Ethiopia receives nine new vessels in Djibouti


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12 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    While Opposition parties are stagnating in hate politics, Ethiopia is rising and rising. When ever I think of my government, it always remained me monopoly of good idea….alas We are reaping smiles from EPRDF party, I believe there is no way we could ever repay the debt we owe EPRDF party for its standing by Ethiopian people through the challanges of the last two decay to bring a better Ethiopia. This is seriously a good part, may EPRDF party governs Ethiopia for the next one thousand years…..thank you the late PM Meles Zenawi for Paving the way to have a better and prosperous EThiopia, your vision and thought remains for ever

    • ethiio says:

      your post shows…….”my government…” exactly my point! we need OUR government. get a life man!

  2. Tn. says:

    Call me a hardliner id you will but I personally don’t believe Djibouti’s commitment to give Ethiopia a logistical competitive advantage over Ethiopia’s close competitors such as Kenya and Nigeria whose combined advantages gives them an enhanced core competency that outstrips Ethiopia.
    As to the symbolism of the capital cities of the nine regions, I wonder if the regions have done anything to deserve it. What is Tigray number one in? What few things Oromia is number one in? Nothing nothin nothing! All i see is the officials trying to become number one in self enrichment than create a core cluster for their respective regions. Can any region refute the accusation that the regions are fiefdoms of “ethnic” freeloaders reaching for the highest prize?

  3. D says:

    Ethiopia needs her port back, Asseb.

  4. solomon says:

    We ethiopian do not need banda port eritear.
    God bless ethiopia
    Now what minlk sold djibouti to french wayan will get djibouti back pcefuly .

  5. kassa says:

    Who will take the plane and the ships when oromia get free from Amhara and Tigray abissiniya leaders.

    we want the airforce the airlines and the ships as we are the majority

  6. Nassosibni says:

    We Oromo are pure ethiopian Oromo is mother to all Ethiopia we are in the center god blese .

    Zimblachu ladleful wanni inbekne inaseini .

  7. Ordofaa Hordofaa says:

    These and the rest of the shipping vessels in service today will also be the property of Oromia when it goes independent. Every last penny used to pay for all government owned shipping vessels was earned by the resources of Oromia alone. We will take possession of all of them this year. Whatever left of Ethiopia will not need the service of the vessels since it will be more cost effective for Tigray, Amhara, Beni Shangul and the Southern nation have to turn to Kenya or Sudan to reroute their imports and exports. They all hate the name ‘Ethiopia’ anyway.

    See how my beloved Oromia gets you the solution? No bloodshed just a stern stare from my glorious and ever-so-gallant Oromo people does it all !!!!

    In less than 10 years after its independence, Oromia will be the first African nation to launch a rocket into space with an Oromo astronaut in command.

    We will be very generous in granting a 2-year workers’ visas to our Amhara neighbors which will be strictly in place. They will go back after two years and they can not re-apply. You see how generous my Oromia will be to others? And she is drop-dead beauty too.

    Also, the airline company along with its entire fleet is the product of my beloved and glorious Oromo people’s resources. It will be the sole property of Oromia the day it becomes an independent nation, which is this year. The name will change to Oromian Airways. Isn’t that so beautiful name?

    This is the latest about our independence drive. The Minnesota State Legislature has this week recognized Oromia as an independent nation. The rest of the 49 states will follow very soon. As I told you before 192 of the 193 member nations of the UN have signed a memorandum of understanding that they will recognize Oromia as an independent nation this year. They have seen it themselves that Oromia is already 99’9% liberated with the exception of Finfine. The rest is just a matter of paperwork. Oromia was scheduled to go independent on May 15, 2014 but the arrangement hit unexpected snag because many of its designated leaders were still wrapping their advance studies at various prestigious universities.

    There is another development I want to keep you abreast with what is going on with the soon-to-be independent Oromia. The transitional executive committee has finalized a document wherein the new Republic of Oromia will submit to the United Nations. In the document the Republic of Oromia will ask the Nations of Amhara and Tigray to pay Oromia 250 billion US Dollars in reparation to the resources these two nations borrowed from Oromia during the last 200 years. The amount is without interest and will be negotiable and open for arbitration by mutually agreed third party. Oromia has expressed its preference to Eritrea, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Canada and Saudi Arabia as countries of arbitration.

    Finally, to all Oromian engineers, scientists, financial experts and other educated folks!!! Start packing now. You are going home to sweet home Oromia. You will be the ones who will launch the first African manned spacecraft into space by Oromia. You will be the ones who will help transform Oromia into the Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, USA of the Horn of Africa. You will be the ones who will make Oromia the carbon copy of the USA in good governance and democracy. So start packing now. I am.
    So Oromia is coming!!! Oromia is coming!!! Oromia will become a freshly minted new nation before the end of the day next week.
    My Oromia is coming and coming soon!!!!

    • idris says:

      Are you Day-Dreaming Mr Ordofa. You are Mr Are_tera burning with jealousy!
      Are you from HOMO-ASSIEN who used to give their wide ASS to their masters Egyptians arabs, Turkeys, italy….What not?
      Go away from here, stupid

  8. Melisa says:

    You are not Oromo you don’t represent us you are an Eritrea so stay from the ethiopian politics .
    We are united for ever and ever .
    O kenaf it eye Malibfi independent I gafeteni.
    Elme sere.

  9. Your regime in Eritrea collapse very soon the you will come and kiss the weyane feet soon .

    Talk about your people die in desert thousend of them reped and humiliated talk some thing dissent make sense Ethiopia is in the right track .

    Am from Oromo worriers family who fought for Ethiopia in Eritrea war and Italian war I can not tale you how am proud Ethiopia.

    My father he used to say a belo yagerbechisa Eritrea maltu gedissa.

    You rubbish.

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