Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia vow to join armed struggle


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30 Responses

  1. Biniam says:

    Is it Ethiopian flag on the photo?

    • mehari says:

      Don’t feel sad for Eritrean they deserved all the bad things happening to them. Deqi kebessa must be destroyed in order to bring a lasting peace in the horn of Africa.

  2. gebre says:

    የኢሳያስ ጦር፣አጠቃ፣ አፈገፈገ፣ የኤርትራ ተቃዋሚ ጦር፣አጠቃ፣ አፈገፈገ እየተባለ ደግሞ የሚቀጥለውን ዘመን ልባችንን ሊያወልቁት ነው። መቼ ይሆን የኢሳያስ ጦር ወይም የተቃዋሚው ጦር ተፈታ የሚል የምንሰማው?
    ድሮ በነገስታት ዘመን የእከሌ ጦር አሸነፈ ወይም ተፈታ ነው የሚባለው፣ከዛም አሸናፊው በስነስርአቱ ሀገር ያስተዳድራል።አሁን ግን ተፈትቶም አፈገፈገ ስለሚባል በአፍሪካ ቀንድ መደናቆር አሁንም ሊቀጥል ነው። ውሀ ቅዳ ውሀ መልስ ይቀጥላል ማለት ነው። በከብት ግጦሽ መሬት አፍሪካ ቀንድ ውስጥ ስንቱ ተረፈረፈ።
    መቼ ይሆን የአፍሪካ ቀንድ መሪዎች በኢኮኖሚ እድገት ላይ ትኩረት የሚያደርጉት?

  3. yohannes says:

    ESSAYS WHY YOU DON’T PUT HENNA LIKE YOUR BROTHRR or uncle Hassen darya of Somalia. You know him nicely. Put hinna on yuor bired , your hire , may be even on your fingre and foot

  4. welwallo says:

    KKKKKKK… brother Gebre you are a character. Whenever I read your comment makes me crack my mouth. I don’t think this people do anything to this person, no matter how many people they have in their camp. They think everything they do against him will intensifies the fall of Eritrea in the hand of WOYANE. They think the ports of Assab and Massawa will fall on the hand of Ethiopia. Ethiopia will invade them after the fall of the big man. Secondly their courage and soul easily melts when they think fighting against him (brothers and sisters, they are right to some extent). He made them to be seen as walking corpus by creating mistrust among them and considered as a betrayal ( woyane) for his country if he raises a question of right. Don’t you think the people of Eritrea who are residing in the country are far more in number than the people at the refugee camp? They are the one who suffers most, but they are the most active participant and satisfied individuals with his ideology, in particular the female gender. Have you heard the military shuffling he made on those high ranking military officials a month ago? Trust me that country is in a tight grip on Isaias’s hand, he is making comfortable for another year. God known, how long he will live. It will take time to see happen whatever the opposition dreams to see. On your development question of east Africa leaders, what the government of Ethiopia is doing? Don’t you think he is on development path, or is it too small to see with your necked eye? You know, for me it is not the question of development; rather it is a question of stability and peace in the horn of Africa. I would prefer calm society than a country with both. We had enough! So long as people starts to stands for his right , and get a full privilege to decide whatever he wants , that time the country stands in its right truck. People are always right. Give this chance to the people of Eritrea, or make them stand to struggle on the premises of right to live just as the Ethiopians did

  5. erty says:

    I think Eritreans are wasting their time in Exile. The Eritrean government is o the verge of collapse. It just need a little push to collapse. The refuges can overthrow this government in few weeks. The most important element the mining sector needs to attacked to shut down source of income for the government. The people are tired of this government. The army is tired of this government and the diaspora is tired of this government. The neighboring countries are tired of this government. Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti must provide the necessary support for this refuges. The Eritrean people inside the country must be mobilized as well. The political wing as well as military wing of the liberating refuge needs to be organized. The political wing should have a branch that deals with east Africa Europe, America to organize the diaspora community.

  6. idris says:

    The only option for eri-terans is over through the dictator by armed struggle. But they can not do it alone, someone should support them. The red-sea afar are suffering a lot by Isayas. The red sea Afras are denied by the Ethiopian government. They believe that they belong to Ethiopia, but their sound is not heard by any government or organization.

  7. Old issayas says:

    There are 46.000 Eritrean refuges in Israel causing lots of troubles there reached illegally after surviving the atrocities and crimes against humanity including organ harvesting by Egyptians. The pain, suffer, humiliation, damage and death they have been through in Egypt Sinai in the hands of the barbaric Egyptians/Arabs is something will be always in the history book to remember it. Almost all the victims are the Tigrigna (Christians).

    So fare more than 4000(four thousands) perished in Sinai in the Egyptians hand for money and organ harvesting. UN report is documenting everything.

    Recently there is a huge wave of illegal Eritreans in Europe including Benelux where more than 1000(one thousands) Eritreans are interring in a single country every week. They are the big topics right now there. Italy is using them to play politics in EU which is more aid.

    The thousands that are perishing in the Mediterranean Sea in the Arabs human traffickers hand is still going on. They are nr.1 refuges in Sudan, third in Ethiopia after Somalia and S.sudan. They are nr.1 in the world for years comparing with the population proportion.

    Who is to blame? No one but the life time terrorist issayas and the Tigrigna themselves that are behind him from eth start. The damage he is causing against Ethiopia for the last 54 years is now becoming no more relevant comparing what kind damage he is causing against Eritreans mainly the Tigrigna and others including Afar and Kunamas.

    However, the Tigrigna are still worshiping him. May be others will now take the things seriously including the afar, Kunamas, Sahos, Naras, libens and so on. But not the Tigrigna that are the main responsible what happened to Ethiopia since the Adwa by being Banda and then issayas who is their king and messiah.

    The reason why Ethiopia is doing well despite she did lost her sea coast because of the Tigrigna serving the enemies including Egypt/Arabs intentionally to hurt Ethiopia badly as long as it takes is because of the Tigrigna Eritreans are not having full right in Ethiopia to affect her from inside which is biting their mother breast as they are known with this kind evil behavior.

    Even those saying they Ethiopians while having something with Tigrigna are playing dirty games involving with corruptions. They are front runners with corruption/paying bribes with custom services and they are also doing dirty games in the Ethiopian air lines. It seems they are not paying for Tickets when you see them travelling every month and loading lots of stuffs including furniture and TV.

    This is a tip to the real Ethiopian to look at what is going on at the custom services and Ethiopian air lines that some of them are flaying as if they are not paying for tickets including family members and transporting lots of huge stuffs on play seems for free and seem they are not paying custom taxes which is a lots of bribe going on there. Need to hunt those in the custom services and Ethiopian air lines.

    Let, issayas stay in power and finish the Tigrigna from the area. They are not good people. They are cancers to Ethiopia. Others are welcome including red sea afar and Kunama but not the Tigrigna.

  8. Nader says:

    Why not this failed state reunite with its former motherland Ethiopia, just in the same way the crimians did in Eastern Europe?

