Kofi Annan Calls for Structural Reforms to Ensure African Food Security


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2 Responses

  1. T.Goshu says:

    It is great to see those veterans of intertmatonal organizations such as Mr.Kofi Annan engaging themselves in conflict resolution ( Syria- failed) and poverty reduction ( food security and structural reform – to be seen), and some other regional and global isses. There is no doubt that those individuals with a lot of experiences can play a great deal of role in the efforts being made to make a difference .

    The paradox here is that when those veterans are not courageous enough to go beyond making seemingly honest and rational speeches, beautiful theories , arguements and counter arguements, and talks after talks. I really do not know what is new about the need to have structural reform which mainly demands for giving more ownership to African themselves. I am sorry to say but I have to say that as this has been a very common arguement for the past several decades ,and it has been one of the famous concepts of lectures almost in every regional and global forums,Mr.Kofi Annan did not tell us that one of the major, if not the biggest enemy of peace and prosperity is the ill-guided African politics. Mr.Annan wants to tell us how” global governance ” is essential .It is very unfortunate to watch an internationally recognized figure such as Mr.Annan not courageous and truthful enough by not mentioning that the most decisive factor for the abject poverty in Africa is not only lack of but absence of national and continental good governance. Yes, global governance is essntial . However, not giving more emphasis on the absence of real leadership in Africa in general and terribly dictatorial regimes in several
    countries of the continent in particular as the root cuases for the humuliation of innocent African people is terribly disingenous . I strongly believe in expressing my views in a very straight but rational fasion. I sincerely believe that any ordinary person desrves for due respect leave alone a well -known international figure like Mr.Kofi Annan.But, If you do want me to be polite for nothing or without being critical, I want to say that is not the right way at all.

    Mr. Kofi Annan says, structural reform is good for “world’s weakest and most vulnerable citizens.” That is so fantastic! But, he made his wonderful peice of justification clumsy when he intentionally omitted the very critical factor , the ugly political game being played by African ‘leaders” themselves. I remember one of my instructors who used to far fetch (out of Ethiopia) his examples about dictatorship when I was a college student during the time of the military dictatorship in my country(Ethiopia)as he was scared of the consequences. I am not saying that Mr.Annan is scared of African dysfunctional and ruthless regimes as such. But, the way he approached the subject he discussed about sounds that he did not want to disappoint them(his bad guys).

    He told us that he is hopeful Rio-20 Conference will result in bringing “… more equitable world.” I don’t know how that will be the case in a Conference that will not be honest and courageous enough to take the issues of rspect for fundamental political,civil and human rights seriously. I do not know how it would be convincing and reasonably potimistic about the genuine prevalence of peace and development in a situation dominated by horrible dictators ,and nobody is willing and able to tell them that they need to change thier minds and practices and side with the people .

  2. Hibret says:

    The problem is that Mr. Kofi Annan is not honest with the African people. He knows that the reason why that Africa which is extremely rich in natural resources is the most backward region with people who are mostly extremely poor is because of the twin evils: (a)an international community which is interested in merely exploiting it; and (b)the worst dictators in the world.

    Mr. Kofi Annan is aware of the desperate situation in Africa but prefers to make diplomatic noises instead of becoming the voice of the voiceless; the conscience of humanity. Masqurading around the globe as a big diplomat will not bring respect for him until he follows his own conscience and tell the truth about the fundamental problems this beautiful and rich continent in which millions suffer needlessly!!!

    Please listen to your heart and mind, Mr. Kofi Annan!

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