Ethiopia: Press Freedom in the environment of developmental state (+Video)


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  1. erette says:

    I am confused about developmental state theory definition in this discussion. The term developmental state was coined a long time ago to describe the economy polices followed by south Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, south Korea.. Developmental state refers to an economic policy that a given government follows to bring growth in that country. The speaker seems to be confused about developmental state and economic growth. Economic growth is something that a government brings to the country by following economy policy like developmental state economy policy or neoliberalism. If anyone is interested to clarify the concept of developmental state to me please post some information in this comment section

    Thank you!

  2. Tn. says:

    As mushe touched upon, it boils down to the confronting corruption issue, without which mobilization is just a farce. The farce will cascade down the line and farce will come back up the comand chain.

    Imprisoning a few guys hasn’ t changed a thing and will not change a thing as the problem is structural. The “sacred cow”‘impediments to the structural change were bamboozling us as if accounting is ideological.

    Well the country is too big and too important to fail. Conversely, possibilities are also boundless for a much deserving people if we are willing to retire those that are too old to change. I hope that is the direction but am certain that it won’t just be left to TPLF’s discretion.


  3. berhane says:

    I just wasted a perfectly good 15 minutes listening to Mr. Semu. the opposition parties must tell us what different ideas they have. its not enough to just say “EPRDF is doing this or that”. tell us how differently you would do it. put your signature on your ideas. lets hear them. We, the people, already know what EPRDF is doing. Let’s hear yours Mr. Semu, if you have any.

  4. ABC says:

    I love the fluidity of his ideas. Every govt need to support such cool headed and civilized parties like EDP. You have my vote Sir!

  5. MMzeleke says:

    yes me too

  6. Mekdes says:

    Ato Mushe Semu is good speaker, no one can dispute that, but the expalanation he gave on this issue is a little bit immature. He mentioned Revolutionary Democracy of EPRDF. HE said the paper gives only priority for descipline on developmental state. What he didn’t understand is in descipline you fight corruption, you fight inconsistent governance, you fight embezzlement and si on. He has put his ideas well about the govt. Trying to mobilize the media on his side and mentioned the short fall of free press playing it’s role. But as usual EDP is well ahead of the opposorin groups. Thank u Ato Mushe for your honest expression

  7. Ethio says:

    Hat off mr. Mushe and EDP. You can be the only party to be government in the opposition

  8. Noah says:

    Ato Mushe,
    Keep it up you have got our vote .

  9. Tn. says:

    Well…there is a lot of talk of developmental journalism but I have seen very little of it being done. Exception was a town-hall format GERD update on ETV i watched this weekend. First time seeing Debre speak. I went to the METEC webpage to look into the capabilities of the metal works institution he was talking about. There was a lot of good stuff there, but I wonder how one can manage all that stuff? Perhaps it was the presentation format? I am thinking that the motive is import substitution? I didn’t see no core, tones of language errors, no financials? It is in at least three major segments supposed to spearhead industrialization but i must say i was less than satisfied.

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