Spotlight on ethnic composition of Ethiopian Defense Forces


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8 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    I read about the quota. I am not impressed. Rarely, if ever, does it matter whether the rank-and-file military composition parallels that of the ethnic groups or not. They are foot soldiers. They do not make decisions. They do not reward or deny anyone based on being from the same village or not. The generals’ number, however, does matter. But the defense minister conveniently withheld the important information Ethiopians want know. Not that Ethiopians do not know who run the show. They do. But they want to hear it from Siraj. He did not volunteer to part with that information. Not only he but also the Parliament members did not dare to ask the ethnic composition of the military leaders. Is that because that they know who run the shoe like the great majority of Ethiopians and did not see a need to ask a question that they know the answer for? Or is that before Siraj took the podium a memo was circulated within which stated do not dare to ask that specific question? I say it is the latter.

    • Abiy says:

      wow what was your quest in the first place? I mean if the equitable military ethnic elite compositions was in place # If it is out of genuine concern is geared towards the formation of one economic social and political community it is on the way slowly but surely but if it is wishing for the demise of the regime it won’t happen at all in your watch. I simply suspect when I read between the lines your aspiration is the later rather than the former merely because you appear in haste to c that happen .It will take its course. Simple knowledge suffices to be mindful that you can not make a general before you have a colonel; a colonel before a major and so on…..The way Rome we see now was not built in one day.I challenge you are not genuine in your concern albeit othervwishful outcome

      • selam says:

        You would wish to ask for time for 100 years. Unfortunately for you, the generals are old and dying. And then we will see your next excuse… 20 years is more than enough if one is deliberate.

  2. Tn. says:

    Wow, a military composed in the same proportions as G7 with Bole residing, cheese cake eating generals who long want to forget the bad old days. This proportion says “I don’t care/worry for the longevity of the federal system so long as I get to enjoy the best of the pastries that finfine has to offer”. We need more recruting and fast track of Tullema Boys. So called south will go either way so don’t count on them too much. When push comes, it is Tigre and Oromo who have sacrificed and have a do-or-die stake with the system and as such the military recruitment and promotion has to be done accordingly. Ferociously independent and individualistic Tullema never come to a fold easily but once they believe on a cause, their respective place in it, you can’t turn them around that easily either. Twenty years of hesitation, I think it is time now to recruit more from this region.

  3. nv says:

    Dear Sam,

    So how can they increase the number of Generals and Colonels from other ethinic groups? In time isn’t it?You can’t promote some one just for the sake of quotas. One should be qualified to be a general or colonel. You can’t compromise the National security for the sake of quota correction. The people on the top are most qualified as they have been at war before and when EPRDF came to power promoted through the years. It is a very good to have this quota system for now, in the long run when these soldiers get promotions the top position is going to be also fairly distributed. So please let’s try to see things from the positive side and learn to appreciate instead of only criticizing.

  4. Sam says:

    nv: your argument makes sense say if it was argued fifteen years ago. Is twenty-three years is not more than enough to produce able generals from every ethnic groups? I say it is. I detest quotas. In fact, that is the very reason I used the word. The EPDRF government populated the government highest office with people of mediocre performance just to brag about how every ethnic group share equal privilege in governance. When it comes to the military and security the government makes the same argument that you are making now. How many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and many other professionals Ethiopia has produced for the last twenty-three years? I could argue many. But why it has become difficult to have new generals? By the way, nv, to get able generals they should not necessarily be battle tested. There are countries who never waged war, but have generals. My personal opinion is despite what we hear how the four fronts which formed EPDRF think the same politics the fact is there is no complete unity among the four. That proves more the lack of having new generals than any other explanation.

  5. Demeke says:

    Despite the spectacular achievement of the current Ethiopian government, and the progress made in the political and economic arena, it’s becoming a challenge to shake off the perceived and actual ethnic disparity and the overt and covert control of power by one ethnic group. If the current leaders really care about their children(future generation), who will be growing up in ethnically integrated country, they must work hard to get rid of this perception. I think the vision and legacy of the late PM Meles and most Tigriyan leaders can only be sustained through generation, when the majority of Ethiopians feel that they can have the same future irrespective of their ethnicity. Otherwise, when the wave of dissatisfaction turns to anger, the victims of the public wrath will be those children who were perceived by the public as privileged.
    May God give wisdom to leaders!

  6. Mekdes says:

    Sam and G7 talkative members and friends of Birhanu Nega Bonger. You guys left the country when it needs you and living in western your luxurious life while those Generals who fought for the freedom of all Ethiopians, bleeding for the country. After they built the country from scratch you want to take over their success in black mailing them. I remember one of Derg Leutnant Sissay Agena’s friend Federal police member Fasil Yenealem asking one of the heroes of Ethiopia. But the General shared him “if you are a man come and ask me that question” this kind of answer they deserve those cowards who has no respect for the heroes. You don’t earn Position of General with talk on the radio but with your deeds. Those people earned this post by their heroism. Ethiopia has the best army in Africa because of its military. It will not be given to you by quota, it will be given to you by your long service. We have seen Derg Generals when they give the information of their country for women and Tire Siga for Shabiya. You guys are trying to create division in military by giving false information to your likes. But the fact is Ethiopia is better of than Derg time in Military, thanks for those Generals and soldiers. The soldiers also get to that ranking position when the time comes. Those Generals are also Ethiopians. Thanks for your Service Defense Minister Sirag Fegesa.

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