Aanolee Memorial Monument colorfully inaugurated in Arsi


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73 Responses

  1. Anole says:

    Those who haven’t made history tries to make history by tarnishing the history of others. Thanks to EPRDF the seeds of hatred is now sawed in the heart of Oromo people. The Devil(TPLF) is now thirsty of blood. But always the power of God will prevail over devil and save the country from bloodshed.

    • solomon says:

      Mr Anole what history are you talking about .The liey history minlke is a hero or the true history that minlk who betrayed ethiopia and king of king Yohanas of ethiopia .
      The minlk who made a deal with his masters italian to give up part of tigray ethiopian land now ertirea .is it what a hero to you mr.Anole.
      And the worst of all to ethiopian to kill millones of ethiopian in the south.
      Minlke is not a hero he is a banda .
      How dear are you to call banda minlk a hero .
      A hero is who die for his country like king yohanse and tadrose.

      • Muktar Magarsa says:

        @ Mr Solomon,
        What are you talking about Mr. Solomon? Don’t you remember any thing about The Treaty of Ambalage? Both Menelik and Yohannes are the same. Both of them have the same ideology. They fight for the same puspuse, both are claimed to have been descended from Solomonic dynasty/ of course they are/, both fought against Muslim and spreaded Christianity in Ethiopia. At the time of both Yohannes and Menelik/Under the leader ship of Yohannes IV of Tigre/ , non-Christians were forbidden from participating in the government unless they converted and were baptised; the Muslims were given three months, while the pagans had to become Christians immediately. So to whom are you going to fool All Amara/Ethiopian Bete-Israel/, Tigrai, Shoa And Eritrea are the same. They have the same blood, ideology, agenda….the difference is only in name it is not from their heart. So Mr. Solomon I have multplied your work by zero and you know that any thing which is multplied by zero is zero. So go out of this. It doesn’t concers you. Bull shit, zerafi, leba, yeleba lij, zeregna/you your self knows that you are racist, to tell you the truth you are really afraiding that it might take you to the hell./

      • mamush says:


        I agree to your opinion by half, but I disagree on your last statement you wrote I quoted “A hero is who die for his country like king Yohannes and Tewodrose”. My comment is based on solid historical evidence and references taken from different history books written by prominent scholars of Ethiopians and foreigners regarding Tewodrose II.
        “…Heruy W/Silasie concludes by saying: ‘Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God and prays that a king like Emperor Tewodros may not rule her again.”
        Pioneers of Change in Ethiopia; the Reformist Intellectuals of the Early Twentieth Century; (Source: Bahru Zewde; Professor of History, Addis Ababa University, Ohio University Press; Addis Ababa University Press, 2002, Page 150).
        “አጼ ቴዎድሮስን የመሰለ ጨካኝ ንጉሥ ሁለተኛ እንደይነግስ ኢትዮጵያ እጆቸዋን ወደ እግዝአብሔር ዘርግታ ትለምናለች” (Source: ብላቴን ጌታ ኅሩይ ወ/ሥላሴ፡ ዋዜማ፣ 1921 ዓ.ም/ታቦር ዋሚ፡ የዉገና ድርሰቶችና የታሪክ እዉነቶች፤ 2006 ዓ.ም.)
        However, one should try to accept Theodros as he rally was: an ambitious soldier, who destroyed in order to build and killed many Ethiopians.

        • mormor caala says:

          Whoever thinks that nafxanya apartheid system would return again is just dreaming what he/she/they will never accomplish.
          The apartheid system existed before 1991 was based on one ethnic government,histrically and culturally others are doomed to be wiped out.same minilk ii style genocides went on in tigray by halile sillase and dergue as well as in Eritrea.one language one sector chosen by woldeba witcrafts as religion would not have place in modern and civilised society.
          Look at this monument and try to stop thinking to commit crimes against humanity cozu will never reverse the gainst of people in 1974 and in 1991.0infact the more u follow ur Debtera fasm of apartheid system the more u will be hated by all nationalities and remin alone with ur temketegnoch behavior of Debtera fascsm of Samayawi NZI and udj terrorsm based on hates 4r others.

      • Ilila lemma says:

        Why you do not ask your masters(EPRDF, WOYANE) to erect this monument in addis. It is in remote area where nobody see it.I have another idea too there is a hand a breast they missed a vigina on ANOLE so the monument will be sexy.My friend SOLOMON you are JUST JUNK IN JUNK OUT who do not know any thing about hisory.

        • chala says:

          its look fantastic,nice nipple,i wann lick and bit it,erect another hand with pussy and put blame on killer amhara or tigray/another killer/.I cannt wait the down fall of woyanne, we will see the most killing spree of amhara and oromo,blood will soak the whole country.when the dust settle,every one turn their face to tigray,chop chop that nasty tiny skinny tisila.if we dont forgive and move on that exactiy what it going to happen to ethiopia,the choice is ours reconcilation niggers

      • Hailu says:

        dubaras, tariken yemireda chinkilat yelehem. Yes, Yohannes died as a hero, but he came to power as a BANDA. Accept it!

