Coca Cola Drops Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem


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71 Responses

  1. idris says:

    I agree with coca cola. This so called anthem is uninspiring and low quality. AYMETNM , it is good to cancel it, than to offer this to low quality work to the rest of the world by the name of Ethiopia. It is not good for Teddy himself as well. It does not match his reputation.
    So, why boycott? I will use even more of coca-cola.
    Chauvinism shall be fought at any cost

  2. Abiy says:

    He did not call his fans to boycott Coca-Cola products. What is wrong with you? ነገር ማጣመም አለብህ?

    • Ethiopian says:

      Those of you who still believe Teddy has a fan base amongst Ethiopians must be deluded…I personally do not have a problem with “talent” but his opportunistic nature to widen his fan base across Mereb at the expense of our pride is sickening..his kind of misleading cry for Eritrea did not only mislead Eritreans who for a long time believed Ethiopia can not make it without them, but it also discredits what ethiopia has in recent years achieved without those Cockroaches….If he is a truly concerned peace maker and cares about Ethiopia’s interest,why not sing about Dijiboutian beauty or even Somalian for that matter, cos at least it makes a strategic and economic sense..But Teddy being an illiterate opportunist, all he cares about is how to appease Eritrean diaspora for their money. Or perhaps he does know the real cause of the stalemate between Ethi-and Eritreans, hence he is too stupid to understand that his pleading for Eritreans will harm Ethiopia’s interest..same goes for the likes of Jacky and Mesfin Bekele, Ethiopia is not short of beautiful women for those idiots to cry about FOREIGN women…

  3. Cherkos says:

    The ever attention seeking individual in Ethiopia, the so called Teddy Afro doesn’t have the artistic quality to be celebrated at the world stage. What ‘quality’ he has is the ability to lionize the infamous emperors of our country, Menelik and Haileselassie. The decline of two companies in a row in a year not to sponsor him tells everything about him. The bottom line: he is not as popular and likable person in Ethiopia as he is portrayed in the media.

    • Rosa says:

      Cherkos, I completely agree with you. Nothing more to add.

      • korem says:

        at Rosa hahahaha
        ye ayte misker dinbit alu…..mesakiawoch, yesew tirafiwoch. tarik mesrat siaketachihi tarik seriwochen tisademalachihu

    • dejen2 says:

      100% agreed nothing to add here too!

    • binimini says:

      am not his fan, but one thing is clear; no one denies his talent, who can compare with his quality of presenting current issues in a song? @Cherkos… I red ur post… I doubt u r an Ethiopian, or u don’t know ur people. some times it is better to keep quiet. @Ethiopian, do u really know the difference b/n being literate or illiterate? how do u see ur self? among the elites? if so, u need to see a psychiatrist. who r u after all, do u have any piece of work that u can show to our people? if not, then how dare u talk to the only person in this generation, who is trying to show his own piece of work?

  4. Gedle says:

    Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up? If you weren’t aware of his talent why were you scrumbling to petition against Teddy Afro? The more you do it the kore popular you will make him. Many people have paid attention to his music as a result of your negative campaign and made him so popular. He is printing money because of you. It is good to have evil to make one popular.

  5. Dejen says:

    You are absolutely wrong in saying that “thousands” of Oromo activists called on Bedele to boycot Teddy’s concert. Just saying some “notable activists such as Jawar…” would have suffice. I am certain you don’t have a proof on your count of activists.

    “Last January, Bedele brewery, Heineken NV’s subsidiary in Ethiopia had officially cancelled Teddy Afro’s nationwide “Journey of Love” Concert after thousands of activists from the Oromo ethnic group called on Bedele brewery to stop sponsoring Tewodros Kassahun’s nationwide tour.”

    • dejen2 says:

      My friend Dejen, when are you going to get it in your head, that there were 18000 normal people who joined the boyocotbedele campaign in a couple of days on social media? Wake up from your day dreaming and see the reality. Do u think Bedele will cancel their plan just for a couple of activists? It is dangerous for Ethiopia when we don’t give ear to other’s grievances by discounting it as nothing.

