How different can two Moyales be?


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3 Responses

  1. tn. says:

    No one can fault EPRDF on infrustrcture. However as the article attests, the tour guide ended up dying as a resut of conflict that randomly occurs between the ever encrothig Somali and Borana pastoralists. The Somali has half Djibouti which draws a billion dollars from Ethiopia, they have a country called Somalia which they have divided into three with al shebab drawing a tone of lives & energy, they have a large chunk of Kenya and on top of it all, they have a large swat of potentially oil rich huge land. Which group in east Africa has more valuable land in Africa than the Somali? No one. Every where a camel grazes becomes Somali land.

    Borona is the root-stalk of the Oromo that have maintained the original way of life for centuries. What I hear is that artifacts are intentionally being destroyed instead of that area being protected under UNESCO and becoming part of PMs initiative of Tourism development.

  2. rteyye says:

    Yes, when you compare two things, if you compare what you have with something that is less than yours the comparison is going to favor what is yours. By doing so, though, you lose the edge of improvement you need to become better tomorrow. Make sure to look back for humility but look forward to see what is missing that you can improve to get better in what you do.

  3. mimi says:

    a nice comparison but i dont know why ethiopian websites lack descriptive photos,that actucaly represent the written article.on paper it might be hard but websites are very delicate for photo journalism,please put a descriptive photo.

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