President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar signs a peace accord


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  1. teshome says:

    Thanks very much PM Hailemariam and Ambassador Seyoum Mesifin for your tireless effort to bring peace and stability to South Sudan. IGAD members, we really appreciate for your attention in South Sudan matter. This peace accord signing between the two rivals was a historical moment for Sudanese brothers and sisters.
    We Ethiopians were tremendously sudden by the loss of life of innocent civilians and still life for the majority of South Sudanese has become a boiling pot of desperation. In the face of overwhelming odds, Now it is a great step for the two rivals to sign this unforgettable peace accord and it looks that now Sudanese are turning a new page to work for the prosperous young nation of South Sudan.
    However, We Ethiopians have a strong message for the two rivals and the Sudanese people in general, in the end of this historical moment the South Sudan won the battle and but the war, so still there tons of Homework to be done ahead.
    May our thoughts and prayers be with South Sudanese people

  2. Alula says:

    Ethiopia’s leaders once against won over these who want to turn our region a war torn region! Egypt & its dogs again lost in their trial to use the newest nation for their evil purposes!

    Thanks to IGAD, PM Hailemariam Dessalegn , Amb. Seyoum Mesfin & all who worked hard to bring peace to S.Sudan!

  3. w .yilma says:

    I do believe the so called “agreement” is to buy time for these idiot S.Sudan elites.Any one who watch their facial expression during the exchange of the “agreement” could easily understand how they are still far from each others. No hand shaking? What is this? They play a dirty game by the blood of innocents people. in the first place, they should not be an independent country.That is the mistake! I remember before their “divorce” with Sudan, I wrote an article in one website opposing their independent. What African elite do not understand is that the so called fiasco “independent” is nothing than an empty slogan. The local elites supported by big world powers, especially by Neo-Liberal ideology promoters brainwashed the poor Africans to do more harm to the continents by creating small country. That is what happen in S.Sudan, Eritrea, former Yugoslavia, Syria, now in Ukraine, and other places. Who follow next? Are we facing a new form of colonialism in the name of globalization, Human Right, Democracy? Those who created African problems in the 18th, 19th, 20th century are become the police of the world in the 21st century. Wonderful! The good thing is during that time there were alone when they invade us, but now they have many “local” Bandas who support their neo-colonialism ideology. How many Ethiopian are visiting daily western foreign offices asking foreigners to interfere in the internal affair of Ethiopia? How many are joining the axis of evil, just simply because of hate politics? With this kind of infantile “political” engagement how far our country and people are save not repeated what S.Sudan has passed through? Traditionally Ethiopians appreciate heroes, but now that tradition was changed and people are confused to differentiate between heroes and Bandas. One of the cause is people become so emotional, and they do not want to know the truth. Simply they want to hear what they want. If this kind of behavior become a psych of the society it is a real danger. Watch out Ethiopians, let’s come to our sense.
    God save Africans
    long live Ethiopia

  4. Sam says:

    I know this is a sensitive issue. Perhaps I should have said nothing. But the temptation to say what I feel is overwhelming. After all thanks to the Internet I am somehow a liberated soul. What I feel is the problem the South Sudanese has might not be tamed as many wish it to be. During decades of long struggle they did not manage to create a solid South Sudanese’s identity. A lost time. The two big tribes somehow struggled side by side because they had a common enemy in the Northern Sudan. Now, the North is no longer there as an enemy. And the two tribes seeing their identity exclusively from their particular tribe’s perspective came to surface. Now, the two tribes replaced the former enemy with the new one: their South Sudanese comrades-in-arm for decades, but from a different tribe. Now, the problem the South Sudanese might have might not be lost to the regional regimes. Everyone of them keep running to the South Sudanese capital to influence what will to come. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, even Egypt strives to shape the politics of the South Sudan. Some of those countries really need a stable South Sudan because their country’s security might be affected otherwise. The other countries want to have influence because they want instability reigns in the region. The way I see it the political ploy to influence the politics of South Sudan just began. The handshake that the two tribe leaders had is one of many which sure certainly will to come.

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    People yearn for independence, but they never realize we are connected to each other. The oil is what drove the independence. But the oil is finite and will end one day but the connection between the people is forever. I believe it is better to have a better system for all than to divide land. As we can see from Eritrea, South Sudan,… independence does not mean anything. The schism continues ad infinitum. Eritrean are now living hell, much worse than derg time and you see South Sudanese killing each other as if they did not suffer all that. They forgot all that and now killing each other? Biggest Sudan means big market, more opportunity,… as life style changes to commercial life and consumer life style,… having small satellite country means less opportunity. We must rather have a good system for all and learn from all these mess.

  6. Tn. says:

    From the little I understand about South Sudan, considering all the factors at play, this thing might be far from over! Abundance of wepons, absence of history of governance, nostalgia//addiction to a rebels lifestyle, oil, pastoralist culture around oil, pluralistic society, perhaps a wrong constitution/governance system, Nile reparian state, missionary and liberal west interests, arab league member and then there is greed, vengeance & pride. just with the last two factors, Somalia went at it for 20 years and residuals are still affecting the whole region. Diplomatic efforts are but niceties including IGAD. The two are rather pushed to the event rather than bringing themselves to the table. Perhaps the Dinka are less sincere, considering their population and dominance in oil region. they are also the governing body and their language is the dominant language. Considering all this factors and a presidential system, they might inherently see the
    niuer as a temporary inconvenience. Niuer, considering all the above factors weighing against them and the recent ethnic cleansing, might see their fight as a fight for survival and might never drop their guard down. This is really complicated stuff. I doubt if you can even feed it into a systems dynamics software with a null “peace” outcome. What do you do with peace except sleep during it.
    They need an outcome, a grand vision. then they can work through the factors to get to that vision. The vision can’t be oil but what they would do if they had no oil and then use the oil as a means to get to that vision. Now both are vouching to become like the overbloted arab slum loards. That is how they are conditioned. Come to think of it , it might not be that difficult a problem. Outside oil, what do each of the regions of south Sudan have that we can work to develope together under a new federal parliamentary system. Then oil can be just the icying on the cake that they can do what they want with later, but if they focus on oil first they are doomed into war for another 20
    years. Sell them a co-developmental vision, if they take it, good! Otherwise dance around IGAD, let them work each other out for the next 10 years, then they will come on their own!

  7. Ilula lemma says:

    Third world leaders listen when carror follows with stick. After Mr. Kerry’s visite South Sudan’s leader did not take them a time to agree if not they know what to follow.

  8. gebre says:

    ይገርማል እነዚህ ሰዎች እነደገና ተጣሉ አሉ አሉ እኮ።

    “የእብድ ጭምትነት እስከ እኩለ ቀን ነው”

    ይሉታል ይሄ ነው።

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