Official: No Threat Made Against Silva Kiir by the Ethiopian Prime Minister


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36 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Salvia Kiir, must have profound mental retardation. I don’t know such a provision exists anywhere in this world. This is purely a manufactured incident difficult to comprehend. I used to give Salvia Kiir the the wrong impression, he wouldn’t at all deserve. Let alone to be ahead is state of proud South Sudan nation, he is not upto a leader of a small village. South Sudanese in particular and Africans in general are embarrassed to see Salvia Kiir to be a president of South Sudan. The quicker, he got rid of his power, the more stable South Sudan would be…..I can’t wait to see this happen

    • Ermi says:

      Topical of Woyanes behaviors. Lie lie lie to the teeth. All you morons showering praise to your moron PM just the other day, do you feel any shame now?

      Now you are showering kiir with all kind of foul labels just because he ruined your propaganda. Woyane only knows dedebit diplomacy – murder, torture, and imprison .

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Girma says:

        Ermi, It’s stupid to say, Woyane is responsible for the misbehavior of the sudanese Authorities.

      • Suleman says:

        You mean typical?….If so when was the last time the brave woyanes arrested a head of state of a sovereign country? I am sure you must have some records to prove your allegation which you dubbed it as “Typical of Woyanes”, otherwise this would only show how arbitrary and slapdash a person you are. For your knowledge, The brave woyanes have proved time and again how smart they are in world diplomacy and peace making initiatives. Look how the brave woyanes have been contributing peace keeping forces throughout Africa every since they came to power…case in point is the woyane peace keeping forced deployed in Rwanda in 1994 GC, and they are still doing it in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia etc. But it sounds typical of people like you to spew hateful comments and criticisms against the brave woyanes just because they annihilated your fathers..the bunch of the “Derg Junta” in 1991 GC

        • Mengesha says:

          In a way Ermi is right. Rick Macher followed what TPLF is doing in ET. Divide the people ethnically and be a boss in each Ethnic group instead of lead this backward country to prominence. Now, TPLF might have threaten Kiier & Machar as if they are Semayawai or Andinet leaders. Woyane has done a tragedy by dividing ET ethnically. The consequence is far reaching.

      • kebraraw says:

        ya woyane knows dedebit diplomacy while your iseyas knows nakfa diplomacy and gues what woyane diplomacy worked fine and the country is now on its way to one of the most developed countries while your eritrean wedi medhn drove eritrea to slavery age and is still driving it to wards stone age good luck with your president falso.

        • Mengesha says:


          Anget yelehem ende? Zor beleh eski eye. seleEritrea yemetaweraw hulu etef hono miskinua hagere layem ale. BeChina beder eyetegeneba yamifersewen new “development” yemetelew?

  2. Africa says:

    Salva Kiir is a dark cowboy crimeboying his own people. He has no any credibility left to see him even a normal civilian person let alone a president to a country needs a lot.

    He is acting as a dog and getting a very bad advice including from a dictator in Uganda who took power by force for the last 28 years. There is no secret but an open war and rejection against the upper Nile nations including Sudan and Ethiopia when he decided to sleep with Egypt during the time Egypt was looking anything to affect Ethiopia.

    But he was there for them and gave them all the rights including the free passes and staying there in order to do anything they want in the region including against Ethiopia.

    However, as all South Sudanese do, the Dinka people that are proud African people know the truth what Egypt/Arabs did to them at least for the last 200 years. Egypt was behind the war in Sudan between North and south where the south Sudanese were regarded as less than human and deserve to die and suffer like insects. The South Sudanese knows that. They also know what Ethiopia did to them for so long and including today more than 150, 000 south Sudanese refuges are in Ethiopia.

    Yet, this dark cowboy went to Egypt/ Arabs to serve them with any crimes they are looking to commit in Africa including South Sudan and Ethiopia. He as a leader in SS is finished, that is for sure. The Dinka people deserve someone who is human, wise and proud African to represent them, not this one who seem did miss badly to be treated as slave by the Arabs.

