Redwan Hussein defends arrest of bloggers and journalists (+Video)


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37 Responses

  1. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Redwan is a handsome gentle man and young Ethiopian. I wish he had indigenous name Ethiopian name than Hussein , an arab stuff. Never mind, he is our brother regardless the ARAB name.

    • gebre says:

      ይህ ኮሜንታር እታች ከፃፍከው ጥሩ ኮሜንታር ጋር አይጋጭብህም?

      • Gezaee says:

        I do not see any contradiction. The only thing I did not agree with Redwan his reason on Ethnic Federalism which I believe wrong because he thinks everyone who opposes Ethnic Federalism is related to Atsiwoch. If there is any contradiction you think, may be I am not aware of it, show me please.

        • gebre says:

          1ኛ፣የዘር ፖለቲካን እታች ተቃውመሀል ጥሩ ነው
          2ኛ፣በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ የዘር ፖለቲካን የሚደግፍና የሚያራምድን ሰው ታደንቃለህ
          3ኛ፣ሀሳብህ የሚጋጭበት ቦታ፣የዘር ፖለቲካን ትቃወምና ስለሰውየው ስም መምጫው ከአረብ መሆንን ለመጠቀስ ፈልገሀል። ስለሰውየው ስም እዚህ ላይ መጨነቅ አልነበረብህም ነበር።
          4ኛ፣ሌላው ሀሳብህ የሚጋጭበት ቦታ፣የዘር ፖለቲካ የሚደግፍና የሚያራምድን ሰው ጥሩ ፖለቲከኛ ብለኸዋል፣ ሊባል ግን አይችልም፣ ምክንያቱም የዘር ፖለቲካን ማካሄድ በጣም ቀላልና ጎጂ ስለሆን፣ይህንን ለማካሄድ እውቀትም፣ችሎታም ስለማይጠይቅ ነው። ጥሩ ፓለቲከኛ ማለት፣ለሁሉም እኩል የሆነ የፓለቲካ መስክ ተከፍቶ፣ ለሀገር በሚጠቅም የፖለቲካ አስተሳሰቡ አሸንፎ ሲወጣ ነው። እንጂ እሱ ጠያቂ ራሱ መላሽ በሆነበት ቦታ ወይም የፓለቲካ አሸናፊነቱን ቀድሞ ያወጀበት ቦታ አይደለም።

          አንተ የምታደንቀው፣ ምናልባት ፈጠን ፈጠን ብሎ በማውራቱ ከሆነ፣
          በደርግ ዘመን እንዲያውም የወለጋ ካድሬዎች ሳያስቡ ከ10ሰአት በላይ ህዝብ ሰብስበው ያውም በአማርኛ በማውራት ማን ይችላቸው ነበር። መንግስቱ ሀይለማሪያም ራሱ የ10ኛው የአብዮት በአል ላይ 8 ሰአት ሙሉ ያለማቁዋረጥ አውርቶአል። አባይን ያላየሽ ምንጭ ታደንቂያለሽ።ሆነ እኮ ነገሩ።

          • Gezaee H. says:

            Thank you Gebre:

            1. You misunderstood me because I only talked about his ability of reasoning, not his ideology. You can hate people who follow different ideology from you. I can not this man because he support his ethnicism. I have to only defeat him by explaining it is wrong and by giving reasons. Outright rejection of his beliefs does not make change his line of thought. The only way to win his will is to defeat him by reason or by better ideology. As such I do not hate this man or anybody because they do not agree with me.
            2. Yes, I do love all human but I do not believe in having names from Saudi Arabia because of religion. The religion must never be used by others to tag others with names for their own agenda. There is no need for that. God does not need an Arab name or Arab name is not better than Ethiopian name or any other name. I am opposing the one of way of naming people because it creates one religion that is discriminatory. God does need special Arab name or Arab language. I am opposing the agenda behind the name, not the name.

            I can not hate people because they have different views and stands. I do not have to adopt Arabic name to be a good person. Otherwise, all the world has to bear Arabic name. People can have any name, but it should not be tagged in the name of religion. God does not care about name and people must stop using God to advance their apartheid and agenda. There is no need for an Ethiopian to adopt an Arabic name because God is not an Arab. God is not deaf He can hear any language or see any tribe or race. There is no need for an Ethiopia to have an Arab name because he adopted an Arabic God. Understand me, name is a human tag, and I am saying people use God to tag people the name they want because it is a colonization.

            I will not attack people because they have different political view and beliefs. As you have read, I have given my reasons why Ethnic Federalism is bad. That is all I can say, I have no right to force people to follow my way only. It has to be based on respect and reason, not by coercion like EPRDF does it. Not good to force people to follow you. You need to tell them what you think is right and why, not reject them or see them as enemies.

