Interview with UDJ Chairman on current political events and the way forward (Video)


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23 Responses

  1. Almaz says:

    Very experienced lier. Andent part 5 year strategy hahaha Funy more protest

  2. Yousefe says:

    I was hoping Aweramba Timese address question to the UDJ chairman about the current situation about Addis Abeba master plan.

  3. solomon says:

    Dawit mr eng.Gzachew soud very mucherd but his fallewers are not
    why he could not control them because at domnstration his followers were calling names that is not very machured part with prepose it sound a hatefule poltics.
    Dawit please next time you have a chance to ask him ask him what he plan to do abaut it .
    Thank you dawit god bless you !
    And please be safe.

  4. One nation says:

    አውራ አምባ ታላቅ የሆነና ዘለቄታ የሚኖረው አምባ የሚገነባ ሥራ እየሠራ ስለመሆኑ ምስክሮች ወሬዎች ሳይሆኑ ተግባሮች ስለመሆናቼው እያየን፣ እየሰማንና እየተረዳን ነው፡፡ ስለዚም ራሱን እየገመገመና እያስተካከለ ከወቅትና ሁኔታዎች ጋር በመዛመድ ህዝብን በማገልገልና ሀገር በመጥቀም ሥራው ይቀጥል እንላለል፡፡

    Still I believe Ethiopia needs her own way of political system as long as it is working and becoming the only best option to benefit the citizens. There is no one but Ethiopians know, understand and Change their own situation. That means they are their own solutions and destination solving their own problems only they are understanding them.

    This is the 21-century, not the slavery, Feudal or capitalist/Imperialist century. These three evils created by Europeans to benefit only them at the expense of the rest are passed. The 21-century humanity needs a different one where everyone has to be equal and benefit equally based on own efforts and rights.

    The neoliberal agenda is a minority agenda working for the few capitalists and imperialists benefit. It is their creation for their own benefit against others. It is their knowledge, experience and property only they can maneuver it entirely while sitting in front, on top or any place that would take them to the harvests where the rest are cheap and destitute laborers and mass consumers for their products. That means if a country like Ethiopia decides to accept and follow the neoliberal policy as an import object and don’t understand how to use it based on eth manuals including the secret ones from inside out as those created are but with vague ideas and uncertain outcomes, the country will be forced to function by the policy the outsiders created and we will be followers in our own country to guarantee their benefit at our

    That is why Ethiopia needs to have her own way of government policy learning from others. Among the best systems Ethiopia has to learn is the Chinese one. Not because of it is from China, but it is the better one to choose and work closely together with respect, understanding and mutual benefit. 25 years ago, China economy was not standing on its foot. There were hundreds of millions living under poverty. 25 years ago China was like Ethiopia today especially in the rural areas. But look at them today. Imagine what they are going to be tomorrow. Any Ethiopian that is wise, visionary, competent and patriotic looking the best for his country and people, will only appreciate and admire what China is doing for Ethiopia.

    It is Ethiopians that are still incompetent to use properly the benefits and opportunities Chinese are offering to the country. That means learning wisely and quickly from them and apply for us. Imagine if China was not such a good friend to Ethiopia? For sure, there would be no Hydro dams like Tekeze that opened the gate to Beles, Gilgel Gibe III and Hedase. They are the one built the first wind farm in

    If China wasn’t there with Ethiopia, there would be no Highways in the country including the addis-Adama. There would be no AU headquarters in Addis Ababa knowing Arabs particularly Gaddafi was hardly working to take the AU headquarter from Addis to his birth town Sire that is now destroyed.
    That means Ethiopia would not get the benefit she is getting because of AU and worse than that AU would be history today as Gadaffis is. But big credit to Meles and Big thanks to chine, they not only financed but also built the AU head quarter and it remained the place it is created. The building is the best not only in Ethiopia but Africa and one of the best in the world. Do you think you would get any of those things from the west? Never in a million year.

