The EVE of Ethiopian Easter in Addis Ababa (Video)


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  1. Saba says:

    “Thousands” of Ethiopians are celebrating Easter in Ethiopia, commemorating the day when according to Christian tradition Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem two millennia ago. Please watch the video below that shows the EVE of Ethiopian Easter in various parts of Addis Ababa.

    Try a bit hard, it will not hurt you if you write as millions at least if you are kind of not want to mention Ethiopia’s population of numbering 92+ millions.

    Are you drunk? Is good life in Addis is too much for you to accept, or is it a calculated but innocent slip.

  2. Gomeraw says:


    If the editor is trying to stay out of jail by saying Enkooane beselam adresachohoo I don’t think that is what Awramba Times initially was formed to do. Lieing and kissing the behind of Woyane was not an option for Woube. Min Selam Alena enkooane beselam adresachihoo yilenal. Woubshet Taye among many others living in agony imprisoned in the worst detention centers for speaking the truth. How can anyone enjoy this moment while countless real Ethiopians are suffering behind bars? Unless they are part of the benefitiaries of the WOYANE genocide. I hope the editor will edit this ‘beselam’ word otherwise we are going to say Awrambatimes have reached the all time low.

    Just in past month

    29 people from Bodi tribe died, 8 people from Afars died, 9 people from Benishangul Gumuz died and many more died in civil battles in Ethiopia.

    Agaw and Jan Amora people are hiding their identity migrating to Tigray on a daily basis looking for free food and shelter.

    Somali region President is threatening to join separatists group.

    Al-Shabab is operating in Ethiopia and so on.
    Many more is happening so “Beselam aladeresenim” I guess Ethiopia under Shabiya and Woyane will never know peace so this is as peaceful as it gets that is why the Editor of Awramba times said Enkooan Beselam Aderesachihoo.

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