      • Delessa says:

        What are you talking about? A fiction? 1st) Yohannis has no vision at all to bring Ethiopia together and its Minilik who create this. Yes, it’s always easy to talk and criticize . 2nd) when you comes to Italy, it’s all Oromo’s and Amhara’s history but whe know Tigraian was all bandas. Any ways Your time is coming

  2. ethiopia says:

    history based on lies == more divisions of ethiopia…

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    The chief “duket teshekami”, OPDO, is in full swing implementing TPLF’s divide and conquer plan by seeding hater and division. It’s a lie without a profound historical reference fabricated by TPLF/EPLF and cooked by the Arba Gugu veterans of OLF and OPDO. The foreign ministry spokesman, Dina Mufti, in a recent interview vehemently denied the existence of such a statue. Now we are hearing the “colorful inauguration.” This shows how the “duket teshekamis” like Dina Mufti are puppets. The repercussion of what is unfolding will benefit no one in the future. Implicating the great Menelik is the same as implicating Oromo great warriors like HabteGiworgis Denegde and the vast army mainly composed of Oromo’s at that time.
    What’s orchestrating now is a pretext to attack ethnic Amharas as we saw evidently on the ground. The recent mass deportation and mutilation of innocent citizens from Ambo area is part of the broad plan.
    In history of Ethiopia, there were consistent war among different ethnics and kings before the great king Menelik unifies the country. For instance, the Gadaa system of Oromo is based of expansionism. The very place the statue built, Arisi, had never been Oromo land and formerly know as Dawaro. This land was conqured by Oromo expansionists from the southern people. There was multiple expansionism including in Yejju of Amhara where Afan Oromo was imposed. Even in a recent history, Aba Jifar of Jimma brutally conqured and enslaved the Janjero kingdom (Yem) though himself later conqured by Menelik and received a mercy that he never should for others.
    Learning form our past history for the good of the future was wise. However, what’s unfolding now is fabricating pseudo histories for seeding ethnic hater for filthy political gain and power consolidation.
    Patriotic Ethiopians should unify to thwart this poisonous campaign. Otherwise, the regime and its puppets should know that targeting innocent Amharas by the pretext of emperor Menelik untimaletly will bear a disaster since you’re dealing with more than 40 million people.
    Last but not least, I want to say shame on you on the regime loyalists in the diaspora who are busy of abay dam bond selling while woyane is busy of seeding hater and ethnic cleansing.
    God bless Ethiopia.

    • Insarmu Geda says:

      The Annole’s Statue is our collective memory and the symbolic of our heroes’ and heroines.

      For me the Annole memory is the Alpha not the Omega memory for the Oromo people. Even it is the beginning to go forward to bring the rest memory of our martyrs. Annole, Azulee, Chalnqoo, Abbichu and others cannot be erased from the memory of successive Oromo new generations and from the history of the Oromo people.
      We never erase them from our memory. These are our collective memory in the Oromo history and also the symbolic of our heroes and heroines . Because Our ancestors massacred with out their sin, and they were innocent, their duty was defending their father land and the Nation. The crimes of Abyssinia-the mutilation of breasts of women and girls and of the right hands of men and boys at Annole and the massive genocide at Azulee and Chalanqoo else where in Oromia will never be forgotten. Those who support Menelik’s genocide at Aannolee, Azulee, and Calanqoo else where as a “holy war” or as a war of “reunification of Ethiopia” should hold full entitlement to it. And also come to come in front of Justice court for their criminal act. Because they stood along the criminals side purposely and armed them to subjugate our people for its abundant resource and to control our fertile land to exploit.
      The campaign of the colonization to the Oromo land and the south from 1888 to 1913 was performed in a barbaric and ignorant behavior. The Oromo exterminated to half of its population it had before the war started. This tragedy was not exterminated the Oromo alone, many southern invaded people were also faced the fate of the Oromo too. (Radio Simbirtu interview with Prof. Mekuria Bulcha, 19 December 2013, part 2). revealed these barbaric genocide of King Minelik 2nd clearly. During the war the Oromo population exterminated by 50%, Kaficho by 75%, Gimira by 80% and Madii by over 90% . These are genocides of highest proportion. The basic argument of the Abyssinian genocide denials has, however, remained the same as always—it never happened, the term “genocide” does not apply-it is a “reunification of Ethiopia.” Recently, the tactics of denial of genocide has been shifted from “reunification of Ethiopia” to “holy war.” The y are always denying not alone their past barbaric genocide act, but they deny the total identity of those captured people.
      Debteraw Amsalu and all Neftenya debteras whether you like it or not we have the right to erect the statue for our martyrs on our own land and at the place where Minilike perished them. We are not going to seek justification from the enemies. Even though, we don’t allow topass the habesha’s brutal images to our next new generation at any stage on our soil.. We are doing our best to erase all tyrants statue from our land completely. We see our enemies statues as the Monsters and we never like to see them totally not on our land alone where ever they had erected . We have no tolerance for our enemies brutality and genocide act atall. By the way it should have to be clear as we don’t allow to erect fascist Graziani’s statue on the soil of Ethiopia also we the Oromos don’t allow the statue of fascist Minelik and others on the Oromo Soil too. This is our firm stand regarding the Annole and other martyrs statues you are arguing to stop it and condemning blindly. We have the right to commemorate our heroes and heroines forever and yes we can too.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Who is Mekuria Bulcha that you’re referencing ??….yayet meseker denbit yebal…..do you think the mumbo jumbo you copied and pasted here from his books add up?…not really!!…why you skip mentioning the dark side of Oromo expansion to be balanced??…leaving many instances, what happened to the southern native people who used to live at Arisi, formerly Dawaro, the very place the statue built??….where they vanished??…..what is the reason that small Oromo communities found as far as Tigray??….the answer is clear…it’s the result of nonstop Oromo expansion. Just for the record, the Geda system itself was based on expansionism ideology.
        When Emye Menelik take over Arisi, vast of his army was Oromos. His only vision was unifying the country. That’s way he never imposed any culture or language. How do you think your language and culture is preserved until today?….contrary to the above, Oromo expansionist imposed Afan Oromo at Yeju and many other places including their culture and wiped out many nationalities.
        The basic difference between you and me is, I don’t want to blame and curse any of our fathers for whatever happened in the past. Learning from the past and planing the common future is the wisest venue. While more than 40 000 Oromo’s are languishing in prison, another tens of thousands suffer all over the globe as a refugee, you’re busy of building a statue which is based on pseudo history fabricated by EPLF/TPLF and cooked by OLF old schools…why you didn’t raise your voice when Tesfahun Chemeda was kidnapped and murdered?…why you’re not building a statue for his for the sacrifice??….why you didn’t raise your voice when Gugi and Borena are slaughtering each other by the poison seeded by woyane and OPDO??…..actually, showing breast in public is not part of our culture…..if you’re manic enough to enjoy it, go ahead until the day of judgment comes…..you’re bosses are seeding hater that could bear a disaster…..your bosses who are woyane’s slave are using Emye Menelik accusation as a pretext to attack innocent ethnic Amharas as we saw evidently in many places…..when they pass the limit, the consequence will be disastrous….because you’re dealing with more than 40 million people…..even Woyane will not benefit from its divide and conquer game once the the hell breaks loose…..
        Love triumphs…..haters hare doomed!!!
        God bless Ethiopia !!

