Ethiopia urges Egypt to stop ‘unnecessary noise’ on Nile dam


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11 Responses

  1. Tn. says:

    As much happy as I am with Hailemariam and Debretsion the two most apt personnel driving Ethiopia in developing her core competency in energy, logistics and intense details in ag & manufacturing; I can’t hide my total disapointment with the performance of MoFA! Hailemariam should not cover-up the underperformance of this Department. I think we are somehow forcing the MD to be what he is not, neither by personality nor by training. Let us face it…when is the last time you have seen an MD think organizationally? As opposed to engineers, MDs are not even known to run hospitals because they are trained to zone in at specific part of the human anatomy. Are most MDs nice? Yes of course but yet again perhaps a negative in an organizational setting.
    In a nut shell, the FM needs to be shrewd and have politics seep through his vains, thus should always anticipate situations and solutions and act, as much as it is possible, in a preemptive fashion.
    What we are witnessing however is a total misunderstanding of the situation 3 to 4 weeks after it has happened, and coming up with a half-baked solutional explanation by the PM in an attempt to cover-up for the dazed FM. I don’t know if Hailemariam and Debretsion have been briefed properly but it has been 6 wks.since Egypt declared a full blown diplomatic WAR and has in short moment been able to take Tanzania to its side, managed to put a footing in south Sudan, and above all scored big in having china renege on a 1billion financing on hold/canceled. If this is not considered a total failure by a ministry I don’t know what is. MoFA was always known for being preemptive, and meles took it to a different level where he invented causes to be preemtive on. Why would you think that meles would talk about ethiopias history of having won the last war with Egypt wks before announcing the launch of GERD? It is Because he had a pre-designed foreign policy where egypt had to play to his script. Hailemariam and debretsion cant afford to spend time doing what meles did politically because they are caught up with the building phase details of myriad of projects. The idea was that the political details would be handled by what is refered as “collective leadership”. Well this thing called collective leadership in as far as the MoFA is concerned is dropping the ball. Further, I think it is a problem with the personality and capability of the FM. It is not only Egypt but the problem with middle east migrant workers, the extensive time waisted on tiny minority of issues, breaking discipline and restraint by going solo on unprotected social networks and setting bad precedence. All in all MoFA is running amock in liue of much capable, shrewed and crafty men that can emulate preemptive methodology. I think Girma Biru & Arqebe Equbay are two shrewed politicians who will catch on the preemtive game quickly and restore the MoFA’s abbility to contribute to the collective leadership moto that EPRDF has championed since the passing away of PM Meles Zenawi. IMO, even bereket simeon, abay tsegaye are better though I am not sure of their remaing health vigor and stamina to go back into politics full time.

    • Asquare says:

      Dear Tn, Dr. Tedros isn’t an MD; please stop talking much without having known enough about the person you are criticizing!

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    It is PM HD who is making un-necessary noises. Why this toothless PM asking Egypt to come to talk? What is there to talk? Ethiopia has nothing to talk with Egypt. This coward and toothless PM is begging Egyptians. There is nothing Ethiopia needs to beg Egypt. The water is in Ethiopia, not in Egypt. Ethiopia get nothing from Egypt and there is nothing Ethiopia can gain or lose whether Egypt likes or not. But for sure, Ethiopia has no still a robust, Allula, Thoedoros or Yohannes like leaders. PM HD is a toothless Monkusie.

    Ethiopia have no moral or legal obligation to beg Egypt to share our water. The water is ours and Egypt has to pay for the water but never mind, the loser TPLFites do not know anything merit. They landlocked Ethiopia and they disbanded our strong Navy. I do not expect good from TPLF. By the way, Berhanu Damitie or Abamela is in full swing , 100% attacking TPLF. TPLF needs to reform if it ever want to have legacy, otherwise, it will be like derg and get buried once for all.

    • janbo says:

      @Gzaee H.
      Hi Gazaee, i like to read your comment not only here but also on Egyptian Journals. The one you dislike ” Kebede” who gave vomiting comments. where has he gone? I miss his comments. Do you have any info about him?

    • Janbo says:

      Hi Gazaee, i like to read your comment not only here but also on Egyptian Journals. The one you dislike ” Kebede” who gave vomiting comments. where has he gone? I miss his comments. Do you have any info about him?

  3. w .yilma says:

    I hate to see this junta “general?”, face.please delete this man face.

  4. Cherkos says:

    Dear Tn., even if i have some reservations on what you have said, your concern to your loved country is vivid.That is what Ethiopia needs from any of us at this time. Thanks.

  5. Gezaee H. says:

    Foreign Minister Dr. TA must go back to the health Ministery. I do not believe the man is equipped to be a politician. He repeat himself we sink together with Egypt. I do not see that logic. Ethiopia has been sunk already and lost its entire water to Egypt and not able to use a drop of its water. There is no much worse sinking than that. That man has to removed from the FM office and put back to the health Ministry. As one stated above, Egypt is cracking the unity of the upper riparian because the foreign Minister is not doing his job. Why the Entebe agreement not ratified by the signatories? what are they waiting for? what Ethiopia do to push ?

  6. Sam says:

    Had I been the prime minster, I would have phrased it differently. It is not “unnecessary noise.” It is unwarranted concern. But the reason for writing this feedback however is my confusion of knowing Eritrea has not decided to support the dam construction. Is that because the Eritrean government does not believe in Ethiopia’s claim to have the right to build? If so it is a strange political stand to take. I know Ethiopia and Eritrea still have their “unresolved” political issue. But that should not be an impetus to not take a stand on the issue. Isayes seems to be not only a dictator, but also a political novice. He should differentiate between the Ethiopian government and Ethiopians. He might have a beef with the government, but he should exclude Ethiopians in his making a political calculation, particularly in this issue. On the dam issue the majority of Ethiopians believe it is their right to build. If Isayes opposes Ethiopians right, for those of us who believe that the guy has a deeply-seated hatred for everything Ethiopian, his failure to take stand further cements our belief. I stressed it is Isayes decision because I know the politics down there is a one-man show.

  7. eben says:

    oh gezae; do u think the PM should say what u think? pls know that a leader shoudnt be like u said. shoud be wise and patient to do his job like what he (PM H/M ) said in his speach , he is brilliant and the right person to the post. look the word “mewerachet” is the golden word to both us and egyptians.i appreciated him.he expressed the whole situation in one best word.this is diplomacy,the modern way of combating sensitive issues.

  8. Mosa says:

    From a single planet earth a single lonely country in those dark days Ethiopia managed to protect its nation from any humiliation .
    Today we are not even living with information century .

    So Egypt not even from Arab world from western nation couldn’t get the support because it’s understandable .

    In the Arab world they have the same problem ,

    Israel with Jordan, Syria ,Iraq,turkey ,ever where water is a problem of the future .

    The only solution would be working together for a better future.
    Even well informed Egyptians doesn’t accept those war mangers politicians.

    No worries Alah or almighty god is always with Ethiopia .

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