    In short, China is the biggest and best nation benefiting Ethiopia hugely and in many ways especially since 2003. China was the only nation at UN permanent assembly fiercely objected ancient and big Ethiopia that was always known with sea and also ocean ports being landlocked by the well studied, executed and finalized join efforts from Arabs where Egypt is taking the lead and west where England was the actor player. China was, is and always will be the best ally, friend and useful nation to Ethiopia knowing they are the best people to choose and work and benefit together based on respect, understanding and common destiny where both nation are ancient, have own long history and human creating including using own alphabets for thousands years.

    Our citizens are brutally enslaved, mentally damaged, rapped, killed and getting countless inhuman treatments in the Arab desert. The reason is they are going there for job and income reasons. But if the EPRDF government is getting more smart and wise and the criminals including those in the name of oppositions totally shut up their stinky and dirty month even thinking let alone talking about china being bad for Ethiopia but working together to use the best way the huge opportunities China is offering to us, be sure, within less than 7 years, Ethiopia going to be the manufacturing power house of Africa, Middle east and even the world. Millions of jobs will be created and this way Ethiopian will be free from the Arabs crimes against them. The Ethiopian people must fiercely oppose and the government also must take measures against anyone that is against the Ethio-China relation.

    So, there are lots of very useful things to learn from China and apply in Ethiopia based on the country situation. However, the EPRDF government is not capable of dealing with the country situation as the Chinese communist party is in China and anything related to China. They are weak and lack something that is very useful including dealing with the situations before they are happening and be decisive and quick taking measures against the one strong and united nation and people agenda.

    What we have seen in Ambo is one very serious situation forcing the citizens to ask and find a real solution what is going on here. The EPRDF government must work forward using policies and strategies that are taking the citizens together to build a strong and solid one nation and one people solution for long term guarantee. Ethnic policy is barbaric, backward, dangerous and damaging to everyone. No one will benefit from but losses with no future to anyone. Those few are using this kind barbaric behavior must be seen as criminals and the treat against the nation and must be eliminated without giving them any time, space or reason.

    Therefore, as the nation land is government owned which is the best policy and it must stay this way for long times to come, the government has to take any measure with the land using for anything as long as it is for the people benefits. Kilil is not a border between nations but a temporary administrative boundary it can and has to change every time based on the circumstances and situations demanding for. That means without asking anyone its permission or answering its question, the Addis Ababa and other citizens and towns map or boundary all over the country need to be expand.

    Villages will be towns, Towns will be cities, Small cities will be big cities, and big cities will be mega cities. That means the country administration boundaries must be working properly to facilitate this huge and eminent change. Remember Addis Ababa before Derge departure. It was up to 50 km wide from the centre of the city. Meaning changing the city administration is happening constantly including in the past administration. The ambo tragic situation is something serious badly exposed EPRDF how weak, slow and incompetent including the securities and police. That must not happen even in any form let alone that way where the only wild animals could behave that way. So, treat them that way.

    For these and other reasons EPRDF need a kind of strong and patriotic opposition party to guarantee our country securities, safety and future by eliminating few criminals behaving like some animals do which is having own territory that is not belong to it but taking by force.

    UDJ one positive thing is that it is not a backward and narrow minded animal look like parties that are there based on Ethnic agenda in one country and in the 21-century where all human races are living together as one nation all over the world including Europe and The Americans. However, this UDJ is suffering from brainwashed neoliberal mental exploitation and indoctrination. This man is talking about the neo liberal agenda in Ethiopia. He doesn’t know it is not working in Ethiopia to benefit the people but those exporting and maneuvering it from behind i.e. the few western Imperialists and capitalists.

    He is talking about land ownership which is a crap talk. He needs to talk how to create the system that is going to work first for Ethiopians because of it is the Ethiopian creation. The import system mainly the west is the only cause that is affecting the world. Stop too much talking about democracy but work the right things that are practically benefiting the people.

    Free media? O, he meant the barbaric English type of medias? Does he know BBC is a state owned media serving only the establishment agenda and policy including the government, securities and so on?

