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59 Responses

  1. erty says:

    Thank You Dr. Tekola! Al Mariam, who seems to be an expert in every topic, writes one article every week in average. I think he gets paid for each article he writes. Since his articles are posted on some websites that are against Ethiopian people the payment he gets is coming from similar source that are anti- Ethiopia. I wish Al Mariam had used this negative energy to some thing positive that really contributes to Ethiopian people advancement.

  2. Jasmine says:

    God bless you, sir. Any rational being would not dare spew such spiteful and unrestrained attitude as Almariam did towards one’s own country. The country still needs patriots who truly prioritize its needs than their own, but it needs even more patriots to protect her away from the ones claiming to save her while, in fact, they are committing treason on her. GBE!

  3. Gebez says:

    Do people really read the articles this super idiot so-called Alm Aram writes? He is sick.

    • Ermi says:

      Gebez, apparently they do and comment on it as the writer of this article just did.

      Peace to all but woyane!


      • Alula says:

        Ermi, you are wasting your time hating! Woyane was there for 40 years with their heads up, it’s there & will continue to be there! You know why? The people of Tigrai are there means woyane is there!

        Peace to everybody, enemy , adversary, friend…..!

        • Ermi says:

          Oops, I knew Woyanes are from Tigray, but I didn’t know Tigray was woyane. Are you labeling all Tigray is banda – forgetting heroic Alula?

          Stop narrowing your mind. Let Tigray go free. You don’t represent Tigray but one banda family from Adwa.

          Peace to all but Woyanes!


          • Alula says:


            Denying the reality all these years didn’t get anywhere & you still there on your hate politics while Woyanes together with all Ethiopian strided so much in Ethiopia!
            Woyanes are the children of Tigrai & Tigrians are Woyanes! Woyane has been there for the last 40 years & hence you still don’t understand except yourself! So sad!

            The people of Tigrai had no leaders from the 1998s until the pre EPRDF time, but fought …, freed themselves & the people are doing fine now! We don’t need your help at all! Your kinds never help us & we never expected anything from your kind!

      • Gebez says:

        Hello Al Aram!! Is it you? ))))) what a psychopath idiot. I know that weyane is your nightmare and it will remain so forever not just to you but also to all haters and cowards.

      • wedinkafa says:

        Well said Ermi.

    • Maybe you don’t read the articles because you’re not really gobez and they’re beyond your understanding? After all, “super idiot” and “he is sick” are pitifully devoid of intellectual content.

  4. Orion says:

    Alemayehu G. Mariam,
    I do not like to call him the “Professor”…he doesn’t deserve it. Alemayehu hates us all – he hates anything Ethiopia. He hates anything Africa – so much so, he even hates his own name and prefered to be called “Al”. He never, however, crossed the red line and dare to mention a country called Eritrea and her absolute dictator Issayas Afeworki…he,rather, obsessively dreams Week in and Week out to dig out Melese Zenawi from his grave and brought him to the Hague. His overwhelming obsession to Zenawi is frightening and dreadful. I see and consider his obsessive hate as a mental illness similar to “attachment disorder”. Alemayehu needs a treatment and our prayers.

    If GERD, collapses – so be it. It’s going to be our tears washing away all our enemies!!

    • haniball abay says:

      Ato/Prof. Tekola w, Hagos hate King Menilik (Shoa Amhara) and Prof.Alemayehu G.mariam hate Ato Meles Zenawi (Adwa Tigre) “An eye for an eye”

    • I see no evidence of any concern in anything I have read here for the millions of drought-stricken Ethiopians, and the hundreds of thousands of homeless Ethiopians. I pity and weep for those poor Ethiopians when I see how so many supposedly intelligent people treat each other here, trying to outdo each other to prove their supposed intelligence, or expressing their contempt for each other. Meanwhile, through neglect, good people, including so many children, suffer and die. Ungodly it is!