    • Liban says:

      Hi Gezaee

      do you know your father’s name also has Michael which is not an indigenous Ethiopian name? It is a name from the Bible (Jews, Greeks, romans) for Angel just like Jibril in the Qur’an. Every community’s culture is affected by the religion they belief. or you want to tell us that Christianity is an indigenous Ethiopian religion? Think about something that will benefit the people not rubbish things like Arabs, Yehuda etc

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Liban: I just do not like Arab name forced on other people using religion. There is nothing wrong to have different name from different culture … but what I hate is names forced on others using religion. I do not mind having any Christian name or even Budhists name as long as I adopt consciously, not forced on me covertly via religion. Why do u think God cares about Arabic name? why does an Ethiopian have to have an Arab name? The main reasons our muslim adopt Arabic name is because Allah does not like other name. Do you think God cares about your name? In my opinion, God does not care about your name and your name is a tag on your body and has no spiritual meaning. But the Arabs colonize and destroy other cultures using their religion. This is what I do not like. In Arabic Islamic teaching you have to read the Quran in Arabic and you have to know Arabic to become a real muslim and you have to have an Arabic name and that is the only way Allah can know you. Do you think God can only hear Arabic? but not other languages? God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience and he does not need Arabic language to know you. This is why I do not like Arab cultural imperialism in the name of religion.There is no any benefit you being called Hussein of Saudi Arabia as an Ethiopian. You can have your traditional name and still worship your God. If you have an argument that refutes this please bring it. Do not jump to spit insult without thinking properly.

  2. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    He is brilliant and I agree with Redwan. This man is the most confident man I ever listened. Most EPRDFites can not even finish one statement properly. The other thing, Redwan does not mix English in his language, his Amharic is real and bona fide. Handsome and awesome interview. Good job man. Redwan, why do we need Ethnic Federalism? I do not want an ethnic tag on me man. I agree with all your philosophies, but why do we need legalized racism or apartheid in Ethiopia? Division by ethnic does not respect of ethnics. What ethnic rights protect is only law, not ethnic name. For instance Eritreans have not got right by being separated and becoming independent as they thought. Your ethnic policy is divisive, racist, and archaic method, discriminatory.

  3. Sam says:

    Redwan said “journalists have no facts.” What does that really mean? Is it to mean journalists do not report based on facts? Mind you he just said journalists in general, not only those who were locked up right now. But is that the job of the government to decide what is reported is a fact? Where do the readers fit in in this equation? Mind you journalists are not in the profession to appease any government. But to report any news to the public using objective reporting as their tool. If they fail to be objective, their customers do not buy their papers. They be out of business in no time. Why not the market decides their fate rather than the government? Is that because the government knows the public has a huge appetite for what they are reporting? Redwan seems to have believed the government has all the facts. If the journalists deviate from the government facts, because they have no facts, they will be imprisoned. Not because they are journalists, he seems to believe, just because they “fabricated” facts which devalue the government “facts.” In this scenario only ETV and Addis Zemen and its like be in business. How sad!

  4. teshome says:

    The government measures on ‘Ambo’s chaos’ was a tragedy and necessity. However I had too many emotions, no enough words for the loss of innocent citizens. This unusual incident throws tons of questions on a moral imperatives of Ethiopians?? What the hell have to do destroying and robbing private properties for ‘a cause of political grievances’. We claim, Ethiopians are religious and “chewa Hezibe” but we are delivering the opposite. On this perspective none the arguments carries much weight. One time one of the Ethiopian prominent politician said ” We Ethiopians are not enlighten citizens”, what does the recent ‘Ambo’s robbery signifies other than this. As a nation we had a moral failing, we need to work on that before trying to handle a complicated topics politics, sex, power and conspiracies.
    We need also to see the flip side of Ambo’s incident, As the government Minister Redewan Hussin Rightly said it, there are legal opposition party leaders who are in the upfront riding the horse. The appearance of Dr. Merara Gudina in DC and Portland protest supporting the Ambo’s chaos was not simply exceptions and exemptions of his political mission to destabilize Ethiopia but rather it is an extension of the shift of political tactics. Adding fun to the political game, Dr. Merara is pleased coming and going from Ethiopia by the Ethiopian government.
    We strongly advice the Ethiopian government to stop treating the symptoms, while the likes of Dr. Merara Gudina playing foul politics

  5. Alula says:

    One of the great men of the new generation of the new Ethiopia! His points are to the point & wise! Listen & understand how much Ethiopia is changed politically!

    I hope Redwan Hussein will be our next prime minister!
    God bless Ethiopia!
    God bless the EPRDFites!