  9. Tn. says:

    One arrogant prideful old king annexes eritrea into Ethiopia, 30 year of war and diversion of all resources goes on war footing. At least half-million die, just as much are physically handicapped, and many more are emotionally scared for life. Then the secondary effects, active and cold-wars out of bitterness, economic isolation of each other, the mass exodus out of the stalemate, hardship of staying on guard and on perpetual war-footing, underusage of ports, overpayment to others. One decision of an arrogant old man. One worshiped as “Ye Africa abat hailessilase”! I can’t judge issayas for I have no knowledge of what 50 years of war or living on a war-footing does to a man just to reverse the decision of one arrogant old man.

  10. Sam says:

    The Eritrean refugees statement reads “Eritrea was liberated, but not its people.” I do not think the statement makes sense. Eritrea is not liberated unless Eritreans are liberated. I have an issue with the lexicon “liberated”, but my writing the feedback is not to challenge the myth in that aspect. My intention for writing is to defend the president of Eritrea. I think it is pretty much a fashion to blame the guy for everything that turned out to be a failure as his making. I have a different take on this. The way the Eritrean struggle was conducted Eritrea could not produce any leader who could govern the country different from the current president has governed. Even if the president will go away for good, Eritreans will not have a bright future as they claimed it will be. They need bold politicians who challenge the fabricated history Eritreans breathed for so long. I am not sure though those politicians do exist currently.

  11. ethiio says:

    …If Ethiopian government support this straggle, why they keep crying about Eritreans supporting G7? what is the difference?

  12. Thena says:

    Let say Issayas being there in Eritrea has something to do and to say.

    But what do you do when a racist, hateful, greedy, depressed and failed person from far away is wishing and trying his very bad best to affect Ethiopia; a country doesn’t belong to him and the people that have no what so ever in common with evil as he is?

    In USA where he is are living people together speaking the same language with all human races, Ethnic groups, religions, cultures, traditions and everything human being has and owns. Germans are the biggest Ethnic groups in USA followed by the Irish. Latinos are the biggest community. USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the nations of all human beings knowing the natives are wiped out by the English. 200 years ago, there was no a single English person lived there but the aboriginals that are blacks.

    Yet, this Evil with Jewish name is trying to create conflicts in Ethiopia using Ethnicity among the same people that are victims for centuries by the English lead his people. Because they tried everything to destabelize the governmnet. But none of it did work for them. This time also they will fail if they think they already are not failed.
    he must be angry for personal reason that would be his evil behavior including being g*y and he cannot behave that way in Ethiopia.

    This is the man he may still is in Ethiopia or he had been there and is on the mission to destabilize the country and looks very angry. However, he is a failed animal no one takes him seriously knowing some Jewish are very evil people even against their own kind.

    This is what he did write with aim to destabilize Ethiopia thinking a racist and evil person like him would become between the same African and mainly Ethiopian people. That era is gone. Blacks are no longer stupid and fool cheating by the racists coming between them in order to destroy all of them to become slaves and colonized by his people.

    He wrote:

    “When Enough is Enough

    Rise up People of Ethiopia


    It is all about how to create Ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia giving reasons as if a stupid racist as he is does care more about some Ethiopians while be against others. He seems is disappointed why it is not happening. The aid he is talking about is not to help any Ethiopian but a weapon to use it to be in the country and around her to stop development there in order to affect all of them.

    To do that creating conflicts among the same people or destabelizing the governments are the two evil works tehy are doing against countries and citizens all over the world except them. This is how things happened in Tunesia, Libya, Egypt, yemen, Syria, Ukraine and so on. Are teh people better of today that they were back then? No. All of them became failed states. This is what they are looking in Ethiopia, too pretending they are doing something good.
    But no one will allow them. Any fire they are strating will be distingushed rapidly and hardly till it becomes dust ashes.

    remember: A Jewish woman that is a USA under secretary for European affairs is the one destroyed Ukraine creating conflicts between the same people and now the neo- Nazis are becoming the dominant forces. Nazis and Jewish are like rats and mousses. These are evil people they don’t care what happens to others but themselves for temporary gain.

    We know the English lead USA and others are getting crazy and mad Ethiopia is having her own development system working for her people but not for them. China, Russia, Iran and others are exposing their system and Thailand and others including Egypt are rejecting the western type of democracy and anything coming from them but the things working for the people.

    Who is this criminal? What did or still is doing in Ethiopia including in the name of “Create trust”?
    But he is teaching not to trust but be hostile against each other for his agenda that would be some of the English and USA individuals agenda too. He is there as the rest of UK and USA so called NGO and journalists are to create conflicts and to affect the nation in many ways.

    Does he know USA has all human races, Ethnics, religions, cultures and traditions?
    Does he know Ethnic German are the biggest Ethnic groups in USA followed by Irish?
    Does he know big cities in USA including LA Latinos are the majorities?
    Does he know in London, the majorities are not the English including other cities such as Bingham?
    Does he have some answers why 90% the wealth is USA and England is owned by less than 10% the population?
    Before any democracy, human right and blah blah what they are preaching, they must address the huge income and wealth gap in their countries. This is the worse human right violation, and crime directly affecting the citizens on daily bassis including when tehy are home or in the streets. No one cares about democracy that gives the right only the few to control everything including the media and wealth. The time will come soon; these greedy will be confronted by their own people.

    If there has to be any uprising, it must start in USA, UK and the likes where the few are controlling everything and the rest have to serve them and suffer with shortages and isolations including from teh politics. Not in Ethiopia a country that is in a big mission to benefit all the citizens with no race discrimination as it is going on in USA, UK and all over the places they are…

    This is he:
    Graham Peebles is director of the Create Trust. He can be reached at:

    This is what is he claiming is doing.:

    Mission Statement
    Enable change in the lives of disadvantaged women and children, through education, and social development. Supporting fundamental Social change and the human rights of individuals in acute need.

    About Us
    The Create Trust was set up in March 2005 when we were asked to run a series of creative education workshops in Sri Lanka, for tsunami affected children and young people. We have worked in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, India and Ethiopia where we have concentrated our efforts since 2006.

    What We Do
    Run a range of education projects and social development schemes with local partners, Including Creative Education Programmes’, using all forms of visual and performance art. Deliver ‘Training Programmes’ to teachers, social/care workers and parents. Highlight human rights issues.
    Issayas deserves some credits for keeping these evil people out of Eritrea. Aid propaganda to open up his country door widely opens for these evil to affect his country and people in many ways didn’t succeed in Eritrea. He know them more than anybody else during the 30 years he had relation with them with the mission they had to destabilize Ethiopia using him as a weapon despite he is the same Habesha people and they are not but racist including against him.
    Issayas mistake is having animosity against Ethiopia that badly affects Eritrea not because of he is not getting aid for them. Imagine, if Ethiopia and Eritrea becomes closer and work together at all levels with feeling the same Habesha people. Within few years, both will become the greatest and strongest nations. Issayas must stop being hostile towards Ethiopia but work together in order to benefit together.

