Egypt softens stance on Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam


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23 Responses

  1. Korma says:

    We stay in our country and they have to stay Always in their country. We can agree to benefit together with win-win relationship. But no Egyptians in Ethiopia for any reason.

    They are using satellite financed by USA, Western Europe and petro dollar Dictator Arabs to spy us. Allowing them in the country is what they are looking and trying their best to getin in order to harm while using investment, tourism and so on to mislead.

    They must stay away from Ethiopia, Always. We can agree about the Nile while they stay in their country and we stay in Ethiopia. Having them around is just having the devil itself at home.

    we know their mentalities to the very details.

    • Lij Alemayehu says:

      well said Corma,
      Trusting Egyptians is like trusting your mother’s and children’s killer since Egyptians have always been directly or indirectly behind every misery Ethiopians had to go through throughout history…Let alone Egypt, even the parasite they created called Eritrea adopts Egypt’s policy of banking on Ethiopia’s failure..As we speak Egyptians have been traveling back and forth to that cursed country since the beginning of GERD..But the good news is Eritreans are trapped in their own “independence” unable to take as much risk as they used to when they were gorillas with no more bridge burning and weakening Ethiopia through a long protracted war.There is even a limit to how much risk they can take when it comes to accommodating the so called “Ethiopian oppositions” since Ethiopia can make a justifiable military incursion in to Eritrea as a self defense, same as what happened after Eritreans kidnapped tourists in Afar, although Isuu the great managed to defuse the news by quickly spreading rumors about his own death…same goes with Somalia, whoever is in-charge of Somalia must have learnt something from the price their country had to pay in the past due to their obsession to harm Ethiopia for the interest of others..So as you rightly said the only remaining card for Egypt is trying to penetrate our society through ethnic politics and religion and our security should work hard on every move they make within our the way Egyptians can always use the Shabian agents who are roaming the streets of Addis in the name of “Eritrean refugees” but then again we can only hope our security agencies know what they are doing in this regard..just come to a place called Gofa gebreal condominium where Eritreans share one room for 7 or more “refugees”, you would see them openly spreading devising propaganda against Ethiopia..those are things our gov needs to look in to, cos Ethiopia can not afford another 1998 when Shabia felt confident about freezing Addis ababa over night…

  2. hab2003 says:

    wel done Egyooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Zeru Alem says:

    After all these havoc and million of lives lost in Ethiopia due to war and famine and on going of suffering of the Ethiopians directely and indirectely caused and facilitated by Egypt, Egypt would have hard time to earn Ethiopia’s long term trust. They need to come all the miles on a road on a bridge they have destroyed. For this they need generations, not a single presidency. The damage they caused is of generations. I do not think this genertion of Ethiopians can afford even to think of trusting a single word coming Egypt of this generation.

  4. Hagrun says:

    Like Winston Churchill if he is loosing the war

    When he was asked ,no we are advancing in other direction.

    Their diplomacy is the same.

    • do not trust Egypt says:

      That is a nice way of describing Egypt, I hope there is no Ethiopian out there to buy Egyptian deceptive message and methods.

  5. jgna says:

    They have to soften their strategy because they can not afford to go to war with Ethiopia. They are in crisis themselves. However, this could be a time buying mechanism. The Egyptians Have established a “center of Ethiopian studies” in Cairo. What they need it for? The answer is clear. Because they can not afford to go to war with Ethiopia, they have to do their job underground. This “center” will help them to have a detailed information about our country? people (who is who), geography, social, political, economical. Such information will help them to divide and conquer our country. They will do the ground work, in the mean time their country will be stabilized (al sisi may think so). Latter, if Ethiopia is not abide by their will, they can go for the worst. Another scenario for softening may be as follows: Ethiopia is already in pressure (fear of war, fear of interference in its internal affairs, etc by Egypt), thus the Egyptians may think Ethiopia may easily sign an agreement which fulfill their interest. For example, they may want for Ethiopia to sign an agreement to use the DAM’s water for generation of electricity and electricity only and not for agricalture
    We can go on listing so many possible senarios. Thus, the Ethiopia government shall not sign any agreement which harms the country in the future. Ethiopia shall proceed with the ENTEBE agreement that involves all of the upper stream countries. That agreement has reached this stage due to numerous efforts. so, Ethiopia shall stick to it. We should get at least a reasonable share of our water. If Egypt signs that agreement it would benefit alone. Otherwise, Ethiopia should go for a full control of the Abay water. Then, they will get the fresh water through hard currency like their gas.

