My Takes on the Ethiopian Dam and the Addis Ababa Master Plan (Messay Kebede, PhD)


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  1. Name (required) says:


  2. Abegaz says:

    Prof. Mesay is absolutely right. We denounce the unlawful killing of the Oromos. But we reject the slogan, “Oromia for Oromos.” The demand of the oromo students clear enough that if time is given, Oromia is gone for good, and this is the work of TPLF. Who benefits from this? A lot of TPLFites will lose their fortune. Other Ethiopians will lose too. Historically Oromo places are not Oromos’ property. They migrated and sized the land. Oromos are late comers. There is ample evidence for that and they know it too. Northerners did not oppose them when they controlled the land. But they will oppose them when they want it to make their own land only.

    It is high time now to implement a new kilil called Addis Ababa with a radus of 100km. This will solve the mistake of the arrogant TPLF leader, the I know-it-all-man, the late Meles Zenawi who violated Addis Ababa’s provincial status with a radius as far as Ambo, nazet, sheno and Fiche. This violence and blood shed would have been avoided had Addis Ababa maintained its previous status.

    We want new Addis Ababa with a radium of 100km now!!!! 70% of the Ethiopian population will vote for it minus OPDOs.

    While we oppose the killings of the Oromo students, we oppose the slogan of the Oromo students. We want a vibrant city of Addis Ababa, the Capital of Africa which will not be a captive of the Oromia kilil.

    • abraham says:

      @abegaz,what amazing person are you? you must know that we are not the one refugee.we know who is the late comer to this blessed city. it is high time to wake up for you to look for a place where you will live forever out of this city.historically,i wouid like you to tell that earlier abysinia leader began to spread remours which said the “new comer had occupied our land.” the new comer r oromos…….lol.infact they are not.i can give you many evidence that oromos have a history of 5000 years in the present territory++++++up to desie, which is a city of have annexed this land or took it. wollo oromos shouid be added to oromia and it will be okay.historicaly or what ever the evidence is that all 100% prove that the present area ++++up to desi ®®®

    • Sihaam says:

      Are you seriously eating your own poop, because the crap you talk are quite spectacular. Like many before you in Africans why not displace 30 million people because they are late comers to this area some hundreds of years ago. Wow I have never met a humar smarter than Ethiopian 😉 with this thinking and flies everywhere. No wonder Arabs are treating you like a slave.

  3. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Prof. Kebede,

    I always thought you are better than others; but you disappointed me in this article very much. One of your failure, you use reference of the banda Almariam? what Almariam know about cost benefit? Instead of preaching pessimism, why do not give us a break down of the cost benefit analysis? Shallow and narrow prophesy? The Ethiopian who designed the project do not know cost and benefit analysis? it is you and Almariam who knows cost benefit analysis?
    Professor Messay, in the entire world, no project is built without cost and benefit analysis. There is no project that is done without cost and benefit analysis. Your article insulsts the Ethiopians who design the project. Because you are blinded by your hate to Meles. Sir, Meles is dead, live life and start live. Now you are dead alive because you are connecting a project to a dead man. The fact you use the dead man Almariam banda as your references begs about your sanity. According to you if Ethiopian diaspora do not approve the project ? other Ethiopians can not think or design a good think? I did not know you are ignorant to this degree. I do not even believe you have any clue about the project. Sir, this is a project designed and implemented by engineers, not by orators, pessimists, talkatives. You are innsulting all the Ethiopians engineers now. Sir, the enginering design work is not like writing this crap article. They have to work day and night. you must understand the engineers equipped with the skills of the cost and benefit analysis of engineering economics.

    Almariam = Prof. Messsay Kebede = F

  4. Dilbedil says:

    DOWN WITH DOUBLE STANDARD & CONSPIRACY THEORIST Liku you Mr. Dr. Mesay! Please read this link Mr. SoCalled Doctor

    • Dan says:

      Dilbedil, good advice! I think the following excerpt should be highlighted …

      “When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, criticize you, and generally resist the truth about who you are, remember, they’re telling you their own sad story, not yours. They’re dumping their own doubts into the air. Ignore them.”

      Indeed he has to be ignored.

  5. Kulfo says:


    1. There is a simple economic concept called “economy of scale”, which could be applicable to the Grand Dam: read it or shut it.

    2. No one can build the new Ethiopia by neglecting, defaming, and belittling ethnic-based politicians and parties. (you did this in your previous article) You need to think and act within the mindset of the 21st century Ethiopia. Gone are days for the Theodros and Menelik mentality of Ethiopian unity. Therefore, it would be wise to work with them than against them.

    3. Amhara is one of the major Ethnic groups. It doesn’t necessarily pro unity all the time. Otherwise, we shouldn’t have seen a Gonderie dominated Orthodox church leadership in Seattle of DC or Amhara associations and dominations in many parts of US- including in ESAT, Sport event, ….

    4. You are championing yourself as an advocate of unity. But let me borrow your phrase: “at what cost”? have you factored the language, culture, dignity into account? I remember. It was around 1979 – 1981 (Eth Calendar), and I was listening your interview on the Ethiopian radio in the evening. It was about using Amharic as a medium of communication for the Addis Ababa University. I still recall. You justified the amharanization of the university language by saying “…. because students ask me questions in Amharic outside classes and in my office hours…”. Yes, Amharic speakers could get some advantage. What about others? Would it be a plain field for Oromos, Tigres, Somalis, Wolayitas …coming to that university? It is a pity to see you dream the same thing after 25 years.
    5. I suggest you give recognition to moderate ethnic parties (like Medrek) and work with them. They acknowledge one big Ethiopia- while attempting to respect the rights of every ethnic groups. Demonizing them by saying “you are woyane in disguise” simply push them to become radical ethno-centrist. In short, don’t marginalize non-amharas because they attempted to work for the rights of their ethnic group. This is one of the major problem of the Amhara elites. Professor Alemayehu also mock the ethnic oriented parties and politicians as “killistan- bantitustan”.

    • Gebez says:

      The university was/still is dominated by Amhara university teachers and students anyways. That is what he misses and calls a “united” Ethiopia. Man!!!personally, my appreciation to EPRDFites swells when I see some idiots that can not see beyond their nose like this man. These guys want to take us 100 years back. Shock and awe!!

