Ethiopia: Commissioner Vows to Investigate Allegations of Jailed Journalists (+Video)


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17 Responses

  1. yohannes says:

    Myself I don’t believe giornalistes like Sekonder Who preach mass excusione and trible haterage. If giornslism is to incite war between people, better those preople to tack away thier licenes of giornalist and put tgem in jail for ever.

    • taye almayehu says:

      First of all take your time to write English so that some one will understand what u are taking about. you seem to support WOYANE junta policy of putting inocent Journalist in prison why?

    • Leoul says:

      Yohannes… bel’ Huletegna endayilemedeh… bezih English comment tadeergalehhh?
      “giornalism” neww’ yalkewww…hahahahahahahahaha…

  2. Abenet says:

    Woubshet had the right to remain silent but he chose to open his big mouth criticizing the Ethiopian heroes that saved Ethiopia from the destructive pass Derg was leading the country towards. He is still opening his big mouth even from prison. He has no remorse. The way he is going he is getting extended time in prison.

  3. Tn. says:

    Good reporting awrambatimes…as a general note, i think we need to go to the places where actual events occur. Recent history has been replete with over coverage of high officials giving us an overall distorted outlook from facts on the ground.

    Human Rights in the context of a country with 80 languages, a diverse sociology economic background, various and staunch religious conditioning, victors conditioned with the harshness of war leading a country after TOTALLY whipping out a 100 years of central governance. One has to first appreciate the grace that protected us from much worse outcomes. Accomodating and co-existing with all these divergences, existing itself has to be considered traumatic.

    We will be lying to ourselves if we consider governance of such a diversity is anything else but harsher than the much homogenious constituency that drafted universal human rights declaration. Human Rights Watch writes a report from its point of reference, the government outright denies the ivory-tower report. The Implimentable truth is somewhere in the middle.

    A lot of bad has happened, but a lot of things have been learned srom the experiences. I think that applies to all sides. The important thing is to decide on NEW benchmarks and proceed acordingly, starting from a much more settled stance that we are in now, than we were in 10 or 20 years ago. My take is that the government can go with 1/2 of the prison population with little effect. There were times when EPRDF was worried about keeping the peace and thus was indiscriminate and harsh. The new developmental direction should be taken in a free, optimistic spirit rather than vindictiveness. Rehabilitation of itself and 1/2 the prison population should thus should be the new target. With less prisoners it would be much easier to work on the conditions of the prisons.

  4. merdsa geda says:

    I don’t think for second the wayne choosed ,humanright wiilll do any thing good,becuase,Wayne can respect ethiopian,it will not abolish the truth human right defender wichich is esmegu.But wayne is an equvator that,mulitiplies…into maney…opdo.gpdo..Gpdo….so stop wayne i’s lie free the moslems represantatives free Journalist eskender Wobeshet,Eriote….on free them all.

  5. Alula says:

    Who award them? Ethiopia’s enemies? What did they do to be awarded? What do they accomplish for Ethiopia! We know they didn’t promote Ethiopia’s development & well being! When you say award winning , it’s just laughable! የኛ ጋዜጠኞች ነገር ስራ ያጣ መነኩሴ ቆቡን ቀዶ ይሰፋል ነው! ብዙ የሚሰራና የሚፃፍ ሳለ ኣይጥ ኣለፈች ድመት ተደናቀፈች! ያሳዝናል!

  6. 5th Grader says:

    What is there to investigate, it is not something new that humans are treated in the worst way ever for the last 21+ years. The agony of the people kept getting worse since Tigray wook Ethiopia’s adminstration. While the pockets of officials like Turineh Zena is geting fatter and fatter.
    Remittance is $3 billion dollars cash a year from diaspora back to Ethiopian market.

    Foreign government’s aid is $4 billion dollars a year to Ethiopia.

    Ethiopian budget is $8 dollars billion a year.

    So according to the figure above the 80 + million Ethiopians in Ethiopia are only contributing $1 billion dollars a year to the budget.

    One may ask is it really one billion they are contributing? or is it the money the Ethiopians contribute is currently being diverted to the government officials personal pocket?

    To answer these questions all one need to do is examine the lifestyle of the elites..

    • mamush says:

      @5th Grader of 5th year
      You said“…worst way ever for the last 21+ years..”.
      Enjoy the following comments given on the death of Ethiopian people before 23 years. How do you prefer Derge than the current ruling party? May be your family are the policy executors and main actors of the regime. Even though I have questions on polices and systems of the ruling party, I don’t prefer Dereg- the predator and butcher under any circumstances who killed my families and in general our peoples.
      Mengistu Hailemariam’s dictatorship killed thousands of intellectuals, students and schoolchildren in the process wiping out civilian opposition. Parents were even forced to pay for the bullet that had killed their children, and not mourn their dead in the traditional way. Thousands were imprisoned, tortured or fled the country….
      The front page of Ethiopian Review, February 1992 (Los Angeles) calls this extermination “the Ethiopian Holocaust”
      The number of lives that were lost very uncertain and in some instances probably highly exaggerated. The most conservative estimate states the “at the very least several thousand people were killed, and thousands more imprisoned.” (Source: Christopher Clapham 1989).
      Kiflu Taddese, who obtains his numbers from the investigative commission that arrived after the fall Mengistu’s Regime, says that approximately 55,000 were killed in Addis Ababa alone, and that towns all over Ethiopia witnessed the killing of pupils and teachers.
      (Source: Kiflu Tadesse, The Generation Part II, University Press of America 1998: 269).
      At one point in time, the May Day Rally in 1977, Amnesty International reports that the soldiers’ massive attack on students’ demonstration in Addis Ababa was estimated to have killed some five hundred students. The organization referred to the General Secretary of Save the Children in Sweden stating that in May 1977 one thousand children had been massacred in Addis Ababa. The bodies of murdered children, aged 11 – 13, could be seen lying in the streets, ravaged by hyenas, and heaped on the roadside at the outskirt of Addis Ababa. He claimed that between 100 and 150 were slaughtered nightly. In an overview of the killings at their peak in 1977-1978, Amnesty International estimates some five thousand people were killed during the Red Terror campaign. In another connection, in the same report, the organization estimated that at least ten thousand (10,000) people were killed for political reasons during the course of 1977.
      (Source: Amnesty International, 14 December 1977 (Index: Afr. 25/07/77) A 26 page report on Ethiopia).

