The Tesfalem Woldeyes I knew (Elias Gebru)


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13 Responses

  1. me says:

    No one really knows another! !

  2. teshome says:

    Elias Gebru
    You remained me the old Amharic saying “ያይጥ ምስክራዋ ድምቢጥ….”
    I would say bad excuse better than none.
    your comment on the current arrest of the Bloggers is narcissistically provocative. How dare you speak on an issue, you have no apparent evidence? You are absolutely impaired. With all seriousness, these bloggers were operating under their own law and they were repeatedly overplayed the legal loophole card.
    Most of their political action and affiliation with organization that the parliament passed to be a terrorist speaks for itself……’I am above the constitution of the country, I have no laws”
    Elias Gebru, advocating individuals who violets the laws of the land, that also includes yourself, is a big enough problem without having a political axe to grind. so these bloggers and journalists are paying the price. This is just half the battle, the government will not any more be too good for sorry bloggers and journalists
    Elias Gebru, it makes me sick to my stomach when I see people in your caliber defending criminals and gang-bangers. This happened during Eskinder and Reyote Alem arrest and now de’javu. Many people in the opposition camp were predicting the sky to fall on Ethiopia and Ethiopians when Eskinder and his colleges brought under the law. Human rights and CPJ couldn’t be more than organizations offering words of comfort for these arrested individuals.

    I always wonder,…When is the time comes Ethiopians oppositions start schooling, political schooling

  3. Mekdes says:

    I didn’t see anything that exonerate Tesfalem from the issue he was accused for. This is simple writing about the relationship between the Guy and him. It has nothing to do with his court case what so ever. What I don’t understand in this bloggers and so called journalist writing ending, they will say Ethiopia bekibir tinur, Ethiopia lezelealem Tinur. I don’t understand such fake slogans when they are strangling Ethiopia with the Egyptians and Eritreans to block the D@m. Guys if you have another mechanism to let me understand let me know. What I understand is this guy is the ex-Derg child and he was born and grow up in Tolay military training camp.

  4. Tn. says:

    Well, as all good friends should do, this person wrote an open letter character witness, a piece vouching for the integrity of his friend. As the information minister has stated, the journalists/bloggers were not imprisoned for being journalists but for committing “serious crime”! I never even heard of this zone 9 group before the arrest so I will not comment on the specifics but since a lot of time is spent on journalism, media and journalists I will share what I think but from the side i know about, the side of the less traveled, the side of the consumer of media products.
    The article had a line that jumped out at me because it is something I wonder about a lot in the Ethiopian society. The line jumped out at me because it confirmed my long held suspicion that very little of the “individual” exists in Ethiopia and it gets worse as one travels from south to north. The line in the article that highlighted this concept was where his friend told him to listen within but the writter didn’t even know what listening within ment before that time. Apparently, he had gone through college without this concept being apparent to him. As i have always suspected, the audience is perhaps worse than the media and that the media is perhaps responding to the tickling that their heavily loaded, conditioned ears wants to hear! Sorry but I have yet to meet an individual from Eritrea and Tigre (all are culturally wound dolls). I have met one or two individuals from gonder (though both were a bit off, ie society drove them to habits for being an individual!) I have met no Showa amara POLETICAL individuals but the uniformity ends in politics, no gurage individuals, no wollega individuals, the only place I have met individuals from is southeast Ethiopia only. To my experience, The rest is automaton. Culturally wound doll that has never known and will never know who he/she is. How then can there be free media when the majority isn’t free? As the writter indicated, he didn’t even know where to find it even after he was told. In a nut shell, for whatever reason, the people can’t handle freedom out of a bound and enslaved state of the dinner table. Of the hypocratic church/mosque, of socio-economic culture. Here, I am talking about the side of society that is at self-
    actualization. 80 to 90 percent won’t even care about what is traditionally called print and broadcast media. That is why I am convinced that from the point of tailoring info to the 80percent and jolting to true self actualization, I am more and more convinced that developmental journalism (done correctly) is what we need!
    The oth

  5. YA R says:

    Bloggers are not helpful to mobilize the people of Ethiopia against any enemy. The Ethiopian government knows the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia can escalate anytime. As the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea over Eritrea opening a bank in Addis Ababa next to the Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia’s Kirkos Branch escalated quickly to a full blown war claiming 100+ thousand lives.