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Tecola Hagos, I do not think the guy really deserve a response from you, a patriotic Ethiopia. Take note that there will be always bandas or traitors. There was banda from Tigrai or Eritrea who fought along Italian war on Ethiopia knowingly and unknowingly. There will be always bandas. We must not waste time on them. Professor Almariam is Professor shit in my opinion. I do not believe the man has head and brain. He just useless tutula, with long untamed, unruled balegie tongue. There is wonder about this banda. I hope that he will never set his foot in Ethiopia alive because I do not believe any Ethiopian will tolerate and accommodate such modern day banda. I hate this man to my bones. I do not like EPRDF for many reasons, but idiots and low life rfraf like this make you even appreciate EPRDF. I personally got upset and thought of writing, but then my article will never repair his damaged brain. If I meet in real life I might make a big mistake in my life confronting him physically and violently. We need better system and better leader in Ethiopia, but that type of rubbish and generational rfrf. We must wonder about this lost soul. I am sure Ethiopian has taken note of this seriously. I have never seen a single Ethiopian happy about what he wrote. However never mind, he will not still get the message from Ethiopia and he will keep on pounding his key board and writing his gibberish and rubbish. We must never get distracted by such low life and lost soul individuals. Also, last time he stuck his nose hurling on everyone no one must ever talk about Menelick’s shortcomings, but he will never stop calling the name of the dead man Meles Zenawi. He talks to Meles now as if Meles is live on earth. The man I believe psychotic and mentally disturbed. I do not believe his state of mentality is healthy. But your article is timely to hit the devils head except the fact the man will never even listen to you because his out of control.

    Almariam Modern day banda

  6. Brook says:

    Tekola…You made a cardinal mistake.You assailed Al Mariam’s inflated ego…This guy is churning articles at an amazing rate…You cannot expect him to produce a well thought out article! I do not even expect him to go back and review what he spat out…Do not hold him to high academic standards. You will be disappointed.I am!

  7. gebre says:

    አባይን፣ እንደ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች፣ የመከፋፈያ መሳርያ አደረጋችሁት እኮ።ስለ ብሄር ብሄረሰብ ወሬ እየሰማን ይሄው 45 አመት አለፈን ሊከፋፍለንም ሞከረ። የአባይ ጉዳይ ደግሞ ካለፉት ጥቂት አመታት ወዲህ ልባችንን ሊያወልቀው ነው። በዚህ ላይ ተጨማሪ ደግሞ የጡት ሀውልት ተሰርቶ፣ የአድዋ ኦሮሞዎች አስሩ ቁጭ ብለው ፎቶ ተነስተው በዚህ ድረ ገፅ አያየን ነው። በሚቀጥለው ጊዜ ደግሞ ትግራይ ላይ የቆለጥ ከዚያም የሆነ ክልል ደግሞ የቂጥ ሀውለት እያልን ልንጨቃጨቅ ነው። ይሄ ነገር ከላይ የመጣ መአት እንጂ ሌላ ነገር አይመስለኝም።

  8. Temesgen says:

    God Bless You Professor. History will remember you as a genuine, fair, and a Hero in your own way. Unlike the Al Mariam’s,you always stand for the truth and the interest of Ethiopia. I never missed reading your posts. Regardless of my reservation on in some issues you raise, I always find you to be honest and standing on the side of Ethiopia. Having saying this, I also wonder on why the Ethiopian government is not giving rooms for differences and allow people of your kind to contribute and participate in the nation building process. Does everyone need to be a member of a party in order to fully support Ethiopia? Is it really fair for people like Tecola fearful of going to visit Ethiopia in order to see his aged mom? Ager yegara, party gin yegil naw. Please allow him to feel safe to go see his aging mom. I pray for Professor Tecola to have the opportunity of visiting his mother. God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopia-nits.

  9. D says:

    “The article Alemayehu wrote defending IRN and ridiculing the efforts of
    millions of Ethiopians who have sacrificed their time, effort, and savings in financing the project, and also insulting all those great Ethiopian Engineers, technicians, simple workers who moved mountains and sweated their blood building such a great national project must not be trivialized by Alemayehu calling their
    great effort “a white elephant.”
    I could not agree more.