        • mamush says:


          “የአይጥ ምስክር ድንቢጥ” አልክ

          You are always sacrifices for the salvation of the oppressor not for the oppressed people and mounting the chronic feudal hatreds your ancestors had sown in Ethiopia. What do you benefit from this? To seize power and repeat your ancestors mistakes? Why don’t we develop the good parts of our ancestors?
          “… ታሪክ.. ለእዉነት ዋጋ መስጠትን ይጠይቃል፡፡ …የሀሰት ታሪክ ዉብ ተረት ተረት እንጂ ታሪክ አይደለም፡፡ ይህ ማለት ግን በታሪክ ዉስጥ እዉነትን በሙሉ ማግኘት ይቻላል ማለትም አይደለም፡፡ ይህን መሰሉ ሙሉ እና እርግጠኛ እዉነት በተፈጥሮ ሳይንስ እንኳን የምናገኘዉ አይደለም፡፡” አንድ ኢትዮጵያዊ የፖለቲካ ታንታኝ ምሁር

          ፕሮፈሰር መስፍን ወልደማሪያም “መክሸፍ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ” በሚለዉ መጽሐፋቸዉ የሚከተለዉን አባታዊና ምሁራዊ ምክር ለግሰዋል፡፡
          “…ያለፉት ትዉልዶች ሁሉ ለብዙ ሺህ ዓመታት የጫኑብንን ስሕተት እንደተጫንን እንዳንቀጥል ስሕተቶቻችን እያረምንና ሸክማችንን እያቃለልን መጓዝ ያስፈልገናል፡፡ ይህም ግደታ ነዉ፣ዛሬ በአለንበት ሁኔታ የተሸከምነዉን የተቆለለ ስሕተት አላራምድ ማለቱ ሳያንሰን እኛም አዳድስ ስሕተቶችን እየጨመረንበት የጉዞአችን አቅጣጫ እያጠፋብን ነዉ፡፡”