    He needs to stop relaying on demonstration but work on good policy and bring it down to the people and they can decide if they know it will work for them. One thing is clear, EPRDF needs a strong, solid, competent and patriotic opposition that are totally free from any Ethnic affiliation. The oppositions must stop relaying on any foreign individual, group, organization or state but on Ethiopians that are in Ethiopia and must be in Ethiopia.
    Remember; USA which is more than 300 million people has only two parties. UK has two and few small ones. There is no a single political party there based on race, Ethnicity, religion or whatever despite all human races, religions, Ethnics, cultures, traditions and so on are living there together as one nation.
    One things Ethiopia has to learn from them is this one, not their neoliberal economic policy.

    • TheOriginal...Man says:

      Give this comment a headline and spread the words!! Way to go sir/Madam 🙂

    • Samwill says:

      Very well said. 🙂

    • Genius_mind says:

      I have nothing to comment about engineer Gizachew’s expression for I have never been supporter of the opposition; I want to appreciate the statements and remarks of ONE NATION named commentator styled writer above. Particulary his bold expression and comparisson of Chinese Capabilities and commitment versus Ethiopian Commitments and capabilities. My brothers and sisters, our H.E Late Prime Minister Meles used to declare and judge Poverty as the single worest enemy of Ethiopia. But this is not the truth since our the worest enemiy and backwardation-factor inertia is Bad, Biased, Narrow minded and discrimation dominated governance of the governmental offices and state enterprises from Bottom line to Top level. This is so because, has povert been the real enermy and inertia of peoples, the other world countrieswould never had genuine prosperity. Yet, for they were able to intitutinalize Good, Precise, Merit-based, Nutually beneficiary state structures and apparatuses, it took them nothing (but shorter time) to develop themselves. But in our cases, with such blinded minded and blind headed state inefficiencies, incompetencies, discriminations and biases, we can never have genuine stratcutural economic transformation, genuine industrialization and genuine export expansions.

  5. Amanuel says:


    Why is the Addis Ababa next plan has to be addressed here? Is it because of you from abroad saying so? Clean your head and come to reality. It will not happen the way you are having in that little brain of yours telling you about something nyths or fiction story that is taking you towards bad and negative directions.

    It is not a journalism job asking about it but the government has to answer it in reality. It is a must thing no single individual, group or organization have the right and also ability to it but all citizens are accepting and the circumstances in the country are very much demanding.

    Kilil is not a border between nations but an administration boundary can/must change every time based on the nation’s circumstances and guarantee the future to all the citizens. The capital city boundary is the boundary of the country boarder, not yesterday’s created temporary kilil administration boundary.

    Therefore, there is nothing to ask or address by individuals but must be done now by the government as it has a mandate and 99.9% the population without giving any reason or asking any permission from anyone. Ethiopia has 80 Ethnic groups. So, one or few Ethnic groups cannot impose their stupid, outdated and animal type of idea against the rest.

    The government must do it without delay including in other citizens and towns all over the world. Those committed crimes in ambo and those behind inflaming the situation must be punished with the harsh punishments. They are not human but animals and must be stopped not listened and answered their wild animal kinds of behaviors we already have seen them.

    • Yousef says:

      Amanuel: My thought to Awramba was to clean my mind also to see the reality by comparing the comment between the OPDO and Oppositions in Ethiopia, I can see from your comment the few Ethnic group in Ethiopia are stupid and this few stupid Ethnic imposing the majority 99 %. Well as I witness always the poor paying the price and the diasporas claiming to be an Opposition think they are in the right direction instead of struggle what they believe next to the nation. Please be open mind and don’t be emotional. RIP to the innocent victim.

  6. Gashaw says:

    He is complying among the many issues including about the shortage of electricity?

    However, what he did and still is doing towards the Hedase dam? Is he the first buying the Hedase bond and regularly doing so till the dam is finished? Is he none stop talking about how very much important is building the dam with high quality and on time and for these reasons all Ethiopians have to scarify everything they have and can for it?

    It is a guess question to know when he did buy the bond if there is any? When is he visited the dam and motivated and workers and promised to do anything for the completion of the dam? Does he and his lazy and brainwashed group ever organize any fundraising event, demonstration to support the government move or anything that helps to build the dam?