    As far as PM Hilemariam concern, he didn’t treat anyone targeting a single person or group but both sides. He didn’t say this because of for himself but the sake of the millions S. Sudanese that are dying and suffering because of the kiir leadership failures.

    Not the Ethiopian prime minister but the south Sudanese people need to treat and also as soon as possible to depose him knowing one more day he remains as president, there will be more suffering towards the ss people. He is enjoying life in the palace, while millions ss people are dying, immigrating, became homeless and suffering in many ways.

    So, instead of talking about who says what, he needs to worry about the millions citizens that are suffering under his presidency. He needs to do anything to save the nation including leaving the palace as soon as possible. As long as he is there, be sure, there will be no peace, unity, stability and development in ss. all his credibility are gone.

    He must leave office alongside his criminal cronies that are part of the crimes happened for the last 6 months. And the transitional government has to take the seat. If not, there will be no peace in Sudan under this dark cowboy visible presence.

    Or is having a plan to bring Egypt to enslave south Sudanese as they used to be for centuries? He is a shame not only to all black people but also a huge disaster to the million innocent ss people that are suffering for millennia under the Arab enslavement where Egypt is taking the lead.

    He needs to stop taking order or getting advice for the longest dictator in Africa who is the president of Uganda. His relationship with Egypt including military most probably must be from the Ugandan president advice which is an amateur and incompetent ones and a very ignorant and desperate move from the dark cowboy he can do anything to stay on power with no what so ever care what is happening towards the millions ss people under his leadership.

    Dinka people must stop this cowboy from doing the crimes against the ss people in their names. There are many wise, intelligent and proud African dinka people who can function million times better than this dark cowboy who is in love for power but not the ss people and the neighbors that did lots to the SS people during all those long bad times they have been suffered by Arabs for centuries.

  3. Tn. says:

    I thought this meeting was chaired by Hailemariam, as current head of IGAD rather than the PM of Ethiopia. Such being the case, considering the massacres already committed and the looming disaster from draught and famine, it should be within IGAD head’s authority to armtwist these vagabonds to see the light of day. What this hoodelum kiir did is insult all remaining authority trying to help out in the situation, insult all IGAD and all UN and superpower authority bestowed on IGAD. It is an indication that kiir sees south Sudan as his sole fiefdom that he can do whatever with.

  4. Mario says:

    No doubt in my mind, emboldened (God knows who he thinks he is) or ordered by woyanes/TPLF top officials, mouth-piece and dummy PM Hailemariam Desalegn said what. If Kiir and Machar first resisted the signing, but signed the agreement later under duress, that is quite a propaganda deal for woyanes/TPLF. So comes in the the possibility and justification of the threat.

    On the other hand, what do Machar and Kirr get by exposing the coerced agreement? Deep in their heart, the agreement signed under threat is not getting anywhere. So comes in telling the world the truth behind the fake agreement.

    If woyanes/TPLF hate either Kirr or Machar or both because they refused to take orders and woyanes/TPLF do anything to eliminate them with help coming from other forces, that threat will be real and will go into history books.

    Official denial does nothing much. Accepting the mistake made and apologizing to South Sudanese people and the international community will save Ethiopia from major embarrassment. Otherwise, it will be like telling the world this is how we run Ethiopia and govern people and also treat leaders of young and old neighboring countries.

    May God give us the will and courage to tell the truth and do the right thing!!!

    • Tn. says:

