MEDREK or the End of a Political Masquerade? (Messay Kebede, PhD)


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8 Responses

  1. Alula says:

    In the USA, where you live, a politician from Virginia will not try to run for public office In New York! This happens Only when running for presidential office, do you understand? The reason that Medrek failed to matter is, because of individuals like you who can’t understand politics! Politician will be a politician when a politician betters the lives of the people with his new idea! Bagging Ethiopia every time didn’t bear any fruits! You are just writing because you know how to write,but no substance! You guys are politicians who have nothing for Ethiopia! If you were for Ethiopia , you could have participated in helping the development of Ethiopia , like buy the GERD bonds & others! The let me sit at 4kilo & I’ll show you how isn’t going to work! We want to see you to serve the kebelle that know you well & grow from there!

    Mr Messay kebede, one way you preach democracy & freedom , on the other way you are choosing for the people! You said”Unless ethnic parties officially and without ambiguity drop self determination upto secession….” Instead of you trying to inflict your idea, why don’t you ask the people so they can tell you what fits them? When your politicians have no new idea to constitute a unitary party, here we are using pretexts to hit the EPRDF as usual! Ethnic federalism is the best for Ethiopia & the rest if Africa! Look at the likes engineer Gizachew pretending as Ethiopia is their backyard garden! They don’t have any respect for the people at all! Look at yourself ! You don’t have a respect for the people! Let yourself collect from all ethnic groups in Ethiopia talk to them , so you can see what the people wants! ደሮም ስትጭር ትውላለች በጫረችውም የሚበላ ታገኛለች፣ኣንተ ግንስንቱን ጫርከው! I wish you you could have a new idea that could change our lives!

  2. Sam says:

    Messay wrote “what Ethiopia’s modern history has invariably staged is the struggle of disgruntled elites for the control of power in the name of the working people or ethnic groups. That is why the political system they generate, when some of them succeed in prevailing, is invariably undemocratic. It is never about empowering the people; it is about seizing power in their name so that to advance sectarian interests.” In a sense I agree with Messay. But I have reservation about the disgruntled elites struggle for the “working people” he mentioned. They struggled for “ethnic group.” As far as I can understand it to join the ethnic group struggle the only criteria is being the member of that ethnic group. That is because the goal of the ethnic group’s struggle is to get rid of the oppression of the oppressor, another ethnic group, not to create a democratic system that empowers the working class. According to the ethnic group elites theory every problem Ethiopia has emanates from the Amara “Temket.” you get rid of the Amara Timket, the ethnic elites believe, you get away from every problem the ethnic group had. Their being in power for the last twenty-two years however proved their theory being wrong. Now, the one who might have been accused of having the ” Amara Timket,” forty years ago, an “Amara” leader labelled his own ethnic group of having Timket without having shoes. They are after “Timket,” Messay.

  3. Freedom Lover says:

    Messay Kebede is mad, just because Amhara dominated party (UDJ) is dismissed from Medrek. Medrek doesn’t fail due to the dismissal of the few, selfish and desperate neo-netegna debteras.

    • Abere says:

      at Freedom,

      by the way have any idea about what mean is Debtera? This means a philosopher!!! Go and read man/girl.

      Or you want me to call you —A?