    If not what is he talking about the shortage of Electricity? Or does he think it comes naturally from somewhere rather than human made and only doing things the right way and on time with quality will bring those things on the ground including Electricity, water, shortage of food and other needs the people are not getting them with adequate and he is using these situation for his advantage rather than doing eth right things to bring those things?

    Does he also know Electricity tariff in Ethiopia is the lowest in the world which is $0.03/kw. Ethiopia is on the first place produces her electricity consumption from renewable energy sources i.e. Hydro, wind, geothermal and Solar. The problem in Ethiopia is not only producing it but distribution including because of scattered villages and isolated towns.

    However, this and other issues are not going to be solved through demonstration which is not working but complain against others because of they are not working. This old man needs to wake up and smell the coffee that is telling him clearly that demonstration is not a solution but hard and good work. Demonstration is a western way to deal with their own situation doesn’t work in Africa. They also know when and how to demonstrate not just like you with no reason even to complain about let alone to demonstrate.

    You just shut up and show how capable and useful you are by doing things including organizing the people to get the issues it demands rather than telling them come to complain or cry in order to get them for free which is without working but demonstrating against those trying their best despite shortage of from everything including cash and experts and its is starting from zero building eth nation and that demands lots and takes time. .

    Again, when did he buy the first time the Hedase bond if there is any? When and how many times he visited the dam and motivated the workers? Did he organize any demonstration to support the dam and appreciate the government for taking these huge steps which is no one did for millennia? Is he telling the people none stop to stand behind the dam and contributing everything necessary and they can?

    He must do those things before talking about the shortage of electricity and worse than that coming out to demonstrate? Or this issue must be used as a legitimate reason for other agendas that would be damaging the nation with the kind of legitimate demonstration rights.

    Stop old man. Ethiopians have learned lots from the demonstration in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and so on. Those nations are gone because of few stupid and criminal citizens started with demonstration in the name of legitimate questions as you and your ally which is the USA and western trained color revolution agent and representatives in Ethiopia which is so called blue party are doing. Stop using a kind of legitimate demonstration to implement your sick and ego agenda where foreign powers are behind all these; financing, planning and inflaming in order to stop Ethiopia from developing her way for her people benefit but remain in turmoil or disappear forever . . .

    One thing is clear and clean, Ethiopians will not allow sick and hateful individuals who have no what so ever care about if something bad happens against the nation. The above mentioned nations destroyed by own sick and Banda criminal citizens in eth name of democracy, free media and so on working for foreign power including USA and UK. If he is really a genuine, competent and patriotic opposition, he needs to stop using demonstration as a means to get power or to be listened. Stop wishing bad and being instrumental to our country destruction. Stop being a servant to the brainwashed and slave Jihadists and extremists that are your and Blue party demonstration clients using you to achieve the dirty and criminal Arabs agenda in Ethiopia.
    Come to your sense and get a life. Don’t try to destroy the people life because of you have your own agenda which is the agenda of the foreign Ethiopian enemies that are sheltering and giving a free and suitable environment the worthless and criminal diasporas to affect Ethiopia. UK and USA are sheltering the terrorists, jihadist and extremist groups to affect their home country. Those like you are working with them to achieve that.

  7. Tn. says:

    Wow…I came expecting to read about the visit of his excellency Premier of Republic of China Mr. Li along with His excellency PM Hailemariam Desalign of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. China newspapers did a much better coverage packed with exceptionally good photo journalism. One of the pictures brought fears to my eyes that I had to fight of. I am going to print it, enlarge it at kinkos and put it on my wall. The scenery was at a construction sight of the addis railway, both the Premier and the PM are in casual attire, squatted down and each grasping one end of a dusty rail track. Hailemariam seems to be talking with Li grinning end-to-end with what Hailemariam was saying. (From the attention given to this piece of steel, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hailemariam was pitching MeTec’s achievement in partially processing the track). Surrounding these two
    were a lot of hard-hats in blue construction outfits, some Chinese and
    some local personal. Everybody was grinning end-to-end! Had it not been grown men of stature, one would think they were backyard boys building toys. People should go and see for themselves.

