ethiopia land locked but time will tell even Hong kong is back to mighty China so will one day our Ethiopian sea ports.

    Ethiopian enemies have done and still doing a lot to destabilize Ethiopia an curtail its fast racing development, but for you Mr joker it took only as you say the EAL incident is to see it and it became a turning point for you flip flop monkey drama.

    I tell you that “Aba Molacha Leba” Get out of Ethiopia politics and try a circus group, even that if you have any human intelligence.
    The Ethiopian Devil Dictators are better than the Cairo and Capitol hill Messiahs. Until Ethiopia finds its true leaders within.

    I am Ethiopian
    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  15. Tiger says:

    Aba Mela is a great thinker. He understood some of the people like Tamange, Dr. Berhanu, Abebe Gelaw don’t have a vision. They just talk, talk and talk. Their advocate to stop Millennium dam buildings. I see them as an enemy of Ethiopia. Aba Mela knew what they are up to and left them. Of course that by it self makes them mad. They start their smear campaign. I never heard anything good they did for Ethiopian people except cheap talk and pouring crocodile tears.
    I don’t understand how any body support these people who tirelessly work to destroy Ethiopia in the name of democracy. Ginbot 7 is doing a proxy work for Afeworki( They openly said it. please watch their interview on you tube).
    Tamange is a lay man who doesn’t have a conscious at all. He said Mengistu Haile mariam is better than Meles! what he said is an insult to those 500000 beloved Ethiopians murdered by Mengistu regime. He has to be arrested and thrown to prison for humiliating heroic Ethiopian youth who gave their lives fighting derg.
    Dr. Berhanu Nega is a well known opportunist, he can trade anything for his egocentric dream to become an Ethiopian leader. He is a timid politician no gut to stand for his beliefs. Abebe Gelaw and others are working to get an adrenalin boost to run their lives.
    I love those people who are in jail in Ethiopia who pay the sacrifice for what they believe in. A politician who have a calling goes to the end and die struggling with their opponents. Diaspora politicians are greedy selfish people. They live comfortable life in America and push other people to fight so that they return to Ethiopia with glory.

  16. Yonas says:

    For some of us it’l take more time. You have and you will help heal the wound and send shock to the full time professional crybabies. I admire you to have changed and realized you have wasted all this time with losers. EPRDF members are not angels and no body is , but have achieved a lot. Infantile narrow nationalist know their feudal days are gone forever. I hope you will deliver your objective criticism or support for us who love Ethiopia in the diaspora. The Abyssinian Lion has risen. God bless Ethiopia.

  17. HGH says:

    Good Move , I thank you I share and support most of your stands. I would also like to request most of the Diasporas start to genuinely revise their stand.

  18. dera says:

    your just as smart as the afghan war lords changing sides based of your convenience. I wouldn’t spend five minutes listening to you. You represent the worst of Ethiopian politics. Thank God there are too many like you! I never trusted when you first time you switched and this news proves my suspicion!

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