The Unheeded Call of a ‘Servant of Ethiopia’: In honor of Prof. Donald Levine (Yared Tibebu)


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4 Responses

  1. Dawit Tsegaye says:

    What a great presentation of Professor Levine’s dedication and work by Yared. As always, very balanced and reasonable speech. I wish I could have been there.
    Thank You

  2. Lemma Bonchu says:

    Yared Tibebu was always a windbag and as he ages disgracefully he has become even worse worshipping idiots ranging from Meles to the ill informed and pro weyane Levine. Seed has died also a long long ago.Tsehai publishers has issued the self serving book of dictator Mengistu.what an assembly of shame!

  3. Paulos says:

    እነ Lemma Bonchu መች ይሆን ኣእምሮኣቹሁን የምትከፍቱት። እናንተ በጥላቻ ታውራቹ መሪ ኣጣቹ ኣለምም ጥለዋቹ እየሀዸ ነው። ጎበዝ እረ ነቃ በል።

  4. Sharmarkey J. Madax-Woyene says:

    This man offers solace by validating the failed Ethiopian unity “andnet”that is why it is appealing to the neoneftegnas. His over century work is a wasted effort. I wish he had offered realistic rationally based solution instead of affirming the Ethiopian fairytale. He simply keeps resonating what pleases neoneftegans.

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