  6. Sam says:

    I think anybody’s right to be a character witness to whom he believes to know well should be respected. Understandably, not everybody agrees about the testimony being impartial. people could dissect the truthfulness of what was said. That is their right. What is not their right is to pass a guilty verdict on the suspect before the court does.

  7. derebew says:

    It is obvious the author of the article likes his friend and would defend him honestly or at any cost, not because he has evidence/ facts to disprove the government’s case against the “journalists or bloggers” but rather out of emotional attachment or friendship.
    When I visited Ethiopia, I read many news papers and reportage that were unflattering to the government and some out right subversive, egregious and vile vitriol that it is hard to call news reporting but axe-grinding, attack with out a merit, simply deceit and lie to miss lead the youth and the gullible. Then why do they say there is no freedom of speech or writing? And if the government doesn’t take action when they are attacking the government, the institutions of law and order on paper, shouldn’t we ask ourselves what changed and why then are these Zone 9 group arrested? And what makes them different than all the other so called journalists whose mission in life is only to demonize the government?
    The difference between the two groups of bloggers and so called journalists is that the one group thinks and writes subversive words and the other group writes it, believes what he fabricated and wrote and translates it into action or prepares to translate it in action, which becomes illegal and crossing the red line, deserving the long arm of the security apparatus and the justice system.
    These women and men are young and hopefully they learn from heir mistakes and may the courts show some leniency in their judgement.
    May all the others who are tempted to go the wrong path correct their way.
    long live Ethiopia

  8. Tn. says:

    Are Arts part of the media? After all more tender minds are altered by music rather than millions words that is printed on paper that they seldom read or “dull” news that they tune out. I still can pull tunes out of Ali Biraa, Tsehaye Yohaness, Efrem Tamiru, MJ and Steve Wonder and sing along but have very little remembrance of what the Durge media was shouting about. So then is there an over emphasis on what is said and printed than what is sung? I am just wondering here? Of corse songs have to have an outlet too so perhaps that is where the tie in occurs with media but one should not forget the tremendous power of music, a tool that can play in the sub-reassess of the mind way after the earphone has been plugged out.
    What if I can find a few good virtues of Grangi Mohamed, write lyrics glorifying these virtues, and arrange it with extraordinary tunes sooooo tantalizing that cuties drop-it-down at hearing the first note? There is no better snake oil salesman than one who can pack anything with good tunes. Yes few virtues of Grangi can be packed into fine music, sell a million records and while the tunes are what sucks one in, the lyrics stick around and become part of the sub-
    culture. the song “some ho’s in this house” made it to the top in the late 80s but died down shortly. But the “ho” word previously unspeakable became easy to say and easy to accept afterwards. In the same token, Grangism attitude can be sold with a good tune, specially if the marketing term is “kindness” or “unifying”. Of course Grangi had to have both attributes to his followers to be successful in his quest. Now the question becomes, will ESAT give air-time for this “kind” and “unifying” album as an “Ethiopian” media? Is it my right? Is it responsible? Is it the right of Grangi music fans to demand universal appeal to the point of beating visiting sports people from regions that don’t like the Grangi music?

  9. Egna Legna says:

    In the 21-century, journalism has to fully serve the nation like the nation military, security and so on do. The western media and journalism work is run by the Anglo-American well organized and influential criminals in the name of media and journalism where the English and some Jewish are own them as private properties and best weapons to affect the world badly for their multi dimensional benefits.
    security agencies, racists, NGOs, organizations, capitalists, imperialists, companies, governments and so on mainly from England and USA are using the medias to do the criminal jobs against other nations mainly those are not under their feet but trying to be totally independent from them and be self sufficient.

