Ethiopia: Defense Ministry Ready to Protect the Grand Renaissance Dam


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19 Responses

  1. D says:

    That’s all I’m talking about. you gotta reassure ethiopian people that we’re ready to defend any attach that might come a cross. way to go defense minister, Sirij.

  2. w .yilma says:

    This is not the time to talk. The time needs preparation for the worst, and mobilizing the public to be ready to stand and protect the territorial integrity of the country. Egyptian junta is bribing and supplying western and american based right and environmental self appointees groups with finance to do their dirty job against the GERD. An example is the recent publication of the so called International River Networks, based in the USA. I remember during the Eritrean aggression, may, 1998, the then ministry of defense, guaranteed the parliament about the capability of the Ethiopian defense force. within a week a tiny and weak country,Eritrea managed to infiltrate to Ethiopian territory, easily. That history should not be repeated. Egyptian will never and ever win the war with us if they started, but they can cause damage to our economy. War from the distance is not worthy and the cost the logistics will not be an easy. Their aim is to weaken Ethiopia by proxy, using Eritrea and others. For Egyptians as a whole Ethiopian development is a threat. that is what they want stop, and they are not alone. I truly believe no western country want to see, African development, in particular Ethiopia. They need weak government to promote their Geo-political agendas. Please, Africans in particular Ethiopians wake up! The Egyptian junta get support not only from Fanatic Arabs, but also from the west. All The American and western based right or whatever they call themselves as environmentalist, they will stand with Egypt. They care more for Egyptians who has never been and will not be their friends, in terms of ideology or religion. They appreciate the dam built in the 50’s in the plain sand desert than the Ethiopian dam built in most reliable soil, built with the knowledge of the 21st centuries.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  3. Tn. says:

    Yes of course. We had forgotten what defense does in that they are now walking factory floors with military boots and full military regalia. Is it a Mishap, negligence, contempt? Don’t know but I know that the factory floor deserves it’s due respect with it’s own proper protocol attire, regalia and needn’t borrow it from the military baracks.
    How about planning cost reduction negotiations with Djibouti as well? Djibouti is part of Ethiopia. So too, they are addicted to khat and a significant amount of there food comes from Ethiopia. They have two clans, Ethiopia is the largest military but all terms are dictated to Ethiopia because the military can’t use all these strangulating factors, plot intrigue etc., to get us to the proper fee of 500k a yearnflat rate.
    The relationship with Djibouti is too cozy for comfort. Heck Djibouti can be taking all the revenue from GERD by just increasing the fee.

  4. mezgebe says:


  5. john says:

    good job eprdf !!!!

  6. yohannes says:

    Well, ethiopians should be ready for ever thing.
    1. Arabs , spescially Egytian think Africans are are not capable to do any thing by themselves, it is true in one sense because they had always Sudans and Eritrean slaves until now.
    2. Muslim Africans are producte of slave trade of Arabs, and still they are pretending what they are not. See in Ethiopia, kenya, somalia , Tanzania, Nigeria.
    3. Egyptians can note do nothing against ethiopia with out muslim slaves of Africa. Boko Haram is good example to finish the Chrisianes in Nigeria.
    Egyptians can not do direct war with Ethiopia indirect war yes.
    they can invest in some notable Africans or leaders without the knowlege of the local people the real intention of egyptians to destroy thier country. Eritreans they did and they are doing, south Sudan have already started. The Sudans the best Arab slaves they are there too.
    the African saves of the west and Arabs are distroying the people of Africa by creating confusion and blocking Africans to grow.
    Africans should be carfull of thier muslims and the slaves of the westen countries some of them they want to eat spagetti and humberger than thier grand father traditionsl food

  7. Sam says:

    I agree with the Defense minister that Egypt’s starting war to stop the construction of the dam is “quite low.” But I disagree with his bravado that the Defense department “is prepared to shield the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) from any attacks.” If Egypt chooses to sabotage the dam, conventional war is not the means she uses. What some Egyptian politicians suggested during the previous regime should serve to show the game plan. What they relied upon was in their ability to downgrade the foundation of the dam by flying planes and tossing out materials appropriate to the purpose. Let us say the Ethiopian Defense could stop one or two such transgressions. But could it be in position to monitor such transgression non-stop? For an advanced country like Israel that is possible. But for the government of Ethiopia I say it will be a herculean task. The best option Ethiopia has had is to win diplomatically. And that still is possible.

    • momo says:

      go to hell you’re nothing but coward Arab chihuahua little dog and in the same time come to Ethiopia with your master try again you know what i mean bum loser

    • Marrk11 says:

      take your diplomacy and shove it up your ass, Ethiopia has kicked Egypt’s ass in the past and it can do it again checked Ethiopia’s history!!