  10. D says:

    How about these two great Ethiopian scholars both Prof. Al and Prof. Tekola sit down together and work some kind of project that can help emama Ethiopia rather than wasting their time complaining about the current government and each others?

  11. Really? says:


    You are the big hypocrite. Next time, please focus on ideas not on people. For your age and experience, that tone is low. On this particular issue, I respect Al’s idea because of its truth, sincerely, respects for Ethiopian people and its sustainability. I know you have political motivation when writing about GERD. We know it, you know it. Sew mezlef bahilachin ayelem.


  12. Really? says:


    You are the big hypocrite. Next time, please focus on ideas not on people. For your age and experience, that tone is low. On this particular issue, I respect Al’s idea because of its truth, sincerity, respects for Ethiopian people and its sustainability. I know you have political motivation when writing this piece. We know it, you know it. Sew mezlef bahilachin aydelem.


  13. Teshome says:

    What Ethiopia has done to Prof. Alemayehu to deserve such a negative opinion from him? He must be very selfish person or a person who is paid for his anti Ethiopian papers. I have never read something good or positive about Ethiopia in all his articles.

  14. bary says:

    If he’s a real professor he needs to see a psychiatrist because his identity is in question which overwhelmed by self contradiction.

  15. Mimi Dadi says:

    I hate this guy. I donot think he is Ethiopian.He counts himself as American.He always writes against Ethiopia.

  16. droer says:

    Whew! Holly macDonald, what a meditative vilification!

    But still, it is an improvement for Wedi Hagos. At least, he apologized for acting as a vile rogue in his attack against an other dead leader, the Emperor Menelik.

    As to the culture of “vulgarity” I neither consider Tecola nor Al free of the vice. I wouldn’t go supernova for somebody calling the Dam”White Elephant”. Al is entitled to his opinion as Tecola is. But making this a pretext for a collision of titans, is absolutely ridiculous.

    When a project sucks funding away from other ventures, it qualifies to be “White Elephant” project. All Tecola had to do was to explain how the project was not sucking away funds. period. The rest is up to the reader to judge.

    All in all, I am encouraged Tecola is mellowing.

    BTW, I am not a big fan of Al’s “style” of writing, either.

  17. Orion says:

    “….how the project was not sucking away funds…”
    The project is an “Energy Project” which is a key to everything. You have to put not only your money but also your blood and sweat.

  18. Hermi says:

    It is entertaining to read these two old guards of chauvonism fight it out in cyber field. Although the infiting between these two cyber worriers is inconsequential to GERD nor the other mega projects, I admire Tekola’s political shrewedness much better than Al’s outright stupidity that borders insanity. Aside from the many false premises stated and conclusions he reached particularly his arguments about the late PM as well as his lack of understanding regarding the workings of EPRDF, his support and stand for GERD is commendable.

  19. HornofAfrica says:

    This is the first time I see an educated man (an ?Ethiopian professor of political sciences for that) who behaves in the most uneducated way. Blinded with love for power and money, and full of outrageous hatred towards the Ethiopian state, as the result of his hatred towards the government in Addis, he has ended up prostituting for Egypt and being the number one enemy of Ethiopia.
    He is writing love serenades and reading prayer books, day and night for the sake of the national interest of Egypt, forfeiting the national interest of Ethiopia. He is a soulless traitor, who does not give a hoot for Ethiopians dying of poverty, famine and disease due to drought and Ethiopia’s inability to use the Nile because of Egypt.
    Such men are born for the wrong reason; they educate themselves and yet they remain uneducated; they write a lot but nobody reads them or understands them. They have a big idea about themselves and yet they are not worth a penny, in the eyes of Ethiopians. Opposing the incumbent government is their right; nevertheless, there is no excuse whatsoever for betraying Ethiopia. By the way, how much worth are the thirty silver coins you received from Egypt for your service?