  13. Tn. says:

    All effects shouting off as causes. Issayas is an effect, mengistu was an effect, meles was an effect. Effect by definition is an outcome of a cause. Only cause has choice. effects decission is made by his/her lotter of birth, the side of the river one is born. HOW to restore from from the self-perpetuating effect of effects, escape the vicious circle is the secret of confidence building. Thus, the question of “TRUST”!
    Trust is not an energy in man. Nor is courage. They are feel good words. Fear is the only one and only true energy- form, on this side of the heavents. Intense fear’s occurrence is low and when it occures it precipitates a reaction so one way or another, intense fear resolves itself itself in the time and space that it occurs. Fear at most times occurs in its most mundane format as doubt of future events. Doubt is an energy that calculates the severity and chance of occurrence of a “dreaded” or an “unwanted” outcome. Any action has risk of a negative outcome Trust means to deny this risk and therfore unnatural.That is why “trust” is meaningless term in applied sciences and business and social sciences too. Religion has “faith” but in more so of the world to come than in this one. In a nut shell, there is only risk. It is the degree of risk, the severity of the effect and the likelihood of occurence that determines level of doubt/degree of confidence.

  14. erty says:

    Eritrea has been challenging Ethiopia militarily and politically. If Ethiopia manages to help Eritreans to form a democratic and friendly government the region as well as the Eritrean people can live peacefully. Isolating Eritrea economically and politically on regionally and international level can weaken the regime in Eritrea but does not bring regime change. Therefore, economical isolation of a dictatorially regime can elongate its life time, the economic isolation hurts the ordinary people economically which decapitate the ordinary peoples’ capacity to fight back oppression. Economic and political isolation needs to be followed by military and political challenge in order for the isolation to be effective to bring lasting solutions. The Ethiopian government most of the time makes a decision based on either or censorial. It is important the Ethiopian government policy toward Eritrea must include all available options, small or large. The Eritrean government for the last 20 years used all options to undermine Ethiopia’s interest in all areas. Eritrea is training Ginbot seven, OLF, and other groups to send them to Ethiopia for Eritrea’s dirty work. The recent graduation that took place in Eritrea of Ginbot seven ad other liberation front army members shows Eritrea’s relentless effort to destroy Ethiopia. Ethiopia should not mix up intent, with capacity and achievement in this matter. Eritrea has an intent to destroy Ethiopia. Its capacity and achievement does not allow us to forget its intent. When this intent of Eritrea is forged with capacity, which can happen due to regional alliance rearrangement , Ethiopia would be surprised of its complacency. The neighboring countries, the Eritrean people, the international community all are tired of the Eritrean government. There is a political will around the region for regime change in Eritrea but the leadership is not on site. Ethiopia must intensify political, economical and military operation if the isolation of Eritrea to bear fruit.

  15. wedi hagos says:

    We Ethiopian we wish our wedi Afom 2 have a long live and long rule Eritreans. Go on Esayase, stay another ten years for us. u r perfect for us ruling Eritrean…..

  16. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Both TPLF and Shabia must be removed if peace to come. These two entities are addicted to war and will not give freedom to the people. Both of them are the same except is one is in Ethiopia and the other is in Eritrea. The policy of TPLF and Shabia is the same. They can not exist without each other. Both does not care about the people. They are about their power. People may not agree with me, but the 30 and 17 years war was meaningless and waste of time, lives and resources. Many Tigreans youth perished for nothing. Many Eritrean youth perished for nothing.It is not only Eritrea which is in a problem. Ethiopia is in a deep problem too. It is just the regime is selling the country to USA companies and gaining cheap bargain by selling everything. If you do not believe me read this? This is the best article. Ethiopia has no government because Ethiopia is now USA colony. Every policy in Ethiopia is designed in Washington. Ethiopian farmers their land taken by force, their indigenous seeds destroyed and Ethiopian farmers forced to buy USA made fertilizers. Every national assets in Ethiopia is being sold to USA companies. Local seeds destroyed by woyane with help of USA and replaced by USA Genetically modified seeds. Ethiopian farmers are now told to GM seeds to get out of poverty? Our government is fake. It is a USA mercenary agents. TPLF is a sales man of Ethiopia. It has been selling Ethiopia like a garage sale as if there is no tomorrow. This article says it all. The Ethiopian people including Eritrean do not need separation. It is not to their interest. Eritrean independent does not benefit any Ethiopian or any Eritrean. Ethiopian people, 95 million people are denied their access to their natural outlet ports and now they spending 2 billion dollars to buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia while the ports of Massawa, and Asseb are sitting idle with no one using them.

    Based on the linked article: the infrastructure development in Ethiopia is being build for investors and American big corporations, not for Ethiopians. Otherwise, a government that cares about its people and country would not have sold national assets to American entities for personal again. It would not have destroyed Ethiopian indigenous seed banks together with USA AID, WB, IMF, USA government. TPLF = Shabia the same. They have never had an agenda for the people. This is clear. Now 8 million Ethiopians face famine again but this time the famine is induced on Ethiopian farmers by USA Washington consensus structural adjustment programme,SAP. I think it is time to form a civil movement that is all inclusive and remove both woyane and Shabia and form elected civil government that can stand by itself than a government that depends on AID for its existence. It is heart breaking when you hear Ethiopian farmers forced to buy genetically modified food from Washington and their local seed banks destroyed? This is a national treason. EPRDF and USA will held accountable for the crime they have been committing on the Ethiopian people. Now Ethiopian farmers have become the guinea pig of American companies? We do not need a corrupt government that sells our country and destroys our country by receiving aid to implement evil agenda of USA on our people. In opinion, TPLF and EPLF are the enemies of Ethiopian people. It is time we need to form a united front that can overthrow both groups and form a civil government that is supported by the people and a government that does not compromise national interest. Removing TPLF and Shabia is a must to end conflict between the people in Eritrea and Ethiopia. There will never be peace while these two groups are in existence.

  17. Amanuel says:

    Not issayas but this evil, racist, crazy and with countless bad behaviors English/Jewish look likes are the real enemies Africa including Ethiopia is facing. He is one of the zero 9 animals teachers. Issayas is the enemy of Eritreans, not anybody else; knowing who is suffering the most because of him.

    He is a sick English/Jewish man who had been Two years in Ethiopia including Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar to give muss trust and hatful educations how to rise up against the government in order to stop development and benefit to the black people in Africa mainly Ethiopia. Zone 9 or zero 9 animals are the product of this evil from England and others that are still in the country working and financing secretly to destabilize the country. The so called aid from England is working this way. Fack the English that are the enemy of humanity including the natives in Australia, North America and all over the world.
    Graham Peebles is a freelance writer and director of The Create Trust a UK registered charity he founded in 2006. He has run education projects & teacher training programs in Palestine, India and Ethiopia where he spent two years working with acutely disadvantaged children, young people and women in Addis Ababa. He is currently working on a book project about Ethiopia. Contact:
    Now he an artists, too.

    Graham Peebles is an artist, writer and director of The Create Trust, a UK-registered charity he founded in 2006. He has run education projects and teacher training programmes in Palestine, India and Ethiopia. A long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and eastern philosophy, he is currently writing a series of essays on education.

    About Graham Peebles
    Graham is an artist, writer and director of The Create Trust, an NGO he founded in 2006. He has run education projects and teacher training programs in Palestine, India and Ethiopia, where he spent two years working with local groups in Addis Ababa.

