Press freedom Vs. Developmental State: Debate between Scholars and Government officials


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18 Responses

  1. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    why he mix english and amharic? media? there is no amharic word for media? discuss? too much abuse of language? Standard? we need time? half english and half amharic? You do not mix language when you address audience ? A nightmare of language abusive? Oh my God? These people they do not even know how to use languages. Shame, material yemiyaregew? Too much english, lelaw participating? Awramba, a nightmare of language. I have a lived a great deal and never saw abuse of language like this? Are these schollars really?

    • Makbel says:

      Dear Gezaee
      It would have been constructive if you commented on the actual topic,instead just like the usual diaspora way of topic and pls just look at your writing

      material yemiyaregew?
      lelaw participating?

      • Gezaee says:

        I am sorry I did cut watching the clip after I was bombarded with half-English and Amharic. I was disgusted and hate the clip. I do not want to comment on the topic because the discussion in the first place does not meet the first criteria of discussion because when you hold discussion you use choose what language considering all the audiences. I am so annoyed 94 million people in Ethiopia are bombarded with half Amharic and half English talk show. I call the discussion Rubbish from the beginning because the speakers are abusing languages and abusing their audiences by bombarding the Ethiopian general audience with a foreign language grafted into local language for reason.

  2. Hermi says:

    And they said there is no freedom of speech? Hmmm!

    • ethio says:

      Did you ask yourself what happened to those who spoke?Yes, you can speak but you will end up in jail anytime when woyane feels like it. That is NOT freedom of speech at all.

      • Alula says:

        Who end up in jail because of his speech ? Can you mention? Any name?

      • hermi says:

        I am sure you wouldn’t like hearing me say those who are in jail are not because they spoke, they are in jail ,,,,well I will let you read the court proceedings.

  3. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Dawit: I wanted to watch it but I see too much abuse of language, I lost interest Dawit. Dear Dawit, you do not post clip like this to public . This is totally mixed language, it is neither Ethiopian nor European. Pleease dawit stop abusing languages like this. This is 100% wrong. I feel pity for the Ethiopian audiences who bombarded by this abusive language. Imagine an Ethiopian farmer listening this? Dawit, language abuse is not allowed anywhere in the world except in Ethiopia. Leave alone for non-technical audience, even for technical audiences, yo do not do this in public. Wow, what an ignorance? is this a sign of civilization or what? what does has english has to do in amharic?

    • Hermi says:

      This was a panel discusion and the panelists have every right to use any language they think will explain their idea better. What if a panelist has limitted mastery of the local language (say an Oromo, a Sidama, etc) and choses to mix English with Amharic? Besides, what is more important here? the message (issue) or ones mastery of the Amharic language? All it boils down to knowing who your audience is, the setting (in this case a university-), and the agreed upon (if any) manner (ettiquete) by the organizers (panelists).
      So you have a choice to nitpick and bellitle the effort of the organizers and participants or see it as a good start and support for such debates (civil discourse) to take root. Finally I would like to thank Dawit for sharing this debate with us it was a wonderful debate.

      • Gezaee says:

        Hermi, you do not understand man. That is they are doing it because they are like you. You do not do talk show to public with a mixed language. Right bla bla, .. I do not thing any Ethiopian knows about right including yourself. I never said anything about right. Using appropriate language is the norm everywhere. This is abuse of audience and abuse of the Amharic language. If you wanted English? then use English properly or Amharic properly. Who said a panel discussion has to be talk-showed with mixed language? Please not put about right everywhere. These people talking to the 94 million audiences bombarding them with foreign language? shame

  4. Mekdes says:

    It is realy great debate which was conducted by Dr. Abdisa, I don’t know why why this so called creasy Dr. Dagnachew getting upset. He and Mesfin Woldemariam are the ones who are advising the chaotic Semaayawi party. When he start he was talking about G/Christos desta grand father, what is the point? Instead of discussing on the issue he started by criticizing the participants and the moderator. For me , this kind of elites are danger for democracy. He is talking like mad dog onESAT and VOA without any substance in it. Any way, AF KALTEKEFETE ANGOL AYITAYIMNA it is good start. Awramba Times keep it up.

  5. Tatek says:

    I saw this as another showpiece organized by the State aligned Addis Ababa University in cooperation with the State itself to try to steal public opinion at a time when the regime tries to sell itself to the people prior to an election next year. Press freedom is one of the peculiar veins of a healthy democracy and it is unquestionable that No press freedom means no democracy at all: period. This notion of a Developmental State is more of a myth than a reality being kept in the market of Ethiopian public opinion because it is considered a Meles legacy and the ruling party is determined to push it down the throat of Ethiopians no matter what. The Ethiopian public has heard enough that the nation’s economy under Colonel Zenawi, and now under TPLF pawn Hailemariam Desalegn, has been growing at an alarming world record rate of 11% for the last decade or so—despite the World Bank and other credible International Institutions telling us that that figure is exponentially exaggerated by the ruling EPRDF regime in a desperate effort to receive a credit that it doesn’t deserve. With a significantly high trade imbalance, massive inflation way above 50%, very poor banking system and relatively skin-thin role being played by the private sector in the life of the nation’s economy—many have been saying that this economic theory is if anything a regime propaganda cooked up in Dedebit to fool Ethiopians into bowing to tyranny, marginalization, corruption, patronage and recklessness in the name of a baseless theory of a Developmental State. To further this agenda of marginalization in the name of a Developmental State, the EPRDF share a common enemy with Communist China and have so far developed some set of joint attitudes like: cracking down on a free media, eradication of a viable political opposition by labeling them anti-peace and terrorists, mass killing, arrest, and disappearance of members of the opposition and a willingness to involve National security as a pretext to justify these wanton crimes of biblical proportions against human freedom. Ethiopians need to understand that the EPRDF regime was terrified of being pushed to accept anything that is inimical to their number one priority: furthering the Meles legacy of destroying Ethiopia and it was high time that we wake up to stop them as keeping this to go on is way too high a cost to countenance if we indeed wanted to pass something to the future generation.