    • Tommy Long says:


  6. Name (required) says:


    Atleast you admit that oromos were marginalized and mistreated under previous Amhara dominated regimes.That is always a good start. But you should know that “Ethiopianness” does not come over night for oromos.our wound is still not dry…………….

    • gebre says:

      አቶ ጉተማ
      “Our wound ist not dry..” ያልከው
      ለማለት የፈለግከው ገና ቁስላችን አልደረቀም ለማለት ፈልገህ ነው አይደል? አማርኛውን ቀጥታ ተርጉመህ ነው አይደል?
      “Our wound ist not heald” ብትለው የተሻለ ይመስለኛል።
      ለማንኛውም አቶ ጉተማ፣ በተጨቆኑ ቀልዶች ላይ ቪዲዎውን አይተህ ከሆነ። ሰውየው ሀኪም ቤት ሄዶ ለምርመራ አይነምድሩን እነዲሰጥ ተጠይቆ፣ሰውየውም በተጠየቀው መሰረት አይነ ምድሩን በገረወይና ተሸክሞ ሲመጣ፣ሀኪሙ ምንድን ነው የሄ ሲለው፣አይነምድር አምጣ አላሉኝም እንዴ ሲለው ሰውየው ለሀኪሙ። ሀኪሙም መነፀሩን ዝቅ አድረጎ አይነ ምድሩን አየውና፣ እርሰስዎ አሁን ድነዋል ወደቤቶ ይሂዱ ሲለው።ሰውየውም ምነው መርፌ የለም እንዴ ኪኒን የለም እንዴ ሲለው ሀኪሙን፣ሀኪሙም እርሰዎ ከበሽታዎ ተላቀዋል፣በሆድዎ ውስጥ ተሰንቅሮ ያስቸግሮት የነበረው ይሄ ነበር።እሱም ወጥቶለታል አሁን ወደ ቤትዎ መሄድ ይችላሉ ብሎ ወደ ቤቱ ሰደደው። ይላል ቪዲዎው። የእንተ ችግርም ከዚህ የተለየ አይመስለኝም።
      እኔም ላንተ የምመክርህ የሆነ ነገር ውስጥህ የሚያስቸግርህ ነገር ካለ ሀኪም ጋር ተመርመር እንጂ አማራ፣ኦሮሞ፣ትግሬ፣ጉራጌ አያልክ እንደ አዝማሪ ዘር አትቁጠርብን።
      መጀመሪያ በሰለጠኑት ሀገራት አንዳንድ ዘር የሚቆጥሩት ፋሺስቶች ናቸው።ዘርን ደግሞ ስሙን ቀይረው ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች የሚሉት ኮሚኒስቶች ናቸው። ራሳቸው ደህና ነገር ሳይሰሩ የነገስታትን ዘመን የጭቆና ዘመን የሚሉ እነዚሁ ቡድኖች ናቸው። ድሮ የትኛወም የኢትዮጵያ አካባቢ ሀገሪቱን ለመግዛት እድል አግኝተዋል። አንዱ አካባቢ ለሌላው አካባቢ ተጠያቂ ሊሆን አይሆንም። ጥሩ ንጉስም ነበር ክፉ ንጉስም ሀገሪቱን ገዝተው ነበር። ቢሆንም ሁሉም ከ1966 በሁዋላ በስልጣን ከወጡት መቶ በመቶ ይሻሉ ነበር።
      አሁን ችግሩ፣የሰዎች የግል መብት እንዴት ይጠበቃል ነው?
      የሰዎች የግል ንብረት ባለቤትነት እንዴት ይጠበቃል ነው?
      የህግ የበላይነት እንዴት ይከበራል ነው? ለምሳሌ አሁን በቅርቡ የጣልያኑ ፕሬዘዳንት “ቤሌስኮኒ” ጥፋት ስላጠፋ ፍርድ ቤቱ፣በአልጋ ላይ የደከሙ አሮጊቶችን እንዲንከባከብ ፈርዶበታል። ይህ የሚያሳየው የህግ የበላይነት መኖሩን ነው።

      • Gugsa says:

        Ato Gebre

        I am sorry to intervene polish your English spelling before you try to correct Ato Gutema’s. It is healed not heald ….Dosvidania.

  7. D says:

    I disagree with your take about the dam but I do agree what you said about the regime in 4killo.

    “we need a government that expressly dismantles the institutions created to divide Ethiopia and promotes a national culture that permeates ethnic identities.”

  8. Gebez says:

    How tribalist this writer must be!! Hey man, you better respect this precious party called TPLF!!TPLF is building a harmonious, united, well respected strong Ethiopia as never before. You are talking shit just trying to be an expert on everything.

  9. yared says:

    I have never been so clearly described by someone i only knew by name. Professor Messay Kebede exactly spoke my mind! Now i know that Ethiopians have not lost it and that we understand each other when it comes to our country’s faith, our pride and freedom. I am an Amhara, i fervently condemn the woyane regime’s atrocities committed on Oromo students in Ambo town and i officially declare my allegiance to the Unionists as Professor described them!
    Thank you Professor Messay Kebede

  10. Alem says:

    Thank God that no one is asking for the permission of the professor to build the GERD. It is simply amazing how egomaniachal Prof Messay has become over the years! News flash: No, sir. You do not have any solution for Ethiopia’s problems. The dam is over 30% completed and you want the government to come to you and have a dialog now? Putting together nonsensical words and phrases and forming long articles does not necessarily make one knowledgeable. Prof Messay appears not want to do his thinking quietly in his own time. My unsolicited advice to the professor is that he should at least do his research, formulate cogent opnions and then send his articles. I’m not sure his fans would be all too happy with his meandering “Aramba ena Qobbo” line of thought that is devoid of facts.

    Etyopia le Zelalem tinur.

  11. Yoni says:

    “Cost benefit analysis?” Come on dude that is a tall order for the die hard oppos….they are addicted to shooting themselves on the foot.

    Your last paragraph is a bit funny…
    You basically asking the Amhara Elites to come out and apologize to the Oromos, for past injustices…cause it is the only way they can move on to promote a new Ethiopia where no one is marginalized. Good luck with this scenario…

    Lastly…why is everyone claiming federalism is at risk and the unionist should come to rescue? It is basically claiming that the Amhara Elites with their hollow union slogan can counter act the Oromos demand. What a joke…

    Federalism maybe put to test, but not át risk at all…don’t you all forget that the current govt is looking into resolving this matter even it means meeting the students’ demands….