  4. Tn. says:

    OHhhh MK is back again lol distorting fact and painting images with the old might of a dialectician. So long as man has a conscious, he can convolute to others without creating a metastasizing ulcer on his own self. I wish MK all the health but he is undoing his own self.
    Now some facts
    1) Dr. Negaso’s issues is with himself and his minilik necromansist, idolatres party UDJ. It has nothing to do with MEDREK as the dialectician MK tried to put in our head.
    2) MEDREK has renounced secession from its program at least three years ago and openly announced. Self determination is not some staline thing that EPRDF brought about but an article in the Univesal Declaration of Human Rights that Emperor Haile Sellassie signed in the 1940s. All these facts MK didn’t care about since his arrogant intent is to drive our heads anyway he wants. Only the devil takes such liberties with distortion of facts. Why does he do it? To creat a political equity where none exists. for the dying minilik necromancy to claim a guardianship of the state whene the only threat for the state is coming from HATE spreading minilik necromancy group.
    3) MEDREK has no intent or power from preventing UDJ or another minilik idolatous group from participating anywhere. Now it is obvious to a six year old that we don’t consciously vote against our best interest and dislike those who dislike us. Texas won’t vote for a party that wants its dessoloution (holding everything equal of course). What MEDREK does is hold everything equal so that even if there is a protest vote, it would end up going to it rather than the minilik necromansists who would have no qualms about disolving all the federal regions.
    4) EPRDF and MEDREK believe that there is a national conscensus on the constitution same way as the Democratic & Republican patrties do in the United States. They however differ in what is important within a given time, intensity of effort on certain issuest etc. Like the neo-Natzi and communist parties of the united states, the minilik idolatry parties of Ethiopia want to oveturn the states as well re-write the constitution. In the United States these groups are never given a national platform. They are heavily monitored and media coverage is usually on the negative.
    5) UDJ left MEDREK stating irreconcilable differences the day Semayawi party had a demonstration. It suddenly found it burdensome to work on details. This happened a year or two ago. It didn’t just happen a few weeks ago when Negaso left UDJ.
    These are few facts that I have found to be missing or distorted in MK the greats otherwise sudductive piece. I hope MK drops his own parochial conditioning and look at these unity parties objectively for a day and compare them to the country that they want to lead. If he has any operations experience outside of the classroom he will understand the complexity and how childishly structured these groups are 4th or 5th level party consideration, as protest inputs is what I think they are good for.

  5. mohammad says:

    the question is why do unitary parties such as andnet, ginbot7 etc.. merge with ethnic based parties, the answer is one and only one, which is to fight the current government and bring it down, but what happen when that fails. they break up into pieces as there is no principle or political program binding these two groups so all the government has do is wait them out. the problem with the unitary group (messay group) is they mainly attract and represent one ethnic (amara), so instead of doing some thing about that (reforming), they took the short cut of merging with ethnic parties. so the bigger question is why is this unitary parties not attracting oromos, tigres, somalis etc etc.. and what can they do about it.

  6. Admasu Salale says:

    UDJ,SAMAWI,Mela Andnet are amhara ethnic parties.Why Amharas target others while they are persuing politics of Amhara chauvism and glorifying Minilik ii genocides agaist Oromos and south nationalities.
    In fact samawi,udj ,mela andnet should operate out side of Amhara kilil.Like Gimbot 7 they have declared war against nationalities.
    udj ,mela andnet /mela amhara andnet and Samawi fascsm of remainats of Dergue ,using their children have shown their true colour by glorifying Minilik genocides and their wish to comit crimes against humanity agin.
    Therefore MEDREK should avoid to associate with such ethnically based amhara fascsm attempting to use unity to return to power to form apartheid system of one language and one ethnic government as those before 1991.