          According to your opinion the credibility of Ethiopian history depends upon the race or the tribe of the historians; not on the sources and references the historians used; any Ethiopian history should be written by chauvinists.
          It has become extremely questionable whether, in the flux of life, it is a genuinely worthwhile intellectual problem to seek to discover fixed and immutable ideas or absolutes. It is a more worthy intellectual task perhaps to learn to think dynamically and relationally rather than statically.
          In our contemporary social and intellectual plight, it is nothing less than shocking to discover that those persons who claim to have discovered an absolute are usually the same people who also pretend to be superior to the rest. To find people in our day attempting to pass off to the world and recommending to others some nostrum of the absolute which they claim to have discovered is merely a sign of the loss of and the need for intellectual and moral certainty, felt by broad sections of the population who are unable to look life in the face.
          “…ሁሌም ለዉጥ ዉስጥ በሆነ የማህበረሰብ ህያዉ ሂደት፤ ፍፁምና ዘላለማዊ የሆኑ ሀሳቦች (እሳቤዎች) ይዞ መዳከር ጠቃሜታ ያለዉ ምሁራዊ ተግባር መሆኑ እጅግ አጠያያቂ ነዉ፡፡ ይልቁንም ከግትርነት የፀዳ እና ከሂደቶች ለዉጥና ትስስር የተጣጣመ ክፍት አስተሳሰብ በላቤት መሆን የበለጠ ጠቃሜታ አለዉ፡፡ ከተጨባጩ የህብረተሰብ እና የማሰብ ዉስብስብነት አንፃር ፍፁማዊ የሆነ እዉነት ባለቤት ነን ማለት ሌላ ሳይሆን ከብዙኃን የተለየሁና የበላይ ነኝ ከሚል የተለመደ እምነት የሚመነጭ ብቻ ነዉ፡፡ ይህ ትላንት ከእዉነት ጋር ብቸኛ የሆነ መለኮታዊ ግንኙነት አለኝ ለማለት ይጎተት የነበረ ዘዴ እነሆ ዛሬም የጥሬ ሀቆችን ትርጉም በማወላገድ በመደበቅ እና በማምታታት ያለፈ ተጠቃሚነት ለመቀጠል የሚሹ ክፍሎች መሳሪያ ሆኖ የሚያጋጥም ሰቅጣጭ የአስተሳሰብ ቅኝት ነዉ..”፡፡
          Long live Ethiopia with all nations and nationalities!

        • Mormor Caalaa says:

          Unifying komates with healthy? no, its contagious u cannot unify with healthy.ada system of governing is democratic system that at every 8 yrs all executives are retired ,the new teams come in after elections by all men and women.just say Minilik committed crmes against humanity by destroying democratic system and civilisations of man kind.Minilik as slave trader and zerafis head has committed genocides against oromos and Sidamas/South nationalities.Therefore his monuments be removed from the entire country,not only from oromia

          • Siyum Hunde says:

            I’m Oromo. What makes me sad is when I see my people ignorantly been a mouth for TPLF. Brother there is no any significant history on this. This is created by TPLF for the purpose of their divid and rule tactic. Mist of Miniliks ministers, soldiers, advisers was Oromos. We and Amharas are mixed than any tribe in Ethiopia. Specially when you comes to Adwa it’s all about Oromo and Amhara. At that time The Tigray people were well known by supporting the Italians. Some of famous bandas are the grand fathers of of the current TPLF leaders. It’s TPLF’s strategies to make sure divide these mixed major tribe which is Oromo and Amhara. Ask yourself, what Amhara did on us during Mengistu regim ? What they did some fault on our people the past 26 years of TPLF time ? Don’t tell me about Minilik which we never been live on that era. Just answer this. It’s TPLF who made mass killing on our people, it’s TPLF who puts our young people in jail. Wake up please.

        • Hailu says:

          You are absolutely right, Tesfalehulum.
          Also, everyone who wants to have a proper understanding of the aggressive Oromo expansion and the damage it brought about can simply read Professor Getachew Haile’s “Ye Aba Bahiry Dirsetoch…” Such a classic work!!!

  4. Tn. says:

    The purpose is multifold. It is a commemoration to annole martyrs, it is a re-telling of history from the side other than the then victors but more, but more importantly, it is a dagger in the heart of the demon of pride that wants to drab itself with minilik’s garb and re-manifest in necromancy and idolators form. The demon of pride is so identified on whom it captures that the possessed will feel its wound as their own wound, its pushing as their own pushing. Their will be tantrums and vindictiveness. It is in the nature of pride to act so when its camouflage is exposed and its acceptance is rejected. It is to be expected. Pride as the host and chief demon of all vices will manifest itself in all its ugliest of forms before it leaves the land.

    YadQone SeYtan SaYaqes Ayqerim

  5. hailu says:

    It is amazing Awramba times puts this bogus story on its website.

    When truth is told, Emperor Minilik actually liberated Oromos from being sold as slaves by Oromo slave traders like Aba Jiffar. One can only learn the truth when systematically looks for the facts by studing recorded evidence.

    Such actions as erection of this ugly stone based on falsehood serves no purpose other than fanning ethnic animosity, which EPRDF actively works on.

    Would you accept an erection of a statue with an immage of a Gada with a severed genitalia on his forehead or neck?

    Please note that fanning animosity does not do good to anyone.

  6. Danny says:

    Great work, though it reminds us those painful and bad days during the process of today’s reality. The Aanolee memorial monument deserves recognition by ALL the citizens of Ethiopia as this is a HUGE first step towrds reconcillation and healing.

  7. yared says:

    Ahun gena Awrambatimes Awra-crimes honelachuh !
    Thanks for helping spread hatred between people in Ethiopia and abroad!
    Keep on doing your evil deed, God will judge you when the right time comes!