    Sorry, I chose not to recognize UDJ and I am advocating that the regions stop recognizing those who don’t recognize their nation & their nationality. every grain of sand, every drop of water and every breath of air, as written on the constitution and delimited on the map
    of FDRE. Recognition to me is winning at least 30 percent of the regions seats before aspiring to run for a Federal Government Seat.

  8. Mekdes says:

    I used to have great respect for this guy, after he made the speech after he was elected. But, after I heard on Ethiopia First Ben page, that he was ESEPA member. You don’t expect from ESEPA member good thing.

    He mentioned that people came from SHIRO MEDA to demand the Electric by group, occupying the office. This kind of shortage can happen any where, even in developed countries. So this kind of lawlessness should not be encouraged by the leader of one party. This kind of garbage will lead to the death like Ambo.

    The message ANDNET transmitting was not for peace at all, on the demonstration. Especially, Habtamu Ayalew was talking was totally Un acceptable in Democratic society. What ANDNET has done for the development of the country? So far none except getting busy to organize the demonstration which was given to them by ESAT and G7. I am glad Ethiopia is led by EPRDF.

  9. Mulugeta Shiferaw says:

    Why is the two existing political parties led by Engineers?
    Is engineering related to politics when it comes to Ethiopia’s case?

    Where are the poitical science majors , the lawyers , the historians ,the economists and so on.
    These engineers are all about building at whatever human life it costs.
    They build places that rent atleast for a year worth of salary of an ordinary Ethiopian.
    Who are they building Addis for?
    Ethiopia got a medical professional as a minster of health.
    Ethiopia got many unrelated educational background geting to holding high level authrity within the government.
    They cannot be held accountable for their actions because they are working in unrelated fields frok what they studied or had experience in.
    Enginner Hailu Shawel went back to his field of study.
    It is a matter of time before Engineer Gizachew does the same. In the meantime Ethiopians aer suffering for lack of a leader.

  10. Alula says:

    እንግዲህ ኣንድነት ከሁሉም ተቃዋሚ ተቢየዎች እጅግ የተሻለ ኣካሄ እንደመረጡ ከኣገላለፃቸው ለማወቅ ተችሏል። በዚሁ ከቀጠሉ ኣገራችን ተስፋ ኣላት ማለት ነው
    ። ኣሁን ዋናው እንደድሮ ሳይበታተኑ የፓለቲካ መሰናክሎችን ማለፍ ነው! ተቃዋሚ ተብየዎች እስካሁን ኢህኣዴግ ያስቀመጠውን የፓለቲካ መሰናክል ማለፍ ኣቅቷቸው እንደ ጅግራ ልጅ ሲበታተኑ ነበር ስለዚህ ኣንድነትም ምን ያህል እንደሚጓዝ ኣብረን እንይ።
    ኢህኣዴግ የምዕራባውያን ፤ የግብፃውያንና ቡችሎቻቸው ፣ የፅንፈኛ ዲያስፓራ መሰናክል 98% በማግኘት ተፈትኖ ያለፈ ድርጅት እንደሆነ ሁላችንም እያየን መጥተናል!ኣንድነትም በዚህ ቃለመጠይቅ ኣጥጋቢ መልስ በመስጠት ፈተናውን ኣልፏል!
    መልካም እድል!

