Goran Stevanović fails to reach deal to coach Ethiopian national team


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8 Responses

  1. Lemlem says:

    He sounds racist; In the first place, we buy from outside instead of empowering locals. He does not have the right attitude to train our people. Kick him out and let him go where he come from.

  2. mekdes says:

    He want to coach from abroad like DIASPORAS POLITICIANS. He has to settle in Ethiopia to coach the team otherwise MENGEDUN CHERK YARGLET.

  3. Oz. says:

    Ay habesh, hulum ye africa hageroch ferenj aseltagn yizew habeshochis lemin yikribachew…huh? But I dont think Ethiopian national team have any problem with the couch, the biggest fucking problem Is with the players, they are not that good in football naturally,they cant dedicate their mind to football 100% Probably half of them are thinking how they can ask asylem In other countries when they go there to play 😉 Its only the future who can solv that problem, until then… Yabesachun engide 😉

  4. Zemene Mesafint says:

    Soccer is an international language. That is what anyone would think. According to resources from inside the language barrier was not an issue the main issue they could not resolve was commision payment to the Minstry authorities to get hired. Ethiopia’s authorities justified demand for bribe justifying it to him that he will get publicity from this job and he should consider this job as an investement for future fame rather than a money generating job. They wanted a huge percentage share from his take home pay which he didnot agree to. they are still hoping he will change his mind after the anti-gay demonstration passes in early May. For now he is afraid for his safety to head to ethiopia they assumed. Eventhough the city of Addis Ababa had said there will be no safety issue in the April 6th anti gay demonstration many are preparing for the worst. US citizens are told to stay in for that day. But Ethiopia’s government is listing many reasons that the demonstration should be held regardless the safety issue. Hepatitis is killing more Ethiopians than Menengitis , yellow fever , malaria , polio and typhoid combined.

    To curb this hepatitis epidemic we need to educate people of every race, religion and sex the dangers associated with homosexuality not only after death but the dangers in life.

    Suicide rate in Ethiopia is at the highest percentage in the Ethiopia’s history.

    ETHIOPIA is the 30th highest hiv/aids death rate percentage reported country in the world .

    Ethiopia cannot afford to just sit and watch homosexuality continue like it did for the past 20+ years while 66 persons of every 100,000 Ethiopians are dieing of HIV/AIDS.
    Woyanes Back to Zemene mesafint leadership did not benefit the mass except bring them misery and death. The mass dies of so many things that the Woyane allowed to be practiced by ghiving a blind eye as long as it didnot happen near to their family members. Woyane followed the Zemene Mesafint ideology letting the people go free into Khat and homosexuality. Only in Tigray state Ethiopia Khat is not allowed because Meles Zenawi’s race tigrayans are under the close watch of ethiopia’s federal support, the rest they didn’t care about.If it wasn’t for the diasporas remittance money Ethiopia would be in complete Zemene Mesafint time.

  5. Tn. says:

    First thank you awrambatimes for allowing space to hear the voice of the readers. I think u have a winning model as opposed to ethiomedia and others who stick to the premitive and dull model of few unchallenged writters force-feeding the customer.
    As to this news….I think there is something wrong with the entire concept of a black man asking a white dude to teach him how to play. If it was about machines, carpentry or even how to be organized to make machines…then there is no one better on this good earth than the white man. But a game? Then the problem has to be the game itself. If the game was in shorter fields, lighter balls and spanned for 3 to 4 hrs., and renamed marathon soccer would we still need a white man to teach? I doubt it! And the stamina countries
    Including china, japan, Arabs even India will have a better chance of winning and be engaged in a game played in a similar fashion as we grew up playing. Honestly speaking soccer as it is played now is the dullest thing on the planet and no wonder Germans are amongst the most winningest teams on earth, not to mention that they make the shoes and the ball as well
    Rewrite the game to accommodate how the bigger market plays it. Marathon soccer is the wave of the future. Let the chinese design the shoe, sol rebel make it, dibbaba’s brand and market it. Screw addids and Nike. It is a new century of questioning all the norms.

  6. Ilula lemma says:

    Why the Ethiopia football federation use the budget assigned to the foreign coach to erect another ANULE monument in Finfine(Addis ababa) stadium with a better version of ANULE with pussy added this time(in addition to hand and breast).That may make WOYANNE HAPPY. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Dannie-Boy says:

      wow wow wow …; people people…; that is a shame… have you thought of the site might wrong..? The guy is already signed… what you have to say for yourselves Now?

  7. Zeleman says:

    Endiawe gerem yemele newe negeru hulu. Eskie ahune ande aseletagne be wore 30,000usd mekefelu tegebe newe? mechem yejemerenewene yaleemecherese(mekeshefe as per prof.) eregeman enje the best and ideal way for our football is the following;
    1. Respectful Sewnet Beshaw will be independent advisor + Player searcher from allcorners of Ethiopia + Give him a team of is own so that he will follow young projects at regions,gives training to coach an recommend new players from the young.
    2. Choose habesha coaches/instructors and give them a chance
    3. Send young coaches for international coaching training in collaboration with different European countries.(lack of capability/smartness newe enje the government can ask 10 countries for post graduate scholarship/knowledge sharing then sen 20 coaches…then you will have world class coaches
    4. Per month 30,000usd per year 360,000usd newe per two years degmo 720,000 newe Ande international coaching training yemewosedewe be average 50,000usd benele enkwane 14 sewe enasetemerebetalene, gobeze be birr eko sesela ye hulete amete wochewe eko 14million birr newe enkwane lememaria be 14millon birr ye football coaching schoolanekefetem endie be hulete amete? endie esekeziehe “Bahere Helenachenene” ena magenazebiachenene yetegnawe jebe beletobene newe semaye chelema newe yemenelewe?(esate woye abebane getem manebebe alebachehu EFF guys) Areqene enasebe behulum zerefe aqem kelele degmo arefo meqemete newe ….!!!!!!

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