  8. yared says:

    U U U U U……
    Woyanena tebabariwochu ageren gedeluat
    Woyanena tebabariwochu ageren atefuat
    U U U U U……
    Ere hulachuhm U U U U U U belu !
    Agerachn Ethiopian ende Syria liyadergubn new…….
    Zimblachuh atyu, atfzezu !
    Hulachnm U U U U U ….. belu enebel against woyane !!!!!

  9. gebre says:

    አይ የልጅ ጨዋታ።
    አሩሲ ሲሰለጥን በጨረቃ ጥላ ይይዛል የሚባለው ነገር ይሄው እውን ሆነ።
    እንግዲህ አንድ ወንደላጤ ሀውልቱን እነዲወለውል መመደብ ነው።

    • Amhara says:

      Look አማረ ና ታረቱ—

      • gebre says:

        እነ አማረ ታረቁ ነው ያልከኝ ወንድሜ? ወይስ ምን ለማለት ፈልገህ ነው? ወይስ አንደኛ ክፍል እያለህ ፣መፅሀፉ ውስጥ ያለውን የአንበሳ ስእል አይተህ ፈርተህ ከትምህርት ቤት የተለየህ ሰው ነህ መፃፍ የማትችለው? ወይስ የብሄር ብሄረሰቦችን መብት ስትጠቀም አማርኛ የጠፋብህ ሰው ነህ? ወይስ ትምህርት ስትማር ማንበብ እንጂ መፃፍ አላስተማሩህም?
        ወንድሜ ልምከርህ ወንደላጤ ከሆንክ ሀውልቱን ለመወልወል ብታመለክት ጥሩ ነው፣ከዚህ በላይ ሀቅም ያለህ አይመስለኝም። ከወለወልክ በሁዋላ ደግሞ እንደ አካባቢው ባህል ቅቤ መቀባት ነው። ደግሞም ቅቤ በላይ በላዩ እየቀባህ መወልወል ነው።
        እኔ የምለው የታላቁ መሪያችን አንዱ ራእይ የጡት ሀውልት ማስራት ነበር እንዴ?

        • Amhara says:

          learner gebre, i think the point u mentioned was not b/c of what u said. Frankly speaking, it was due to ur given argument was with empty words, empty letters, empty mind,empty personality….so this was why i did not comment ur points in detail. So, to have the detail comment plse come with meaningful & international letters!!!!!!

    • RANGEERWALA says:

      አማረ ና ታረቱ

  10. Selam says:

    It took more than 120 years to have this memorial monument with the cost of 20 million. Who knows how long will it take for monuments of massacars in Bedeno, Gara Muleta Arbagugugu and others. Hopefully not 20 million and a century.

    • Mormor Calaa says:

      The apartheid system of Amhara gov ended in 1991.in the events of attempts to reinforce that nafxanya apartheid system u will be evicted or made to vanish from oromia and other areas of multiple nationalities.so,better u stop telling lies abou bedeno or arba gugu,otherwise just leave oromia and go home.

      • Selam says:

        Keep on dreaming, but don’t go far, just think of the eviction of poor farmers from Kilinto, do something to save them. Still another apartheid is after them!
        Anyway, the martyrs of Bedeno, Arbagugu and others will be remembered with a monument one day in a similar way !

  11. Kurifftu says:

    shame on you oromo people, because you are dying today while you are talking about something that you think happened 120 years ago which in reality never happen We will distroy this monument one day beleive it or not, you better safe your people from woyane, the prison is only for oromos so what are you waiting?

  12. Solomon says:

    Banda Minlke sold Ethiopian land no north and kill a lot of Ethiopian on the south .But he(Banda Minlke ) is a hero to Banda Esat Rodio and Banda hodam Brhanu Nega.
    I call Minlke Banda because he made a deal with the Italian behind king Yohanse to betray Ethiopian .
    I call Esat Rodio and Brhanu nega Banda because both of them work for Banda Essayass to betray Ethiopian just like their great grand father Banda Minlke.
    Banda is always Banda
    God bless Ethiopian with her all people!!!!!!

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Kuche bleh welfare eyebelah afehen setekeft atafrim??….kkkkk….jil defar new drome….your comment starts with insult and ends with insult…no substance, reason or logic….get a life…..liberate yourself from welfare and scamming ….either you like it or not Emeye Menelik’s legacy will shine for the generation to come…..
      By the way, the language and culture you’re bragging now is preserved by Menelik’s leadership…..otherwise, today you would eat spheggeti and speak Italian….so, who is banda??….absolutely, you and your likes….
      About the statue, if you love watching breast, go and enjoy it….kkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • mamush says:

        Political limbo and dilemma and you look like helpless wounded buffalo and deserve death only. You are mounting the chronic feudal hatreds your ancestors had sown in Ethiopia.
        Your messes, hatred, jealousy, regionalism, one ethnic or death agenda, tribal politics, nepotism, anti unity in diversity, autocratic rule and antidemocratic system your ancestors had created will take decades to heal.