  6. Hagos says:

    I love Redwan. He is a smart politician

  7. Guesh Abera says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with all Redwan’s assessments. But western NGO’s shiuld respect Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

  8. Abera says:

    My hat goes off to Redwan, the principled man

  9. Kibrom says:

    Zone9 kids were mistakenly hijacked by western institutions. And I don’t regret for the price they are paying

  10. Jawar says:

    Redwan said the question of those University students was legitmate. If so why did the government opened fire against against them

  11. pro-EPRDF says:

    Thanks Dawit Kebede of Awramba times for allowing Redwan to express his government’s take on the matter.

  12. chane says:

    ኢንተርዘቪውን ሳዳምጥ ይገርማል አንድም እውነት የሚባል ነገር አላየሁበትም፣
    1ኛ፣ጋዜጠኛ ሆኖ የታሰረ የለም፣ላለው ነገር፣ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የጋዜጠኛ ፕሮፌሽን ካለው ጋዜጠኛ ነው። አንድ ጋዜጠኛ፣ ጋዜጠኛ የማይሆነው መንግስትን ሲቃወም ብቻ ነው እንዴ?
    2ኛ፣የፓለቲካ ስልታቸውን ለማራመድ በሜዲያው አካባቢ ነው የሚንቀሳቀሱት። ይላል። ፓለቲካ ለማካሄድ ታዲያ ዋሻ ውስጥ መደበቅ አለባቸው እንዴ?። ኢቲቪን፣ራድዮ ፋናን ወዘተርፈ በሞኖፖል ይዞ ለምን ገዢው ቡድን ይንቀሳቀሳል ታድያ እንዲህ ከሆነ? እንዲያውም ኢቲቪና ሌሎችም የመንግስት ንብረት እስከሆኑ ድረስ ተቃዋሚንም ማሰተናገድ አለባቸው።
    3ኛ፣ ጋዜጠኞች ይፈቱ በሚለው፣ምእራባውያን እነሱ ከሚሉት ዲሞክራሲ ፈንገጥ ይላል። ይላል። እኔ እንደማውቀው የምእራባውያን ዲሞክራሲ መቼም ጋዜጠኛን በማሰር ላይ የተመሰረተ አይደለም።
    ስለዚህ የት ቦታ ላይ ነው ፈንገጥ የሚሉት?
    እንዲያውም ፈንገጥ የሚሉት ጋዜጠኛን የሚያስር ቡድንን ሲደግፉ ነው።
    4ኛ፣ሁሉም በህግ ፊት እኩል ነው ብሎአል። ማነው የገዢው ቡድን ደጋፊ ሆኖ፣ ወንጀል ሰርቶ ለፍርድ የቀረበው?
    እንዲያውም ብዙዎች እንደ ባህል እያሳደጉት የመጡት ወንጀል ለመስራት የሚፈልግ ሰው ገዢውን ቡድን መደገፍ ብቻ እንደሚያስፈልገውና እንዲያውም ይህ ጉዳይ እንደ ጋራንቲ እየታየ ነው።
    5ኛ፣አፍ እላፊ የሚናገሩ አሉ ፣ሰው የሚዘረጥጡ አሉ ላለው ነገር።በስታትሰቲክስ ቢመረመር የስድብ ውርጅብኝ የሚያወርዱት የገዢው ቡድን ደጋፊዎች ናቸው።አንዳንዶቹ እንዲያውም ከ6000 ሜጋ ዋት በላይ ስድብ የሚያመነጩ ግለሰቦች እንዳሉ ነው።
    6ኛ፣ልዩ አመለካከት ያላቸው፣ልዩ አጀንዳ የያዙ፣ የተለየ አላማ አንግበው፣ የሌለ ፋክት አየፈጠሩ።ብሎአል። ይህን ሲል ይገርመኛል።የዘር ክልል፣የአኖሌ የጡት ሀውልት፣ አዳማ፣ኦሮሚያ እያለ የሌለ አዲስ አጀንዳና ታሪክ የፈጥረው ማነው?
    7ኛ፣ ክሱ ዳኞችን ያሳምናል አያሳምንም። ላለው ነገር። ዳኞች በማመንና፣ነገሩን በሀላፊነትም ለመወሰን፣መብትም ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የላቸውም።
    ለፍርድም ሳይቀርቡ እርምጃ የሚወሰድባቸውም ሞልተዋል።
    8ኛ፣የተማሪዎቹ ጥያቄ ተገቢ ጥያቄ ስለሆነ የቀለም አብዮት አይደለም። ተገቢ ጥያቄ ከሆነ በጥይት መቁላት ለምን አስፈለገ?
    9ኛ፣ የቀለም አብዮት ባህሪው ይላል ሲናገር።
    በዲሞክራሲ ተቅዋሞች ላይ እምነት ማሳጣት ነው ለምሳሌ በፍርድቤት፣ በምርጫ ቦርድ፣በስርአቱ ላይ እምነት ማሳጣት ነው ይላል።
    አንደኛ ኢትዮጵያ ዲሞክራቲክ የሆነች ሀገር ናት ሲባል አንድ ቀንም ሰምቼም አላውቅም። እንዲያውም failed state ከሚባሉ ሀገሮች ውስጥ ነው የምትቆጠረው።
    ሁለተኛ ኢትዮጵያን የሚመራት አብዮታዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ቡድን ነው።
    አብዮታዊ ነው እንጂ ዲሞክራሳዊ ግን አይደለም።
    አአብዮታዊ የሆነ ደግሞ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሊሆን አይችልም።
    አንድ የቴሌቪዥን ጣብያና፣ አንድ የራድዮ ጣብያ ባለበት። ፓርላመንቱ 99% የአንድ ቡድን ስብስብ በሆነበት፣መሬት፣ባንክ፣ቴሌኮሙኒኬሽን የመንግስት በሆነበት ሀገር፣ ሰላማዊ ሰልፈኛ በሚገደልነት ሀገር፣ይህ ሀገር ዲሞክራቲክ የሆነ ሀገር ሊሆን አይችልም። ቻይና እንኩዋን የምእራባውያን ኢንቨስትመንት የሚፈስባት ሀገር ዲሞክራቲክ ነኝ አላለችም።

