Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys: Somalia is colonized by Ethiopia


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10 Responses

  1. Name (required) says:

    A talk that can be regarded as an old dog barking to protect a ground from his own shadow that he once thought as his own personal belonging.

  2. Frew says:

    Is it a news or something worth attention what this terrorist think about? What do you want him to think and say about? USA, England and ISAF with more than 43 nations are in Afghanistan for 13 years coming from far away? AMISOM is in Somalia to protect itself knowing how al shebab is terrorizing in Somalia as well as the region.

    Yet, what this shit terrorist says and thinks seem becoming like honey and milk to the amateur journalists. O, boy. Why don’t you just work with the people against this animals rather than doing a propaganda work for them including magnifying only Ethiopia while Uganda and Kenya are. Give me a break or you need a break to think seriously about the job you are doing and change it to the better.

    Is it giving a dirty propaganda service to the backward, evil and savage animals that are terrorizing the region and world in the name of the curse Arab’s culture but wrongly calling it a religion? What a religion; QQQQQ. Pure evil and demonic belongs to the greatest Satan of all.

    This criminal animal didn’t say only Ethiopia but you do. Why? This is how looks like when the backward Africans learn the corrupt and enemy of earth English journalism doctrine working only for their advantage at the expense of the rest mainly in Africa where black people are easily and quickly brainwashed by them to serve them doing the things they created for their advantages.
    Stop doing the English establishment criminal type of journalism which is just focusing on eye catching titles but not the truth.

  3. Liban says:

    Sh. Aways has always been Somali nationalist as we know him. hence, surprises no one. It is not only him who has such views that Somalia is under colonization, but also majority of Somalis, if not all, believe it.

  4. Danga says:

    Tell us when he will go to throw up and shit the next time. If you are looking a story to report their is full of it where you are now.


    What you are doing in tis article is, just fanning his hate to Ethiopia by trying to build the Image of this evil jihadist as if his god. He is a sworn enemy of Ethiopia and he is in jail for his own safety hiding from Al shbaba. ———-

    Awramba times if you want a story I will give you one to write about. —-

    What is EPRDF ?
    IS TPLF is a faction EPRDF and still called TPLF?
    If their is a fall out in EPRDF, is TPLF will pursue its goal to make Tigray independent? —–may be join Eritrea?

    Now you got a story that matters to Ethiopian unity and a story worth to write.
    God bless Ethiopia and True Ethiopians.

  5. yohannes says:

    Mr. Hawye, go to Italy with your brothrt Esayas Afewerki, to eat spagetti with suger and camel milik with your hand.
    Ethiopians hsve never been colonizer, but liberaters. But you and your animsl brothrr of Eritrea you fon’t like to develop because you csn’t stand with it.
    Read your Kuran day and night, I am sure you will understand nothing but you will cut the hsnd of thives snd kill by stones anadultry women.
    these the only you know, she, she, yiu are faild Hawie brother of Abgsl sll of ignorant.
    God bless somalia and domslies, and send you to hell.

  6. Mahmoud says:

    የግል ተብየ ጋዜጦችና መፅሄቶች የሚፅፉትና የሚያሰራጩት እንቶፈንቶና ውሸት በማንበብ እኔም እንደሌሎች ዜጎች በአይኔ የማየው ልማት ሆነ ሀገሪቱ ለመለወጥ ኢሕአዴግ መራሹ መንግስት የሚያደርገውን እንቅስቃሴ እኔም ዳር ቆሜ ሰመልከትና ስተች እነሆ አመታት ተቆጠሩ።

    በግብፅ፣ በሊብያና ሌሎችም የሰሜን አፍሪካ ሀገሮች በአመፅ ሲናወጡ ለብዙሃኑ የዝያ አካባቢ ህዝብ ከእልቂትና መከራ በስተቀር አንዳች ጥሩ ነገር ያመጣሉት ይመስል፣ ተመሳሳይ ነገር በሀገራችንም እንዲፈጠር መመኘትና መስራት ፍፁም እብደት ወይም እኔ ከሞትኩ እንዳለችው እንሰሳ መሆን ነው ። በተለይ ውጭ ሀገር ያሉ ወገኖች ይህነን ለማምጣት ያላሰወሩት ወሬ፣ ያልፈነቀሉት ድንጋይ የለም። አሁን አሁን ሳስታወሰው ዋልድባ መቃወም፣ ሕዳሴ ግድብ መቃወም። ባጠቃላይ በዚህ መንግስት የሚሰራ በጎ ነገር በሙሉ አይናችን እያየም ቢሆን መቃወሙ የጤና አይመስለኝም።

    ወደ ልቦናዬ ተመልሼ ነገሮች ከተለያየ አቅጣጫ እንድመልከት ያስቻልኝ ጉዳይ የተፈጠረው በቅርቡ ነው። በኮሃራም የተባለ ነውጠኛ ቡድን በናይጄሪያ የፈፀመውና በመፈፀም ላይ ያለው እልቂትና ውድመት ነው፣ ከሀገሪቱ ቁጥጥር በላይ የሆነ፣ የሀያላን መንግሥታት እርዳታ የተጠየቀበትና ያለም መነጋገርያ የሆነ ወቅታዊ ጉዳይ ። ታድያ ከረጅም ጊዜ ጀምሮ ከየትኛውም አካባቢ በፊት ምስራቅ አፍሪካ ቀዳሚው ያክራርዎች መናሀርያ ነበር፣ ነውም። በቅርቡ በሀገራችን በእስልምና ወገኖቻችን ተከልሎ የመጣው አደጋ መንግስት ያለምንም ረዳት በብስለት መፍታቱ ሐገራችን እንደ ናይጀርያ ከእልቅትና የዓለም መሳቅያ ከመሆን አትርፏታል። ይህ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ብስለትና የፀጥታ ሃይሎቻችን ብቃት ነው እንግዲህ በኢትዮጵያውነቴ እንድኮራና ራሴን መልሼ እንድመረምር ያደርገኝ።

  7. Sam says:

    I do not know how Hassan thinks, but I do not think Somalia is currently attractive enough for colonizers, if there are any left, to want Somalia in their sphere of domination. He singled out Ethiopia to be the colonizer. Repeating the Eritreans myth might be used in the past to stir trouble in Somalia. But time has changed. politicians who throw slogan as a proven history might not do good in the present world. Hassan might not like the current Somali government. That is his right. But to accuse a government that has tried to pull out the country from anarchy as servant of the colonizer Ethiopia might allure only those who wish Somalia to live in the fifteenth century, not in the 21st. To the dismay of Sheik Hassan there are not that many, even in Somalia.

  8. Oz. says:

    You Arab talking nigge! Someone have to make order In that land of yours, since non of you Arab talking niggers can do that, Ethiopians have to do something because you are standing right beside ethiopia, If Ethiopia dont do any thing the terror and brutal way of life in Somalia will spread In to Ethiopia, that we can not afford! We are In a way of winning the war of poverty we are trying to make that change, Im sure you cant see that, perhaps In the future Somalia will be recognize as state nummber 15 In Ethiopia, It could be the first historical and meaningfull thing that Africans do, but to do all that We have to kill all crazy Arab talking niggers like you first 😉

  9. som says:

    You know that even dogs have mouths. Somali was the lion of africa that gave south africa independence. Read history of somalia and ethioupia that you know more. You are taking advantage of anarchy in somalia to revenge. We are still the lions. Give us 50years only i know you wont we will kick your asses. Pagans

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