  6. mess says:

    Perfect dicision , this ediot has to learn to shut his big mouth.

  7. Emnetu Segalet says:

    Thanks Coca-Cola. This Bitch doesn’t deserve it. He was trying to sing “Holy War of Menelik Invasion of the South” on World stage. Hodam Teddy Qorqorro.

    • Nino says:

      Be positive, there is no any problems to sing about Menelik because he was an Ethiopian and African HERO. By this time, we all can be a banda. Thanks to Menlike we all are free from Italy. Stop talking about 100 years fabricated history. We are not going backward going to forward.

      • amalele says:

        @nino what minilik done on oromo chalichalanko in harar,anole in arsi eteya pls if u r +ve thinker tell me

        • Efrien says:

          Why are u worried about only oroms. He done a lots for Ethiopia people. We never been colonized like other world. This is enough for ur answer if u need more I will write a book for you.

        • Eferiem says:

          He take you out from becoming Colonized. If you need more that he done not for only oromo generally for his country, I will write a book for you.

      • Qelem says:

        This emperior milinik is the reason to loss our great sea and half of the ancient land of northern Ethiopia. He sold it to Italians inexchange of weapons to invade south Ethiopia.

        • Efriem says:

          You need to know about Ethiopian History. I believe you are far away for eth history or some one told you wrong. Because of Minlike you are here in Ethiopia with a full of freedom.

        • lily says:

          first try to learn ETh History If u are originally from Ethiopia. Your sound is very illiterate.

  8. billfree says:

    dawit why do you misslead the people by writing wrong statements ? teddy do not called his fan to boycot cocacola . he is not a person who characterised with such kinds of activities. this is the character of stopped eprdf’s fan like you .

  9. Almaz says:

    I am drinking Pepsi from now on. But the song ant good but hay but still need to be payed up and put the song in the trash bin

  10. axumawe says:

    in my opinion,it is not a song on teddys part.yes the rest of them are singing. but mr’teddy afro is hmmmmming and moves his lips.
    so how in the world is called teddys song or anthem ?
    he is UN opportunist,fame monger personality of this individual under any cost regardless of any concerns is obvious. any ways !
    good diction for coca-cola.

  11. Sold-out minds says:

    Cheap minds:

    Teddy will soar high regardless of the cc decision. You foxes, cheap and sold-out minds, you can better than this. We know you. You are hear to read people’s comments and respond to please Weyane and its supporters. Teddy is not your supporter and he can’t be. Because he loves his people and Ethiopia. You guys are idiots and boring. We know your tactics, it’s enough, “yetebela ikub”, please…..

  12. Daniel says:

    Coca Cola has clearly done its home work and the compony knows what is at stake; 40 million potential customers vs a tiny Abyssinian minority population/followers of Minelek jr.

    For-profit companies don’t just go and provide sponsorship willy nilly specially for an artist who promotes racist propaganda in the name of art. What makes you think that an artist who couldn’t demonstrate a good character and impartiality towards his fellow citizens will somehome qualify as a world level artist? Teddy should just focus on apologizing to Oromos and rebuild his relationship with his fellow citizens instead of promoting this self-destructing ideology.

  13. Tn. says:

    Now Teddy wants to use imperial patriotism as an excuse for bad work? He is questioning and accusing coke brand manger’s patriotism for not allowing the airing for reasons that are strictly quality related! I always sensed that neo-menelkism was much more of a way of exclusion in the here and now than a care for
    Menelik. Here we have the evidence right In front of us. Teddy and his likes, the sole owners of the nation questioning the patriotism of citizens who function in good faith and calling bad work as they see it only to be debased by the emperor Teddros himself. Teddy is not just praising the emperors. Oh no! he feels he is the emperor and is lynching the character of the critiques of his work.