  8. Hermi says:

    “Mutual trust is the basis; mutual benefit is the objective; equality is the guarantee; and coordination is the means.” Kinfe Abraham (RIP brother)

  9. chala addis says:

    the option for Egypt is only to chose equitable and fair usage of the Nile water among the concerned countries

  10. Yene says:

    What is this so called Ethiopia’s defence minstry good for?
    Let us bring up the Badme war for instance all the defence minstry did was provide weapons and bad leadership. Even the defence minster ended up in prison for his bad leadership. Ethiopia lost almost double the amount of human lifes than the eritreans due to the Commander in Chief and Defence Minstry strategy to send soldiers into war without adequate training. Ethiopia got three times more injured soldiers than Eritrea which the defdence minstry do not even acknowledge thenm let alone give them any disability assistance. All the minstry did was provide propoganda to recruit , pay them good salary which made the poor very initiated which the salary was discontinue by the end of the Madme war and later on the TPLF generals started a Metals & Engineering Corp., an Ethiopian military-run corporation which is in desperate need of markets to sell it’s products. I hope the so called Defence minstry members who had been geting free food (for their whole family for the last decade or more) , geting paid good for just siting on their bottom and investing in EFFORT and/or the Weapon corporations. Monopolizing the economy while Ethiopia’s land is shrinking in the rate not seen in a century will finally send their own diaspora college kids to the war rather than the weak Ethiopians poor.

    • Tn. says:

      Ditto, I get a sick feeling when I think of Defense. It is as if they are trained to act as an occupying force, they flaunt their gear to let you know. The attitude starts right at the top from Samora Yunis and cascades down. I hope this feeling is mine only but I am kind of certain that it is pervasive in society. I hope somebody does a survey and compare the likeability/belongingness of the Ethiopia millitar and egyptian military to their respective peoples.

      In generally I see two main functions for the Ethiopian defense forces. 1) making sure that infrastructure is a competitive advantage both regionally and globally. These include a) ambient temp/pressure activated nuclear waist barrels past GRED as a deterrent b) a regime change mindset and intensified covert operations in Djibouti and Eritrea.
      2) restoring the eroded sense of belonging and safety of the
      Ethiopian people. Benchmark is the Israeli military where they flew thousand of miles to rescue a few of their citizens from entebe. In the same fashion, the Ethiopian military should have extended operations to protect the passage way of Ethiopians when they go out to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. The deserts, the seas should be covertly controlled by africa’s biggest army and should be the pride of the men and women that find themselves at temporay odds with the employment situation in ethiopa.

      Nothing personal but I don’t for a minute think that the above two objectives will happen under the leadership of Samora Yunis.

      1) infrastructure is

  11. Mot Le Woyane says:

    I still don’t get the reason why the dam was erected at the border of Sudan where potential treat is imminent.
    When they say Ethiopia is ready to protect the dam I don’t know what they really mean and I don’t really know which Ethiopia they are talking about, because there is no more Ethiopia under the rule of Woyane. TPLF purposely dismantled Ethiopian nationalism and substituted with ethnic chauvinism.

  12. yared says:

    My issue with the actual so called Ethiopian defense force is what motivates its day to day activities. Is it love for a country or love for money? All the time that I have heard about this army is that it sits in the midst of the population, consuming and finishing their resources; it also interferes with other’s businesses taking over business institutions built by hard working Ethiopians. But when it comes to serving its purpose it totally derails from its obviously expected mandate which is to protect the people against any attack from abroad and uphold the law of the land. What I hear is that that the army is conspiring against and backstabbing its people to serve few Ethnic based political parties with an agenda to transform Ethiopia to their own imagination. What the army needs to understand is that whatever number and variety of armaments and human force its boasts upon there will always be a more powerful army that can squash it like a roach. The poor Ethiopian people maybe an easy opponent to crush for the actual so called Ethiopian defense force, but the mighty Xcjflweunbis army is what it should really be prepared to fight against rather than doing its day to day corrupt and unethical businesses and crimes against the Ethiopian people.

  13. Faysal says:

    Dear Mot,
    the dam is erected at that particular spot:
    1. The Nile has several tributaries and all the Nile water comes together at that point. More water – more power!
    2. It is in a gorge, it is naturally most suited and cheapest to erect a dam there.
    3. Very few people live in the area, therefore no need to relocate large amount of people.

  14. Ermias says:

    The voice at Meskel square is more stronger than the voice at Tahrir square. Trust me guys the dam construction will be completed on time and WE Ethiopians are now extremely united ever before to the dam construction.
    Pls EEPRDF be on top of the security issues and I know you can easily handle it!
    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  15. Abreham says:

    Dear Egyptian brothers and sisters one thing what you should thing is about Ethiopian readiness to fight against poverty, however we together with our defense forece can efficiently defend our GERD from any anti-development force. You Egyptian why don’t you look for other water opptions like your huge ground water in the West and you can also desalinate Meditranian sea. Why you prefer to deniy this fact and want to convice the world as you have only Nile for your servival. We begin to finish!

  16. Andualem says:

    what ever cost it demands we will sacrify for the grand reinassence dam. It a very interesting project that can bring change to all Ethiopians,therefore;we have to unite in all matter until the project is going to be complited.

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