        • Tesfalehulum says:

          Wounded buffalo is better than wonded donkies like you …..never heard of bufflo soldier ??…kkkk….what’re those clichè and jargons you copied and pasted ?….you’ve no reasoning , logic or substance….typical mentality of Arba Gugu murder veterans of OLF old schools…..
          You said your ancestors ??….yeah, I’m proud of my ancestors…I’m proud of Emye Menelik, I’m prod of HabteGiworgis Denegede, I’m proud of Alula Abanega…..you don’t know your ancestors….just from a cow dung…kkkkkkkk……MORON!!

          • mamush says:

            You are frustrated, retarded Derg cadre; old junk and the moron economic immigrant. I am living in Ethiopia; but you are living abroad eating and collecting the white people’s garbage; you are a white man’s burden. You are leading your low life in the field of scavengers. I prefer to beg or be as you said “just from a cow dung” in my homeland than eating white man’s sewage and sucking ass. የፈረንጅ ቂጥ አጣብ!

  13. Terengello Sibro says:

    Instead of letting us travel freely around the country to participate in the business transactions just like other ethnicities do selling our farm products in places like Addis Ababa Almaz Mamo(the new president of Oromia) ended up building us a monument while the fruit of our labor is beingh stolen by federal Azeb Mesfin’s distribution channel paying us a price which is next to free. Almaz Mammo the close friend of Azeb Mesfin do not care about Oromos one bit, if she really cared about us Oromos she would open the gates and let us sell our products in places like Addis Ababa rather than ordering us into giving it to the TPLF caders who sell it in ADDIS ABABA for 10 times more than what we get paid in Oromia’s capital Adama. If we get to make monuments to everyone who died in the hands of the past rulers and religion leaders, I doubt we will have enough places left to live on soshe should concentrate on things that are timely rather than making this somewhat sexist art.
    I don’t know why Almaz Mammo the new President of oromia picked only Arsi for this arousing art, while the truth is Oromos every where had been prosecuted at one time or the other and are still being severely tortured on a daily basis disabling them for life just because they sold their products in Addis Ababa.

    • Ariti says:

      Eventhough Aster Mammo is working as the TPLF agent in Oromia Councillors have elected Muktar Kedir, chairman of the ruling party in the region, OPDO, as the sixth chief of the largest regional state in the Republic, the Oromia National Regional State. Let us give Muktar little time before we judge him for what his predecessor done. He is a reasonable man he can reverse the decision taken against Oromo peasant farmers from selling their products in Finfine. They need the Oromo support in the war against Egypt and other regional enemies so it is highly unlikely they will continue to stop us from entering finfine.

  14. Tizita says:

    Be ahun zemen yalew oromo miasibew endezih kehone, be Emiye Minilik gize yeneberut oromowoch endet neber miasbut? Am just saying. Minilik kebt siagdu neber yenorut malet eko neew.
    Ethiopia be dihinet mitimakikew ye managment ewuket be lelachew, be mikegninet betemolu sewoch silemititedader new. Edme likachinin mikegninetachinin ena dihinetachini yizen eninoralen. Ergum hizib, be guskulina yinoral.
    Ate Dawit lezih tiru misale neh, yante filagot silaltemuwalalih, hulunim sew yizeh lititefa tenestehal. Sint amet litinor new? lebetesebih min litawors new? Lemin serteh atbelam? Egziabher yimarih

  15. Horro says:

    The fake “Ethiopianism” doesn’t lead us nowhere .If new generation chooses to coexist side by side respectfully and understandably , the truth has to be told as it is. Ethiopianism should and must be built based on the facts with out any suger coating our past .Oromos under past Ethiopian rulers suffered a lot ,even though for some “nefetenga” followers it is hard to swallow . The Aanolee memorial should serve as historic lesson to new generation of all ethnic Ethiopians and stand with positive attitude to build new,tolerable and peace loving society in the future. Having said that building our New Ethiopia should be a responsibility for all of us and not negotiable . Peace for Ethiopia and Ethiopian born

  16. john says:

    what is the problem same people celebrate minlke 100 years in addis abeba ,that yours right the same thing people celebrate this thing you have to understand !!!!! good job opdo !!!!

  17. erty says:

    We Ethiopian tend to look back a lot and hold to mishaps not to move forward. It is ok to reflect back not to repeat pass tragedies but reflecting back to hold on to grieve and pain becomes determent in our life.

  18. filebar says:

    everybody those who hate oromo people, anole museum is the sign of amhara kingdom is buried for once & til the last.

    • Sad! This is exactly what those behind such actions wanted to achieve.Whether we like it or not no propaganda can be big enough to come between Oromos and Amharas whose anti colonial liberation struggle and shining victories are written in Gold.I hope we do not want to tarnish our history for temporary political gains.Documenting and remembering real history and spreading hatred between people are very different.