  12. MULATU says:




  13. Tn. says:

    From what we have been told, 4.5 billion investment and 1 to 2 billion/yr revenue, the Dam looks like it has attractive financials. Of course a pro-forma of some sort or some NPV number would be much better. Sooner or later though the public will have to know. This is the beginning and more smaller dams are to follow. I can understand the reasoning of getting the larger one out of the way. My primary concern with the dam is on how it intends to deal with the silting and how much of the revenue is going to be diverted in that direction.
    As to Amhara paternalism, I have long concluded it is more of a legally sanctioned mental illness…sort of like homosexuality, an imparted possession by willful mother. Century old dinner table ethnic jabs is bound to create delusional effeminate men brave at stadiums eager to afirm mothers brainwashing. One can’t really blame the sick but in the same token on has to put safeguards around the sick so that he won’t keep thinking that he is normal, damaging himself and others around him. Just to highlight the extent of the paternalistic dillusion…only an Amhara will ask for a vote as a representative of a region that he doesn’t believe should exist. But it goes more! Only the amhara complains about political space when someone confronts and curtails his dillusion. If this dinner table induced possession by the demon of pride is not equivalent to
    homosexuality, I don’t know what is! We have laws to curtail one but
    none against the other illness! My take is that regions implement laws to save amharists from themselves by requiring a proven track record of recognition and historical loyalty be displayed by a party before it represents a region at the Federal Level. This could be a track record of political history of the party and/or a consecutive success of winning in the regional races, whichever safeguards the people of the regions.

  14. MULATU says:


  15. Elias says:

    Thank you Dr.Messay, unlike others who put a lot of ifs and buts to oppose the #GERD, you unequivocally declared your opposition against the Dam that is supported unequivocally by almost the whole country.
    It ‘s true, you were a professor, an engineer, a lawyer , a philosopher and a God father of ideology to the Dergist. Thanks God, you spare us from such irrelevant and grandiloquent pseudo-elite.
    1. The good Doctor, appraisal and cost-benefit analysis is an ABC of Engineering. Are you talking cost-benefit analysis for Ethiopians or for urself? It’s true, once the Dam completed and started electrifying the neglected rural communities and their clinics and schools, u will be a big time loser. It’s going to cost you a lot, your blood pressure and frustration will go up.
    2.Who is supposed to appraise the project, you an American or Ethiopian Engineers? Don’t u know your are irrelevant to the poor, the poor thinks in terms of his basic needs, food, shelter, electricity, clinics etc. You are living in your own alternate world.
    3. You don’t’ mention the alternative to hydro power, Dr. Engineer. Do you want the country build small dams which would be many times costlier than bigger ones? Or Do you want the country import oil for electricity? or You want to keep the country in dark until u understand engineering? Kubur Engineer, you have hit now a dead end at the Age where detouring is challenging.
    4. The project appraisal for the pride dam was in a shelf since the time Haileslasie. What Meles government did is expanding and improving the study so that the project can be supported by other riparian countries. Most importantly, he built an economy that can bear the expense of this huge dam. It is obvious Meles’s Legacy is haunting you.
    5.Advising against the hydro dam amounts to telling famine stricken man not to cultivate his crops because food would make him obese. Mr. Philosopher, are you aware of the gravity of ur miscalculation?
    6. So the implicit theme of the article is how your frustration is out of your control. I pity you; the reality on the ground is against your wish. Dr professor economist Engineer Messay, please rest in secluded place where you don’t hear any news about the fast growing economy of Ethiopia. You don’t a doctor, u can be ur own doctor.

  16. Abegaz says:

    I think Oromia must be broken in to west and East and Addis Ababa comes out independent with its own 100km radius. This good for all Ethiopians. The TPLF is the most benefitting though.

    • abraham says:

      @@@@abegaz, you are name must be dreamliner.but you can fly over the air.the greater oromia will never fall into the hands of the former regime.thanks to eprdf, every one has the right to take measures against a person like you.we never give you even 1 inch in oromia land including our city addis ababa which is the capital city of oromia.rather we have to annex our land like desie,wollo,raya and other areas which are now under the control of amhara.we are not like the past where you will manupulate us robot. we are ready to fight our enemy.we,40 million peoples are to fight to regain wollo, some parts of gojjam and incorprate into oromia like what russia has done to ukraine.creamia has returned to russia and we will also get back our lands includes wollo,desie,some parts in gojam. history will come back soon.!!!! you will deservr an inch in finnifinne or addis.get out ypu mess.we tigrines and oromos will cooperates and elimintes you from this city and you will go to your gonder and gojjam… food!!!

  17. DtEn says:

    The master plan did not ask for expansion but integrated planning. The issue now is more on the details. The details include special benefits to Oromia in Finfinee, including altering from Minilik Symbolized /rent-seeking culture to one that symbolizes the drafting of the new constitution and all inclusive developmental nationalism. The issue of Oromo clans in in Finfinee who have no where else to go but are left landless and culturless by the successive measures of the various administrations more to be wonderers in limbo like the American Indians. So too, the commemorialization of the ones who fell in the hands of minilik in the cowardice night raid of Yeekkaa and Gullele, significant war heroes such as tufa muna and Dullaa hara and those who fell along deserve a square in the new master plan, either in finfine or in the sub-cities. Finally, about the farmers in the perhifery, who said you can’t have farms in the city? If one travels in the Midwestern states such as Minnesota and Iowa, there is plenty of farming going on in the suburbs. Of course the farmers have to be subsidized to group lease smaller agricultural equipments but there is no reason why farms and suburban cities won’t go together. In fact these farmers can be a pilot/study-group/proving grounds for the various farm related equipments that MeTec and future farm related
    industry groups would like to partake. Eco friendly, green, socially and culturally sensitive development is what we want to do. No one wants to create a concrete jungle out of finfine and surrounding area.

  18. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I do not agree with all of the above commentators. Reasons: All the commentators are tribalist, ethnicist. All of them think they are right; but all of them are wrong.

    The Professor Messay group do not recognize other people except themselves and they are not fit for the 21 century. The other group is the woyane group. The woyane group even worse because they are racist and black apartheid agents. I do not even know what they call Ethiopia? The Woyanes group are as hell bent as those like Professor Messay and Almariam group. The Oromia group are part and parcel of the woyane group.