      Hailemariam is out of the league of most of the Phd’s who are lions over hostage 20 year old students . He is perhaps the best for the job for the next term as well. That said, since this will be my last comment for a while, I will use this opportunity to dish out some improvements that I have witnessed in my active engagement during the last few months.
      1) A youth that doesn’t feel engaged. One that doesn’t feel ownership. This is in liue of the shortage of human capital at present and definitely coming up in the near future. My opinion is that this needn’t happen, the opportunity for engagement and ownership is tremendous. However there are factors blocking it, I can’t put my fingers on it now but it has to do with something that EPRDF is doing or not doing. I close this point warning that the youth is a different breed than the youth in times before. It has a global consciousness and won’t see the reason why he can’t succeed just as his peers in other countries are doing. The youth have shown that they have calculated their death in the risks that they have taken to migrate to other countries but as the risk closes in, opportunities get scarce, or when they feel tired of running they will face you. It is best to find out and close the EPRDF created gap ASAP.
      2) overstreached ethnonationalsim and corruption in TPLF associates and OPDO and associates. Ethnonationalist corruption secondary damage is a lot worse. It clouds up everything! Creates the hidden-ins and obvious outs. It disincentives all developmental ethics. I am hearing grammar of “inherentness” & “inevitability” of corruption. First, playing an apologetic to the action is not right even if it is inherent. So too, one has to be ready of the consequence that might suddenly
      happen by the ones that may feel left out. I think it is with that sense of urgency that one needs to look at corruption. One may call it color, Egypt, oneg, Shabia, G7 but when it comes down to it, it is the young that sees no hope and join in that make the mass and not the few planners.
      3) I don’t see much of regional clusters in processing. Amhara and southern nations have a fee things, at least the right mindset about it. So does afar in that it’s potentials are focused but not much anywhere else. I think it is a serious flaw, because hard manufacturing is a bit away. it is good that southern peoples has
      taken the initiative and will see what can be done. Oromia is however really sad to the point I am wondering if they are in office to get access to karta. worse though is Tigray in that when it is all said and done, it has to invent its core as it might not be readily visible on the surface. There is TPDM for the ones who feel disenfranchised out of Tigray.
      4) It is good that we have risk rating. As Djibouti is a port for goods, rating is the port for finance. It is of course a double edged sword in that it contrasts one against another quiet readilly so there is a need to combthrough that report and make the rating better than the closely competing countries such as Kenya, Botswana and Nigeria and Turkey. Countries that are naturally better endowed than Ethiopia either with access to the sea or minerals or culture. I read a few articles about SMEs, would have preferred clusters but SMEs might be additions too, problem is management but that is true to businesses in the US too. Mortality rate in saturated US is perhaps higher. There is another side of SMEs though, ones with potential to go public and this case was infered when kenyas president visited with a large team. It is coming so why not study potential of I banking (offer huge service to potential SMEs) and also a market to list companies either in Kenya or at home but would be nice to see debates now than later.


  5. derebew says:

    Why are people making a fuss over tongue in cheek comment of Mr. Kir. He said he was threatened arrest as well as his opponent Mr. Machar and he goes on to post pone the election from 2015 to 2017 as was agreed by the two of them with the mediation of Mr. Desaleng. Could there be misunderstanding of the tongue in cheek statement by Mr.Kir?

  6. Gulele says:

    It is sad but all indications are that the entire transitional period might have been botched-up. If my memories serve me well not much was accomplished in Somlia. I remember FM seyoum mesfin working tierlessely through IGAD to no avail. Nothing materialized in Somalia until EDF controlled the situation, had the factions go through a transitional period, draft and pass a new constitution, and basically establish a new system from grounds up. For better or worse, Somali had previous experience of running a country. SS has none of it! my guess is that each of their ministries might need to be tied with a ministry of a country that can provide them training and supervision for a few years and establish basic infrustructure. I don’t know if ethiopia’s resources are over-tasked at this time, nor know about edf’s position but might be worth drafting something costopportunity cost,and tirf just in case the international community is left without options. This of course is the most likely ourcome of this ill conceived, botched-up transition. It is unfortunate that Uganda now is sitting idle and watching Rwanda II unfold while Kiir is mocking the world community. Mussevini is acting as an unwitting enabller to the entire scenario, playing Kiir bodyguard while an IGAD member: allthewhile say nothing when Kiir makes a mockery of what I believe is an IGAD, AU, UN, USA and China endorsed proposal. To date, there is no comment from Uganda condoning kiir’s brutishness. each day of lag is indicative of complicity of Uganda to Kiir’s side of butchery taking place in SS.