    BBC, Reuters, Guardian and the like Medias are affecting the world including Ethiopia worse than any mass destruction weapons do. Their journalists are worse than any invading military force including the Nazis and fascists. Because Nazis and fascists are the known enemies you face them. But these Anglo-American journalists are acting as if they are peaceful but the crimes they are committing are limitless and worse than dropping a mass destruction weapon in the limited area. They are spreading their crimes in the name of media all over the world to affect as worse as possible against a country they are targeting where Ethiopia is on the top of their list for so long.

    Death to the Anglo-American Medias in Ethiopia. Death to all the English Medias starting from BBC, Reuters, guardians and so on. They are pure criminals and racists serving the empire that carries on its shoulders so many gruesome crimes on its history.

    However the childish, weak, amateurs, ignorant and trained like dogs by the Anglo-American criminal medias Ethiopian journalists are relaying on and allying with these foreign forces against own country including using copy and paste stories despite those stories are fictional and intentional self created , well planned and programmed to lie, misinform and affect the country in many ways including damaging her image as they do for years without even trying to stop them by Ethiopians including Ethiopians so called journalists. Instead they are working with and for them including spreading those stories with copy and paste stiles as if this is their only job to do as

    The Ethiopian so called journalists are too stupid and weak especially those in the name of blogs and private medias. They are acting serving the Anglo-American (Jewish- Ethnic English medias) against own nation. They need to study and understand before copy and paste the news about Ethiopia which 99% are lies, fiction stories, wishful thinking, bad and negative covered by these evil Anglo-American Medias criminal journalists. One thing also has to be clear. That is those working in the Anglo-American medias are not all of them really journalists but spy, securities, racists, diplomats, criminals, imperialists and so on. So, don’t even think they are who and what they are but pretending as if while doing their real think they are looking.

    The Ethiopian journalists need to be like national defense forces in the media working for their country by being against the Anglo-American media wars against the country. But because of they are weak, ignorant, and childish and with very little IQ to understand what is going on behind these evil medias and response, they are just busy copy, paste and referring as if something good what these foreign criminal Medias are doing against our country and people . They are serving these criminals instead of countering them with facts and stopping them affecting the country. They have to counter attack and defeat them with journalism work as the military do against any foreign invader.

    It is very sad they are engaging with copy and paste journalism work including bringing lies, misinformation, propagandas and anything bad written by any Anglo-American criminals in the name of journalism or organization including NGO, HRW, and so on.

    That is why I have no what so ever feeling towards this little kid likes acting as if they are journalists. First they need to stop being servants and instrumentals to the Anglo-American criminal media wars against Ethiopia. They need to serve their country not against and be part of the enemies as they are thinking this is the way doing a journalism work. They are stupid unable learning from others how they are serving their country interest in eth name of journalism. But they are part of the foreign Medias that is against our country for the foreign country interest and benefit. So, called Ethiopian journalists need a brain transplant including from China while creating own domestic and indigenous media work which is the only best solution to our country.

    being trapped, enslaved and brainwashed, by the Anglo-American(Jewish-Ethnic English) criminal medias and organizations, and serving them including against own nation is the worse thing any citizen can do against own nation. These brainwashed and hopeless individuals must change or need to go tell hell. They are really part of the problem. Stop working journalism with copy and paste especially from the Anglo-American criminal Medias. This is not an independent journalism but being servants and brainwashed by them.

  10. Alula says:

    Mr Dawit
    Let freedom of free expression ring on your page! You are denying my comments for sometimes now! Where your respect for free expression? Come on Dawit !

