ARTICLE 19 says its staffer detained in Ethiopia


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10 Responses

  1. Ghidey Zeratsion says:

    Hailemariam Desalegn’s adminstration need to start cutting down on drunk officials spoiled elites acting as if they are above the law otherwise this road Ethiopia is following will be a record high massacre road. Meles Zenawi backed by Shabiya stole the leadership of TPLF from me, When I was leading TPLF before most members of TPLF were checked for discipline and thought they are not above the law. When Meles stole the front’s direction he made sure every single associates were into alcohol drinking among many other mind altering substances now it is widely spread throughout the country making the country the #1 dangerous place for safety. Hailemariam Desalegn need to bring professionals to tackle the problem at once.

    • derebew says:

      Ho gracious God, thanks for delivering us from this fool.

      • Ghidey says:

        I don’t see what is so funny about an issue that needs to be adressed to save the heroes from complete destruction. The high blood pressure , high cholestrol , hiv and so on are all the result of the ill intentioned poison Shabiya had imbeded in the TPLF elites. We are seeing the Sodomists Ansebas trying to contaminate the whole young TPLF’s kids all over the world. We are finding many TPLF kids are into same sex relatinships in college and after college in diaspora. Hailemariam Desalegn is so blinded with the good things Meles did during his leadership he is not taking the necessary steps to correct the Meles’s admistration side effects brought upon Ethiopians. This is a serious issue that need to be adressed quickly unless you are under some influence yourself you should be able to see the sertiousness of the matter ,not laugh about it like it is a COMEDY HOUR.

        • tesfay says:

          Thanks for revealing what a sore looser you are. You are so pathetic even after all this years you are still holding grudges for been outsmarted by a young intelligent man name Meles . Clearly you have some serious problem so let me give you my unsolicited free advice : if you have to blame anything /anyone for the dire situation you are in, it’s your utter stupidity and your inability to learn anything. Seek professional help!

  2. Tn. says:

    Hmmmm. I think this is the organization that EPRDF sympathizers were jolting as an organization tied to an old man high on Karl Pooper’s utopia of open-society. Whatever the case might be with this International NGO, its members arrest or deportation doesn’t exonerate the government or the “free media” from their own respective contradictions.
    The “free media” violated its duties of reporting by totally ignoring coverage to any of MEDREK’s events, both from informing the public about date and place of events (this after MEDREK officially sent them event announcement dates, times and venue information) and coverage of the event after the fact. If the “free media” picks and chooses and negates important events then it can be said that it is no longer free but tied to a certain utopian ideology.
    EPRDF was in full blown contradiction against its own “democratic developmental state” dictum in its harassment of barely functioning MEDREK in the south and open derg type denunciation of ARENA packed with “yiwdem” slogans. If someone doesn’t understand the significance of a mindset set on “yiwdem” and its difference with democracy then there is a huge gap. It is as if the corrupt within EPRDF have totally hijacked the operation side of the front while the
    purists are set as toys that appear infront of the camera. Is the deportation of Article 19 tied to this group? Only time will tell but I have no doubt that those who would impart covert mercy killing of the corrupt will insue in the aftermath. Alas, mercy killing might be the only thing that will save EPRDF, the nation, the budding opposition and Democratic Developmental ideals.

  3. viva EPRDF says:

    now that election is approaching some are snooping around to take the opportunity .this time the mercenary spy and ground cleaner was Kenyan .

    Ethiopia does not allow any imported democracy .


  4. Sofia says:

    Thank you, Ethiopia!

    Keep out fake “non-profit” human rights trash from fundraising $$$ by badmouthing Africa…Let them work in their own country!

  5. derebew says:

    This bull. Which country in the world allows an agitator and trouble instigator enter it’s territory? Why didn’t he ask for proper permit and entry visa if he had a legitimate business in Ethiopia? If he was entering clandestine who is sponsoring him? Who is paying for his intrusion and illegal activities against a sovereign nation? His complaint of being detained in the airport is laughable. Doesn’t he know there are a lot of people detained in airports and border crossings of the USA, Canada and other western countries if they break the law such as lying about the purpose of their trip, or being involved in un permitted/illegal activities. .
    If he had a business that involves the UN, how come he didn’t have a proper document or paper from the UN or diplomatic status?
    This sell out, a servant of his yesteryear masters is probably working for the instigators of colour revolution. The Ethiopian government should have thrown him into the dungeons and throw the key.

  6. syd says:


  7. Alula says:

    Good job EPRDF! These western NGOs, journalists ….aren’t there for the sake of freedom & democracy, but to stop Ethiopia from growing on its own principles! We see how many people are dying because of them in the fake revolution the caused everywhere ,& how much destruction countries like, Ukraine , Lydia , Egypt … Have they caused!

    They shouldn’t have any right to dictate our country! Never let the Kenyan guy to Ethiopia again unless he apologize for interfering in our affairs!

    God bless the EPRDF!
    God bless Ethiopia!

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