  19. Yigelet Ewunetu says:

    Enezih akrari, tebab ena zeregna opdo ke TPLF gar bememesater nitsuhan ye amhara lijochen( be oromia yeminorutun) sigedilu, sidebedibu, siasekayu 23 amet aderegu. Ahunem yihen ye wushet ( be afetarik lay yetmeserete)hawult yakomut endelemedut ye amhara lijochin lemegidel, lemedebdeb, ena lemashemakek yetebetebut sera newu.

    Amhara stand together. Tebelah, Tebelah! Erasken tekelakel . Keleloch ethiopiawi wogenochih gar bemetebaber ye TPLF/OPDO sera mekit!!!

  20. Marka says:

    Minilik malet yegna hitler malet new, betam yemigermew megidelo kaliqere zer endayitelalef tut mekuret min ayinet dedeb endehone sayal, nefiteyochi(amara) feriwn jeginaw yilotal lylaw kerito taliyan adiwa siders misto ante kalihydk soryhin sitegni sitlew new yehidew hidom dinkoan wist tedebiko torneto siyalik new yemetaw. Jibotyn bebabor shetat ere sint godun lizerzir ayalikim…..

  21. Marka says:

    Minilik malet yegna hitler malet new, betam yemigermew megidelo kaliqere zer endayitelalef tut mekuret min ayinet dedeb endehone sayal, nefiteyochi(amara) feriwn jeginaw yilotal lylaw kerito taliyan adiwa siders misto ante kalihydk soryhin sitegni sitlew new yehidew hidom dinkoan wist tedebiko torneto siyalik new yemetaw. Jibotyn bebabor shetat ere sint godun lizerzir ayalikim….., nefitegnochi kalitefu ethiopia metifato new

  22. ELIAS says:


  23. fetle says:

    20 million? how many empty bellies it would have fed. It is sad to see people taking a novel written by a shabia spy seriously and build a monument of hatred. It has nothing to do with history. This is a way of survival for corrupted elites. They have to fulfill the will of their masters and at the same time grab what ever money they can get from this kind of projects which in may cases will not be audited. This is the only way they can stay in power. And as for their masters, they have to divide the people along ethnic lines to rule because they have no mass support. It is only through such hate mongering acts they can stay in power. Otherwise, it will not bring anything to the society they claim to represent

  24. ተከዜ says:

    አኖሌ የተባለው ወንድ ነበር? ወይስ ሴት ነበር? ወይስ ወንድና ሴት ድብልቅ ነበር። ምክንያቱም አኖሌ የወንድ ስም ይመስላል። የእጅና የጡት ስእል በአኖሌ ስም ይታየኛል፣ሴት ልጅ ከሆነች ደግሞ እጅም ጡትም ይኖራታል።ወንድና ሴት ድብልቅ ከሆነ ደግሞ እጅም ጡትም አሰርቶ፣ ፂምም ይኖረዋል።
    ስለዚህ የአኖሌ ነገር ግራ ገብቶኛል። ስሙና ስእሉ አብሮ አልሄድልኝ ብሎአል።አሩሲ መቸም የማታፈራው ጉድ የለም።

    • Awash says:

      Tekeze, the loser neftegna, kometa, lemegn u can go to the hell and ask for anole’s meaning ur Band menlik, and for ur last comment do know as Arsi is producing the internationally known athletes who making known the name Ethiopia as a country on the world every day/week/month/…which is opposite to what u said!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Tn. says:

    The more important issue is, does the Menilk Staue in Finfine go well with the developmental paradigm? What kind of social psychology does it symbolize? What kind of nationalism does it stand for? What kind of value creation does it tell-off? Does it tell of new beginings or does it say “same old”? Will all the nations children of age 6 stand in awe or in disdain in front of it? Conversely, if a new statue is to replace it, what would it be? What should it symbolize of the future 100 years?
    I think it should be replaced with a monument of the signing of the new constitution and telling off where we want to go.

  26. Molla says:

    AAPO puppets have now been reduced to neighborhood mosquitoes creating a buzz about anything, everything. The days that you fabricate stories that fit your narratives is over. The day that you control the media is over. The day that you rule as yoyu wish over others is over. Anolee and Celenko Memorials are the beginning of re-assertion of our natural rights and you cannot do anything about it. We lived in peace knowing that we have been aggrieved for so long and we come in peace to commemorate what is ours. Mesfin W/Mariam is not sure whether we are on a winning streak or whether his army will launch an invading army to commemorate Menelik is a different story. Neftegna nationalists are hoping to create an atmosphere of insecurity. This is not 1886 when you had all the advantages over Oromos. You will not be able to handle the fire you are playing with. This is a generation bent to correct what was done to its ancestors.

  27. viva EPRDF says:



  28. Lula says:

    What is It????

  29. Tegadalay says:

    History and story remember the KINGS but not the SOLDERS

    The battle of Adwa is the works of the people of Eth but the brutal massacre on people of Oromo and Eth at large is that of our ruling classes ( the elites ) and the foreign invasion.

    not try to add the x variable with y variable
    Minilik -ve + Minilik -ve = can’t sum and have a result

    let take a lesson from the past.