    Graham Peebles

    Now is also a solicitor, too
    Solicitor specialising in property conveyancing
    Demographic info
    Peterborough, United Kingdom | Law Practice
    Current: Partner and Head of Stamford branch at Hegarty LLP
    Current: Assistant Head of School at City of Wolverhampton College


    This is among the many his racist and hateful vomits about Ethiopia. He is really a sick individual must be stopped.
    Including expelling all the English that are in the country in the name of aid, charity, ngo or media. These are evils deserve no trust and friendship. They are the source of all troubles all over the world including Africa, Australia, North America, India and so on. The Jewish in UK and USA are part of them when it comes causing troubles against others. This sick man also looks like a devil Jewish that are always among the many good and normal Jewish people. Because of some evil Jewish like him, the Jewish people are paying the heavy prices time after time. This sick must be stopped by stopping the English involvement in Ethiopia. They are evil not human to do anything right and good. They are there to cause the opposites as they are known only these kind evil behaviors against the world for more than 500 years.

    This is one of the many racist and hateful paintings he did against Ethiopia.

    “To many Ethiopians the sudden disappearance of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is a source of joy and excited expectation. Is he dead? they ask, or perhaps critically ill, has he run away, finally overwhelmed by guilt and shame at the way he and his ministerial cronies have treated the people of Ethiopia, since they took power from the communist Derg twenty one years ago? Or is he recovering from illness peacefully on some isolated retreat?
    There is no mention of where he is holidaying or why he has not personally issued a statement, reassured his followers who are no doubt worried, and silenced the internal tussling within the EPRDF that is undoubtedly taking place.
    Secrecy, smoke and mirrors
    Ethiopian leaders are notoriously secretive and distrustful, the great Polish journalist Rysard Kapuscinski in his classic work ‘The Emperor’, regarding the reign of the last Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selasie and his inner circle, states “the Ethiopians are deeply distrustful and found it hard to believe in the sincerity of my intentions,” elsewhere he goes further claiming that Ethiopians are the most “secretive people on Earth.” Having lived in Addis Ababa and worked with Ethiopians for a number of years, my experience certainly bears out Kapuscinski’s comments reinforced by René Lefort, author of ‘Ethiopia. An heretical revolution?’ when he states “given the history of Ethiopia …secrecy is a cardinal virtue”

    Another example of the secretive tendency of Ethiopian leaders, creating a false or misleading image was the way Emperor Menelik II death in December 1913 was kept quiet. He died and was buried without any public announcements after suffering a stroke and being unable to govern for several years. And this for and of a man regarded by many as the last true Emperor.

    The Meles way
    There is no freedom of the press in Ethiopia; in fact there is little or no freedom in any area of social or political life. Express dissent against governments policies and face certain imprisonment, write articles critical of Zenawi and his regime and expect to be charged with treason or some such fictitious crime and sentenced as many have been, often in absentia, to life imprisonment. The Economist (7/8/2012) reports “Dissident or investigative journalists have been jailed or driven into exile. In July a prominent online journalist, Eskinder Nega, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.” Political opposition is all but banned under the Zenawi administration. All media is state owned, so too is the sole telecommunication company as well as the major printing press, Barhanena Selam.
    Barhanena Selam recently told the weekly newspaper Feteh, which planned to publish a story quoting the BBC and others discussing the whereabouts and health of Meles, that the government had ordered that week’s edition (22.7.012) of the paper, about 30,000 copies, to be blocked on grounds of inciting national insecurity and endangering the government and the public. Such is the degree of media control.
    Accurate, uncensored information about anything is therefore impossible to find within the Ethiopian news sources, who are to nobody’s surprise towing the EPRDF party line on the missing premier – ‘Meles is on holiday, recovering from illness.’ ESAT the independent satellite television station based in Holland, have reported various accounts of Meles death (30/7/2012), misquoting, it appears, the Belgium-based International Crisis Group, who denied giving any such information. It is, it seems, a maze of invisibility cloaks, secrets and deceit, a drama that would one feels not surprise Kapuscinski in the least.
    The EPRDF under Meles Zenawi has been in power since 1991, he has been Prime Minister since 1995, after taking the mantle of President the previous four years. Two stolen corrupt elections followed in 2005 and 2010, in which European observers declared the election unfair. The regime is a dictatorship, trampling on human rights and restricting all freedoms, selling off vast tracks of prime Ethiopian farmland to international corporations for a few dollars, displacing hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in the process, who are corralled into villagization developments. Land sold is cultivated to grow staples not for the needy people of Ethiopia where some 13 million are food insecure, but for the industrial farmers’ home ‘market’.
    Around $3 billion a year is given to Ethiopia in development aid by the US, Europe, Britain and The World bank, all of which incidentally is paid to or through government agencies. The EPRDF misuse and politicize the funds, allocating donations based on political affiliation and not need, including emergency humanitarian aid.
    For western donor countries the heavy hand of a tyrant, that inhibits and controls, offers stability, or so those fearful of freedom will say, as the Financial Times (9.08.2012) comments, “Strongmen in power can be useful allies. They make decisions fast and can impose their wills.” Not withstanding the impact on the people of their hasty ideologically driven decisions and shortsighted actions.
    Time for change
    If Zenawi is unable to continue in office, and according to Rene Lefort in Open Democracy (8.8.2012) “the widespread conviction shared by most diplomats and experts is that, whether Meles is dead or alive, he is no longer in charge and never will be again, so the candidacy for his succession is open.” Should the constitution be respected, parliament would pick a successor.
    Would his passing make any difference, ushering in change in the way the EPRDF rules Ethiopia (in the absence of any credible, well-organized, coherent opposition they are sure to continue in power)? Will freedom, social justice and democracy flow into the country unrestricted, gently healing the deep wounds of the past 20 years? Or will another in the mould of the repressive, brutal Zenawi step forward to continue his legacy of suppression and human rights abuse. One suspects the latter would take place, sadly Ethiopia has lacked good governance for generations.
    The ERDF and its leader Meles Zenawi, whilst publicly espousing democratic values and signing all manner of human rights laws into their constitution and federal code – to be summarily ignored, are idealists, adhering firmly to a version of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ at the core of which is a centralized controlling dogma that believes in social uniformity and the abolition of independent thought.
    Human Rights Watch (HRW) in their report on Ethiopia, ‘Development without Freedom,’ quote Meles describing his version of the ideology, “individuals will start to think alike and all persons will cease having their own independent outlook. In this order, individual thinking becomes simply part of collective thinking because the individual will not be in a position to reflect on concepts that have not been prescribed by Revolutionary Democracy.”
    Time for freedom and justice
    Perhaps Meles Zenawi is dead or, perhaps more likely, recuperating on holiday. Alive or not, his passing is long overdue, should a man who holds such divisive inhibiting ideals, disregards human rights laws and indeed Ethiopian domestic laws, and seems to care little for the people of Ethiopia hold political office at all? It is time for change within Ethiopia. The current regime, locked as they are into a repressive narrow ideology show no signs of relaxing the controls exerted upon the people, in fact since 2009 State repression has intensified.
    It is Prime Minister Meles Zenawi that leads the EPRDF government and dictates policy. Governance is highly centralized, The Economist (7.7.2012) states “power has still rested with a clutch of Mr. Meles’s comrades from his home area of Tigray in northern Ethiopia,” and according to a former American ambassador to Ethiopia, David Shinn, cited in The Economist, “this hard core, including the army’s chief of staff, General Samora Younis, retains a “paranoid and secretive leadership style.” Echoes of Sellasie perhaps and further support for Kapuscinski’s view.
    The people’s time
    One doubts a man like Meles Zenawi would be a great loss, either to the African continent or to the people of Ethiopia. On the contrary, the majority of Ethiopians would rejoice, for under his leadership they are controlled and suffer, have no voice and cry out to be heard, are entrapped and yearn to be free: free to express themselves, to gather and speak openly, free to build a just and open society. Free to be.”

