US warns of possible terror attack in Ethiopia


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21 Responses

  1. Kiros says:

    We will be hearing similar news in the coming months because this is the year of elections. This has been a useful tool to stop individuals and groups from questioning why the same set of leaders from Tigray have remained in power for 23 years. And why the same set steal money and are not facing the law.

  2. Sam says:

    On this issue, I agree with EPDRF. Now, Ethiopia is in Somalia, it is not a right move to pull out Ethiopian soldiers because of potential terrorist threats. Given the power to dictate Somalia’s politics to the terrorists, not to the Somali government, is a short-sighted political calculation. Whether Ethiopian soldiers be in Somalia or not the threat is always there. As long as the ideology that feeds terrorism to exist is out there, terrorists do not stop to act wild. In fact, it seems reasonable to me to take the fight to their territory.

  3. windshield says:

    why should the Americans be concerned on the safety of American citizens excluding the Ethiopian citizens from Al Shabab terrorist attacks. It really sounds weird!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Woldai says:

    Ethiopia as a regional power , must follow the Somali situation closely until peace & stability is restored!

    About the opposition, they are not credible to what they say anyway , therefore , whatever they say don’t matter in anyway! An opposition with no credible plan for Ethiopia!

  5. Wrdu says:

    One thing they doing this to give the alshebabe like the courage (yelbe lebe) indisemachew ethiopia kenya edalhone alshebabe yakewal .

    Why they did not warn before Nairobi been attacked.
    America doesn’t need to encourage alshebabe.

    Somali understand how Ethiopia deal with them .

  6. Robel says:

    Why ethiopian government west it’s time with useless terrorist leaders in Somalia ethiopian has don enough it should have been the world responsibility .

    If alshebabe took power they will have 50 years civil war all the Somalia region .

    They will never be danger to Ethiopia the millennium to come.

    Weyane should have focus with the terrorist leader in asmera.

  7. Sewbertu says:

    Somalian esk afenchaw yastatekew be korat ye Ethiopia lejoch temeta 1969 .

    Ahi em ethiopian lemawared mehal hager ligebu new belo bertate mestet aysdenkem yal new.

    Stenfegna akrari catolic billioners yemiserut deba new.

  8. Be ewnetu says:

    So far there’re no high causalities from external terrorists plot. When Australia informed to AU for possibility attack of terrorists it was from GIM-BOAT 7 by Al-Shaebya dispatching. what I wonder is the UN impose sanction on Eritrea. but not on GIM_BOAT 7, Why? is US save heaven for these kind of…..?

    • kebraraw says:

      the US AND UK are the once who created gim-boat 7 so no wonder to make their coutnry a safe haven for them. as you can see any terrorist in the world if he knows he is going to be prosecuted where does he run to to uk cause terrorists know very well that uk will protect them as they are its elements. the main thing we need to do is be vigilant and protect our land where ever we are specially those extrimist who hide behind islam having ethiopian passport but saudi ideology.

  9. Dagna says:

    ethiopia and all Ethiopians must be very vigilant , it is our country that will be attacked not one individual political party .
    —Most of all we must be united and stand firm to derail any attack that will be directed to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government must tell US that to stop harbouring all armed and anti Ethiopian elements currently operating from within US territory. However the EPRDF government must not criminalize any body that is writing a useless article like the death of Zenawi , and instead must focus to rally the whole citizen to smoke out any enemy. It is our home land it is our Ethiopia we must all protect it . We must not rally with US to fight US war. US want that attack to happen may be even co-ordinate it (Remember what US did in cold blood in Cambodia during viet-cong war ) All western NGO’S must be watched.

    Ethiopia will not be defeated
    Our homeland will not be sabotaged
    Where ever we live, Ethiopia is our one home and the only true home.
    I for one never like the ethnic based EPRDF but when it it comes to protect Ethiopia from enemy attack I stand with the government without blinking my eye. I can only criticize the government only when I have a country that is not destroyed by the enemy of other countries enemy. and that will never happen, —-
    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  10. Bis rat says:

    I don’t think so US warns her own citizens for fake thing.we should take care Ethiopians!!

  11. Chal says:

    We should be watchful of Egypt and Diaspora anti Ethiopian extrimists as well. Knowing they enemy is the best defense.

  12. Mo says:

    Oh!! may be now, at this critical juncture, we should help the gvt get themselves on board on the defence agst terrorists by compromising our privacy claims (in respect to the allaged gvt’s electronic or cyber spying at the play). This at the very least would strengthen our security personnels’s intelegence capability to defend us against potential terrorists attack

  13. Gize says:

    I might have problem with my big brother that you can’t give him smack when he do wrong that’s weyane .

    But as you know you do not like it when some one take advantage of him.

    If I put it this way .
    We have problem with weyane divid and rule all sort of poetics .
    But when the enemy come we will never let down each other.

    That’s Ethiopia .

  14. kebraraw says:

    the fucken amerian embassy is simply day dreaming despite the highly diciplined and strong security in ethiopia us is wishing to see an attack that is only dream. if US was relly concerned about is citizens it would have simply told those who own the terrorists to stop from try to. THE CHART FOR TERRORISM IS = US/UK –ARAB DONKEYS — TERRORISTS.

    that simple, but know one thing whether an arab donkey or us ethiopia will defend it self fully and with out any doubt just day dreamers dream as much as you want with no fruit.

  15. kebraraw says:

    if this attack is attempted them us should for sure know that us and uk embassies every where in the world will be destroyed be sure about that US AND UK authorities.

    us and uk with their dogs are responsible for terrorism.

  16. Eskender says:

    Some comment does’t represent Ethiopians it’s ethiopian hate like shabia Eritrea .

    We do not have problem with Arabs or the American .

  17. Johnd358 says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read? gbakefbekfgc

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