    • welwallo says:

      Totally agree, Ethiopia has to deal this issue on the basis of Nile initiative frame work agreement. Acting as lone wolf discredits the intent and effectiveness of the organization. It was wrong from its inception to form a tripartite committee with Egypt and Sudan by alienating the Nile basin countries which stood for the fair share of the river Nile. I don’t know the mandate of the Nile initiative frame work agreement, but as far as I understand Egypt and Sudan shouldn’t take their concern in to account because they are not part of the agreement who govern the Nile. This kind of double standard by Ethiopia will have negative impact on those countries in echoing their legitimated concern. In my opinion, Egyptians have to erase the sense of ownership of the Nile before sitting for negotiation. This way of approaching for negotiation is futile and leads for confrontation. They have to accept Nile belongs to GOD and the Nile initiative member country. I hope Ethiopian government has gotten enough lessons from Alger’s agreement. No minilik mentality this day. Who cares about the extreme? so long as I am…………, I don’t think Ethiopian government approaches this way, but you never know. Mind/time dynamics

  6. sam says:

    The Egypt government did everything it could to discredit the Renaissance dam diplomatically. The government’s “concern” is not shared by any other government I know of. The Egyptian politicians might have thought Sudan would share Egypt’s “concern.” That did not happen either. After such relentless diplomatic effort, it is time to face reality. Egypt seems to do just that. The only way out of the diplomatic impasse Cairo has created is to accept the very concept of having the construction of the dam is no longer an issue Ethiopia might be interested to talk about. It is way past that time. What the impact of the dam might have on Egypt is completely a different issue. The two countries, I hope, might have several meetings to come to resolve differences. That is a welcome move.

  7. Gezaee says:

    People who change their policy on daily basis can not be trusted by any amount. Anyway, we need more dam for irrigation now because we hear 8 million Ethiopians are starving right now. There is no sleep after now if the cursed woyane can stop selling things and running the country by NGOS. We need change of government who can allow our country use its policies and also do many irrigation dams because we can not keep on living on UN hand out forever. Time to chartered a new Ethiopian agenda and stop infighting while people are dying due to lack of daily bread. The useless Woyanes has to listen to the people of Ethiopia or go away like derg. The country is now run by bunch of Tigreans from dedebit. The county needs to be governed by the people instead of by few despots from dedebit who force themselves and steal money while people starving to death. Time to wake up and not to trust anyone except Ethiopian and even you can not trust all Ethiopians? for example you can not trust woyane, Almariam, Elias Kifle. We need ground breaking revolution that get rid of corruption and protect the country. Now TPLF is destroying the country by importing AID policies from USA. There is no national agenda or policy now in Ethiopia. The country is being lead by WB, IMF, USA. Now law, no ideology. The ideology of TPLF and all opposition is begging and relying on NGOS and foreign governments. We need people who can lead us as ordinary and people who can eat and dine with the people without body guards. We do not want idiots who dress in suits and put a tie while people starving to death. We do not want corrupt people who rely on aid and adopt foreign colonial policies in our country. For example, TPLF imported all policies from WB, IMF, USA for the sake of AID ? Is this government or what? A government that destroys local institutions and replace them with colonial policies of USA Washington consensus? you destroy local seed banks and import GM food? is this really a government or goat herders? why waste time in the 17 years to do this dirty job of destroying a country for AID ? What happened ? is this all the liberation? importing high input and toxic fertilizer by the order of IMF, WB, USA in exchange for loan and AID? Brainless, aimless generation.