    These two group the woyane group that is self-appointed Tigreans lord of Tigrean-Eritrean Origin and the Old amhara group that is die hard, who define Ethiopia only through the eyes of their lenses. These two groups are not good for Ethiopian people. First, both group are self-appointed group who do not represent the people. Besides, they are mutually exclusive. These two groups can not see each other they are like mortal enemies. They are views two militant group.

    I can not afford to belong to this hateful, narrow, ethnicist, tribalist group. We need a new breed that is all inclusive and that is recognize all Ethiopian has human being. We can not afford to live in the 21 century in the today’s ethnic apartheid land and we can not afford to live in the past Amhara elite lalaland. We need young people who can embrace Ethiopian unity without tribalism and ethnic domination. They are dangerous for Ethiopia. You can see the woyane group selling everything in Ethiopia as if there is no tomorrow and they do not even seem Ethiopian at all. And look the Amhara elites, they will do anything to restore their throne and they are working with Shabia and Egypt. They talk about Ethiopia, but it is not true. They are obsessed with the throne only. They do not care about the Ethiopian people and they do not even recognize any Ethiopian. The same, the woyane group they are equally hell bent to do anything to keep the throne and to keep the old throners from coming back. In the middle, when these two group fight for the throne, they Ethiopian people will trampled down. When two bulls fight, it is the grass that get trampled up and squashed. The young Ethiopians need to formulate their destiny before Ethiopia is being destroyed by these two group.

    Woyane = Almariam group = axis of evils.

    • Hermi says:

      Remember the old saying? “you point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing your way.”

  19. Alula says:

    Messay kebede , no matter what you write you are still into your hate politics! You said my take on….but what kind of take is this? What the EPRDFites doing is ; trying to do what should have been done during Minilik, Haileselassie & Mengistu all at once!

    Mr Messay my advice to you is, either support the Ethiopian development or oppose it & be on Ethiopia’s adversaries side!

    You have never accomplished anything for Ethiopia except endlessly write, write, write & write…!

    We can’t compare you to these you call ruling clique! The EPRDFites has accomplished so much for Ethiopia in the last 23 years & beyond! The difference is you are complaining ,writing & they are building Ethiopia !

    God bless the EPRDFites!

  20. Sam says:

    Messay tried to address two issues in a single article. In the construction of the dam he was all over the place. Maybe he agonized more than he should, not knowing exactly how felt about the issue. He is not alone. But one statement of his should make him at ease. He wrote “the construction of the dam is on its way so that the time for open debate has already passed.” Indeed. Whether the construction of the dam will benefit Ethiopians or will be a windfall for the well-connected cannot be answered by anyone alive right now. When the dam is completed, the debate will begin. As for the recent students demonstrations in Ambo, he wrote “Oromo students oppose the expansion because it violates the Sovereignty of Oromia. for unionists, this is not the right reason and they should say so openly.” True, the Oromo students do not want “outsiders” in their territory. But why you blame them? These kids started being fed ethnic politics the time they stopped feeding their mothers’ breast milk. They were taught to stand guard against trespassers. That was exactly what they were trying to do. As for using the word “unionists” for those who oppose the sovereignty nonsense, meaning Ethiopia has so many sovereignties to count, I say it is not a wise choice of word. We need unionists if It is already fragmented. We are not yet there.

  21. Addiiss says:

    I wonder why the so called Elite diaspora put they shortsighted views on writing for eveyone to see and history to judge it.
    In a few years time, the dam will be completed and you would be putting your foot in your mouth.

  22. Yirgalem says:

    Reading this article is waste of time

  23. ketema says:

    This is how a doctor for nothing behaves in action.

    Where is he?
    Is he in Ethiopia working as a professional helping the country as he is claiming to be but nothing is in him?
    If he left Ethiopia because of she is poor and not enough to accommodate him with luxury and lazy life, then he has to shut his stinky mouth and stay

    He is another example how the few so called educated Diasporas are looking like for real including that B. Nigga and in Ethiopia that “Merara Godana” who is responsible about what has happened in the country in many occasions including in Ambo and elsewhere recently having Ethnic party to create the animal type of politics and way of life.

    Mr. PHD for nothing but bad, negatives, troubles, jealousy and anti Ethiopia, you need to stay away and live in hell.

    You are a lazy and wild dog in Ethiopia no one care about anything coming from you and your stupid look likes. If you really do care about Ethiopia, be there.

  24. Cherkos says:

    The once personal advisor of the butcher Mengistue and policy architect of the Dergue military junta, Mesay Kebede, is telling us that Ethiopia is ready to implode under the EPRDF rule. Although it is a well known fact that he is consumed by hate to Meles and the proud people of Tigrai, I couldn’t imagine that he is also against the economic prosperity of Ethiopia. Is not he the one who has been deafening our ears with his ‘Ethiopian nationalism’, ‘Ethiopian unity’ …the most strange thing is though, his reference to AL-Mariam’s (the lunatic and racist pseudo-professor) trash articles, just to legitimize his weird claims. Know that Ethiopia is changed for good; no room for day dreamers and self-proclaimed ‘scholars’.

  25. Alem says:

    Impacts of Ethiopian Grand Renaissances Dam on Economic Development
    -One of the factors that play the broad and wide range in the economic development is the provision of energy supply. The construction of Renaissance dam directly or indirectly will affect many parts of the economy. The first and the direct impact of EGRD is to increase the energy supply from current 2000MW to 8000MW. In other word it increases the Energy supply by 400 percent. This improves the quality and quantity of energy available in the country. According to various study a unit percent increase in energy supply increases economic growth by at least one percent. Therefore, when renaissances dam start operation the national economy increase by an additional 4 percent. In other word the nation manages to produce an additional of a billion USD National Products (Output).