  20. Mussie G says:

    Mr Really,

    Do you have brain? Have you ever read Al Mariam’s articles? If you say Tecola is insulting ‘nice’ people, what would you say about your big uncles weekly garbage? It is clear why you are opposing Tecola. It is because, despite his family background that hails from Amara ethnic, his grand-father’s name has cost him to be called hypocrite by the kind of you. Remember he is Wolloye (if this gives you any relieve). pathetic

  21. idris says:

    Thank you professor Tocola, you are realy brained. Free of emotions and hate. Ethiopia fulhearted scholars like not emotionals and haters like Al-mariam (alshebab).

  22. idris says:

    Thank you professor Tocola. You are really brained. Free of emotions and hate. Ethiopia needs full-hearted and balanced scholars like you, not emotionals and haters like Al-mariam (alshebab).
    Using Al-mariam’s approach, Ethiopia can never be united. He is a hater, who is going to unite with him. I prefer, and many ethiopians too, to stay away from haters. We will see what the future will bring to haters like Almariam.

  23. Abdisaa Agaa says:

    Somebody really needs to check the background of this so called “Ethiopian Alemayehu” cos facts dictates that Ethiopia has long suffered from infiltrators who paused as Ethiopians and caused our country untold in point is people like Tesfaye Gebreab who for a long time spyed on Ehopia pretending to be Ethiopian until his a*s got exposed even though it was too late…If a person’s identity is to be judged by the content in his opinion, certainly this man can not be an African let alone an Ethiopian..even if we can not deny his africaness based on his skin color he must be the sold-out one..he is one of those so called oppositions that makes me appreciate people I never thought I would appreciate(the Woyane)..the man simply sucks!

  24. Berhane says:

    “Do not let people drag you in to their storm, but pull them into your peace!” Techola’s style:
    For quite some time, I seem to notice that professor Hagos is being identified as a mole or prankster for speaking his mind as usual and giving his retrospection guide on Ethiopia and may be his opinions are taken out of context as it appears that some of the diaspora elements who happen to mix the chaff over the real purpose usually mixing politics with the background of the person irrespective his ideas or positions he is perusing for. Luckless me, I have never got a chance to see Techola Hagos as a person, but I have always hero-worshiped and respected him as a person and I was highly influenced by his unique ways of simplifying overly-complicated things not only as purely as a uniquely hard working, Ethiopian, academician who always strives to excel his leverage for the advancement of Ethiopia, but also, Techola is well known for his high moral and great standard set for himself.
    He has left his comfort to be around the TPLf/EPRDF lead by the late prime minister because he was probably the first person to have seen and suspected or wisely noticed how deeply things were twisted to the point of no return. Techola, on his profound hindsight fairly and squarely oppose and may be exposed the TPLF/EPRDF ante against all puffery and illicit works even before every one including the so called oppositions have got the slightest clue what the government was up to. Techola has probably gone too far for the sake of Ethiopia, to promote, reserve, justify and probably sanctify the policy frameworks that a country needed on his hindsight and scrupulous advice for the government to bash it or at best to overlook it despite his incessant effort. Against all odds, His very Ethiopian desire to win the devil has enabled him to stand firm against backdrop of tyranny come rain or shine. Only recently some of the government supporters used to ridicule Techola for his outright position and level him as a sell out and now from the polar opposites the so called opposition members and their disgruntled Diasporas are trying to name and shame him that he is promoting the government. Where is the middle ground for people like professor Techola? I presume Professor Techola argument remain carrying the vital armours to solidify Ethiopia and Ethiopianess with much ease and reverence within which one who mirrors himself with truth will defy the moral pollution that some are terminally dying for.
    The problem with professor Techola Hagos seems obviously, nothing else, but his Tigrian background.
    Professor Techola is right to call a spade over the clap trap of Professor Al Mariam’s deeply flawed writings and often times adventurous and atomistic conclusions that does not epitomize reality on the ground.
    Well said professor!
    Berhane E Tesfay

    • Abraha says:

      Berhane,Who are you addressing as “professor?” I don’t think Mr. Tecola is a professor or a doctor. I know Dr. Alemayehu is a professor at a university in California. Please make correction or tell us where Tecola teaches and where he got his PhD. Thanks.