  7. Mpa says:

    መድርክን የምናነግስበት ግዜ እንጂ የምናኮስስበት ግዜ አይደለም!!
    የሕዝቦች የራስን እድል በራስ የመወሰን መብት እስከ መገንጠል እስከ ተጠበቀ ሕብረ ብሔር ፓርቲ ኖረም አልኖረም የሀገሪቷ አንድነት አደጋ ላይ አይወድቅም!! በብሔር የመደራጀት መብትን የሚቃወም ሕብረ ብሔር ፓርቲ የብሔሮችን መብት ያከብራል ብሎ መጠበቅ የሚቻል አይሆንም::
    መቼም ኢትዮጵያን የሚጠላ ይጠላ ማለትን ባልደፍርም አንዳንዶች ለምን እንደጠሏት ግን መዘርዘር አያቅተኝም:: እኔ ከኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያዊነት ጋር ጥል ዬለኝም:: ሀገር ማለት ሕዝብ ነው መላው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ:: አዎ ሶማሌውም ሲዳማውም ዜይሴውም ኑዬሩም አርጎባውም ወዘተ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው:: የEPRDF ዘመን ከነሙስናው አፈናውና ወከባው ይህቺ ሀገር በሁሉም መልኩ እንድትሻሻል ማድረጉን መካድ አይቻለኝም:: በEPRDF የተገነባችው አዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያ ለሁሉም እኩል የሆነችበትን አዲስ መስመር ቀይሳለች ግን ጉዞውን መጨርስ ያቃታት ይመስላል:: ጠንካራ መሠረት ያለው አንድ የኢኮኖሚና የፖለቲካ ማህበረስብን መፍጠር የሚቻለው ሁሉም በራሱ ማንነት የሚገንባት ኢትዮጵያን እውን ማድረግ ስንችል ብቻ ነው:: ይሄ ደግም ካለ አንቀፅ 39 የሚታሰብም አይደለም:: ሁሉም በራሱ ማንነት የሚገነባትን አዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያን የመግንባቱ ጉዞ ፍጥነቱ ቢያዘግምም ግን ወደ ኋለ የሚመለስ አይደለም:: ዛሬ ገዥው ፓርቲ እንኳን ከዚህ መስመር መውጣትን ቢያስብ ፈፅሞ የማይቻል መሆኑን ሁሉም ሊገነዘበው ይገባል::
    ብዙውን ግዜ በሀግሪቷ አንድነት ላይ ድርድር ዬለንም የሚሉት ቡድኖች መነሻቸው ክልል ሦስት መሆኑን ሁሉም ይገነዘበዋል:: በአንድነት ሥም/ ሽፋን ከመንቀሳቀስ በአማራ ሥም በግልፅ ቢንቀሳቀሱና የጭቁኑን አማራ ሕዝብ ውክለው ለመብቱ ቢታገሉ እጅጉን መልካም ነው በዚህ መልኩ እንዲደራጁ የአዲስ አበባን ዋና ከተማነት ወደ ባህርዳር ማዘዋወሩ የሚሻል መሰለኝ: በዚህ ካረፉ ማለቴ ነው::
    በሥመ አንድነት ከመማማል መውጪያ ግዜው አሁን ነው:: የሀገሪቷን አንድነት የምናስጠብቀው ስለአንድነት ባለመድራደር ሳይሆን የብሔር ብሔረሰቦችን መብት በማስከበርና በማክበር ብቻ ነው:: መብቱን ላስከበረና ለተከበረለት ሕዝብ አብሮነትና አንድነት የመጀመሪያ ምርጫ ነው:: ይህንን መብት ከማያከብሩለት ኃይሎች ጋር በተቻለ መጠን ይደራደራል የማይታረቅ ሆኖ ከታየው ግን መለያየቱን መምረጥ የመጨርሻ ምርጫ ይሆናል:: መብቴንና ክብሬን የማትጠብቅ ኢትዮጵያን ለመግንባት ከሚሯሯጡ የአንድነት ኃይሎች ጋር ከመተባበር ኢትዮጵያን ለማፍረስ ከሚንቀሳቀሱ ኃይሎች ጋር መስራትን እመርጣልሁ:: አሮጊቷ ኢትዮጵያ ዳግመኛ እንድትገነባ የሚፈቅድ ሕዝብ ዛሬ ዬለም:: ለአንዳንዶች የቀደመው ግዜ ወርቃማ ግዜያቸው ነበረ! ስለሆንም ወደ በኋላ መመለስን ይመኛሉ:: ለሌሎች ደግሞ ዛሬ ወርቃማ ግዜያቸው ስለሆነ ወደኋላ መመለስን ፈፅሞ አይሹም::