  7. me says:

    He should be refered to ICC

  8. Tom says:

    Dear Mario and ermi, this is an Ethiopian news website, this is not for italian hatsebti meakor. H.E our dear prime minister is following the roadmap of development goals highly quite the opposite to the mad dog and moron president of the retarded hamasen. See what your country looks like now and then if you have brain to think and eyes to see. Be bu bi ba bie b bo
    Be- benzine yelen
    Bu- bumba may yelen
    Bi- bira yelen
    Ba- bani yelen temina
    Bie- bet yelen medeqesi
    b- brhan yelen tselmitu
    bo- bota yelen menberi
    So, please clean your ass and educate your retarded president and yourself if you and him have a capacity to learn for a change. Shame on you and the stupid monoleader of asmara driving 200miles down the hill. God bless Ethiopia and the EPRDF and TPLF.

    • wedinakfa says:

      Tom the dog
      yersuwaan tita yamtuwa ybalal, what you have coined is in the head of your dead chuwawa leader(god works well to get rid of this buchila)

      I sdhall see you May 2015 re-writing your TPLF like 1935!!! dig it dingus!!!

  9. Okello says:

    This is a dishonest article. After making the statement, Kiir said that the PM was joking. Overblown joke. It is a common expression in Ethiopian culture to say to someone, “you ain’t goin anywhere until u agree.” It is all about lost in translation.

  10. Qebbena says:

    Okelo is absolutely right.
    I heard Kiir is not much educated, he got only war experience. My problem with him is- what is going on with the cowboy hut ? He lives near the equator wich is very hot and humid- bamboo hat breaths better. He is wearing it all the time and the shadow it creates on his very dark face doesn’t allow for observers to see his facial expressionl, let alone the I’m arrogant message it gives.

  11. Alula says:

    Egypt doing everything it can to turn our region into a war torn country! But this is Ethiopia united developing itself! We see here some dogs of Egypt are blabbering for no avail! Wishing for the demise of Ethiopia can’t get you anything, you can only an empty dream!

    The Dogs & stooges are barking , nevertheless , Ethiopia has kept on its own way!

  12. Alula says:

    The EPRDFites came winning over their enemies all along! The last one being the mad dog of Eritrea! Now the defeated entities tool is name calling, the lowest & the cheapest way of fighting that can earn its fighter zero victory! pm Hailemariam is there doing his job for Ethiopia! Therefore name calling isn’t going to hurt him! Haters can only irritate themselves to no repair!
    God bless our leader!

  13. ANF says:

    Wake up everybody. The Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam is not practical because:
    1) Wayane, TPLF is using the fund raised for other purposes
    2) Wayane, TPLF has been killing, jailing, torturing people.
    3) There is no freedom and democracy under Wayane, TPLF
    4) Egypt probably hit the Dam
    5) The dam has many negative impacts such it will dry water availability and has many other environmental impact

  14. Hard E says:

    What happened during their conversation was the Prime Minter’s boss ( Aboy Sibat Nega) contact, gave the Prime Minster a wrong draft to read at the last minute by accident. The note he read to the South Sudannese head was intended for the Oromo Student Council leaders that were currently in detention.

  15. በለው ! says:

    …”Kiir immediately denounced the deal, claiming that he was coerced into signing it through threats from the Ethiopian prime minister. “[Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Dessalegn] told me that ‘if you don’t sign this, I will arrest you here’,” !! *** ኀይለመለስ አይልም! አያደርገውም!የነፍስ አባቱ ማን ሆነና..ዘመኑ ሰጥቶ መቀበል እኮ ነው፡፡ እነሱ ካልበሉ ኀይሌ አያገሳም!ለመሆኑ ሰልቫ ኪር ቢታሰር ምን ይሆናል? ኢህአዴግ ዓለም በቃኝ ዘግቶ ኢትዮጵያ በቃችኝ ከፍቷል ጭራሽ ቃሊቲም ሆነ ቂልንጦ ከሲዊዲን ጋዜጠኞች የነጭ ደም በተለይ የደማቅ ጥቁር ደም አሰረች ተብላ ትደነቅ ነበር። ኢህአዴግ በአፍሪካ ከፍተኛ የፖለቲካ ተምሳሌነቱን ለማረጋገጥ በፋውንዴሽኑ ብዙ አህትና ወንድም ፓርቲ መሪዎችና ካድሬ ቤተሰቦች የምርምር ጥናት ማዕከል እየመጡ እንደሚሰለጥኑ ተነግሮን ነበር። ክፍል አንድ፦ቃል ማፍረስ! አህአዴግ ስንት ግዜ ቃሉን አጥፏል?ለምሳሌ፤ የምርጫ ሥርዓት ህጉን ተፈረመና ምን ተገኘ?00 ከተቃዋሚ አጋር..አጃቢና..አዳናቂ..ፓርቲዎች ሆኑ ምን አተረፉ?