  14. KELBESSA says:

    dear dawit, the reason for the cancellation may be (1)tedy’s performance, (2)coca cola is afraid of situation like the bedele case or (3) coca cola’s decision is influenced by the eprdf goverment(for obvious reason). for me this article looks biased for it tries to make us beleave the reason for the cancellation is tedy’s under performance by not relating the 2nd reason to this situation and for it doesn’t mention the 3rd reason, which is the most probable reason for the cancellation
    also, as i understand the so called world cup anthem is not realeased yet. so the video you attached must be different one, would you please clarify

  15. A. Hatiya Orissa of Hawassa says:

    I couldn’t see Teddy Afro performing in this video, anyway.I think he is dominated by our brothers and sisters from Africa. Is coca cola’s decision to cancel his appearance related to the Boycott Bedele campaign? We do not know.I do not have any dog in this fight but both Teddy and his supporters should stop politicizing the situation and the former must train himself in professional art than sticking to telltales and patriotism outcries that are posted in his FB page in reply to coca-cola’s decision.That way we will all have the chance to enjoy music, not ‘ketefa’ from the Afrogada Generation.

  16. Name (required) says:

    What is wrong with those Oromos?

  17. me says:

    I am enjoying coca cola rt now.
    Teddy is a foolish son of neftegna

  18. Ethiopian says:

    Which part of Teddy’s release talk about boycotting Coca Cola? Can we atleast translate peoperly? I am happy to help if you want. Saying that I will boycott your websites for your incompetence and lack of proper journalist ethics.

  19. ethio2 says:

    this is important lesson to every body that respecting history and the identity also dignity of other beyond worshiping your be loved. god bless Ethiopia. LOVE& EQUALITY FOR ETHIO NATIONS. keep it up drinking coca cola.

  20. Ethiopiyawit says:

    men seladrege new fikiren selsebeke weyes ……………… ere Gobez enenka alem yet endedrese enewek enji egna gen gena bezer eyetekefafelen ere betam yasaferal Awo Ahunem” Fikir Yashenfal” God bless Ethiopia

  21. Bleate says:

    I’m so happy about it
    This stupid men he have to go school and the true story about Ethiopia. Tedy pls learn to say the truth say true the false is false don’t
    Atdonkour red the real histery of Ethiopia
    Menlke is the king of Ethiopia so all Ethiopia.
    Men like is the the #1 donkoro king
    I’m not Oromo I support them they have point
    This is not about Oromo , amara ,gurage this is fore all us
    Lengeru tedy dro politica neber emtwdew Alu.

  22. Name (required) says:

    Bedele Bear and Coca Cola’s actions are nothing compared to the injury Teddy Afro made to victim nations of brutal Minlik. Teddy needs to fix himself to get his lost reputation back if he is wise…

  23. Boru says:

    Bedele Bear and Coca Cola’s actions are nothing compared to the injury Teddy Afro made to victim nations of brutal Minlik. Teddy needs to fix himself to get his lost reputation back if he is wise…

  24. Slm says:

    Is he (Teddy) even singing?
    He looks like he is screaming his lungs out but i cant hear a thing 🙁

  25. We are the 85% of z ppl says:

    Who dare to boycott Coca! Even We are about to drink more and more because its brrrrrrrrrrrr on the coke side of life Amazing! These Minilik bulls are messing up with the mass{85% of Ethiopian population}Southern nation and nationalities,tigray,Oromo,Gambela,Benishangul Gumuz, Ethiopian Somali,Afar with an exception of Amhara people.I can assure you that we all are okey with the decision of Coca because we all are insulted,underestimated and fooled by this paranoid egoist singer who dreamed to see the enslavement and extinction of all other nations of Ethiopia with the exception of neftegnas/oppressors.Oromo, tigre, Gambela,benishangul,somali,Afar,SNN of ethiopia are still living and promise to keep living……Brrrrrrrrrrrr….the coke side of life! We all thank You Coca Cola for Cancelling the contract of the deceiver/liar.We are THe 85%!We don”t need him to represent as.

  26. Coco says:

    “he invested his time…..and artistic wisdom to his level best”…Seriously?!?!?! Art must be going the wrong direction…

  27. Teddyo says:

    I guess Teddy is in trouble. But he should be judjed based on his artistic work and not based on his political affilation, unless he declares himself as an “activist” like some semi professionals are trying to do.