    The availability of energy supply increase school enrollment and health service facility in the country. It facilitates the application of modern technology in health and education sector that increase health and education coverage and access in the country. The EGRD provide an additional of two and half million Euros a day by selling electricity to neighboring countries. Such benefit of the dam diversifies export earnings of the country and at the same time reduces the shortage of foreign reserve. It provides employment opportunity that increases the welfare of the nations at large. Currently more than 7500 people are working in EGRD. When the project completed it facilitate for the establishment of different types of enterprises that provide more employment opportunity in the future. In addition to providing employment opportunity it contributes for the structural change of the industrial sector in the country. It also improves the water storage capacity of the country. When the project completed the dam will hold up to 74 billion cubic meters of water, which increase the current water storage capacity of the country by more than 100 percent.
    According to the latest World Bank report, Ethiopia is paving the way to join the middle income by 2020. In order to maintain such economic development the country must maintain proper and efficient utilization of its rich natural resource. Ethiopia white gold is water that provides various contributions for economic development. The construction of EGRD offer a number of impacts on the Ethiopian economy: increase energy supply, provide additional foreign currency, increase water storage capacity, regional cooperation/integration and industrial development. Such contribution of EGRD accelerates the reduction of poverty in the country. There are no international laws that say Ethiopian must die in poverty. In all our capacities we have to put all our efforts for the completion of the EGRD that change the economic structure of the nation for future prosperity.

  26. Taddesse says:

    In England 1mw costs the consumers 95.000 pound a month. That means 95.000 x $1.70= $161.500 a months. Or $1.938.000 a year. This also means 6000MW could cost them $11,628,000,000 a year. Even there are other shocking facts in other countries how electricity is expensive and a very dangerous issue when it has to be produced from nuclear and also Gas, Coal and oil.

    One Arab nation did spend 4 billion dollar last year to produce 700 Mega watts only for a year. The Ethiopian dam that costs about 5 billion will produce 6000 MW a year at least for the next 100 year. Even we take 1mw for 1 million a year which is very cheap, the GERD could produce a 6 billion Dollar worth electricity in a year. That means it will cover its cost within a year. At least for 99 year with at least 6 billion a year is a 600 billion free income to Ethiopia from this national project. However, the projected term for the dam is 300 years and with additional care up to 400 years.

    But our so called PHD is vomiting his personal issues using the dam as an opportunity. It is unbelievable these kind rats are still living and worse than that they are around Ethiopia to keep her suffering under tremendous difficulties including poverty, backwardness and undermining by others as we have been through. He is finished. Because any normal human being who has a normal life and future, never ever even think the things he is doing let alone coming out and vomiting on the internet.

    He must be a sick person suffering from a mental illness.

    Let these devils and failed animals most of them are old and worthless let suffer and vomit the pain they are suffering from for their own personal gain. But no one let alone these worthless could stop Ethiopia from anything she is doing including the dam to benefit her people.

    Is he still thinking he is an Ethiopian and has any feeling towards the people that deserve basic things including electricity no matter how it is produced but get it? He is sick, for sure.

  27. Abegaz says:


    As a fair minded person, you have not addressed the main issue. The issue is is Addis Ababa Ethiopian or Oromian. Addis Ababans were never consulted when Meles Zenawi and OLF/OPD people demarcated the ethnic kilils. Addis Ababa’s administration boundary was as far as Debrebirhan, Ambo, Woliso, Nazret, Ziway and Fiche. This is fair because this gives every Ethiopian the right to live and work peacefully without the hassles of Ethnic federalism. This has to be restored as Addis Ababa is for all Ethiopians. While I condemn the killing of oromo students, the late crooked Meles zenawi’s destructive vision has to be reversed. It is time for every fair minded Ethiopian to critically think what Meles Zenawi planted has started to tear the country.

    If we fail to correct this in time, and that time is now, my brother, you will not be able to make your next flight in to Addis Ababa,

  28. Abe says:

    Professor Messay(not real)

    A dooms day professor.Your message is simple;
    1-The Dam is wrong or create some doubt.
    2-The master plan is wrong Addis Ababa doesn’t need expansion plan…Hmmm..

    No wonder why Ethiopia is growing fast like never before!dinosaurs minds like Asmesay professors are far and away from our country.
    I bet your next article will be on the rail road,we don’t need them,too expensive.. diatribe.
    What a waste.

  29. Ermi says:

    All of you up here are stupids. You can’t argue against the substances in his writing and resorted to attacking his personality and name calling. If you want any one to believe the dam is beneficial, then tell us how. He is not responsible for the stupid dam that is being built. BTW, even if it will be constructed, it will have inferior quality that will endanger the life and environment around it and down stream areas according to the sudanes foreign minister few weeks ago due to luck of available funds.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


    • Alula says:

      If you are against the dam, then you are a paid agent of Egypt! Messay kebede, Almariam & other anti dam Banda Ethiopian are paid agents of of anti Ethiopia entities!

      Did you forget that electricity is the most important in this 21st century? Yeah! Blinded by hate, you guys have lost your being thus far ! When the Ethiopian revolution broke out in 1966 Ethiopian calendar, woyane chose to fight for freedom , while the likes of Messay kebede chose to calculate how to kill the most important generation of Ethiopia….! Can you see how the EPRDFites kept Egypt with its external & internal dogs, fanatic Neoliberals, the toothless Ethiopian extremist at bay? I’m proud that Ethiopia is the only country in the world that defeated western political crooks! Look at Tunisia ,libya, Egypt ,Syria …..!All in all, the likes of Messay , Almariam have nothing to offer for Ethiopia in anyway,they never had!
      We know what you used to say about woyane during the struggle … Woyane won….the dam is being build… & we are waiting to see what you will say when the dam is built!

      Haters are always losers!

      • Ermi says:

        “If you are against the dam, then you are a paid agent of Egypt!” is equivalent to “if you are for the dam without knowing its costs and benefits, then you are stupid moron!”

        Are you still standing by your premise and conclusion?

        Peace to all but Woyane!


  30. AFRO says:

    also the writer is still mad of meles.
    that is all i understand from his writig.
    he must be a very poor man and live in misery.
    oh God please help him

  31. thomas says:

    I don’t expect any good from this worthless professor who
    Killed millions of Ethiopians during the fascist derg .

  32. Alula says:

    Mr Dawit kebede

    Let you respect a free speech & publish my comment above!

  33. me says:

    Do they give proffessorship
    For ignorance.a layman who writes in english. Period.

  34. Abegaz says:

    TPLFites have no plan for the future Tigrians. They only think for today. All the policy their run is based on the twisted ideology leader, Zenawi. He damaged their legitimate interest in one Ethiopia. When every kilil is disintegrated all the wealth TPLFite accumulated in Addis Ababa is gone. My advice to you is, “reverse the course of Ethnic Federalism.” If you have ethnic federalism as principal guiding philosophy, you have no right to interfere in any kilil.