    **…” Kiir said before a crowd at Juba International Airport. “I said ‘if you arrest me in this good place, I am sure I will get good food. So there will be no need to return to Juba. You will feed me for free here.’”አዎን ምን ጠፍቶ!?እንኳን መጥታችሁልን እቤታችሁ ድረስ አምጥተን እናበላችኋለን አደለምን!? ግን ይህ የቀጠናው ትልቅ ብዬነታችን እሰከመቼ ነው?የራሷ አሮባት ሰው ታማስላለች አሉ። ግን የህ አስገድዶ መሬት መንጠቅና አስገድዶ ማስፈረም ለመደብን ወይስ አብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ልማታዊ የሙስና መር ፖለቲካ ባሕል ይሆን!?ኢህአዴግ ለሱማሊያ ያወጣውን ሰው ኀይል ለሱዳን ሰላምና የተቀናቃኝ ፓርቲ ድርድር የከፈለውን መስዋትነት ለምን ለሀገር ውስጥ ‘ተፎካካሪና ተወዳዳሪ’ፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች የሰላም ድርድር ላይ ተግቶ መስራት ተሳነው!? ትርፋማነት የለውም ማለት ነው? ለደቡብ ሱዳን መጨነቅ የነበረባቸው የነዳጁ ባለቤቶች አውሮፓውያንና ካናዳውያን መሆን አልነበረባቸውም? ምን አልባት ኢህአዴግ ንብረት ኣስጠባቂ ሆኖ ሥልጣኑን እንዲጠብቁለት መማፀኛ(አጅ መንሻ)ይሆን? ለማናቸውም ሲልቫ ኪር ጎረቤት፣ ወዳጅ፣ ተቃዋሚን ጠባቂ ብቻ ሳይሆን ከባለውልጣን ቤተሰብ ጋብቻም ነውና ኅይሌ ጠንቀቅ…እየተስተዋለ ይች በፓርላማ የለመደች እጅ ማወናጨፍና ደማቅ ጩኽት ውጭ ትወጣና መግቢያ እንዳይጠፋ ዋ በለው!

  16. billfree says:

    “Woyane only knows dedebit diplomacy – murder, torture, and imprison .” Because among woyanes leaders no one is capable of convincing some one with the right diplomacy. they are collected based up on their political opinion (being careless to human and democratic rights and justice) and ethnic back ground.

  17. Mario says:

    Who the hell told this moron named Tom, Mario is Eritrean? Be happy! I am an Ethiopian unless you also think you are more Ethiopian than me.

    If Mario is for Eritreans, why can’t it be for Tigrayans? Don’t the two claim they are from the same stock? If that is the case, why did you fail to call me Tigrayan? Are you afraid of disclosing something that could backfire? If you have a problem with Eritreans, please disassociate me from them. I have nothing to do with them.

    Every reader here knows what made you mad. If you have the gut, let us talk about that. Otherwise, shut your mouth and read what others write.

    You said, “God bless Ethiopia and the EPRDF and TPLF”.

    I say God bless Ethiopia, but displace EPRDF and TPLF!!!

  18. Sam says:

    I do not think the two leaders have the power to make peace. They do indeed have the power to make war. The two have had contributed for the latter for decades. Why does anyone think the latent tribal hatred of the two tribes does not come to open warfare when the common enemy is no longer there? I met individuals of the two tribes while the struggle was on full speed and even after independence. I am not exaggerating each member of the tribe does not describe to me himself as South Sudanese, but by the tribal label. If anyone thinks having meeting after meeting will solve the problem, that person live in delusion. My guess is the international community will be forced to step in to stop the imminent ethnic carnage. How sad the story of the new African countries become! One is ruled by a delusional dictator. The very brand one is poised to wipe out the whole generation because the two tribes cannot share the new found oil. But the oil makes the negotiation worse. Even without it the two tribes have not cultivated a culture of living together during the wasted several decades.