  28. jgna says:

    The uneducated “artist”. He better read some HAHU of the real Ethiopian history than claiming for being worshiped by his likes.
    After all anyone drinks coca-cola not just to support the company, it is for their own sake. I do not think ‘fans’ will not stop enjoying coca for the call of one illiterate, 10th grader ???? or less!
    I am sure coca-cola will be enjoyed even more for carefully analyzing and respecting the will of the majority.
    Thank U COKE. we will have more of it.

  29. Meaza says:

    Many wrong (although deliberately done)statements on your news 🙂 1) Teddy didn’t call out his fans to boycott coca. 2) The reason why the song was cancelled wasn’t because Teddy’s song failed to impress soccer fans 🙂 You didn’t even hear the song you chatam idiot! Togetherness was not the song that would have been released. Man,i thought you were a journalist!

  30. ዲነግዴ says:

    Who cares about **Kotetam Oromo extremists** #BoycottOrmomoExtremists(only few oromos , I love and respect the majority of My Oromo people) And Teddy Haters ,,, No matter what, we Love Teddy ,, keep walking bro… Tikur sew qutir hulet is coming soon.

    • takele says:

      at Daniel Birhane in particular and the rest of you—

      Sir Daniel Birahane, for sometimes i thought you guy is healthy and followed your posts. Many of my friends told me not to do so mentioning that, what they got via following u is only and only hate, and how to fabricate false. But i am a kind of person who like to try myself and proved that you are even more than that.

      How a man can sit on pc the whole day just for the seek of propagating hate, false! how comes???! God must regrate due to creating u! But there is no regrate in His kingdom.

      For the rest of you who also hate a person who is simply an Ethiopian, and who is simply loving his history (both bad and goods) really shame on you. I know some of you who hate Teddy have nooooooo idea of your country’s history, even your routs. Simply barking based on the fabricated false someone told you sometimes.

      And most of you, unless you are idiot and ignorant, you may learnt that teddy never said minilikis expansion was holy war. I know you heart is damp enough and haven’t space to read and analyze issues. dingay rasoch. teddy always preach about love, and to select some of the good things from our past and build on that. he never said a single day that minilik and or mengistu is holly. it is u who live on fabricated issues, just rush out when some one say something and bark. Wethere teddy sing at brazil or not, it is we Ethiopians who miss the chance to be represented. He can fly and stay a month there, he is not resource scarce like at daniel who is not yet accumulated enough from woyane. ante hidena hagarehen gat. Leboch!

      teddy is not living his day for food, and money, it is these of u the hate traders —i am so sorry, i am really emotional.

  31. Sol says:

    Well to reconcile all the people’s opinion on Teddy I’m gonna advice him to sing for Abdisa Aga, lol.

  32. DANNY says:

    Hey!…hey guys! Just RELAX !!!

    Teddy is just one of you… at least that’s how we see u guys from here in North America.

    I’d been amongest you…and this mentality of you and many others with you prompted me to leave you behind…

    It just reminds me what I saw when I was 10…going to my junior school in Addis, a beggar brutally attacking another beggar… and saying the BEST thing he’d love to see on earth was the death of the other beggar next to him…Even that beggar didn’t envy to be like other better people who walk/drive up and down the road where he’s sitting the whole day!

    Too bad, you are no better than that beggar’s mentality… u r all destitutes!

  33. Mengesha says:

    Teddy is the best Artsist Ethiopia ever has. He is so creative with his work. He doe not do things for the money as some suggeted.

    I hope we will be able to see for ourselves and decide whether the work is good or bad.

    Go Teddy!

  34. Ephrem says:

    Dawit, wow I can see you are “working” hard. No diginity ?let us see how you can save them.

    What you are doing makes Tedy even stronger!