    He is from England. The country and people don’t belong to him. He is a stranger to them. He has no feeling or connection to them knowing what kind evil brain is he having and suffering from emotional deficiency. Who is he after all making so many rubbish and hateful efforts?

    the answer is the same thing how his parents and grandparents did going to all over the world and wiping out the natives they could be hundreds of millions if they were not killed including in Australia and North America, slavery and all over the world.

    When a sick and racist individual like him is acting as if he does care about any African country and person, other than they with themselves, then it must be the joke of the 21-century they still are thinking blacks are dumb would be cheated again and again by them to destroy themselves.

    He needs to go to hell. Zone 9 and others including some so called free media and those in jail in the name of journalists are his students. There are others still in the country pretending differently while financing, organizing and doing anything to destabilize the country. UK embassy and so called is working for this reason, nothing else.

    • idris says:

      What kind of language you have used. Is it Latin or something else. Please English visit a language school or write using one of Ethiopian languages

  18. Gezaee H. says:

    Why do you blame the British? why you do not blame the dogs nearby you>? who are called woyane and we better call them modern dogs of Ethiopia. The country is led by NGOS, USA AID, … because woyane is addicted to begging and it can live or stand without aid. I would not blame the British or NGOS but I would blame the curse of the century called woyane that fought bloody war for 17 year for so called its liberation, but now it has become a mercenary of all kind foreign agents. The woyanes = modern day dogs of Ethiopia have practically destroyed Ethiopia. Woyane become the teacher of all kind of evil as if evilness is a civilization woyane has fallen in love with charities, NGOS, … you name it. Woyane opened the rural Ethiopia to human trafficking where Americans solicit Ethiopian children from their family by claiming they will take their children to study in USA. An suspecting Ethiopian families give away their children to human industry called Orphan agency or adoption agencies and take them and sell them in USA each child upto 3000 dollars. Who do you blame? The American adoption agencies? They are multimillion multinational human business industries. I blame the rebel leaders who fought for 17 years bloody war but who now turned against the people of Ethiopia. It is heart-breaking the people of Tigrai gave to this Lucifers who have been destroying the country morally, environmentally and socially.

    Woyane have not had any agenda of people. They were fighting to take power from the so called Amhara and that is it. They have never had agenda. Otherwise, the so called liberators would have ended up selling Ethiopian children in the name of adoption which must be called modern slavery. They would not have embraced an ideology which they have no clue called neoliberalism. Woyane abandoned the so called its Marxism Leninism and embraced American imperialism and adopted national policies from Washington and implemented Washington consensus so called Structural adjustment programme. Woyane has been destroying Ethiopia starting from the rural area to the city. It is a curse of all curses. Derg tried to destroy Everything that is Ethiopian. Woyane came with the same agenda to destroy everything that is Ethiopia. At least never tried to destroy the seeds of farmers. Woyane has been busy destroying the Ethiopian farmers local seeds. Practically Woyane has succeeded destroying Ethiopia environmentally, ecomonically, socially and family wise. Why woyane decide to destroy local seeds banks is a mystery of all mysteries like the landlocking of Ethiopia by force? it is mystery a rebel group who fought to liberate people ended up selling the people themselves , selling their land, destroying their natural and healthy seeds. It is fascinating how such group ended up the most traitor of Ethiopian people. The woyanes adopted policies from WB, IMF, USA, … which is a colonial policy and instead of using and developing local means of fertilizing land, woyane have been importing toxic fertilizers from USA as part of the Washington consensus and SAP. You know what a high input fertilizers does? It is not only that , but woyane imported seeds from USA and forced it on the Ethiopian people just to gain few dollars from the neoliberals? Destroying a country to secure scraps from USA ?

    I would not blame any NGOS but the woyane dogs who have been busy destroying the country and selling its land, its people, and destroying the family values in that country. Even national assets are sold like garage sale? The enemy is thugs who are ruling. They are really thugs who are driven by greed and power, have any empathy to their people. It is sad Ethiopia has no now a leader because it is administered now by NGOS and USA AID. There is no government in Ethiopia. The who claim they are leaders, they are liers. Because they are there to sell things, not to care about anything. The fact foreign NGOS have the right to dictate national policies in Ethiopia means there is no government. The useless and aimless regime call the NGOS development partners? Why does a government have partnership with NGOGS in the first place? A government should have partnership with governments, not with NGOS? Anyway, I would not blame the NGOS, I would blame those who are destroying the country by holding office by gun and never been elected and who sell everything the country owns for temporary gain. Greed. The greed of woyane is the cause of all the problem. Woyane has no moral ground to lead Ethiopia because it got corrupted and sold itself to foreign NGOS and foreign governments. For instance, Ethiopian government has no policy or national agenda. All the agenda are adopted or forced on it from USA and it accepted them and it forced them on Ethiopian people. The problem is the cause , not the effect. There is cause and effect. The NGOS are in Ethiopia, not by themselves, they are there because of the woyane beggars who have no any national policy far from begging from NGOS. NGOS by nature are parasites who have no income and who have the capacity to help anyone but to use people for their own business. NGOS are agents most of them. Woyane = Kehadi hager, the destroyer of Ethiopian family, Ethiopian land, Ethiopian seed bank, the wholesaler of Ethiopian national asset. It is time all Ethiopian unite and remove woyane once for all. Nothing has really infuriated me than the article I read how woyane has been destroying Ethiopia by taking order from USA, WB, IMF…. it is mind boggling how woyane ended up destroying the country? No, no no, enough is enough now. Woyane, Shabia ,… must be thrown into the dust bin of history. They are good for nothing. How can one destroy local seed bank and replace them with Genetically modified seeds from USA? This is an illness and crazy ness. We are tired now and the Ethiopian people must say enough is enough. We have been forcibly landlocked ? why? because of a bunch of Idiots from dedebit said so? who are they to dictate and force 95 million people to be landlocked? is this not an injustice? A bunch of Tigreans decided Ethiopia to be landlocked 39 years ago in dedebit? now all Ethiopians have to accept this injustice upon them? reasons because few Tigreans idiots decided it long ago to be landlocked? what is this? is this not in the first place anti Ethiopian people? if not why is it not? Why did this people wanted to force 95 million people to be landlocked by force? It is not weird that the 95 million people have no right to say anything on the interest of their country? Why this idiots subjected the entire country to NGOS and human trafficking? why adopted a colonial relic from USA under the name of Washington consensus SAP? why buy fertilizer that is toxic from USA and undermine local means of fertilizing ? is this too civilization ? It is heart breaking

  19. Amanuel says:

    You must be one of the few worthless Derge criminals, their family members, associates and the dogs herds brainwashed by them and shouted while left hand up but had no idea what was all about.

