The saga of the deadly protest in Ambo (+Video)


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22 Responses

  1. Wedi Axum says:

    Why did you ONLY interviewed limited students? You went to find the number of people who were massacred, but you didn’t come up with the number. You would have reached Gudar too, it is only 20 km from Ambo. You are worried about the properties but not a bout lost lives at all.

    • tola demeksa says:

      What is your point, Do you want to hear how they destroy the city. Do you expect the police to keep watching them when they burn the city.use your common sense if u have one.

    • abe` says:

      I am sorry to say this but u should be the one and the only? in Axum, you think like animal.

      • tola demeksa says:

        What to expect from OLF cadre ,are u dreaming to repeat BEDENO again.Damn ass,Stinky head.

  2. tola denrksa says:

    BEN sometimes disagree with your, but on this issue I like your points 100%.We need stop such action from happening again and find those criminals who destroyed the city.Other wise we will be collapsed like somalia. Here I urge you to focus your view points on topics that solidify our unity as one Nation.

  3. Samuel says:

    You already pre-empted your documentary by ridiculing as “insanity” some news channels’ claim that 40 or 80 people were killed (not died). From that point on, you gave away the premise and conclusions of your piece. So, were you able to find how many people were killed? How many is too many for you? Not a single life should have been lost regardless of how much property was destroyed. We should start valuing life more than property. Out of respect to the kids that were killed and their families who had high hopes and dreams for their kids, we should not belittle their life by ignoring the killing and reporting on the property damage. Shame on you!!

    • Leoul says:

      Appreciate Samuel!

    • Tagash says:

      Samuel,you said “Not a single life should have been lost regardless of how much property was destroyed. We should start valuing life more than property..” really Mmolkakaw mamush,are you hearing what you are saying? I don’t know where in the world you are living but tell me any riot, in any country including in the so called civilized “western Democracies,” that was instigated by a “legitimate” political protest that did not result in death and destruction!

      – Wikipedia-
      1992 Los Angeles riots In total, 53 people were killed during the riots and over 2,000 people were injured.
      If you destroy property and loot, while engaging in political activism it is a fair game that you would die, and that you would be killed.

      • Aleqa says:

        Obviously you are retarded. Your logic and comparison are very primitive and sadistic. Not a single person, even your country’s PM, agrees with the killing of people who were unarmed. And your argument goes: the riots in LA took the lives of numerous people then it must be acceptable to kill rioters if property is damaged. You have riot police and the courts for a reason. I will let you figure out what their role should be. Every time people get killed during riots it is wrong whether it is in LA or Ambo. That’s the idea Samuel is talking about if you can get it through your block head.

  4. Tatek says:

    It is sad that many lives were lost and our heart goes to those families who lost their loved ones in this wanton killing of innocents who were just expressing their Constitutional Rights. I am quite amazed that so many people are here just to express their childish and bizarre Oromophobia at the very expense of the huge National interest that is at stake. The regime’s own avarice and contempt for justice and humanity has been exponentially troubling and has once more displayed its very nature to the whole World to see. When even the regime propaganda mouthpiece, ETV, reported that 11 lives were lost in Ambo, Mr Ben tells us that no lives have been lost as a result of this tragedy. What a goof? The issue emanates from a flawed and loosely built Federal Structure, that is barely understood by those meant to run it—mainly in Oromia where the TPLF overseers for obvious reasons wanted a very weak Regional ally in OPDO, whose purpose was meant to be receiving instructions from Mekelle and implementing it without making any argument about the instruction in question. Both the Addis Ababa City Government and the Oromia Regional State are Corrupt and simply lacked any piece of Public trust to accommodate an issue of this magnitude and to bring the public to a common juncture where the so called New City Master plan could go ahead. Federal Govt intervention in the issue would only exacerbate the matter even more and if the regime wanted to go ahead with this plan of City Expansion, the only way to fulfill this is by involving the Oromo public. Using brute force to expand the city by means of forcible expulsion of the indigenous inhabitants of the land amounts to ethnic cleansing, that was already underway as the regime’s game plan against Amharas in Benishangul and Gura Ferda and those behind it should take note that they would one day be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the Law. For those regime dogs who say the plan should go ahead and the regime’s security apparatus should be deployed in full force to expand the city to accommodate the growing needs of the city residents, you are only hurting your ceremonial PM whose job security and time at the palace depended on Oromo support to his Coalition Govt, and I think you need to take note that you are forcing the man out of the palace he was anyway unfit for; and if indeed that is your goal here, I would just say: YOU MAY PULL THE TRIGGER!!!

    • Alula says:


      The proof shows that they weren’t there for a peaceful protest! You can see it, but you couldn’t see it! The perpetrators will be hunted one by one! They won’t get away with what they did!
      Aye Tatek!
      TPLF doesn’t tell Oromia,Amara. Afar…. What do, but all 4 parties decides together what they can do for their country! You can see all the result , but you can see the mishaps!

  5. abe says:

    In the old good days, University and university students used to be source of progressive vision,champion of Democracy and of speedy development.
    Sadly Ambo university is manufacturing (some) sub humans who could not comprehend advantage of master plan , pure backward narrow minded people.

  6. me says:

    OPDO needs clean up
    It is al threat to EPRDF
    Full of corrupt, valueless, marrow minded people
    (Minus OPDO)

  7. Guesh says:

    I like your idea, but if you are proposing that OPDO need to go, which is what the opposition desperately wants, do you want Oromos to go too, taking Addis with them? What a wise idea? Please tell TPLF stooge, Hailemariam Desalegn, that since this idea of yours is so nobble, he may need to consult with his Masters from Mekelle that the National Capital may need to be Mekelle, or if you fear that idea because of putting the Capital so close to Isayas, Soddo, since Sidamas will not let Desalegn to decide about their city’s future. What a fool?