  11. Alula says:

    The Ethiopian gov’t is protecting Ethiopia from the greedy so called journalists hired by Ethiopia’s enemies to satisfy their greed! But you are protecting individuals that has no contribution to the development of Ethiopia! One way you yell for freedom of free press , the other way you denied my freedom of self expression! From my experience, if you have the power, you could be the worst to oppress the peoples right to speak their mind!
    All you so called journalists are simply liers who work only for money! That’s why the zone 9 was arrested! They went to Kenya to train, came back to Ethiopia & were caught red handed while conspiring against Ethiopia! Some journalists in our country are simply there to play bad games! Working with these who want Ethiopia to live in darkness! This shows that most of our journalists are blinded with a greed!

  12. bhailu says:

    እናነተ “ጋዜጠኞች” ከማን ጋር ነው ኣይጥና ድመት የምትጫወቱት? ክሕዝብ ጋር? አትሸወዱ ! የመንግስትም ሆናችሁ “የግል” ለምትደግፉት ወይም በቀጥታ ይሁን በተዘዋዋሪ ለቀጠራችሁ እና ለሚከፈላችሁ ልሳን ሁናችሁ ከማገልገል በሰተቀር የጋዜጠኝነት ሙያዉም ይሁን ምግባሩ የላችሁም ፡፡ እንዴ ማን ለማን ነዉ የሚወቅሰው? መንግሰት “የግል” ተብየዎችን ተቃዋሚዎች ደግሞ የመንግሰት “ጋዜጠኞች” ሲያወግዙ አይደል እነዴ የምንሰማዉ ? ተቃዋሚዎች እንደ መንግስት ስልጣን ኑሮኣቸዉ ለማሰር ለማባርረ ባይችሉም የመንግሰት “ጋዜጠኞች”ን ለሆዳቸዉ ያደሩ አይናችሁ ላፈር አይደል እነዴ የሚልዋቸው ? መንግስት ደግሞ ስልጣኑን ተጠቅሞ “የግል” ጋዜጠኞች ያስራል ያስፈራራል! በቃ የሄ ነው ሐቁ
    የራሳችሁ ጉድፍ ሳታዩ የሰዉ ጉድፍ ለማየት እንዴት ኣይናችሁ ተከፈተ የትኛዉ “የግል” ጋዜጣ ነዉ የተቃዋሚዎች ድክመት ስህተት የዉስጥ ችግሮች ሲዘግብ ሲተች ሚታዉ የትኛዉ የመንግስት ጋዜጣኛ ነዉ የመንግስት ድክመት ስህተት የዉስጥ ችግሮች ሲዘግብ ሲተች የሚታቀዉ እንደ መንግስት ጋዜጠኞች ዘገባ ኣገራችን መንግስተ ሰማያት እንደ “የግል” ጋዜጠኞች ደግሞ ጋሃነም እሳት አይደል እንዴ የምታስመስለዋት በማንኛዉም መመዘኛ በአገር ዉሰጥም ሆነ በውጭ አገር የምትገኙ ኢትዮጵያዉያን ጋዜጣኛ ነን ባዮች ህዝብን ለማገልገል ሳይሆን በህዝብ ለመገልገል ቆረጣችሁ የተነሳችሁ መሆናችሁ ሁሉም የወቃል ፡፡ እነ እከሌ ታሰሩ እነ እከሌ ተከሰሱ እነ እከሌ ተሰደዱ ማለቱ በ“የግል” ጋዜጠኞች በኩል አገርን የሚንድ ህገ መንግሰትን የሚፃረር ተግባር ሲፈፅሙ የተገኙ የሚል በመንግስት ጋዜጠኞች በኩል የተለመደ የኣይጥና ድመት ጨዋታችሁ ነው፡፡
    ሰለዚህ ፈራጁ ህዘብና ህዝብ ብቻ እንጂ የናነተዉ ምስከሮች CPJ እና መንግሰት የፍተህ ተቛማት ሊሆኑ ኣየችሉም

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