    • በለው ! says:

      >>”ኢኮኖሚዋ በሙስና መር!
      “ፌደራሊዝሟ በብሔር ቋንቋ ተኮር!
      “ሩቅ አስባ እሩቅ ለማደር እየተጋች አለች ሀገር! “ከትውልድ ትውልድ ለዘመናት ዕድገት በመፈክር!”ያዢ ያጣች ሀገር! ______——-________——______—— አቶ ሬድዋን አንግዲህ ጥንት ማንነታችሁ የተረሳ ያልነበራችሁ አሁን ለእኛ በእኛ የምትኖሩ ካለእኛ ግን የማትኖሩ ከሚባሉት ከፊት ቀደም ከኋላ ተገራፊ ብሄር በህረሰብ ናቸው።ምራቅ እስኪያንሳቸው ውሃ እሰኪያስፈልጋቸው የወረወሩት ቃላት…ወንድም ጫኔ በደንብ ይዞታል..ነገሮችን አፍጥኖ በመናገር ማደናገር እንጂ እውነታ የለውም!ግለሰቡ ነገሮች በመደራረባቸው ብዙ ለተጠየቀው መልስ የሰጡ ይመስላሉ ግን በጋዜጠኛ ዳንኤል ብርሃኔና በቤን ከበደ የጋራ ሐሳብ ላይ የማዳበሪያ ግርግር ነገር ነው አሁን እውነታውን የሚነግረን ከኋላ ያለው ማነው? Who is in charge?..ከቀድሞው ልምድ አቶ ሽመልስ ከማል ተናግረው አቶ በረከት ስምኦን ያስተባብላሉ…አቶ ስብሃት ነጋ ወጥተው በረከት ምን ለማለት እንደፈለገ አልገባኝም ግን አልሰማሁም ይላሉ። ይህ የደቦ(የኅብረት አመራር) ቱሩፍት ነው። **በቡድን አመራር ግዜ ግን..”ከበቂ በላይ ማስረጃ አለን ስለዚህ አስረናቸዋል !!የጥቁርና የነጭ ደም አንድ ነው አይፈቱም ።አራት ነጥብ።ከመሞታቸው በፊት ለነጮች ምህረት ጠይቀው እንዲፈቱ አፀድቀው የጥቁሮችን ቅጣቱን ከ፲ዓመት ወደ ዕድሜ ፲፯ዓመትና ዕድሜ ልክ በማሻሻል አፀድቀው ሄዱ…እወይ!ጎበዝ አለባብሰው ቢያርሱ በአረም ይመለሱ…ተው በለው!!እውነት ሠላም ነው።

    • Delila Reta says:

      Chanie, Ewnet yemiyay ayn sleleleh new eko. Chershalehu.

    • Meaza says:

      @ Chane, you have high level of analysis and sorting lies from truth. I 100% agree with you. Redwan is simply talk active….he doesn’t have any reality. One of the stupid cadre..but can talk too much in seconds. Let him go hell!! Gazetegna silehone yetasere yelem sil….yasaferal. How about Eskindir…Wubishet..Riot…etc. He is fool….