  11. EtD says:

    Ferenjum arebum libu kixil bilual. ager zemed bitininu bixefa destawn aychilim. Ferenjina areb lexiqur kebad yewisx xilacha ena miqeninet alachew. Gidibum baburum yakaxilachewal. Yebenzin birr eyetensheratete newuna ager hulu side kaliaze aytenum. Lenia demo side mewsed ayawaxam. shabiana yetenkakut tagayoch yeabat mot yenesum mot neuna ene kemotku serdo aybkel aynet behari yizewal. Boku haram bayhonim yelimimidun mejemeria yewsedu ayxefum. Ambo tinish xeyaqe temari asxeyeqew xeqlala fixinetun ena akahedun bemayawkew huneta neger teqeyro ager bedeqiqa fixnet nedede. Goremsoch be facebook ena bealem yalew leunet zorobachewal. Facebook yerasu global psychology fexrual gin ya meret mewred aychilim. Wexatu yezare 30 amet computer, yezare, 20 amet internet ena cellphone, yezare 10 amet facbook alemenorachewun alenesum alem endenorech ayawqim weyem
    alteredam. Facebook ye alem wedajoch Alu Malet yemidir yeager xiqim wedajoch alu malet aydelem. Bedefenaw Le ager sayhon le
    alem yemiasfera meseriwoch yetsegesegubet adegenia gize newuna, ende senbelex gonbes bilo awlo nefasun masalef gid yemil yeheliwina xeyaqe newu. Wexatochu yeqonxexu! Bene bene enquan selfu mirchaw biqer melkam yemeslenial.

  12. Almaz says:

    Awramba covered Kerry the riot financier but quiet on highway and infrastructure financiers hmmm why.

  13. Tatek says:

    UDJ leader, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, raised an issue that is of a grave concern to residents of the City of Addis Ababa: lack of electricity, lack of water and shortage of public transportation. But he failed to add rampant corruption, bad Governance, chronically high unemployment (put in Ethiopian Statistics numbers as as high as 40%) and rapidly increasing inflation and Ethiopians’ frustration with an alarmingly skyrocketing cost of living. But the Press Report given by UDJ young soldier, Habtamu Ayalew, pertaining to the regime’s heavy handed response in Ambo is very encouraging, and I am sure is frankly not what the regime wanted to hear from the mouth of the opposition about a volatile region that it knows is the only hope of holding on to their grip on power. Sources close to EPRDF inner circle have indicated following the regime’s calculated extermination against Ormos in Ambo that the regime might put the City Master plan issue on ice for now but there is no indication that it is ready to bring those responsible to Justice. The regime might need to review its own flawed Federal structure and consider surrendering the Administrative role of the city of Addis Ababa back to the Oromia Regional State to avoid any slightest impression among Oromos that this was a land grab by the Federal Govt or appoint a joint National Capital Commission from the City ranks and Oromia to carry out an effective public Consultation and implementation of any City Expansion in the future. But the UDJ might use this and other regime gimmicks of divide, suppress and annihilate in Oromia and Amhara regions to unseat the Amhara National Democratic Movement (Govt puppet Amhara Party) and OPDO (Govt puppet Oromo Party) thereby hitting the final nail on to the coffin of the EPRDF that feels it is entitled to public office forever. To regime spear-carriers, frustrated politicians and TPLF pawn Hailemariam Desalegn, who blame every single regime mis-step on the OLF and Ginbot 7 and others who think the only way for their frustrated regime to survive is by triggering an animosity between the Oromo and the Amhara, our Forefathers have created a bond that can’t be broken and an alliance that can’t be shaken by your satanic gimmicks and Ethiopians will stand up to you and stop you from achieving YOUR MISSION!!!

  14. One nation says:


    “I used to have great respect for this guy, after he made the speech after he was elected. But, after I heard on Ethiopia First Ben page, that he was ESEPA member. You don’t expect from ESEPA member good thing.”

    This is the biggest weakness and stupidity we have. We are too ignorant and small minded believing nothing is going to change while the reality is nothing remains the same even one day the sun which is the centre of our solar system including the earth will disappear meaning there will be change there too.

    Normal human being at that matter all living things have the capacity to learn and make things better. If the animals know the water is infected with crocodiles, they will not get in or if they have to, they know their life will be end there. It is the same with plants learning and doing the best things for them. Human being is on the top and the master of change starting within him/herself.