    Now the current and pressent danger in the country is corruption. lets join our efforts against Kiliptocracy ሌባ አገዛዝ founder Melles and his followers.

    Eternality to Alemayo Atomssa who shot the poison of anti-corruption on behalf of the people of Eth. Anolle is many Alemayo Atomsas

  30. Abe says:

    I couldn’t make anything of this disgusting monument.
    Is this Sadist image supposed to terrorize the society and children?
    Those narrow nationalist are nothing but Experts of the divisive dirty past.

  31. fetle says:

    The group that erects this structure do it with the objective of covering up the atrocities being committed on Oromos these days. By their own admission oromigna has become the language of the prisons today. As for those who wants to obliterate history through fabrications, it only shows that they are coward. It is easy to struggle with the past instead of the military junta in power today because blaming the past does not bring any harm to them but struggling with the group in power has a risk. And these people do not want to take the risk. they spread hate thousands of miles away. If something bad happens, they know it will not touch them. There is no cowardice activity than this.

  32. Tazabi says:

    I am amazed at some people commenting here that a) the event didn’t happen because there is no written record b)claiming that this will create animosity between Amharas and Oromos.
    First of all, why would the Debteras writing ‘Ethiopia’s history’ write about this evil deed? It will not make sense as it will incriminate the ruling class. Secondly, it happened not too long ago, so the oral history passed on by the victims can’t be denied.
    The monument will not create animosity between genuine Amhara and Oromo. Since the purpose of the monument is not to incite revenge, but to remember those who were victimized, there is no reason for animosity. Those denying that the event ever happened or denigrating the monument will, however, create animosity. You can’t wish away or sweep evil under the rug and expect love. Love comes by respecting those who died long time ago and the present generation. So, quit blaming TPLF or OPDO/OLF –it is history, embrace it and move on.

  33. Mebratu says:

    OPDO is no better than a donkey. If TPLF says jump off the cliff the whole heard of OPDO will jumb…it’s a sad reality.

  34. David Begna says:

    Dear my friends, I don’t care if you support or oppose EPRDF. One thing I want you to know is the old ethnic shauvinism is over. We live together as one country ‘Ethiopia’, only if you respect us (Oromos) as we rspect you all.If not, I want to remind you our constitutional right to be a country of our own. And you all know that we have all it takes.I think this is the end of the matter. It is true that the arms & the breasts were cut. We are not seeking for revenge but we don’t want it to happen again inthe history of Ethiopia forever. That why we built the monument. God bless you all.

    • hailu says:

      One also claim that it is also true that the then Oromos mutilated so many Ethiopians.
      Would you accept a statue to be erected with a Gada man with a male genitalia in his hand or forehead as a souvenir? How about a statue for the people thrown alive into a gorge? One can claim that crime should also be remembered.
      This is how ugly it gets if we choose to fan ethnic hatred. Come on guys! we are in the 21st century. This stupidity should stop.It is sad that some Oromos are manipulated by TPLF to servitude.

  35. ephrem says:


  36. Mengesha says:

    I could not believe my eyes. Is it really to remember the victims one erected this statue? It does not make sense at all. To remember them you do not need to show exposed breast. You could do it in different ways. A beauitiful Arsi girl statue with infront of a musuem could do it. People can learn the history in the musuey. Why make it so dramatic? I think the purpose is evil but God is good He could turn it for better, and that is my wish.

    • Negera says:

      come o…n brothers, this is what EPRDF wants to see. we are undertaking the plan of woyane while fighting each other. especially EPRDF is making a play ground for the the fight between two giant ethnic groups i.e. Amhara and Oromo people and following the bloodshed disruption they will announce the independent and great Tigary together with Eritrea. we are brothers and let’s love each other. the monuments, the events and the clashes between people in sport fields etc are the tools that EPRDF organizes to aggravate the fight.
      one Ethiopia, one people and one love

  37. nonsense says:

    i wouldn’t expect more…u needed the attention & get some from public. Doesn’t change a thing though. You should have fed some hungry citizens or built orphanage house as a memorial by 2 Million Birr, instead you choose this..SAd sad

  38. Hagus kimalu says:

    Sir Expecting genuine and ideas of human being from “AMHARA = Association of Monkeys
    HoardAround River Abay” is like expecting blood from stone. Forget these savage creatures and do your job

    • Hailu says:

      What about TIGRAY? Can you please find a definition for it? If you can find one, it should surely imply people of bad mentality, with inherently evil nature, who rejoice inflicting damage on others, racist, dickheads, talkative, talkative, talkative, Parasites on Ethiopian peoples!!! Admit it!

  39. mingizem oromo says:

    Mingizem oromo oromia lezelealem tinur !!

  40. Abubakar fiixoo says:

    all ethiopian governments official are an ox which has no brian”” oromo is oromo be proud of…………..

  41. chamesa geleta says:

    this is totally devilish idea launched to elongate FDRE reign and it doesn’t consider the future smooth relations among the respected and mutually tolerated society of Ethiopia. we haven’t an ear to listen it; we are aware of it before you poisoned us,

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