  13. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Redwan said Ethnic Federalism is the only way to respect the rights of people at AIGA website. This is wrong. He said those who are against the ethnic Federalism wanted to take back Ethiopia to the atsiwoch time. That is wrong. I have nothing to do with the old system myself but Ethnic Federalism is wrong. I live in Canada and we have Federalism, but it is not ethnic and Ethnic Federalism is based on race or language or tribe or ethnic. This is not wrong. Redwan saying those who oppose ethnic Federalism wanted one language, one religion or one everything. Wrong, I for myself I do believe the ethnic Federalism is race or apartheid political system that will not benefit any Ethiopian but that will divide Ethiopians along ethnic lines which is not good for the country in the long run.This has nothing to do with past system. Federalism is not tied up to ethnic or race. In Canada, the Federalism was developed from the local people by the settlers after they studied its benefits. It is a system that accommodate all human beings. I can live in Canada and own property anywhere across the country. No one will bother which race I am and what colour I am. My right is not respected by my ethnic or race or colour. My right is respected by law and rules. The first time I arrived in Canada the first thing they did is teach me rights for everything and my duties. We have strong law, and we have zero tolerance for racism or ethnciism. Ethiopia is not the only country that has ethnic or tribe or different race. Actually Ethiopians are more or less homogeneous because we all Ethiopian look alike. Canada is the most diverse country on earth. I Canada you have all the tribes in Arab countrie, all the tribes in Africa, all the tribes in Asia, All the tribes from India, All the tribes from Europe? Do you think Ethiopia is more diverse than Canada? Probably Canada has hundreds of thousands of different tribes but yet we are the most peaceful country on earth. There is equality opportunity for all with human face. You can have your culture, language , anything that belongs to you as long as you do not force it on others. So what you need for equality is not racism or tribalism or ethnic politics, but you need laws , constitutions that accommodate everyone. I have to tell you this the first time in my life I felt I am treated as human. I have seen many countries and including my country Ethiopia? it is hell even without ethnic politics. Sometimes it is good to copy good things from other countries. I would recommend copying the entire Canadian system to be implemented in Ethiopia. it is clean, transparent, fair, egalitarian. The government is the best government I have ever seen. What makes me happy is no one cares about your ethnic or tribe or race or … the criteria is you have to be human and respect others as you wish to be respected. What amazed me above all, when I go to do something government office, I can only wait 10 minues maximum, everything fast and efficient. I was also ill. I was alone and did not have anyone then. Oh my God, this is heaven on earth, the system picked up my illness and almost every Canadian rushed to save my life. Two nurses were assigned to look after me and one doctor and free health care. My race, my ethnic, where I cam from does not matter. So why do I need ethnic federalism? I am human; I have four parts:
    1. Soul
    2. Spirit
    3. mind
    4. Flesh

    1.Soul: your soul is colourless, have no tribe or ethnic or religion, no given name or no family name, that is you. Your soul does not die, but it goes somewhere which we do not know yet.
    2. You spirit has no colour or race or ethnic or tribe or religion; it is the life forces that connects u with other humans. For instance, if you see others suffering , your spirit suffers, you spirit is you with no name tag of ethnic or race or tribe or religion.
    3. Mind: you mind is the part of you that do the calculation, computing, it is human computer what controls your body and has no colour or race or ethnic or tribe or religion or no name.
    4. Flesh: you body that you see, your form, your shape, your hand, leg, hair, ears, eyes, face, neck, back, … is your body. This is your flesh. Even this one has no race or colour or religion or ethnic or tribe but you tag your body with human tag, your name, you tribe, ethnic or race and religion. But this flesh is a clay. When you die , you flesh is become dust.

    As you can see from my description, your name or your tribe or ethnic or race is not part of you; it is human tag you are given a name by your parents. And you are told you belong to a certain tribe. You have no clue before you were born about tribe or ethnic or race or religion. All these ethnic or whatever is given by society to you. That means all humans are colourless if we see their soul, spirit, mind. We are all equal. There is no need to build apartheid or separation walls between us.