  8. welwallo says:

    Attempting to resolve any differences though table discussion justifies ones rationality from the unknown (savage mind) and proves the continuity of human abstract’s that relies on the power of mind than the power of physical matter. Well come to this approach no matter what the outcome is. Since, it gives you room for renegotiating and re thinking. Second, there will not be any mechanical or physical impulses that quakes the lively hood of innocents from both sides to solve the problem. Welcome, again to the modern society who believes force is not the last resort to solve disagreement, but “engagement”, the ultimate hammer to hammer a deal. In particular, with the issue of water. Water is not only a matter of life or death to Egyptians but to everybody who have soul and body. Simple, if water is a matter of life to death to Egyptians why not to Ethiopians? Do you think Ethiopians will not have water scarcity until eternity? Rather, this approach is the best way to assure the water availability in the tunnels of the Nile gorges so far our will and intent go. So, on this premises we can reach to the ultimate deal where our people need to see. Testosterone and emotion takes us nowhere.

  9. Tigray says:

    Something is fishy I don’t believe Egypt word and work be ready for anything .

  10. Mohammed says:

    What the status co either my way or no way .

    All mighty god never ever like aggreseres. In holly book of quran what it’s say if you attacked take every measure to defend yourself .

    They know exactly always Allah is with Ethiopia .

    The holy prophet(peace be on him)has said.”son of Adam! To give away what is beyond your needs is better for you and with hold it is worse for you ,but you are not blamed,for having sufficiency.give first to those who dependent on you.”.

  11. Maru says:

    Every “investiment” request from Egypt must be deneid due to national security.

  12. Ermias says:

    Don’t get excited. Egyptians change their language every week. I welcome this news cautiously.

  13. Dagna says:

    You are too early and very wrong to voice Egypt’s current stand as softening its positions concerning the GERD. Just read back your own article, ——
    you wrote qouating Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said that Ethiopia’s construction of the Renaissance Dam had become a fait accompli and must be dealt with in the context of safeguarding mutual interests, thus guaranteeing that Egypt receives its water and Ethiopia generates its energy. Furthermore, Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahm.
    In other words he wanted Ethiopia to guarantee Egypt’s water supply .
    First Ethiopia is not God to do that.—
    Second Egypt’s population continue to increases with an alarming rate so does its water consumption.—
    Third what the Egyptian is saying that the same thing what Egypt has been said before ” NO CHANGE FROM ITS PAST STAND, EGYPTS RIGHT OF WATER IS NOT NEGOTIABLE”—- with no regard and consideration to the up stream countries demand for a new arrangement of equal share of the Nile water, a resolution that they all agree the past colonial agreement signed between two up stream and down stream British colonial garrisons(EXCLUDING ETHIOPIA ABAY) is invalid. On that regard Egypt’s stand is unchanged. ——
    Now Mr.Editor you got it.
    Ethiopia do not have to negotiate the construction of the GERD. However Egypt in good faith can ask to negotiate how much it can afford to pay per kilowatt of electricity it can get from Ethiopia.

  14. As chalet says:

    How the west treat other country double standard that makes me mad at the same time our goverment makes me mad about .

    When they keep showing 1977 famine stil now they never talk about how a country with a big source of Nile getting starve.

    But when in Egypt farmers little compline bbc or cnn aljezira all like a wild beat in Kenya river jumping into where crockodile are every one jump to snatch it.

    That wild beast is Ethiopia every one say why they doing this and that.

    Our goverment also nuts isolating the nation divide and rule .
    Those monsters they drive me nuts also.

  15. be ewnetu says:

    Deplomacy is better to gain some interest, instead of bulling. because the Dam will be finish by anymeans. so everybody must accept for his credit… otherways are not good for qense-quesces..

  16. maeruf elias says:

    The Egyptians need to be told right away that their shrewd politics and and evil mentality will take them nowhere. We don’t need the blessings of Egypt to develop our resources.

  17. solomon says:

    i think talking through understanding each oter is more valuable than entering to conflict for both countries!!!

  18. eshalla says:

    If Egyptian done that genuinely it is nice, if not we will see the result together. Any how this by itself is good for both of us.

  19. Sure says:

    I say ,

    Infiltrate their “institute of ethiopian studies “then we know what they know and what they are up to (infltrating their spy agencies is the shortest path to follow z game )

  20. Sure says:

    I say ,

    Infiltrate their “institute of ethiopian studies “then we know what they know and what they are up to (infltrating their spy agencies is the shortest path to follow z game )

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