  25. robel says:

    Prof Tacola, You are right, what do you expect from someone who is ashamed of his Ethiopian name “Alemayehu GebreMariam” and changed it to a more Arab\Egypt sounding name Al Maria.
    I feel that he is one of the elites who were trying to hide their Ethiopianess during the 80’s Famine

  26. belay says:

    who cares about this rather crazy prof( if really a prof) he is the enemy of ethiopia , he is the leader behind semayawi party , mr tecola said every thing , what so called prof al knows is english idioms ,that he only understood , long and boring article , hate and power monger article , he will die there he will never see ethiopia ,,tekola thank you exposing this girrafe impotent idiot

  27. zelalem says:

    is it true Tekola use to work in the Ethiopian foreign minster office? I heard he was expecting to get the positions of Seyoum Mesfin and Dr. Tekeda,can anyone jump in if it is true?

  28. angel says:

    Ehe koshasha professor! He must be a psycopath brainwashed bigot. Let’s him leave alive with his sinister view, he’ll suffer more when he is alive than he is dead. And people must be advised to outrightly isolate this insane traitor from any of their political or national concerns & affairs as his possible association with some would absolutly produce tough fire-back & public anger to vanish them all in a while.

  29. mo says:

    My dear compatriots, just think it over why he came up with such a motivation from the beggining. A layman local person can even perfectly understand that no body in Ethiopian or elsewhere can buy these ideas in absolute terms. Then we should ask ourselves why did the so called proffessor liked to hold such a view against his motherland, if he supposedly knew the obvious outragious reaction from his own people? I will leave the answer to you.

  30. yared says:

    Professor Alemayehu hit the devil right at the belly and the snake’s head just surfaced up. Bravo professor Alemayehu, your genuine and prophetic words are scaring the shit out of the rogue woyane regime and shaking it from its roots!
    Keep on doing the right thing and don’t let the comments of these idiot, selfish and racist woyane supporters influence your judgement by any means!

    • mo says:

      wrong!!!! if u think Tekola’s strike lashed out pricisely at ur targeted foes only, then that was not the accurate spot hit. His blistering attack was just on the entire nation who stand one & united to make its grander deam come true. You r such an evil crap zomby, blood sucker vampire …. canibal.

  31. abay says:

    i hear al mariam is a professori.i realy feel sorry for his students. i cannot see him teaching them anything good. long live ethiopia and its people.

    • w .yilma says:

      I am sure his students too are stupid. It is better ignoring this rabid dog suffering from identity crisis. It is hard to know a person like him who is against his own people and country.He is the most devil person I have ever known. Although some says he is a “professor” I do not think he knows what politics means.Ethiopia interest is beyond our personal or group interest. Hate politics is a recipe for destruction. Opposing the government is not a problem and need to be encouraged. However, the way the so called “professor” … I do not want to call his name is out of touch.
      Dr. Tecola’s analysis is what was expected from an intellectual person, and well done!. Some people think education is simply acquiring degree in academic field. It is beyond that. An educated man should quest for truth, not to vomit mere opinion, like the guy at the center of our discussion;Should face the challenge, and find a solution, not aggravating it for personal fame or improving CV, at the expenses of poor people suffering; He/she should be farsighted, not short sighted; polite not insulting and undermining hard working Ethiopian experts back home. Living in America is not necessary some one knows better than those Ethiopian living there. If we are honest, it is we who are living outside of our country are the most disingenuous and stupid.If we have knowledge our country would have been better than today.Knowladge for Ethiopian is”mekria, ena lelawin makaleya new”

      Any way it is enough not worthiness to spend time for idiot!
      God save Ethiopia from Diaspora devils!