  35. thomas says:

    People like professor mesay, armariam, mesfin weirdmariam
    Delusional old men with one leg in the grave,so we will soon
    get a relief from this racist black Hutus.

  36. abay says:

    the two professors, mesay kebede and al mariam have so much hatred for Meles that even after his death they will not leave him alone. i will never understand why they would stand with egypt. now, i perfectly understand the amharic expresion ‘ yemuhuran denkurt’

    • Ilula lemma says:

      who does like meles nobody Except U. Even devil is tired of him in hell does not know what to do with him.

  37. Abebe says:

    “B” Ethiopia,

    This is the first time ever.

    “Fitch Rates Ethiopia ‘B’; Outlook Stable”

    Does this Mr. PHD know what does it mean this to Ethiopia and what is telling about the country? This is telling the solid foundation is already planted and the country is heading towards the triple “A+”.

    Please; give me a break. He is rubbish like those few suffering from anger, jealousy and frustration knowing their era is over and they are ended in vein.

  38. Alula says:

    Philosophy is a great subject but it does not make you an expert of dams or economic or political cost benefit analysis. You hide behind your education to spew hate politics! Enough!!!!

  39. Weredekal says:

    Dr. Messay Kebede is a former MEISON party member latter became a professor of Philosophy (Marxism Leninism) at Addis Ababa University. In his younger years he did what every young Ethiopian did. But was also associated with the DERG for some time. Now he is advocating a unitary state which was long rejected by the likes of him and the student movement of the 60th and 70th! Do we need to read his article? And take his advice? I do not think so. Ethiopian is moving forward even without the contribution/ advice of the likes of the good professor.

  40. Tn. says:

    “Unity in diversity vs. Diversity in disintegration”. Sounds very good doesn’t it? MK and similar others are good at seductive macro capture using power-of- definition bestowed upon them ala 100 year amharists socialization of society and appeal of authority that they have bequited upon themselves on the back of the oppressed nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. The is the same man, just one week ago declared an ALL out war not only on EPRDF but on MEDREK accusing them of “subotging” the Amhara parties. What transpired in this short period to make him change his tune? He realized that the Nations and Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, though piloted by EPRDF is not dependent on, and can and will go on irrespective of what they call TPLF. In short, they realized that even EPRDF will not change the constitution let alone some hodgepodge group that assembles itself in addis ababa. And that to their 10 thousand march, their could easily be assembled millions in all the nations and nationalities. That is, only those few in The oligarchy are afraid of their “color revolution” but the rest of the united and strong nations-and-nationalities of Ethiopia won’t even consider them that important if they occupy a street in addis for a year. The oligarchy in addis may worry but the oligarchy knows that sooner or later the universe that has everything finctioning has its moments of balancing the equation. If the universe has it that the “color revolution” is to balance the oligarchy’s excesses, then there is nothing the oligarchy can do to ameliorate the situation except to sit and be corrected by the nut cases that it has chosen to dabble with in an attempt to look sane by comparison. The nations and nationalities of ethiopia are united in developmental nationalism. If there is anything disintegrating is amharists ethiopian poletical paternalism and the excess around a few in TPLF Inc. If some colored revolution in a street in addis abeba has it that greed and pride wack each other out of existence, then it will be our pleasure. So please hurry-up and get it over with. Leqso endersalen!!

  41. Zelalem says:

    I don’t know it is the time worth to comment on such arrogangt individual (writer). “Awokech awockech siluat metsaf atebech alu”. How on earth an individual who has contributed no peny to the country and paying tax to a foreign country do criticise an effort of another country in such a manner? I see his hands dripped in blood and starved childrens on his hands. These are the greedy individuals who care only for their own bellies. Thanks God the new African generation doesnt let be fooled anymore – not discouraged and fooled by those who only talk.
    Never in my life would such individual have a say again in Ethiopia! Never!

    May Ethiopia come to it’s old glory of the doers!

  42. axumawe says:

    hi messay kebede.
    let me say this based on my Owen Little knowledge which is far way better than any phd
    1)when minlik soled Djibouti for the rails rode the land is gone but, the rail road is steel there for generation to come.
    2)when minlik exchange Eritrea for 5000 rifles,Eritrea was under the colony of ital for over 60 years,and the cos and the misery of Ethiopia until the fall of derg & your (fathers) have abused our the name of unity.
    let me ask you messay this Q ?
    what is unity ?
    one languages Amharic
    one religion christian
    one ethnic Amara
    this is how we used to live in Ethiopia until EPRDF came to power,know do you ever think we Ethiopians well ever go back to your blives one Ethiopia ? if you do so, you are a big full phd.
    the dam well be bulled,the government well be replaced when we find better one ,but not like you,extremest,chovinests, power mongers,selfish, empty bottles so.
    pm Meles well be allwayes the founder of the new Ethiopia. we are living in the Ethiopia we dreamed of ,we well see prospers Ethiopia.b/c Meles have left Ethiopia with millions of Melss’s.
    long live Ethiopia !
    long live EPRDF !
    LA and serounding areas ?
    why do you want to look like you care for the oromo people ? you care ? really like father and like a son, like the way minlik cares for them hmmmmmm

  43. Gezaee Hailemichel says:

    Abegaz, I am with you 100%. The ethnic Federalism is not designed to benefit people; it is designed to create a new dynasty of rulers of ethnic elites from all the ethnics. But as you can see, it is easy to manipulate people ethnically and it is working for them until they die. As you can see there is no single opposition that can overthrow this government. I assure you 100% TPLF will not reform because it will not. They only follow Dedebit Philosophy. There is no room for change or reform. It is a mindset that will never change. Did you see any change in the past 22 years ? no single change or reform. As such never expect change from TPLF. The solution was to overthrow them peacefully using peaceful opposition. But the opposition are useless and there is no single political party with ideology that can unite Ethiopians. The ethnic opposition are just worse than even TPLF.

    The only way to reverse the ethnic black apartheid is to overthrow EPRDF and reform the apartheid federalism into provincial and no racial federalism. But since there is any all inclusive movement so far, it is likely the status quo of the ethnic or racial apartheid system will continue and the end will be Ethiopia will be fragmented. Do not expect change from TPLF. In TPLF world change means death. Do not expect honey from fly.