    After 23 years still you stupid are saying woyane this woyane that. Do you think things are still stand for the last 23 years? This is how your life looking like in those years. Not that means it is the same with the rest of the world especially in Ethiopia where tremendous progress are happening there all over the country. What do you do in life? Are you happy with the live and achievements you are having at this stage including related to your age?

    How stupid, backward and worthless you are and that is became clear when you stupid animal trying to defend the English Establishments whom their none stop wrong doing is known all over the world. They are the one inflamed civil wars during your derge era. They are the one took the lead in order to land lock Ethiopia. They are the one during your derge era tarnished the Ethiopian image with famine and hunger telling the world there is no rain In Ethiopia ever denying and misinforming the world as if Ethiopia is dry. They are the one looted and destroyed Meqdela. Their medias and journalists along side with so called aid agencies and spy are the only one continuously behaving as enemies with own agenda iincluding using so called their own schollars to mislead and make their action valid with false and wrong realities.
    You need to stop 24/7 thinking and talking saying woyane this woyane that while you are in abroad getting old, worthless and no future at all.

    You can cry and be worthless in abroad, but in Ethiopia, you are nothing and nowhere. Brave and real Ethiopians are in Ethiopia doing the right things and those 99.9% Diasporas also doing their best for themselves and their country.

    But you worthless, even life in England is now becoming the worse to you comparing with other nations. They are no longer keeping you alive but making your life in misery as they are doing to the rest that are not part of the higher class in the class society. Your kind is the last and bottom of the class part of the garbage and trash.

    You and ignorant and Stupid. Ethiopia is million times better than you silly are thinking of her. What you can do is doing demonstration in abroad telling foreigners to affect Ethiopia including stopping the Hedase dam and modernizing Agriculture and the society.

    Because of you are old and worthless, you have no idea what is going on in Ethiopia but you are still thinking and talking woyane and Ethiopia the same way for the last 23 years. For you, time is nothing but passing for nothing while it makes you old, hopeless and worthless.

    ጊዜ በከንቱ ያለፈብህ ዋጋ የለሽ እቃ አይነትና እንደ ምንም የምትታይ ደደብ ነህ፡፡ የሚሰጡህ የህይዎት ማቆያ ድጎማ እንደ ድክመትና ውርደት ሳይሆን እንደ ክብርና ብቼኛ አለኝታ የሚሰማህ አናሳ ነህ እና እንደ ሰው የሚቆጥርህ ማንም የለም፣¸ያንተ አይነቶች ብቻ እንጂ፡፡

  20. በለው ! says:

    >>በምሥራቅ አፍሪካ ቀንዱን አሹሎ ጦርነት የሚያሻ ድንቅ ሀገርና ሕዝብ! ግን እኛ በሰው ሀገር ሉዓላዊነት ጣልቃ አንገባም ብለን አልነበር!? ህወአት አቶ ኢሳያስን ራዕይ ሲያስፈፅም ኤርትራ ተቃዋሚ የአቶ መለስን ራዕይ ሊያስፈፅም ነው!?
    **Ethiopia and Ertiria “one-party state which is considered as one of the most repressive regimes in the world.

    **the regimes in Asmara and in addis have failed to bring democracy, human rights and freedom to its people and they don’t want to see the regime prolonging its grip on power.

    ***During the past 23 years become the victim of executions, imprisonment, disappearances, harassment and intimidation.

    ***In Ethiopia alone, there are 92,460 Eritrean refugees at end of April,2014 Kisut Gebregzabiher a United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) representative in Addis Ababa told Sudan Tribune.Ethiopia had 150,000refugees only in soudi Arabia.

    ***An average of 2,000 Eritreans cross into Ethiopia every month fleeing political repression or to escape military service which is mandatory to all citizens aged between 18 and 50 and can last a lifetime.(what about Ethiopians in four directions fleed the country every day ?)

    ***International human rights organisations say that Eritrea and Ethioia stands amongst world’s top worst human rights and press freedom records. The regimes are also accused of turning the country into a “giant prison”.(kaliti,klinto)Ethiopia bekage!

    >>>welcome to famaily, group, collective ledereship,the same teacher one book many kaders and blood suckers opportunist (elite) abusing innocent and poor people.

    ***In Ertirea there are up to 10,000 political prisoners languishing in the country’s harsh and secret detention centers, which are sometimes shipping containers.(wow! እሥር ቤቱ ኦሮምኛ ይናገራል ያለው የህወአት ፈላስፋ ማን ነበር!?)
    ***The Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia further called up on those forces of change within the Eritrean(Ethiopian) ruling party, including the army to join them in the struggle to topple the regime so that democratic change is achieved.the two nations will be free. peace love a better life for mutul benefit in 21st centuary.
    **ራሳችን አንቅልፍ ተኝተን ለጎረቤት ኤርትራ፣ ሱዳን፣ ጅቡቲ፣ ኬንያ፣ ሱማልያ እንቅልፍ ያጣነው፣ለራሳችን የሻማና የጧፍ ጉልበት ለእነሱ የኤሌትሪክ ኀይል ሆነን ሕዝባችንን የምናሸብረው ለመሆኑ አሜሪካና አውሮፓውያን ስንት ቢከፍሉን ነው? ሰበር ዜና “ግንቦት ፳ ሺ፳ የአካባቢው አሸባሪና የቀጣናው አተራማሽ አቶ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ የኅያለመለስን ራዕይ አፈፃፀም ተቃውመው ለብሔር ብሄረሰቦች እና በሊዝና በኢንቨስትመንት ሀገሪቷን ለተቀራመቱ(ሕዝቦች) እንዲሁም ከትጥቅ ትግሉ ጀምሮ አሁንም በኢህአዴግ ከፍተኛ አመራር ላይ ላሉ ለኤርትራውያንና ትውልደ ኤርትራውያን ዕድገትና ብልፅግና ሲባል እራሳቸው ለማስቀጠል በቁጭት ተነሰሳስተው ከዛሬ ጀምሮ የምኒሊክን ቤተመንግስት የራሳቸው አድርገው ተቆጣጥረውታል።ታዘበኝ በለው!!