  32. Alegnta says:

    It has been along time since I stopped reading the verbal diarrhoea that emanates from Prof Al Mariam. This man lacks intellectual honesty, is obsessed with his own importance and anger/frustration has finally catapulted him to be a traitor! His analysis is flawed and lacks dispassionate reasoning, something any half decent lawyer would not do!
    In his previous writings he has defended Emperor Haile Selassie and Emperor Menelik II whilst he appears to have an unhealthy and profound hatred of PM Meles Zenawi. I can only attribute this to PM Meles’s Tigrian Ethnic origin! Though the article by Prof Tekola was well written I felt he was almost apologetic for PM Meles being of good intelligence – “attended Open University” etc. I knew PM Meles Zenawi as I attended General Wingate school at the same time and he was a straight A student of EXCEPTIONAL INTELLIGENCE! With respect, he doesn’t compare with any of our contemporary scholars! Attendance of Harvard University doesn’t necessarily make you of exceptional intelligence, as I know many such professors very well. PM Meles is somebody who was a shrewd politician, a consumate strategist, selfless work-holic, prolific reader, a fearless advocate of Ethiopian interests who not only dared to challenge Egypt in building GERD (UNLIKE NO OTHER LEADER BEFORE) and made it a reality. “A good family man” only doesn’t begin to define him! He was much more than that. All Ethiopians now know what his real worth. They do not need lectures for Diaspora, so called intellectuals. True, he had his flaws like any human being but nobody can deny his contributions to our country! Prof Al Mariam is an intellectual midget by comparison, a truly little man who has accomplished nothing. To me his pages of rubbish are not worth the paper they are written on!
    Prof Tekola – I enjoyed reading your article but please do not be apologetic to Dr Abebe or anybody if you believe what you had written was correct! I personally feel all previous leaders of our country, with the exception of the evil Mengistu had both positive and negative points. Finally, I also agree there shouldn’t be any reason why you should not be allowed to visit your aging mum in Ethiopia.

  33. Ato beqa says:

    I never read haleMaryam article and I will never read it is garbage for I read only the comment he is ant ethiopian

  34. Ato beqa says:

    I never read haleMaryam article and I will never read his article it is garbag I prefer to read only the comment he is ant ethiopian

  35. sam says:

    I understand Techola’s confusion. A while ago, I used to feel frustrated after reading a few of Alemayehu’s articles. Not anymore. It took me a while but I figured him out. Alemayehu has to oppose no matter what the issue if EPDRF is for it. I can understand if some politicians act that way. But for a professor who claims to be not a member of any opposition parties not having a single issue in which he agrees with EPDRF is very strange. The dam issue should be a non-partisan issue. An Ethiopian issue. Even if Alemayehu believes EPDRF milks the issue for its political advantage, he should address that concern without sounding an Egyptian official.

  36. ተከዜ says:

    የፕሮፌሰር ሀ ማርያምን ፅሁፎች ሁልጊዜ በጉጉት አነባለሁ። በአሜሪካ ሀገር እየኖሩ ለኢትዮጵያ ከሚያስቡና ከሚደነቁ ዜጎች አንዱ ነው። ጊዜውንም፣እውቀቱንም፣ሀብቱንም በመሰዋት፣ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ዲሞክራሲ እንዲመጣ ከሚጥሩ ሰዎች አንዱ ነው። ብዙ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሚኮሩበትም ዜጋ ነው።
    ሁሉም ጀግና አይሆንም፣ሁሉም አዋቂ አይሆንም፣ሁሉም ፈሪ አይሆንም።
    ፕሮፌሰር ሀ ማርያም በዚህ ክፍለ ዘመን ከተፈጠሩ ኢትዮጵያዊ ጀግኖችና አዋቂዎች አንዱ ነው።

    ሰው ማለት ሰው ማለት
    ሰው በሌለበት።

    ፕሮፌሰር ሀ ማርያም በዚሁ ቀጥል።

  37. Alula says:

    Mr Almariam, it is nice to see you serving Ethiopia’s chronic enemies officially! Your service to Egypt is called in our language “Banda”! Congratulation for joining the camp of bandas officially!
    What a waste!

    • yared says:

      Don’t forget who you were 23 years ago, you were also a banda serving foreign forces (including Egypt i am sure) against the Ethiopian socialist regime, you don’t have any right to name Al Mariam a banda if you have been upgraded to a temporary Ethiopian citizen by the temporary woyane regime. Don’t forget your roots and never bit the Arab hands that fed you!