  19. san says:

    THIS IS TPLF’S DIRTY POLITICS. It killed tigrayans in their way the dam to achieve twi objectives:
    one is to divert the attention from oromia’s killings and send the message that even tigrayans are not spared and ofcourse the second one is to tell tigrayans that their safety could only safeguarded if TPLF is at the helm, other wise the amhras, the oromos will wipe you out…
    the other point that makes one ponder is why would the so called rebels choose to slaughter them????? Why not just shoot them? Slaughtering is a mode of killing practiced mostly by religion fanatics…
    this killing is the work of getachew assefa! Ehy would labourers use security departments car? dehenenet mekina? This all the work of no one but the criminal getachew assefa!!

  20. Wow sold-out cheap mind says:

    Observation, results, and conclusion:

    For a healthy and fairly balanced visitor/reader/observer of this web site, it’s quite obvious to find out the way ideas/comments are posted and quickly replied/attacked. If there are comments critical to Weyane regime, the sold-out minds quickly there to respond. Wow.

  21. Next call says:

    I have known the moment Salva Kirr fired a number of influential members of his cabinet about a year ago, that trouble was around the corner. RIP Mr Melese, wouldn’t have allowed such a faux pas for these were the ones who fought along Garang. We do miss him indeed. There is no way i will doubt the statement of Salva Kir, for he has no reason to lie. But i will think the Ethiopian PM, who has traveled to more countries than the late Emperor is capable of such outrageous steps for after all, a person taking so many trips overseas is not prudent for jet lag is known to affect rational thought process. The EPRDF should look for someone else to represent it at the coming election and it better appologise before the Egyptian officers set up miltary bases and start training known enemies of ethiopia a heart beat away from the GERD

  22. Africano says:

    He must be insane.

  23. Mario says:

    Another evidence for the bullying of South and North Sudanese presidents, Machara and Kiir by the so-called PM, Hailemariam Desalegn.

    Click on link and see how the old threat was real:

    Even if the news in Ethiopia is at total blackout, thanks to the internet and social media, we are getting it non-stop.

  24. Mario says:


    Please read, “South Sudanese president, Kiir and S. Sudanese rebel leader, Macha”.


  25. Mario says:

    Another evidence for the bullying of South and North Sudanese presidents, Machara and Kiir by the so-called PM, Hailemariam Desalegn.

    Click on link and see how the old threat was real:

    Even if the news in Ethiopia is at total blackout, thanks to the internet and social media, we are getting it non-stop.

  26. Mengesha says:

    I think what Kiier said is correct. Kerry must have given our PM a task of getting agreement between the two sides either by Stick or Carrot. So the threat to detain must be the stick when he could not get the agreement diplomatically.

  27. bereket gebreyohannes says:

    i dont believe any of the information spread out through the electronics media neither the information came out to tacle certain objectives by.
    but it seems real when it comes out of the mouth of leaders.thats why am trying to get reach the truth sacrifying my bed time after having read the issue
    in private megazine as of to day.
    it seems strange to hear such news from head of a nation.
    of course it is expected to denounce the news from ethiopia point of view.but it sounds enough tobe heard by there was a crack to save aspace for unknown disagreements because imediately after the ceasefire agreement the fighting has continued and reached even the un peacekeeping compound. so does this all ideas support kiirs interview…time will show us from kiirs next move if he refuse to come to adiss. besides if machars next move asides ethiopia role from the ongoing agreement process
    and other countries like kenya will entertain it…..that may give us a clue to bit at the back of our foreign policy towards the neiboughr .countries and the negotiation power as well as capabilities of handling such issues which had been diplomaticaly enpowered after the fall of the derg regim may fall and give the rivals to take advantage of it so as to regain the lost diplomatic power in our region.

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