Must-read: Woubshet Taye’s article from Ziway


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5 Responses

  1. Habesha says:

    Webshet am sorry Rip you father

  2. Sam says:

    How right could have been had Woubshet been given a chance to bury his father? It would have been just right. I would have never expected such gesture from the EPDRF’s government. Neither do Woubshet. He made a comparison how Hirut was treated by the Derg under the same circumstances than he was treated by EPDRF. But that comparison could not be made. True, there was the “we’ versus “them” mentality during the military’s regime as is now under EPDRF’s. But the context is different. The Derg and EPRP have never questioned each other’s commitment to their country. In other words they see each other as Ethiopians with different political outlooks. It is totally different with EPDRF. In the current government’s politics Ethiopia’s interest comes, if ever it comes, after the ethnic groups’ interest. So it does not matter whether Woubshet cares about Ethiopia to the EPDRF politicians. It matters so if his belief shows more the interest of the country than the ethnic groups. In that case he is a man who is against the foundation of the political system of the regime. An enemy. And he is being treated as such. That is what really happened. No surprise there. The EPDRF politicians keep saying the foundation of a strong Ethiopia is having the “equality” of ethnic groups. Who decides what “equality” means in this context? The ethnic politics elites who have an invested interest promoting it. However, the majority of Ethiopians of every ethnic group live in economic depression. They are benefiting nothing from the corrupt politics. Just ask the Tigreans in whose name a few families are crowned. They do not have any love left to ethnic politics. That proves the ever-growing popularity of the “Arena” party in Tigray. Given time as the foundation of EPDRF was born in Tigray so does its disintegration in my opinion.

  3. Tn. says:

    I am not sure what this individual is accused of. I don’t know the specifics. I however know the exact blog that eskinder was sent to jail for. I think of that blog and how trevial it was compared to what is outright published in the newspapers now, I can’t stop but wonder if the imprisonment was because of the timing rather than the specifics of what is written. If I remember correctly, the administration was concerned of the Arab uprising expanding into Ethiopia and as such, the barometer was the change to the vital signs of the PM rather than the actual script. Had anyone sneezed to cause a vital sign change…then out to makelawi! Since this dude was sent to prison at around the same time, his case might just as well trivial.
    I just don’t know how long the administration will continue with this bad tempo. Too many prisoners is bad karma. Brings generational curse.

  4. kebede says:

    ‘በመጨረሻ ማለት የምፈልገው፣ እባካችሁ የኢትዮጵያዊነትን መሰረቶች አትሸርሽሩ፡’ አየ ውብሸት! የሰዎቹ የመጀመሪያና የመጨረሻ ግብ ምን ሆነና….

  5. axumawe says:

    I blive you are, you.
    that means you don’t represent any body !
    I am proud Ethiopiawe. I am respect full to the rules and law of the nation .
    but if I start to mangle with the wrights, I may have joined you. this freedom and civil rights have came with heavy life scarifies of the martyrs of my Ethiopia. but some one
    like you never appreciated it, so sad to see traitors like you.
    you belong where you are, you disserve it sack it up !!!
    we Ethiopians are free and happy some of you’s may not happen that is reality.

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