  21. Gezaee says:

    Amanuel, why all these insult man? you must ill and sick. You do not know me. You call everyone derg who do not agree with you? Derg is gone 24 years ago. Why you live in derg time now? what does this has to do with my life and my progress and my age? You are cynical man. When you can not defend you are trying to attack me in this way? I left Ethiopia because your cursed liberation war where you made 70 000 Tigreans youth perished for your so called liberation. But now you are selling land, national asset, even children and girls. Is that your liberation of the people? you have no policy even. You imported policy from WB, IMF, USA in exchange for AID. I am better than you because I work my life and live and I do not wear suits and tie using money donated by IMF, USA AID. I work hard to make ends meet. I do not beg in the name of people for all my life act as if I am worthy man. British establishment? it is you who brought them in because you run the country by NGOS and WB, IMF, USA. You are worthless scavengers. You did not have agenda when you took power. You adopted a package from Washington to import to Ethiopia. You import fertilizer from USA to kill farm land and to destroy the country. You have destroying local seed banks and replacing with genetically engineered American seeds? Anyway, Amanuel, I was never derg and I am neither Woyane. I vomit on you. You are disgusting because you call derg everyone who does not agree with you. This is stupidity. You do not know me but you call me derg? is this how you are accusing people and throwing them to jail? Tell to your woyane to stop selling land, national assets and to stop importing evil policies from IMF, WB, USA. Stop it because you have been destroying the country social and home fiber. Stop corruption. Where you not fighting for freedom? how come now you give freedom to anyone? why have you forced and denied the 95 million people to be landlocked? why you blame others for your own follies? You said you will liberate us? but you made most of us refugees all our lifes and you ended up selling things as if there is no tomorrow? If you do not like the Ethiopians way why you did not leave the country and go somewhere instead of forcing yourself on the people? What really pissed me of NGOS, IMF, WB, USA governing Ethiopia? this is mind boggling? why? Why you adopted the Washington consensus of structural adjustment which is a colonial relic? is all what you fought for? to import policies from USA? import fertilizer? import genetically modified seeds and by replacing indigenous seed banks and gene banks? and selling all Ethiopian seeds and giving them to USA bioengineering companies to genetically engineer them and patent them as their own property? it is shame. Derg is better because derg never begged as you do and actually derg solved many of the things u preach today. The Ethnic issue was addressed and there was no need for ethnicisation. Anyway, read the link in previous comment how you have been destroying and now you have 8 million starving and you and your evil sponsor USA government are responsible for the current famine looming. Idiot, do not get hot. The British, the Americans,… you brought them in because there were none of them before you. Because you are selling the country you selling everything to everyone and I do not know where you are planning to go after everything is being sold out and the country is being fragmented into ethnic fiefdoms and the country messed up with a lot of hands, NGOS, WB, IMF, USA,… I sometimes used to wonder when I used to read WB director giving orders and policies to woyane what they must do? You are worthless Merceneries who sell your country to NGOS, WB, IMF, USA. It is apparent you will hand soon the remaining institutions like Telecom, bank, … because you are a curse of Ethiopia. I am pissed off, how can an Ethiopian import Washington consensus as a good thing? Why WB, IMF, … did not give you money to build a dam? what is IMF, WB, USA,… doing in Ethiopia? Leba acherbari, you just sell the country for hode or hodamoch. Hodachu ykeded. Cursed. I could not sleep when I read Washigton was implemented in Ethiopia ? why you did not learn from other countries? Nigeria had the IMF disaster in 1989 and other many countries? Anyway, if this is what woyane is doing in Ethiopia, it is must go soon to the dust bin of history. Implementing Washington consensus in Ethiopia is a high level national treason. This is the most evil agenda on earth that destroy other countries. Oh, my God, I can not believe Ethiopia is being led by dump people who can embrace Washington consensus. Even a devil will not accept it. It is an evil package that should not be in Ethiopia. Anyway, that is woyane’s liberation, you fought to do this dirty job of USA Washington consensus. If you were willing to do that, you may not have needed 17 years war, because they could have helped in a different way. Who would believe a liberator imports Washington consensus and force it on Ethiopian people and implement it as if it does not exist? This developmental state is fake to cheat only? Every policy in Ethiopia is written in the white house?

  22. Zelalem Leyew says:

    Why is only England has a male ambassador among them while USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy and many more have great female ambassadors in Ethiopia? Is that because of women are more rational, have respect and more understanding to life and humanity, they are doing perfectly only the diplomatic jobs they are in the country only for this reasons and so on while the English mission is different than them?
    find out the answer by yourself judging the direct as well as indirect English involvement in Ethiopia that have nothing to do with any diplomatic mission using aid, media and so on as weapons to move freely and any time, to reach the people all over the country for personal agenda as they wish and want.
    This has to stop starting from their criminal Medias including BBC, Reuters and Guardian and some private so called charities and NGOs financed by the English government and calling it aid given to Ethiopia while no one sees it from the Ethiopian side.
    በለው !
    አያ በለው በለው በለው እንዳመሉ
    በጥቂት ውሻዎች አይበላም ሁሉ
    ከእሱነቱ ወጥቶ ለጥፋት ያደረ
    ምነው በፅንሱ ወቅት ጨንግፎ በቀረ
    ይህ አይነት ባህሪ የተጠናወተው
    ስሙን በውሻ እንጂ በሌላ እንዳያውቀው፡፡

    Is that you or something is painted these in your name while you are asleep in a sunny day time which is your time you can and have to see things clearly the right ways for your sake?

    You said too much about democracy
    do you know anything about Democracy? what does it mean democracy to any country especially like Ethiopia where the citizens first and for most priorities are basic and plenty things such as quality, quantity and variety of healthy food, clean water, light, education that works for the country, health care, safety, security, stability and so on. This has to be done following the kind of democracy which has to be home born and grown working for the citizens’ interest.

    Democracy is old as human is. The kind of democracy they are talking about started during the Greeks time is a lie, just to make it European. Pharaohs had own democracy (rule of the nation working only the citizens) that made them able to create the first, biggest and oldest human civilization.

    The meaning of any government or ruler has to be the benefit of the majorities. If it is doing that, you can call it with whatever name including democracy but if it is working perfectly, this has to be the system the nation has to follow by choice and make it working because it is from them and they know how to implement it for their benefit.

    However, backward and stupid Ethiopians like you that are grown up with capacity less than some animals without responsibilities and consequences, are thinking western democracy is something would give them everything without working. Because most of the failed Ethiopians in abroad and some primitive at home that are financed by foreign Ethiopian enemies to destabilize the country are backward and worthless unable to understand only Ethiopians and home grown system is the answer with wise thinking, brave implementation and hard and good work.

    Western Democracy is nothing but the worse criminal system affecting the whole world including their own citizens.

    If western type of democracy is the best why USA is nr.1 in the world with the number of prisoners. More than 2.7 million Prisoners are filling USA jails that are running by private companies they are always looking to maximize their investment and profit in the prison system. Meaning more prisoners. Who is inside? Blacks and Latinos.

    If democracy is perfect why is the Little England nr.1 with the number of prisoners in Europe? Again private investors and companies are running the prison systems in England too for profit where they will do their best to maximize the number of prisoners and treat them badly in order to cut the costs and maximize profit. Who is inside? Find out the answer.

    If western type of democracy is the best why it allowing 85 the richest people able to control the biggest wealth that is more than 3.5 billion the bottom poor in combined are having. 1000 the richest people in UK are controlling more than 1/3 or 33% the nation wealth. If you count the first 10.000, for sure you would find they are controlling almost all the nation wealth. It is the same in USA and other places too.

    Yet, they are telling the world their system is the best. You know why because those few rich are controlling everything including the wealth, media, politics, education and I mean everything. The rest are working for them and consuming their products and services to make them richer and powerful with crimes and lies.

    Do you think they do care about any African nation including Ethiopia when they are saying what they are saying including about democracy, private media and so on? It is telling other nations and people to accept the system they didn’t create, understand and not working for the citizens because of they are not up to the western way of life and living. They just telling you take our way in your country and it will work for us because we will ride it in your country and you will be dump travelers in tam back sit paying lots of prices to us.