    I suggest Redwan to Visit Canada and learn about Canada Federalism which is none racial. There is diverse country than Canada. If I wish prosperous Ethiopia with all its values and assets, it is like Canada. I sometimes wish I was born here because this a country where all human beings are treated with dignity. Even Suadi run from Saudi and live here with all their rights respected. Most of them throw away their hijab and enjoy freedom. Mr. Redwan, you do not have to divide people by race to respect their rights Sir. Do not say all people who says Ethnic Federalism are people who wanted the old system. I appreciate your theory on others issues, but you failed me on the Ethnic Federalism. I do not want my ethnic tag on me to live in my country. You can visit the Canadian website It is my genuine advises to look into the Canadian Federal system; We have the old provinces. The Canadian Federalism is based on the old provinces of Ethiopia. There are good things from the past system, you can not throw the baby with the bath water. The old provincial system is something which was very good. Instead of insisting and become rigid, I suggest EPRDF reform the Ethnic Federal system into the provincial Federal system. Refusing to change, and blaming the past is not a solution or dividing people by race or ethnic or tribe does not benefit anyone. It is only makes people insecure. I will not feel at home to establish myself in an Ethnic enclave. Many people have tasted its ugliness. My friend who is now in Canada and who was working in Oromia has to tell me his heart-breaking life in Oromia because he has to pay bribe because he is from Somalia State. It is an ugly system you have. I know you are used to it and you think it is good. There is the Amharic saying lemote mekabr ymokal new negeru. You will only realize when you see better way of living than living in apartheid. I lived in South Africa and I could not live or prosper or do anything because of racism. But here now, it is heaven on earth. Why do I need my tribe here? for what ? I am human like everybody else. The only way to better than others here is if and only if you have a lot of merit, if you are too smart. If you are too smart, they will not stop like in Ethiopia, they help you to be more smart and that is the only think people can different from others; Only your merit can mean a lot here, not your skin or tribe or ethnic. Dismantle ethnic apartheid and do not be rigid and preserve it as if it is good. It is nto good forever one. Ethnicism = racism = tribalism = no human must be treated by his look or tribe or religion or ethnic. It is barbaric and primitive system. By the way the Ethnic Federalism was used to by Moses in biblical time. When they were living in the desert; they were about 1 million people and Moses was the prime minister, the judge, the president and everything and he could not serve them efficiently as one person for 1 million people. His father in law came from the Ethiopian family in ancient Egypt where whose wife Zipro came from and Her father saw Moses doing beyond his capacity and he advised him to making kings for each of the 12 tribes and then judges, … for each tribes. He did administer them like that 40 years in the desert. Then they arrived at the promised land and they carried on with ethnic arrangement and they divide the promised land also into 12 tribes. But later they ended up fighting each other for border and small land and led to fragmentation and destruction of Israel. This is not a new but an archaic one that has been used 18000 years ago. Please reform.

    • meseret says:

      How the hell do you know as far as you are not living here,you are just an idealist who don’t know things on the ground .tell the truth are you High while writting this all rubbish? my advice for you ;get lost and find your self::

      • Gezaee says:

        Meseret, if there is anything you do not agree or wanted to refute? you need to refute whatever you oppose. Otherwise, throwing mud on me only shows how an idiot you are because you are not capable of giving reason. Racist

    • abe says:

      “Do you think Ethiopia is more diverse than Canada? Probably Canada has hundreds of thousands of different tribes but yet we are the most peaceful country on earth.”

      Where did u get this fact?
      hundred of thousands of tribes in Canada??? Does this dud know what he is talking about? Are refereeing to The Canada of north America? Can you name more than three? I mean more than English, French and aboriginals?
      I don’t expect u to respond logically,u don’t seem to be principled nor accountable for ur acts,just vomit anything on everything.

      • Gezaee says:

        There is no tribe or ethnic from the world that does not exist in Canada. You only know three. You are lying 100%. It is not me, the world knows Canada as the most diverse in the world. You are sick man; at least measure the degree of your lies, do not try to blind fold people like this.

  14. Gezaee says:

    Canada is a multicultural country with all the cultures of the world, but no racism or ethnicism or tribalism. What is being accepted in Ethiopia is an offense in Canada and you can end up in prison for you discriminate people in any form. It is the most diverse country on our planet. You find all tribes from across the globe with culture here. All I am saying, you can use and develop your culture or whatever you wanted with in your country without having border. Actually diversity with multiculturalism is considered the best things in Canada. Companies love to employ mixed people because they believe mixing different culture fosters development and adds more wisdom. Employment is done based on qualification and merit or ability based, not based on race or colour or ethnic or tribe or party like in Ethiopia. Check this multicultural Laws

    • በለው ! says:

      “እጅግ ድንቅ ትክክል..እውነት..አዘል ለሀገርና ለሕዝብ ጠቃሚ ምክር ነው። አንዳንድ ካናዳ ኖርን እያሉ ‘የቲምሆርተን እና አስታር ባክስ’..ከታሚዎች ካናዳን በፌደራሊዝም ምሳሌ አየሰጡ ስለሕዝቡም ስለሀገሩም አመሰራረት በቂ ግንዛቤና እውቀት ሳይኖራቸው “መገንጠልን የፈቀደች የፌደራሊዝም መዋቅር ያላት እኛን የምትመስል ብለው “አብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ልማታዊ መንግስትን” አብረው ማወቀጥ ይዘዋል። ሌሎችም መገንጠል የሚባለውን ሲሰሙ በእየቡናቤቱ በረንዳ ተኮለረኩለው እየዋሉ ሳይሰሩ እያወሩና ወሬ እወቁ”የመንግስት ደቻሳ እየነፉ የሰው ቤት ኑሮና ትዳር የሚያበጣብጡ ሌት ተቀን የሚጨፍሩና ዲሞክራሲን በወሬ! ጥጋብን በመፈክር!..ትምህርትን በቴሌፎንና ..ዕውቀትን በፓል ቶክ…ዝናን በፌስ ቡክ…አድናቆትን በአዳራሽ ጭብጨባ…ምሁርነትን በመሳደብና በዘለፋ የተጎናፀፉ ሁሉ በእርግጥ ለድሃ ሀገራቸውና ሕዝባቸው የሚያስቡ ከሆነ በመንግስትም ደህና ደህናውን እንደልማዱ ቢኮርጅ! በደጋፊና በተደጋፊ.. በተቃዋሚና አሟሟቂ ጎራ ተሰልፈው ጭር ሲል አንወድም…እናጯጩኽው ለማንም አይበጅም ደግመን ከምፅዋትና ከሬሳ ቆጠራ ይልቅ በሰላም አብሮ በመኖር ትክክለኛውን ነገር ለትውልድ እናስተምር! የሚበጀውን በሕዝቡ ንቃተ ሕሊናና በትውልዱ ዕውቀት በሚመጥን መልኩ አንጂ በሚያጭበረብርና በሚያጥበረብር መልኩ አይሁን! አንዲህም አንዳንድ ታዛቢና ሀቀኛም አይጠፋምና ወንድም ገዛይ ስለእውነታህና ጥሩ ግንዛቤን መማር ለሚፈልጉ በማካፍልህ አመሰግናለሁ!።ከሰላምታ ጋር በለው! በቸር ይግጠመን…