  8. Leoul says:

    Dear Binyam,
    Honestly, I am very sad over the loss of life and property happened in Ambo and other parts of Oromia region.
    Your way of presentation is soooo poor as usual. Please don’t Stammer.
    I see you sweating to impress the government than trying to uncover the fact.
    Don’t waste resource brother. Try to do something better.

  9. Belaya says:

    Shame on Ben for valuing property over human life. I am speechless by the property loss; but that doesn’t equal by any means with the lives lost by the police.


  10. biiftuu says:

    You Waynes it finished for You! It is not new that you hunt Oromo one by One! We die hero/heroines death! We die while we fight for Justice! BUT time is over for You! Get out of Oromia soon before it is too late you dawn TALK. Your lie never gets you anywhere but we don’t want your rotten mind destroys our country,

  11. Tn. says:

    One death is one too many for a cause that is at best premature if not totally invented through a disinformation campaign. There was no intent, plan or discussion to expand the governance of addis ababa but to intigrate the planning of neighboring cities into one master plan! The distortion that sparked the demonstration was that the city of addis ababa will expand to the extent of dividing Oromia into two, and by implication, setting the a perecidence to nullify the first line of the constitution and thus, the concept of nations and nationalities and peoples. The campaign was so orchestrated that media at the opposite side of the spectrum, who usually nullify each other out were repeating the same line that, in absence of an explanation by the government, made the echo of opposite side of the spectrum
    believable. Had I been in Ambo at the time, I would have joined the demonstration.
    Then there is the question of…how a peaceful demonstration ends up
    into shooting and vandalism. What preceded? Why did similar demonstrations in other cities ended in a relative peace? Would a
    university student in a small town where people are bound to know each other, rob and vandalize another known institution to the extent of drinking-up the facilities liquor? Would drinking-up happen amist a shoot-out, or is it an indicator that vandalism happened much earlier?
    The logic of this is not rocket science. But the seeds of it is nowhere near Ambo but some place else. as such, more boots on the ground in amba will only alienate an already disillusioned city. Let us face it, at the end of the day, the disinformation campaign worked in absence of accurate information which the government was late to
    provide. What Ambo needs to do now is be left alone to heal lest
    more boots create, yet again, a counter productive “wretched of the earth” psychology which the disinformation campaign was intending to invent to begin with. Those who are “hunting down every one”
    are however falling right into its trap. I wonder what corruption’s
    contribution is to the overreaction of some EPRDF officials? Leba or to be more correct, “rent collecting” few see an enemy everywhere let
    alone in an incidence such as this provides. This type can become
    brutal in an attempt exorcise their own coming omens. On a final
    note, one should look into how intricately the root is connected? Is
    the hijacker of ET the same as the hijacker of the minds of Ambo?
    2014 has indeed been full of sequential and seemingly independent
    incidences that nonetheless challenge my experience with random events. These bizarre set of events are cumulatively eroding
    something and leading unto something else. I am certain that it is not just the work of the disorganized opposition acting solo, not even of the work of messed-up egypt but of an entity driven by a speech
    made at some Business School that a segment in the opposition has
    manipulated. In any case it is not in Ambo so no use in overturning
    old womens houses to only find effects, act on effects to further give
    in to a feedback loop. The thing works off of reactions for sequential
    In summary, I believe that we have 3 years at best before we go into an extended cold war or even all out world war. This is inevitable if china’s books are clean but if not, china will recoil so hard that it will be years before it comes back into shape. It took japan almost 20
    plus years and it is not clearly out of the woods yet. In these 3 years, we have to get on with the power projects, train, irrigation, Agro and
    manufacturing baseline. If we don’t, we are finished! EPRDF warts and all is at a historic time and place to make this happen. It just saddens me very much that we are being penny wise and pound foolish, work against our best collective interest, be so blind that we can’t seem to see it any different. But to go to the extent of simply making-up stuff to fit our own view and catalyze our distractive end? That is sad! Alas, by hook-or-crook, this should not go on for too long! Definitely, not past this summer!

  12. addis boy says:

    this is another fraud presented as as a peaceful protest by ESAT, and their cry baby activists, lol

  13. Didn’t get the point of your interview…unbalanced, focused only on the specific people who lost their property nothing else…what about the loss of life,…u r telling us there is nothing in the heart and minds of the people…fool urself…Democracy never ever flourishes in this country…my biggest fear is when that horror day come to my country, then we will see the untold devastation…don’t want horrific thing to happen to my people but that is the case….

  14. dhaaqabaa says:

    Is human life is cheap as such. This talked non stop about the distraction of property but did not utter a world about the loss of life and the families heart broken by the
    loss of loved one’s. What kind of human being is and I doubt if there is a shred of
    humanity left in this guy, who calls himself a journalist.

  15. Next call says:

    The regions surrounding Addis have some of the most fertile land anywhere in the Nation. It is not wise to turn them into ‘ industrial wasteland’. The farmers do deserve protection and if need be aided by foreign farmers to improve their farming skills. There is ample wasteland in and near Dire Dawa and Kombolcha where industries should be encouraged. The regions surrounding Addis are full of lush farmland and massive hot springs. We should turn them into productive farm lands and recreation. The city has to grow vertically and not side ways. The ground plus one or the four stories condos are the times of the past. Vertical growth is the only solution and not incorporating extremely fertile land and turning it into the backyards of interlopers or foreigners. I came to this conclusion having read that a prime farm land in the UK fetched over 20000 pounds per acre in a recent auction. Trust me buck for buck the lush lands surrounding Addis are no less fertile than those in England. I have been to England a number of times and i don’t recall seeing the sun shine there. At minimum, ours get 13 months of sunshine, say plus minus two or three.

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