      • kc says:

        Derge killed anyone after his power what you are doing is killing us because of our ethnicity that is the devil of all. We will fight you tile we live free.

    • Alula says:

      How about the 32 universities,Omo 1, Omo 2 , Omo 3, tekeze hydroelectric dams,the light train at Addis Ababa, the roads all over Ethiopia,the modern road from Addis to Nazareth , the tripling harvests of farmers in Ethiopia? How about the strong unity in diversity of Ethiopian at this moment! Come on! Open your eyes & use your natural senses that God has given you

      The EPRDFites are working nonstop to extract Ethiopia from poverty, therefore, if they live in a fancy house, then they deserve it!

      God bless Ethiopia !

  7. mamush says:

    @taye almayehu & @merdsa geda
    What are you doing on this forum then? Are you seeking asylum? You are dumping whatever you feel either your or your masters evil intention. You are exercising your freedom of speech without knowing your responsibility in the freedom of speech and without any limitation. Freedom demands responsibility.
    According to the Freedom Forum Organization, legal systems, and society at large, recognize limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other values or rights. Limitations to freedom of speech may follow the “harm principle” or the “offense principle”, for example in the case of pornography, or hate speech. Limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction or social disapprobation, or both.
    Members of Westboro Baptist Church have been specifically banned from entering Canada for hate speech.
    I want to write this comment to the magnitude your derogatory comment; but writings of the others should not in any way sway one’s emotional and mental moods. One biased comment of an individual should not incline us to commit another biased comment in the opposite direction.
    Govern yourselves accordingly.

    • Taye almayehu says:

      What are u talk about? You are so confused and messed up stuff together. No body is against freedom of speech but the speech need to be understandable. If u talk like zombi who knows what u are talking not twist I am not good at it.StraightTalk is better.

  8. tariku jarso says:

    Useless official who is irrelevant. He is sitting in his office for nothing. He is working for Woyane instead of siding with the victim. His answer are outrageous.

  9. 5th Grader says:

    Mamush & Alula

    The majority of the civil war in Ethiopia during dreg’s time was due the rise of Ethnic extremists power struggle. If TPLF/EPLF didnot instigate the war would there have been a cvil war to begin with?We have been seeing clearly what the struggle was to achieve.

    1. to sell Eritrea
    2. to steal the labor of Ethiopians.

    The few roads are built because the Ethiopian government has significantly increased its borrowing in recent years. If the government would have gotten those foreign aids without directions from donors on what to spend it on, the elites would rather choose to buy more palaces and investments across USA and Europe as they are used to.
    My question above was what is the money the 80 + million produced being put towards?
    How are they affording not one or two houses in Ethiopia as they claim they got but 10’s of high rise buildings each globally.

    The Elites are working hard to put their own selves among the top richest people of the world at the expense of the livelihood of the mass.


    32 Universities with a standard curriculum of an international middle school will not impress anyone .The universities , the roads , the deha deftite Addis Ababa train does not justify the 15 billion dollars or more Ethiopia is owing to foreigners just in the last 23 years not to mention the land grab , the displacement and so on .
    You can buy degrees in Ethiopia withouyt attending school for one day currently and get a job as a construction engineer while the real brains run out of the country fearing for their life. If this is what EPRDF has planed as better life to Ethiopians Let Ethiopians plan their own preference because what goes around comes around.
    The suffering will come back to hunt the elites 3 generations to come…

  10. Admasu Salale says:

    1974 revolution put an end to slavery system but apartheid system of /nafxanya genocide system continued .Till 1991 in which one ethnic group Amhara government collapsed and replaced by TPLF.
    However ,the nafxanya genocide system is still unharmed and as junior partner with TPLF rulling junta its a matter of time possible coup d’eta or even over run the TPLF and the nationalities as some TPLF members have abandoned the Tigray people and the nationalities and concentrating on how to ship hard currencies overseas.Which is now creating dismay and rejection of tplf rule even in Tigray.
    The founders of nafxanya apartheid system of only Amhara government ,language and religion have opened media warfare in preparation for on coming coup d’eta .They may grap the power from TPLF but that would be an end to their aspirations and the empire they want to rule by applying same nafxanya/apartheid system s in the pasts.

  11. Sam says:

    Who says it’s trumped up charges…you think so called journalists don’t commit crimes?? LOL

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