9 civilians shot dead as unknown armed men open fire in Benishangul


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13 Responses

  1. john says:

    what a sad news !!!

  2. dawa says:

    the thing am dying to have is the shooters alive together with awaze and few sharp knives

  3. Yasferal says:

    They tell us Ethiopian defense is capable of defending GERD from Egypt yet they can’t even stop a few bandits from terrorizing workers and possibly sabotaging the project itself..given the fact that one of the many Egyptian cards are to sabotage the dam through their proxies, there is every reason to worry they might succeed…Yasferal:

  4. Mekdes says:

    I think these might be the coordinated attacks on the Abay Dam. Those anti peace elements are trying to stop unstoppable. These elements are paid by Egyptians and Eritrea. I have heard that 8 of them have been caught immediately after they committed the crime. I have confidence that the police force will be able to do what ever it can to find out the responsible parties. I am afraid there might be a lot of arrest coming soon on ESAT collaborators. Those coward terrorists why the don’t attack the soldiers instead of innocent civilians, if they are brave enough.

  5. Tn. says:

    The picture doesn’t look like a picture of a bus. Looks more like a Toyota 4WD to me. Also seems senseless in that if it is a recognition that the gun men are seeking, why they have not made a claim yet? If they have not made a claim then these had to be specific targets (workers at GERD, personnel linked to the recent Gold discovery etc). Either way it is not complete coverage of the issue thus hard to have an opinion.
    May the victims RIP

  6. Gayint,Gondar says:

    Ethiopia the 14th highest violence plagued country in the world. This is just one of the many violent incidents that happen to make news while the rest go unreported for attracting foreign support in aid and say Ethiopia is safe.Many people were dis[laced fron that region due to hate crime and genocide.

    Ethiopia b/n 2000-2005 :2 713 000 people were born.

    Between years 2005-2010:2 619 000 people were born significantly less than the previous five years.

    Birth rate continue to decline while death rate continues to climb up.

    As per 2007 Population and Housing Census of Ethiopia [8]
    Region Urban TFR Rural TFR Total TFR (U+R)
    Ethiopia (Country Total) 2,220 4,650 4,160
    Urban rural U+R
    Tigray Region 2,915 4,905 4,440
    Affar Region 2,440 2,000 2,075
    Amhara Region 2,135 4,540 4,175
    Oromia Region 2,635 5,235 4,845
    Somali Region 2,175 1,985 2,010
    Benishangul – Gumuz Region
    3,005 4,800 4,520

    S.N.N.P Region 2,750 4,715 4,495
    Gambella Region 2,725 2,930 2,885
    Harari Region 1,725 4,725 2,885
    Addis Ababa City Administration 1,485 – 1,485
    Dira Dawa City Administration 2,155 5,455 2,985
    Region 17 3,210 2,585 2,845

    Ethiopia regions english.png

    Literacy in Ethiopia only 42.7% can read and write where during the previous regime it was close to 99% that read and write.

    Currently from age 15 and over that can read and write and write out of total population: 42.7% male: 50.3% female: 35.1% (2003 est.

  7. Mario says:

    Here we go again. A do it your self and another cycle of lie.

    We have enough of that kind of news. No such news will ever sink the ears and brains of Ethiopians.

    It is an old and tired trick to distract us from our regional and national burning issues.

    Feel sorry for the dead and their loved ones.

  8. Welayta says:

    I am sure shabia give training and support this terrorist group

  9. Nur says:

    Annonymous Opposition parties informants said the names and professions of the dead is hidden because they were working for the regional government as spies to deport other races specially the Amharas out of Benishangul Gumuz region . This is a retaliation for the continuous deportation of Amharas from the region.

  10. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Now this is a no-no. Killings of any civilian or any human being for political reasons should be condemned at all times. Also causing to any infrastructures should be considered off limits and deemed to be anti-development and therefore anti-people. After all said and done, infrastructures and their equipment including vehicles belong to the people who use them. This is a work of cowards whoever perpetrates them. This is the destructive actions used to be taken by former Eritrean and Somali insurgents(Those who fought Ziad Barre) in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. They used to blow up oil refineries, roads and bridges most of the time for the sake of publicity or to just get a ‘high’ from it. They used to go in trance whenever BBC talked about it. I remember once when I was a college student in the Middle East during the late 1960’s when one of my friends Mehari, an Eritrean high school student, jumping up and down after hearing a BBC broadcast in which we heard Eritrean rebels ‘captured’ and destroyed a bus carrying civilians en route to Asmara. When I asked Mehari what was any good in destroying civilian bus, his justification was that the government has lost the countryside and it was then in control of the rebels. Go figure!!! If this is done by elements in the ruling regime or any one fighting it, someone is doing it by the playbook written long time ago by this self-proclaimed ‘Horn-of-Africa Redeemer’ hailing from Asmara. It is a shame that still even today some people are falling for his snare. I had said non-violence yesterday and I will say non-violence for today, tomorrow and from here to eternity.

  11. Kahsay Gebremeskel says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Let us stop killing each others’ lives and killing each others’opportunities; and let us work based on H.E Meles’s policy and principle of win-win and Give and Take approaches and Strategies.

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