  15. Gezaee says:

    I sometimes feel crying when I imagine of Ethiopia how people treat each other based on tribe and people denied access to opportunity because they do not belong to certain group or people denied their language? I grew up in Ethiopia where speaking Tigrignea trigger an insult of yewef quanqa tenagari. I used to get scared of speaking Tigrignea in addis. Ethiopia is a beautiful country but the system were/are still unfair, in human. No human must be discriminated. No opportunity must be denied because of ethnic or tribe. It is aweful, primitive, and backward,… to treat people based on their tribe or ethnic. We are all human who live short life on this planet and no need for walls between us. Our rights must be protected by law, not by ethnic land partition.

    • Alula says:


      Ethiopia has too many people who can only talk, nevertheless , the only group who gave their lives in the fight against the brutal Derg & freed Ethiopia , now who are doing everything they can to develop Ethiopia are the EPRDFites; what do you think? These who abandoned Ethiopia when it needed them are crying to be more catholic than the pope! The EPRDFites inherited an emptied Ethiopia! They they were supposed to be prized for sustaining Ethiopia thus far! What do you think my bro? We all know about the empty Ethiopian opposition in every corner of the world! We know the lexury life that they live stealing in the name of Ethiopia! Do we gave any political entity that can do better than the EPRDFites? As far as I know , these so called opposition wherever they are incapable of their polical org for just two years with out breaking apart!

      Egypt & anti Ethiopia westerners with all their dogs has been checkmated by the brilliant works of the EPRDFites! I don’t know how only opposing will work for Ethiopia!

  16. Tn. says:

    How can the entire world have one system as if the anti-Christ ialready here. If he is here, then let his angeles, the color-revolutionaries come to the churches and the mosques and tell us so. We can then tell the pre-millennialists that they have lost the bet and collect our due. It is a sacrilege though to become a hells angel, a one-systemist pre the coming of Christ. At least that is what most of our pastors talks about. I think this one systemism of the color-revolutionaries should be renounced and exorcised by our religious institutions . Just Look how it played it out in Ambo and tell me if it is not from the pit of hell itself:
    While our ministry of information was in a lethargic and development
    pre-occupied, it bought a few people from each end of our 40 year
    old, and customary political spectrums. It had the few speak the
    same interpritation of the master plan while aggitating the administrative vs. Nation line paradigms. This naturally caused a question and a premature march. It paid outsiders to the city of ambo to set a spark and cause vandalism which was proceeded by a harsh
    and indiscriminate measures of an overwhelmed security at the same day and time that Karry was talking about “human rights” issues. That is one organized stuff for a people who cant keep time to dinner. Very
    tragic to the people who got caught in this demented one system game that feeds of off its feume that it generates. 2014 has been full of similar incidences all driving to the same end. The discussion should be on what to do about it’s people? First it was ET airlines and news on wallstreet journal cover page, then the gay rights and another global news item, then it is the addis master plan, the deaths and the associated spin out effects and mass coverage. My bet is that more is coming, successively driving to a cumulative end effect. The color revolution may have already started! The best prevention is to communicate and plug all holes, if possible to build public trust, but avoid pushing the public to frustration. Tell exact time lines of when urban problems are going to be solved. Explain all delays without being asked. Don’t flaunt wealth at someones misery (especially corrupted wealth), put accounting systems in place to correct audit results, eliminte effects of concentration EFFORT might have by taking it out of the fold, if it belongs to the people then it should come to the governments fold. Make basic food items cheap.
    Talk about how the public should preemptively disqualify a colored-revolution.