    • Alula says:

      Ayee Tatek! sra yelehim meselegn zim bileh taweraleh! The EPRDFites are making history,while haters foul cry!

      Derg used to say a few bandits , … But saw the final judgement!
      Kinijits declared that there is no more woyane, but woyane is stronger than ever!

      You can never recall a journalist writing on how to defeat poverty & backwardness! Come on ! Try to be reasonable person just for the sake your being!

  6. Tn. says:

    Interesting but superfluous. Why invent an ideogy for what is already in the bag? If the mental template is systems dynamics, growth and transformation is the goal, a hodgepodge ideology itself is a weighty constraint. A good read of global situation but a totally wrong choice of direction. There is someting wrong with the template itself or of the intended outcome. Clarification needed!

    A debate between two mutually exclusive entities Always bound to be a confrontation. In a healthy setting one would have been consisered a 3rd or fourth party but the justification of one is the existence of the other so there is a rather unhealthy symbiosis…an unwritten code of conduct that works ro keep the south out…how vibrant and full would this debate have been had Lencho been a part? Be it in a video conference?

  7. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    I am really excited to see my people from different groups discuss ideas in a civilized manner. As usual everyone may have his own take home message, but the most important thing is to begin and practice the culture of exchanging views, ideas and critiques coming from different directions. I am optimistic that we will soon solve all our problems in this manner.

  8. Tn. says:

    I never bought the idea of a visionary meles. Who needs a vision when one is too small to ride the tide. Nor do I buy the idea that he had drafted a 20 year “detail” direction of how to go! If he did, it would be a rough scotch to be optimized in time.
    Meles’s genius was his ability to read the situatiation and seeze the moment, a rather apt approach for a small country like Ethiopia. His on-and- on Hagelian dialectical jab on a spectrum line of the International Poletical Economy was a way out of the bind from sticky bretenwoods institutions. If there is a call for imitation imitate his ……..
    methods rather than his choices of his last years. His moves had a
    purpose for that time.
    .Right this minute, right this second Is perhaps the most important time of our lives. If there is a time to miss meles it is such a moment. The world is in the brink of a war. The dollar is Loosing confidence so it is throwing tantrums, china is already in the bag in Africa but just as much needs a strong dollar at least for a few more years?
    .what directional choice would the capital city of africa make in seconds like this? The fact of the matter is that the dollar is not really that weak but it has to be LEAD to be strong. Meles would have given it Africa in exchange for a direct hand in ransaking its corporate structure and become pertinent to play innAfrica. He would use BOP
    As An enabler that he hitherto tabled combined with the Food Water Energy Nexus initiative to make a grand standing in the World stage as the unwitting showman that he was.
    .are haileye and Debreye upto it? Or will they be free loaders that just bags the bagged? it remains to be seen!

  9. Sam says:

    Having an open discussion is an encouraging start. The problem I have with the discussion however emanates from the title: press freedom versus developmental state. Is that to mean one can exist only exclusively of the other? If the premise of the discussion was freedom of the press must be subjected to second class citizenship so that the developmental state policy will smoothly be implemented the discussion had a rough start. It implies the developmental state model countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan and so on have developed because they squeezed the life out of the free press. That they squeeze to death of course is not a matter of contention. Does it mean though had they had free press they would not have developed? If that is the belief it is a wrong one. The Developmental state policy is a new concept EPDRF started enjoying after 2005. No one heard about it in Ethiopian politics before the aftermath of the 2005 election. The late Prime minster started to ridicule Western democracy soon after. Even asked anybody to tell him a single country which has developed economically because of democracy. No one did.. He was in the new era of falling in love with the Chinese model. But had the prime minister surrounded himself with people who challenged him when he was wrong he would have found at least one who told him all the Western countries were become economically advanced because they implemented democracy. For that free press played a lion share. But he was surrounded by yes men who have believed their staying in power needed his blessing. Now, the discussion should be having free press is essential for any country to develop no matter whether the philosophy it takes is free market economy or developmental state.

  10. konjit says:

    These 2 people, Habtamu and Dagnachew are talking so loud and they are way far from the topic. Dagnachew talks about Gebrekirstos ethnic back ground, being an Oromo. Habtamu is talking about his NEWS PAPER. and ETV lack of audience. These is clear indication of our oppisition immaturity and stone age old ideas.

    This Dr. was talking about socialist journalism and anti socialis journalism. In the first place journalism is not alouded to write anti socialism in that country. What the hell is he talking about. This is Phylosopher. Habtamu was asking the panalists that if they think ETV is watched by Ethiopuans. I tell you this ESAT TV which you appear are watching it to prepare their news not let Ethiopians who are in and out of ETHIOPIA. MAFERIA HULU

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