Ben’s Point of View on Aanolee Memorial Monument


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7 Responses

  1. Hagos says:

    In stead of trying to paint the ‘view’ as the view of a hypothetical OPDO member you could have just told us that it is your own. You know very well that every human being is entitled to an opinion. But it seems that you want to express yourself but do not want to own the consequences of it that was why you presented it as a the view of a hypothetical OPDO member. WHO knows you yourself could be the ‘hypothetical’ OPDO. After all, the fact that you windup the video without a conclusion in itself is very telling.

  2. Tola Demeksa says:

    Are u happy now what TPLF/EPRDF ethinic policy start producing fruit.Look what happened In Ambo in OROMIA. This is the result of ethinic policy.This just started, who knows what distruction Aanolee will bring.

  3. በለው ! says:

    >>>ፖይንት ኦፍ ቪው? ወይንስ አደባልቀህ ውቃው!? ተጠያቂውና ጠያቂው አንድ ናቸው። እናመሳስላለን ብለው አማሰሉት…ግራዚያኒ ውራና ሀውልት ..የምንይልክ ሐውልት..የአኖሌ ሀውልት..የአድዋ ጦርነትና ታሊየን ግፍ…ደርግና ቀይ ሽብር..ኢህአፓና እርስ አበእርስ ፍጭት..ቀጥሎ…የዲሞክራሲ አብዮትና ኢለማታዊ መንገስት ሚቀትለው እረስ በእርስ ግጭት ከማንንትና ከምንነት ጋር ቁርኝት ፈጥሮ ምሁራንን ዘልፎ ታሪከከ በ12ደቂቃ ከ12ሰከንድ ተተናቀቀ። በእርግጥ ይሁን ሁሉ በዚች ሁኔታ በቀላላዩ መቅጨት ቢቻልማ ብዙ ሥራ ፈት ኢፈጠር ነበር። በዚህ ላይ የተነሱት ነጥቦች ሁሉ ሰፊ ግዜ የሚጠይቁ የተለያየ አመለካከትና ዕውቀት ያላቸው ሚዲያውን የተነፈጉ የሕብረተሰቡ ክፍሎችም ሃሳብና ከርክር የሚያሳርፉበት ሀገራዊ አጀንዳ እንጂ በሁለት ጓደኛሞች ጭውውት ፌርና አንፌር ተባብለው ሻይ ቤት የሚሞጋገሱባት ቀላል ነጥብ አትመስልም። ቤን ከበደ ስለጠገጠመው ምሁር ሐሳብና ስለመጠቀው ዕውቀቱ ቢደነቅና ቢማረክ መብቱ ነውና ፌር ነው። የግለሰቡን ሐሳብ ሁሉንም ያሳምናል ፌር ኢነፍ ብሎ ማቅርቡ ግን ፌር አደለም ፌርነስ ደህና ነው አለ? የት ነህ ካገኘኸው ሰላም በለው!!!

  4. sam says:

    Ben must be the new EPDRF’s public relation face. I think he is making it up about the conversation he had with the EPDRF’s oromo politician. I believe everybody has a right to choose his own political philosophy. Ben could not be different. But if one has a political belief he should abide by it. Ben seems an opportunist to me. He knows the monument is not well-received by many Ethiopians. He could not say it is a wise decision to have one now. So he came up with a new theory. That is the “Neftaganas” are not exclusively Amharas. Well, this new theory compels one to look the Ethiopian ethnic politics from a very different angle. The TPLF did not start a struggle to drive out the Amharas from “power.” OLF did not aspire to have an independent Oromia free from the Amharas’ “domination.” All this is hearsay according to Ben. In a simple term, Ben believes there was/is no ethnic politics. The struggle, the way Ben sees it, was to get rid of “timket.” But the “temeketegna” could be even an oromo, like Balcha Nefso. Well, some people are good in being an opportunist. They manage somehow their opportunism to not be noticeable. On that Ben is not good at all.

  5. billfree says:


  6. Mekdes says:

    Ben you are the only son of Ethiopia because you stand for Ethiopia. I used to read your articles on Ben page during Ethio-Eritrea war. Despite, all opposition groups in diaspora at that moment you were fighting the war on the Media against the unjust invasion of Eritreans. I remember those full of hate diaspora oppositions were supporting Eritreans. Finally the mighty Ethians won the war. They do the same thing now. If they got money they’d sell the country. All the people who are commenting above like Belew are the same people.

  7. abron says:

    What a fiction!
    If this is true, why not you post the conversation itself rather than reporting it! I always hate blind support and blind opposition! These type of people usually sell themselves for money!

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