      • Alula says:


        For your knowledge, Woyane has never cooperated with any enemies of Ethiopia! Woyane used everything Ethiopian to defeat the brutal Derg! The cooperation with Eritrea’s liberation fronts was for the purpose of saving the people of Tigrai from total disintegration ! The people of Tigrai had passed through a lot of hell like life during Minilik,Haileselassie & Mengistu, therefore , in 1967 rebellion broke out in Tigrai & the people fought & defeated Mengistu successfully , you have seen it! Now Ethiopia under federalism is strided a greate leap in 20 years & continuing to walk to its bright future as you see it! The sum of what Minilik, Haileselassie & Mengistu did in one full century can’t match what the EPRDFites did in 20 years! Minilik disintegrated Tigrai , Haileselassie even used British air force to kill about 200,000 tigrain during the II world war, Mengistu annihilated Tigrai…. !

        As Ethiopian , if one who cooperate with Egypt at this moment can’t be a Banda , who would! Almariam is against the GERD & everything that Ethiopia gains, therefore , he is doing the work of bandas, & hence he is a Banda! Mr Yared let there be a free speech! I’m just expressing myself! Nothing personal!

        The developed world has every river dammed, but they are against our dams! You know why they do ? Because Ethiopia is raising from its ashes to revive its legacy!

      • Name (required) says:

        Obo Yared! i have been trying to figure out where ur bluffing is precisely poking around in the political clout.
        Your logics are completely at odd & you do not have the stamina to fight-back & to bit ur opponents to the end.
        u see, all of ur comments seems to be baseless & inconsistent. when we have been led to believ u by ur sympathic sound to have had some sort of compassion to ur country, in a while you turn out to mock with disgrace the very time something good & best is coming out of Ethiopia. Some of ur comments too smells hatfull & racist. You should get out of ur false built images & come to ur true sense of humor.

  38. Senait says:

    Most idiot commentaters above blame Almariam without reading his article. Big shame.

    • clevermo says:

      what a whip we have here, by a rational women called “seny”!!!. I realy like such a wise girl telling the whole crowds in the wall that they are mistaken. Can u just tell us the little sort of irony behind ur critics? what went wrong with the pannelists, as u said it-the furious guys’ understanding abt Al mariam’s articulated message?

  39. Zeryihun says:

    What a striking contrast! Alemayehu has not even a fractions of Tecola’s genius and ability to analyse and put things in a coherent logical manner befitting the degree of expectation one has from such writings.I really wonder how on earth this phsycho kamikaze person with the name Alemayehu allowed to lecture at any university on earth, if he is not teaching plagiarism? Didn’t they have a peer review at the university? We are witnessing week in week out that he even can’t stand a layman review, let alone a peer review!
    Concerning his relation to Ethiopia and Ethiopian community, he is de facto persona non grata, no question about that.

    Finally what Ethiopia do not need are not political word acrobats but engeeners and doctors and working hands.Not a single stone can be moved from page long political openion blog from some remote place or a child cured. Hat’s off to those many engeeners and doctors who are putting their minds and hands day in day for the betterment of the life’s of millions of Ethiopians, even at this second.

  40. Hagos says:

    In fact it has been a while since I stooped reading both Techola & Mariam, but I did read the contribution of both gentlemen on “The Nile issue”. It was really hard to understand of Marim. It is true that the regime in Ethiopia is dictatorial, ethnocentric & a collection of theives. But I am sure Mariam knows well that the fortune of the USA of today was built on the foundation of a slave system, so can he reject what that country has now just because of its past ugly practices. The point. I am trying to make is should we just go against a grand project just because we are against the regime. Of course not. If humanity had to wait for a perfect system to build and develop what it needs we would have all been still in the cave. So the right slogan is down with TPLF but yest to GRED.

    • Name (required) says:

      This is a fairely matured & substantive comment by Hagos. realy magnificent! and it takes only open heart & positive thinking for Pro Al mariam pannelists to get by….( I hate this arabic sound accronym to represent his name – a provocative name to every one’s dimay)

  41. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 yshwj

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