    እነዚህ የ”አንድነት ወይም ሞት” ኃይሎች እንዲገባቸው የራስን ዕድል በራስ የመወሰን እስክ መግንጠል የሚለው አንቀፅን ለሕዝበ ውሳኔ ማቅረብ ነው/:: በተለይ በሶማሊያ አፋር ደቡብ ኦሮሚያና ትግራይ ክልል በ99.99% ድጋፍ የሚያግኝ ይመስለኛል:: የዚህን አንቀፅ ይዘት እርግፍ አድርጋችው ተውት ማለት ኢትዮጵያን አፈራርሷት ከማለት አይተናነስም:: ዛሬ ባለችው ኢትዮጵያ ባዳነት/መጤነት የሚሰማው ኢትዮጵያዊ ያለ አይመስለኝም:: ዛሬ በብሄር ማንነትህ ቋንቋ ወይም ኃይማኖትህ አትሸማቀቅም:: ግን በፖለቲካ አከባቢ ያለው ነፃነት ተሻሽለዋል ማለትን አልደፍርም የፖለቲካ ነፃነቱንም በአንድ ጀንበር እንቀይራለን ማለትም ይከብዳል:: በተለይም ሕገ መንግስቱን እንቀይራለን ከሚል የፖለቲካ ፓርቲ ጋር እንዴት በነፃነት መሥራት ይቻላል? ለነገሩ ሕገ መንግስቱንም የተቀበሉት በነፃነት ተንቀሳቅሰው መሰራት አልቻሉም(የፖለቲካው ምህዳር ዛሬም ትናንትም ጠባብ ነው ከትናንት ግን ዛሬ ይሻላል ከዛሬ ደግሞ ነጌን መሻሉ አይቀሬ ነው)::
    ይሄ የራስን እድል በራስ መወስን መብት ኦሮሚያ ወስጥ ያጎናፀፈውን መብት በምሳሌ ላስረዳ:- ትናንት በተለይም በአፄዎቹ ዘመን በኦሮሚኛ ቋንቋ መፃፍን መማርን ስለሞከሩ ብቻ ሰዎች በኦሮሞነታቸው ታሰረዋል ተሰደዋል ተገለዋል; ልብ በሉ በብሄር ማንነት ብቻ ሰዎች ተጠልተዋል ተሰድበዋል ተሰደዋል ተገለዋል ጡታቸውም እጃቸውም ተቆርጧል:: ለዚህም ነው ትልቅ ነበርን ትልቅም እንሆናለን ከሚሉት የአሮጊቷ ኢትዮጵያውያ ደጋፊና ናፋቂዎች ጋር የማንሰማማው:: ዛሬ ግን የራስህን ቋንቋና ባህል ከማሳደግም አልፎ በራስ ቋንቋ መተዳደር ተችሏል:: በአጠቃላይ ዛሬ በኦሮሚያ ምድር ላይ በኦሮሞነትህ የሚደርስብህ አንዳች ግፍ ዬለም ግን በኦነግነትህ ወይም ኦፌኮነት ትታሰር ትሰደድ ይሆናል:: (ኦነግነት በአሸብሪነት ማስጠየቁን ባቅም ኦፌኮነት ግን ለምን?)
    የራስን ዕድል በራስ መወሰን እስከ መገንጠልን መደገፍ ገንጣይ ተገንጣይነት ሊያሰጥ አይገባውም ይልቅ ለሀገሪቷ አንድነት መጠበቅ ከሚጠበቀው በላይ ወሳኝና አስፈላጊያችን ነው:: የሀገሪቷን አንድነትና የሕዝቦችን አብሮነት አደጋ ላይ የሚጥለው ይህንን አንቀፅ ለማፍረስ የተንቀሳቀስን ቀን ነው:: የቀድሞ ሥረዓት ናፋቂዎች ይህንን አንቀፅ የሚቃወሙት ለህዝቦች ጥቅም ሳይሆን ለራሳቸው ሥልጣን ሲሉ ብቻ ነው:: አንዳንድ የዛሬዎቹ EPRDF አዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያ ማለትን ፈርተው ትልቅም ነበርን ትልቅም እንሆናለን ማለትን ጀምሯል ይሄ ግን ዬትም አያደርሳቸውም የEPRDF ችግሩ መስመሩ ወይም ሕገ መንግስቱና ፖሊሲው ላይ ሳይሆን በቁርጠኝነት ማስፈፀሙ ላይ ነው::
    መድርክ አባል ድርጅቶቹን በዲሞክራሲያዊ እኩልነት ላይ ተመስርቶ ማደራጀቱን በዚሁ ከቀጠለ ይህችን ሀገር ወደ ፊት በፕረዚደንታዊ ሥረዓት ሊመራት የሚችል ጠንካራ ፓርቲ ይወጣዋል:: እውነቱን ለመናገር ከሆነ በመጪው ምርጫም በሕዝብ ዘንድ በፖለቲካ ብስለቱ ሠፊ ተቀባይነት እንደሚኖረውና የአራት ኪሎውን መሪ ቢጨብጥ አሳምሮ መንዳት የሚችል ይመስለኝል ሳያንጠባጥብ::
    I am Oromo first but Ethiopia is my supreme identity!!!

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