  17. ethio says:

    When he said they did not got arrested because they are a journalist, what is that mean? why is ALWAYS journalist that doesn’t support woynae end up in jail? why not Ben? other woyane supporters didn’t even got arrested for questioning not even once? when opposition members got arrested, same answer!we did not arrest them because they are an opposition group member.It is getting old!Freedom of speech is NOT something woyane ever heard of…

  18. Alex says:

    My friend redwan hussien teach me etnic ferderalism, blaming the west….sorry for this country , me i have left this land not to come Back again

  19. Tatek says:

    The Minister’s response did very little in shedding any light on the current scenario that Ethiopians are eagerly and patiently waiting to hear from someone from Arat Kilo, or somewhere close to the centre. I think the regime doesn’t want to admit that Ethiopians are losing patience in their Govt, nor does it want to yet admit that any piece of public faith left in the regime is promptly ebbing away. He attempted to tell us that if anyone commits a crime, they will end up in jail—yet he publicly admitted that the question of the Oromo kids in Ambo was Constitutional, but no one ended up in jail for the massacre carried out by the regime’s Security Forces, though they surely received instructions from somewhere at the top to carry out the massacre. I am not sure that this guy is a political animal, but from what I see it is crystal clear that the regime he represents and he himself are not ready to admit the simple reality: the Govt is tempting fate and politically this is the worst route you ride. The reason you can’t afford to tempt fate in politics is that you never know where it takes you, only heaven knows where that destination could be. Here is where they dearly miss their dead boss. The students’ movement could be deep rooted in an undying quest for individual and group liberty and skepticism of centralized power in their volatile region that had remained the biggest headache of the regime for the last two decades, and it is just logical that the movement could evolve all over the country and result in a cost that is too high for the nation to pay. He rightly admitted that what he called the ‘Color Revolution’ was aimed at targeting public Institutions like a Court in Ambo and added that the security forces, Govt institutions, public figures and others might be targeted as a means to achieve it. He failed to recognize that this was justified in the eyes of the public if these institutions are nothing but regime properties like Mr. Ben who had the gut to lie his ass to us by saying, ‘No one died in Ambo’. The current scenario and popularity of separatism in Ambo is largely due to a new sense of public discontent in the volatile region and it is concomitant with OLF’s policies of grandeur and exaltation of the Oromo region and it was high time that the regime addresses the students’ issues with the seriousness it deserves, as in my view, the regime policies of desperately trying to appease the Oromo public was best served not by approving a colossal 400,000 Birr in monthly retirement benefit to former ceremonial President, Girma Woldegiorgis, but by giving the very due attention that grievances like this one require.

  20. Next call says:

    There is no doubt that Mr Redwan is the most articulate and proficient govt official. I have seen some reports that some of those arrested actually have professed to work for ngos. Some aspired to win some of the awards being given to the likes of Eskinider and when the time is ripe move to the US. Such activity is treasonous by it nature. There is a coordinated assault on the governance in Ethiopia. Some of these left wing activists don’t care about how much bloodshed their effort will result so long as they have to show their ‘ backers’. A number of them are being bankrolled by Arab interests which is trying to stop the GERD. I recall a thread by an Egyptian blogger quoting International Rivers months before this NGO came out swinging against the Dam and demanding the stoppage of any more work there. The likes of International Rivers and Survival International succeeded in stopping two billion euro funding to the Gibe Dam. If you ask me, anyone working for them is the ‘ enemy of Ethiopia’. This time around they have all but sided with Egypt against Ethiopia in their brochure demanding the halt of construction of the Dam. Anyone working for these sort of organisations is a traitor and not a blogger or journalist. For those who are not aware of the working of the ‘ NGO’ racket , i advise you do research. The start has to be to follow the ‘ money’. I have seen the ngo cottage industry from the ‘ poverty industry’ in the US to those advocating for the Omo primitive tribes, they care least about the issue, but they love the money rolling. Some make a living while others a ‘ killing’. The fact that Egypt is bankrolling the Achilles heel of Ethiopia was proven beyond reasonable doubt when Egyptian Foreign minster Fahimi first landed in San Francisco before even traveling to Washington DC in his recent trip to discuss with his American counterpart. To those not familiar with the Bay Area, that is where the arch enemies of Ethiopia are based. I can’t recall any foreign minister of any country has done a detour three thousand miles away ever. The reason, is these are influential people who have shown their true color, ie green. Show me the money or follow it and it will open the World to you. We can’t match the Egyptians buck for buck but we sure can explain it in lay man’ word. Those trying to win awards by cow towing to the Foreign interest, be it sponsored by the likes of Oakland Institute or Friends of Turkana are traitors and have ceased to be an Ethiopian let alone a blogger.

  1. April 24, 2015

    […] sabotage the state. This sentiment was echoed by Communication Affairs Minister Redwan Hussein who, at a press conferencein May last year, said of the Zone 9 bloggers, “Most of them are not journalists but activists … […]

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