    My problem with this and other so called oppositions especially those have no a national agenda but the wild animal politics which are Ethnic based parties and the foreign agents that are organizing as political party to wage unrest, create chaos and destroy our country in the name of color revolution which is the blue party and this one with no national agenda but hate and opportunistic politics, is that shows they are not learning from the past and make the change in a way the country benefits from in the long run. Ethnic politics is a wild animal politics or way of life doesn’t belong to the human being especially this time.

    EPRDF is a party all Ethiopians Ethnic groups together. It has no a single ethnic group agenda. But there are few out there having a wild animal type of politics and party standing for one Ethnic group thinking foolishly and understanding wrongly about Kilil which is an administration boundary since few years back and always will be changed based on the time and country circumstances including the security and development issues but as if it is a country boundary.

    This old man is not changed from the old and backward mentality in Ethiopia that made her living in the ocean of poverty while imprisoned in backwardness. He thinks demonstration is good while everyone knows it costs lots including blocking the road, expending unnecessary time, energy and money to organize it, the securities have to do jobs that are not necessary and those have to work are not working but demonstrating in a way that would create bad situation in the country. The culture of demonstrating without knowing the rule of demonstration such as why, when, how, for what and the implication towards the nation.

    “If you do not agree with me no matter what I’m saying, demanding or doing, then I’m going to go to

    This is how our so called oppositions are doing politics in Ethiopia thinking through demonstration the people will rise up, create chaos that would lead to the killing and destruction which the government not going to handle but run away. This is the sickness cocking nonstop with the fire burning inside them. They still are thinking things are going to work the way how they happened to topple the King through demonstration and followed by massive killing by the monster Derge. Most of them are part of the student movement and Derge. They still are thinking about that time. Because their brain is still their unable to learn, improve and become the changed people that make them doing things the best way including doing the opposition party job that would bring benefit to the country.

    The kind of demonstration the worthless so called opposition political parties especially the color revolution agent to the neo liberals which is blue party and the 1970 student movement and Derge brain type members in UDJ are conducting must stop. There is nothing legitimate and benefit here to the nation but the kind of system given to them by foreign backers. Because they know, with facts and arguments round table in front of the Ethiopian people, they will not win even any point. They have no any agenda that have a long vision and benefit to the country.

    There are other good parties including the Lidetu party that is older, mature and working based on the national interest. Their support to the Hedase dam and with other issues that are benefiting the nation is always the first and strong. They need get credit for that. No matter who is ruling, the country benefit must be always the reason to anyone that is in the politics. Opposition party means not always opposing the government but support and appreciate when it is doing good for the nation and come up with other alternatives that are better when the government is doing not good. But acting like spoiled and careless child, crying, causing troubles and going to demonstration is not making an opposition party but the group of criminals doing criminal activities against the nation in the name of opposition party. The question is for how long and why the government is tolerating and allowing happening

    The government need to support the Lidetu kind opposition parties knowing multiparty based on the national interest and patriotism feeling are essential and benefits everyone including EPRDF. But no the wild animal political parties that are the Ethnic based parties and the color revolution neoliberal agents. If this andnet is not changed and transformed in a way becomes the 21-century party including stopping behaving like the group of children and crying about everything if they don’t get their way, this party also need to go to hell. Demonstration the way they are doing has nothing to do with any political party that has vision, plan, national interest and so on. It is just designed by their foreign backers to create hostilities and chaos in the country. But that will never

    The government need to be tough, quick, determine and the best leader dealing with these issues without giving any time, space or reasons. These criminals and animals need to have a proper job and life. Politic is not the place to make a living while causing troubles and creating own party in the name of Ethnic which is the wild animal type of politics and way of life.

    Doesn’t matter about his past. As long as he is learned from the past mistakes and changed in a way he is now contributing. But if he is not learned but doing bad things in different times and ways but for the same reason, this must be seen as worthless and dangerous and thrown away in the garbage like a stinky and dirty trash.

    • Mekdes says:

      One nation, I agree with you 100% people like Lidetu should be supported. The govt.need also to give their thumbs up gesture for such kind of parties. Because their vision is not tainted by ESEPA like this old man. His speech also loos like men gist u the killer. I agree with you.