    Because it is their system and way of life they created to work for them, not others. It is not even working for their own people knowing the gap between the few rich and vast poor is the biggest in England and USA than any nation in the wider world.

    However, stupid and worthless Ethiopians that are few but acts like dogs are working for them for little reward to implement the agenda they have in our country which is to benefit at our huge cost. These are people they can be and do anything against others in order to get unlimited material gains. They are working with the neo Nazis in Ukraine to topple the democratically elected leader. They are in the process to put those criminals on power in their way and they are calling it democracy is going on there. The English establishment that is responsible about what happened to the hundreds of millions natives in North America, Australia, new Zealand, Slavery, colonization, neo colonization, creating and inflaming civil wars in many nations and so on even called Putin as if he is like Hitler despite Russia did lost more than 26 million life in the Nazis hand.

    When it comes to their material gain, the worse becomes the best and vice versa in their world. Yet, there are still animals like you brainwashed by them and trying to destroy your own nation for their agenda.

    Remember: It is not about the population in USA, UK or their associates. But the few that are controlling everything. 90% the citizens in these nations mainly USA and UK are victims of their own government including democracy. Their democracy is working for the few at eth expense of the mass. Yet, they don’t call and presented it about its evil nature but telling even other nation to accept it including by force and using so many direct and indirect methods and tactics including Media and aid/NGO.

    If there is something to learn or copy to implement, there is nothing in England or USA but there are other nations in Europe including Benelux, Germany and Scandinavians and even France. That is why the Ethiopian government must have close relation with France that is a Latin nation has nothing to do with the Ethnic English that are controlling USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, too.

    As far as issayas concern, he can stay there as long as Eritreans are allowing him. But he has to stop being hostile towards Ethiopia. Issayas is older than 75 years which 52 years as a rebel. The English and USA embassies in Ethiopia met with him in Addis Ababa in 1962 when he was a student there and his rebel life started from there. The first move was to counter ELF that was created by Egypt/Arabs. But when Derge took power, they told him to wage a civil war against communism/Ethiopia. This is how he started and is getting old which soon he will die.
    For your record, there are 100.000 Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia which is more than 2% of the Eritrean population and its growing every day as they are flooding to Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia must continue having relation with USA. But USA must stop preaching about its own type of democracy, private ownership and blah blah to impose on the society that is too different than they are including education, wealth, culture, tradition and life style. If they really think their type of democracy is benefiting to every nation, why don’t they start to ask and implement any type of democracy in Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations? What are they saying about Egypt? What are they saying about their conduct in Ukraine against the democratically elected government? What are they saying about the situation in Thailand?
    However, avoiding that little evil England is solving at least 90% all troubles, setbacks and obstacles caused by all bad foreign forces in combined. England is the biggest fret and problem must be avoided. Remember always: this is not about the people but the few that are having the nation as private property including the establishment that is responsible what did happen in the world in the name of that little evil island including slavery, colonization, and the natives in North America and Australia.

    Other Europeans even USA are the nations to work with them as long as the English are not around with them. Almost all Europeans including USA have female ambassadors knowing Ethiopians are tolerant and friendly towards them; but they used it as weaknesses and naivety and as a result they are interfering in our internal matters Always trying to create weaknesses to use it to control us and play their dirty games moving all over the country reaching the people to poison them. But the English has a male ambassador knowing their men are the ones going around and behave the way they do which is the same as it was the case in the past 500 years. Is there any female European ambassador in the Middle east or any European woman allows to be as European in the Arab countries including walking alone, dress the cloth they want based on the weather and their choice, sit, associate, learn or work alongside with men? No. they can’t.

    However, they are the best friends to these kind Arab dictators that are crossing the lines to far and often including calling the country after their name which is al Saud names the country after him calling Saud Arabia created 1933 through expansion annexing including the eastern provinces.

    The point is that Ethiopians at home and those 99.9% Diaspora are the only people doing anything good or bad for their country. Meaning they must be always wise, vigilant, brave, decisive, quick, responsible and everything towards their country. That means they must not allow anyone to affect the country for their own agenda and benefit. The job has to start and Always concentrate against the rats and insects at home that are primitive and backward criminals know nothing but being foreign servants to affect own nation for some temporary money benefit. These few are the first and real enemy need to be eliminated before any foreign force. So called Ethiopian few Diasporas that are totally failed in life also the worse animals must not get any right when it comes to Ethiopia.

    This is the era where great and responsible countries like China, Russia, Israel, and Some Europeans including France but not England, Japan, Korea, Iran, India and others are taking the lead for the world good. Avoid the English establishment and some evil Jewish that are from England and USA knowing they are after the medias and some trouble making agendas in Ethiopia.

    • Alula says:

      The evil you could not see is your TPLF that imports policies written in the white house because of AID packaged. The English is far better than the TPLF leba askaris who import policy like wheat from USA. Did you read the article above link? Woyane imported to Ethiopia SAP, Structure adjustment Programme from the white house and in accordance, TPLF has been dismantling anything that is Ethiopian including the local seed bank, gene bank and replacing them with American Genetically engineered seeds and genes? This is the most awful and disgusting a so called liberator can do? A liberator of who? Leba, askaris, Netsa awetalehu bleh you do this dirty and ugly job? Whoever you are, before pointing finger on the other people or foreign country? clean your filthy house of TPLF that is corrupt, rotten. it is not the English the problem.The problem is your corrupt and rotten TPLF leaders who import anything for money? How a human with a brain import policies written in USA to Ethiopian farmers? Ugly woyane, askaris, you are disgusting, ugly. Please leave the English alone, you better clean your filthy and immoral, wicked TPLF which has any moral or ethic. These corrupt TPLF were living in caves with no water, with no food, sleeping in an open air to liberate Ethiopian? and you ended up importing policy written in Washington ? Ugly, filthy, disgusting,… I can stand TPLF after reading it has been implementing SAP? I can not believe it TPLF is lead by ….?

  23. Meluse says:

    Any Ethiopian web sit servers if you really want to bring change in Ethiopia one thing what you can do is .

    These generation who became victim of weyane you need to give those who sacrifice theirl life for freedom give them recognition their life not in vein.

    If we do that no one afraid to die.

    Bring their name let us know them and we can support their family
    Then we can bring change.

  24. be ewnetu says:

    Ethiopia Might not benefited from regim change in Eritrea. fist must remuve the Eritrea blood EPRDF leaders to keep Ethiopian peaple interest. but it’s the same BOKOLO for us whoever comes to power. Ethiopians only like to have corridor to port.

  25. Alula says:

    I think, he is going to push Eritreans , especially the highlanders, out of Eritrea! So far, We have seen enough of everything , therefore, he will continue what he is doing for years to come! Let’s continue to follow the situation closely in hopes of faster freedom of Eritrea!

  26. wedinakfa says:

    Hello Day Dreamers!!!

    Keep on dreaming, history is repeating it self, time again we heard it all the lies and dis info……

    HAve a sweet dreams to heart content.

  27. Ethio says:

    What ever you said we Ethiopians with our strong government doing very well you better look after your country which soon will be country with out population go and fight for ur country don’t look at some bodies house builed ur own

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