  44. Badma says:

    May 9, 2014 – The Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti criticized Cairo’s approach in dealing with Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issue and called on the Egyptian media and other circles to stop what he described as “clowning”.

    In statements to pro-government Ashorooq TV, Karti said that Sudan would have suffered the most if constructing the dam was done without environmental studies to prove its safety or economic feasibility to the three main Nile Basin countries.
    Karti stressed that when his government felt that there was a slackening in examining these issues, it formed a national committee to study all aspects of the dam with the right to cooperate with any of the national committees in Ethiopia or Egypt.
    He described the Egyptian -Sudanese relations as good, emphasizing that Sudan has refused to intervene in the ongoing political crisis in Egypt as it is an internal affair in which it respected the will of the Egyptian people and their choice towards change.
    The Sudanese presidential assistant Ibrahim Ghandour on his end lashed out at some Egyptian journalists whom he said have been playing a very negative role in the relationship between the two peoples.
    Ghandour said that the Sudanese people will never forget the abuses of some of those affiliated with the Egyptian media and their attempts to incite Cairo against Khartoum as well as some of the statements peddled by some Egyptian politicians against Sudan.
    He underscored that Sudanese people are intelligent and tolerant but never forget contempt .
    Sudan has approved of Ethiopia’s bid to build the dam thus angering their Egyptian neighbor.
    Egypt fears that the $4.6 billion hydropower plant will diminish its share of the river’s water flows, arguing its historic water rights must be maintained.
    Ethiopia is the source of about 85% of the Nile’s water, mainly through rainfall in its highlands, with over 90% of Egyptians relying on water from the Nile’s flows.
    In June, a panel of international experts tasked with studying the impacts of the Ethiopian dam on lower riparian countries, including Sudan and Egypt, found that the dam project will not cause significant harm to either country.
    Cairo remains unconvinced and chose her own way including using all methods and means to affect Ethiopia in order to stop the construction of the dam as well as the remarkable development progresses fully going on in the country.”

    This stupid and his likes are among the so called Ethiopians that are cheap and worthless Ethiopian enemies Egypt is relaying on to destabilize and affect the country as it was the case with ELF, EPLF, OLF and ONLF they have created the same way with ELF.

    However, all these are ash and trash in the garbage. Egypt is busy planting the never ever will be forgiven and forgotten its pure enemy and barbaric behavior towards Ethiopia. No one will stop Ethiopia from using her own resources inside her territory and fresh water is above all and eth Nile water is the richest among all rivers in minerals and fertile soil and most expensive because of it is the only resources in the biggest desert on earth.

    What is left for Egypt forever is no one will forget and forgive their hostile and criminal behavior towards Ethiopia. And we know where and for what reason lead this in to. We will never ever forget what they are doing against Ethiopia especially since 1962 under the military rule that is still on power making Egypt the place of hell with the sin people are living in as the vast majorities of them are.

  45. Qebbena says:

    In the nut shell, Tn and axumawe said it all.
    I saw the arrogance of this stupid phd asmesay when he was debating the good professor Tecola Hagos. MK, you are full of hot air and narsistic individual, a good for noting former Ethiopian.

  46. Ras Dejen says:


    Is that you mr little head agame or someone else did dark painted those lies for you? You are an old tegadely suffering from the school of hate and myths at the Abay Tigry institute of dedebit. You seem are still there after 23 years living with hateful and empty head working during that period.

    If you have an issue with someone deal with it. Do I have to talk about the agames past and present generalizing all of them as criminals and so on as you did say about others because of you stupid little head unfortunately are belongs to them?
    Do you think you are doing well for them behaving this way against others? You are an old and sick backward Tegadely unable to adopt with normal life but still is there in the dedebit hate and criminal doctrine and behavior.

    If you have an issue with that man, deal with him. Did he say he is representing the people or is that the agamee backward mentality and only knowledge which is Ethnic policy, politics and so on but not respecting other Ethnic groups in Tigry including Amhara, Irob, Raya, kunama, Afar and so on.

    • adis hule says:

      Messaye Kebede may be he is old by now so that I have to give him the necessary respect as to the tradition which had utterly defied since his adult hood . The good side of Messaye is he against dictators . this is a rupture for him, as he was one of the cadre of the Dergue with his blue uniforms. OK. bygone is bygone , that is an attempt to reconcile with him as a person , not with his thoughts. he is still clinging to the old hysteria of the ruling classes in Ethiopia . I cannot suspect Messaye kebede to be a new liberator . what ever he pretend does not matter. What matters is he once defeated and he will remain . Ethiopia should protect itself from diaspora septuagenarian politicians . by the way we have to look to the pyramid of the population ,
      Ethiopian federal system is not as such the only solution , but at this stage we cannot look other options.
      Ethiopians should fous on institutional developement which could cement the unity in diversity . messaye’s theorm of Unity in disinegration bearly exists in modern political vacbulary . The forus of old people should have been on nurtureing of values and lent thir help to build institutions. Messaye knows very well that when he was young , he could only Ethiopia ; the affleunce society . he went to French Lysee because of his class affinity. he went to Paris for further education because of his class. The main challenge of modern Ethiopian elites is to know their people and country .we could only understand ethiopains by living and sharing with them. their hearts and wishes are not in the books that Messaye reads. That is why Melese Zenawi has no parallel in winning their trust .

    • adis hule says:

      please grow up.

  47. AgereEthio says:

    Dear Mesay, thank you for having a courage to
    show your true color.I hope very much that Ethiopia
    is by now strong enough to withstand some poison from
    some old deing “feudal” snakes (please do not take it personally, i mean here the idea). I wish that God bless you with
    ages for you and your friends to lament on the next
    Ethiopian bold strides to witness.Now you talk about small dams, big dams.You have seen nothing! Our aspiration is too much even for your
    dreams, since your socialization is the “can’t do”.

    Viva EPDRF!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  48. me says:

    Senfach timkhit !!!