  15. Alula says:


    It’s ok to release your stress here at awrambatimes & I can see your pressure is mounting every time Ethiopia scores a point in its development endeavors! But , the EPRDF defeated the lost kinijit, neoliberal that tried to tell us what to do, Egypt’s proxy wars in every ,direction,broke the back bone of shabiya once & for all! Western NGOs tried to turn Ethiopia into Egypt, Syria , Libya like mess, but Ethiopia protected itself successfully , & now Ethiopia can continue with its fast development as we all are witnesses!

    Finally, I know you hate woyane , nevertheless , you can only hate , nothing else!

  16. Tatek says:

    Mr Alula,
    Your comment seems to have emanated from your unease from the fact that your Dedebit manufactured friends are now in a self-boiled political hot water and you seem to be feeling their heat too. Please note that this reply to you on this issue is final. You tried to tell me that I was stressed and were here at Awramba times to wash off my stress. May be you are talking about yourself but I respect whatever you say as you can only voice within the holding capacity of your little-brain. You alleged that my comments stem from my hate for the TPLF. If there is anything that I hate, it is the word hate itself and I have no time for absurd concepts like hate as I am full of love and respect for anyone, including your Dedebit boys. You want to tell me that Ethiopia is growing and growing fast—but the track record of your Dedebit Masters is that their 23 year time at the Palace has given the nation a record breaking debt of 300 Billion Birr and growing, banditry, corruption, patronage, bad governance, massive public spending, dwindling Private Investment, skyrocketing inflation, and chronic dependence on Foreign Aid. Ethiopia is the only nation in sub-Saharan Africa that receives a third of its Annual Budget from Foreign donors in Aid and debt and spends 45% of its annual budget on servicing that debt. You tell me this is growth? What does it frankly mean that the nation’s economy is growing at an alarming world record rate of 11% annually, in a nation where if this annual Foreign budget supplement is halted for any reason for a day, the nation goes bankrupt the next day because it would not be possible for it to run Government services? I found yours and your likes’ arguments in trying to protect the regime as nothing more than petulant, arrogant, bizarre and indulgent that doesn’t hold any water vis-a-vis the big issue in question: National Interest. I am attacking the Govt based on its reckless track record of lies, clamour, scandal and ethnic cleansing— not in any way based on opposition’s immature whining that ‘it is our turn’. You may now come out and snooze like a frog but you, your Dedebit mafias who stirred up the Ambo massacre with an agenda and many other regime spear-carriers were nowhere to be found when hundreds of non-Oromo students took shelter in Churches and started counting seconds for their lives, property was burned down and the city was brought down to its heels, but you have the gut to shrug off the nation’s pain when it is profusely bleeding as you know that should you really go to the scene of the massacre, you surely know that you would be crushed like a rat.

  17. Genius_mind says:

    I have nothing to comment about engineer Gizachew’s expression for I have never been supporter of the opposition; I wanted to appreciate the statements and remarks of ONE NATION named commentator styled writer above. Particulary his bold expression and comparisson of Chinese Capabilities and commitment versus Ethiopian Commitments and capabilities are vital. My brothers and sisters, our H.E Late Prime Minister Meles used to declare and judge Poverty as the single worest enemy of Ethiopia and EThiopians. But this is not the truth since our the worest enemiy and backwardation-factor inertia is Bad, Biased, Narrow minded and discrimation dominated governance of the governmental offices and state enterprises from Bottom line to Top level. This is so because, had poverty been the real enermy and inertia of peoples and citizens’lives, the other world countries would never had genuine prosperity. Yet, for they were able to intitutinalize Good, Precise, Merit-based, mutually beneficiary state structures and apparatuses, it took them nothing (but shorter time) to develop themselves. But in our cases, with such blind-minded and blind-headed ignoring the victimed citizens and the victimized state entities at the hands of state inefficiencies, incompetencies, discriminations and biases, we can never have genuine stratcutural economic transformation, genuine industrialization and genuine export expansions.

  18. I enjoy reading a post that will make men and
    women think. Also, thanks for allowing for mee to comment!

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