  49. Gashaw says:

    It is sad that most opposition groups are so detached from the feelings and dreams of the nation, their speeches and writings are becoming irrelevant on most national issues. A case in point is their position on energy producing dams. And Prof. Messay’s article is a stark example. Ethiopians, except perennial opposition groups, support infrastrastructure, energy development projects etc. these activities will make direct. Improvements in the livies of the people. Why on earth do we have to wait until we get a perfect opposition government
    Comes on the thron? If one follows such logic, ethiopian Airlines, Addis Ababa university etc would have to wait for ever before coming to realization. What a strange logic to live by.

  50. Aradom says:

    The simple fact about GERD is that it is an expensive project that needs to be finished at any cost in order for those of us living here in Ethiopia to be spared from recurrent blackouts.Professor Mesai cannot dissuade us to suspend the project as we(denizens of Ethiopia) are the ones who’d bear the brunt of power shortage should such mega projects be held in abeyance until some “social scientists” do an “engineers” job to conduct cost benefit analysis.

    That said, the so called ethnicity thing is a pretext used by inherently racist individuals as a scapegoat to justify their racist ideology.

    For example, my ethnicity is Tigrai, my mother is Amhara,my sister’s children are Oromo.As per the justification of people like professor Mesai, Meles Zenawi is closer to me than my mother as he is from Tigrai.

    EPRDF might have created ethnic politics-although that by itself is a highly contentious assumption-but, it is up to us how to interpret them. Besides, no one can force us(the people) to have a provincial way of thinking without our consent. Love your country, be nationalist while respecting the rights of the minorities(language, religion) and then let us know if EPRDF feels uncomfortable with that.

    I have been impressed by your previous articles professor Mesai. But this one is some how anticlimactic.

  51. Berhane says:

    Dr. Messay has been actually charting his articles for quite some time all along, though, I usually end up tangled may be due to my powerlessness to grasp what was he preordained to say? Often times, I was mislaid in his props of vital arguments in lieu of mammoth burden of expectation as reverberate academic individual whom a few of us expect better from him as an individual. His establishment to identify the nonthreatening terms of defining Ethiopian politics as a congenial in our inability to come up to terms whether it is to be blamed for western education, lack of independent educational curriculum of our own or anything worth defining should be left for empirical studies. I kind of take his leaf in his definition that we need Cultural Revolution sort to build the lost- moral values if it can help us figure one another and pull up our strongest values over the whole political and economic establishment for which his Philosophy I believe plays a part in diluting savagery thinking. It is only fair to praise Messay for his ontological definition of the unknown political cliff to borrow his word in “precipice” which political elites or parties see it moving blurred every time an inch closer to it.
    Having said that, from non-skewed perspective, I happened to believe Messay’s indulgence into the deep-routed structural cause of Ethiopian politics and its abyss animosity might give us an educational assessment and reflection of structured thought as to why such twaddle has ever been in our dispositions for that long for that I take my hat off for him.
    What is bizarre with a string pain attached to it is when I find Messay lost his virtue of sense for dancing with the dragon this time at the expense of Ethiopia? For me, this is too much a pain to ignore! Finding Messay arguing against the construction of the vital dam is neither academics nor politics. It is something unheard of! Could that be a haze thinking or something we should find out across the way?
    Shame on me!
    Berhane E Tesfay

  52. Sami says:

    Here is an an example of an article by
    by a pseudointellectuals that is not worth
    a penny but only foments hate.

  53. falmat says:

    Hello guys,

    Do you know that Oromia still warming the real resistance is not started. Probably, the Oromo politics can be compared with undergoing volcano waiting 4 a time to erupt. This is just a signal. In the current Oromia students protest, it is simple to judge federalism something of minimum, imagine the brave young boys running to the bullet. You Amahara elites u like to talk about 3000 years Abysinia too long …but what interest us the current and the future. The signal of Maturing Oromo resistance.

  54. Abe says:

    Aren’t we all glad this dud pseudo professor architect of red terror is away and far from our beloved country Ethiopia?

  55. Ale fete says:

    What ever happen the country is integrated like any western country not Ethiopia the same blood today the black merry a white women living in Europe or America with out any discrimination that shows how the global situation is changing all this mess is weyan diverting its own problem not to be noticed .

    Ambo was getting some change weyane doesn’like it he use some huliganse and destroy and hurt those investors.

    If you see since weyane came to power the vibrat city of Oromo area they went to absolut like village .

    It’s purposely to weaken Oromo we must wake up.
    There is nothing to do with Addis Ababa it’s always Oromo territory and it’s growing good but what we can add with out affecting other ethnic we have to be moderate..

    We need to look beyond what’s going on to Oromo ethnics and cities.
    How can we respect other ethnic whom are investing and living with us.

    As ethnic Oromo what is our responsibility not only for Oromo but to every ethnic in Ethiopia if we think that way we can achive what we want.

    Regarding addis abeba become capital city of Oromo what is the problem .

    But the problem is all the African country colonized and accepting today European language as official language that can not be changed it will damage what is Africa as a nothin today because it work to integrate accrose Africa keep intact.

    That’s the same to Addis Ababa once it’s done.
    How we can work together that has to be addressed..

  56. tadias says:

    a poll about the master plan!

  57. Topia says:

    የኢትዮጵያ ሕልውና የቆመው ፍም ከስል በጉያው አቅፎ በሚገኘው ሜዳ ላይ ነው:: በ ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ የተደነገገው የኢትዮጵያ ሕግ መንግስት እንኳን የሚሰጠው ዋስትና የኢትዮጵያን ዘላለማዊ ህልውና ሳይሆን የፈለገው አንድ ጞጣ ተነስቶ ከፈለገ ሊበታትናት እንደሚችል ነው:: አሁን አንዳንድ ኦሮሞዎች የሆን አጋጣሚ ሲከሰት ” ኦሮሞ ለ ኦሮሞች ” እያሉ የሚጮሁት ዝም ብለው ሳይሆን በህግ የተደገፈ የኢትዮጵያ ጠላት ተቋም ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እንዳለ ስለሚያውቁ ነው:: ይህንን እውነታ አንድ አገሬ ኢትዮጵያ ነች የሚል ኢትዮጵያዊ ዝም ብሎ በዋዛ እያየ መተኛት የለበትም:: ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!

  58. Who ever is have problem with addis expansion it’s like you have problem with white South African existence .you need to watch out the world never accept some politician attitude .

    it’s not different than that you can not clock back the time Rome never build in one day .
    There has been so many sacrifice accept the integration and off you go”!!

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