  35. dawit says:

    Tedy offend 80% of ethiopian oromo.sidama.welaita.gambela.ogaden.etc his hiro minilik.was a killer of those people tedy need to learn the real ethiopian history tedy is ignorant azimari who say killing inocent people is holy war

  36. bashaw says:

    I cannot say that he is a real person/artist. He want to make growth through conflict and fights. He always pay for the newspapers, megazines and some web sites to write an article every week. Awramba i am proud of you for writing the truth.
    One of my friends write this and the other web sites erase it. so hopefully dawit will keep it as a comment.
    ኮካ ኮላ አይመጥንም ካለው ምንድነው የሚፈልገው? አርፎ ለአለም ገበያ የሚሆን ስራ ካለው ሰርቶ ያሳይ እንጂ ቦይኮት ኮካ እያሉ መጮህ ምን ያደርግለታል?ሁልጊዜ ግጭትን እየፈለጉ ዝነኛ መሆን ከየት የመጣ የኪነጥበብ ባህል ነው? የጥበብ ሰው በጣም አዛኝ ርህሩህ እና እንኳን ጭቅጭቅ ሊወድ ነገር ባለበት መገኘት የማይፈልግ መሆኑን በትክክል አውቃለሁ:: ግን ይሄ ቴዲ አፍሮ የሚባል አዝማሪ እራሱን ገና ሀ ብሎ ሲመጣ ክስና ግጭት ይዞ ነው::
    ኤልያስ መልካ, ኤአይቲ ሪከርድስ, አዲስ ገሰሰ(የድሮ ማናጀሩ), ለምን ይዋሻል(በሰረቃቸው ዜማዎች),የኢትዮጵያ ፖሊስ(ያለ መንጃ ፈቃድ ሰው ገሎ),አዲካ አሳታሚ, ድፍን የኦሮሞና የደቡብ ህዝብ, አሁን ደግሞ ኮካ ኮላ::
    ይሄንን ሰው የጥበብ ሰው ነው ማለት እንዴት ይቻላል? በጣም ተራ የመንደር ጠባይ እንዳለው በደንብ ያስታውቃል::

  37. Habtamu S says:

    Aye Dawit you are one of angry individuals on Tedy’s 17 Merfe and of course easily got some other individuals who becomes ignorant when they read more. ያልገባች ሁ ነገር ግን፣ ሁሌም ቴዲ አሸናፊ ነው። ምክንያቱም ሁሉ ነገሩ ሰው ከመውድውድ የመጣ በመሆኑ።

  38. Bonja says:

    This ass hole hamara put down any way thanks coce

  39. Moti says:

    Dear all,

    I am young and energetic Oromo-Ethiopian. I used to love Teddy Afro like alibirra regardless of any detail in their song. Tedy Afro started to win my heart when he sponsored anEthiopian man from Somalia prison, I was thinking this man extra human equally important I hate! Tedy Afro when he said the Minilk war on Oromo, Somali,South and Afar etc was Hollywar under the pretext of unity..what kind of unity at the expense of killing innocent civilians (Aanolle, challanqo….) At least we can consider Minilik was ignorant, uneducated and cruel person but why we keep on celebrating this African Nazi! I think Teddy must officially request for apology, if he want to restore his professional career. I think people should also forgive him, a tong can say a lot of things ..remeber Tewedros Kassahun GERMAMO- look his grand fother name is an oromo. Prehaps, the dangerious enemy for the Oromo is assimilation of Oromos (ofcourse before 1991) to Amhara culture …belive or not Teferi Mokonen (Hailesilasie was Oromo) betrayed Oromo and affiliated him self to culture and language. Amhara and Oromo constitute around 71% of the total population,there huge intermarriage between Oromo and Amhara. Orthodox christianity the other linking between the two giant ethnic groups. Please stop insulting each other it has no use. Looks this fact
    1. Orthodox 1. Amhara 2) Oromo 3)Tigre
    2. Islam 1) Oromo 2)Somali 3)Guragi
    3. Protestant 1)Oromo 2) Sidama 3)wolaita

    So my fellow Amhara elites or Ethiopianist it is time for you to stop bad dreaming Ethiopia before 1991, Djibouti has gone…Ertrea …Oromia or Ogaden. I think considering all huge social capital with almost all Ethiopian Ethnic groups though economically feasible….Oromo pol
    itics simple translation of constituion in to practice so it legal! but Amhar elits there is nothing written in constitution about Derg! Ethipia is a federal established by nine National states namely 1)Tigray 2)Afar 3)Amhara 4)Oromia 5)Somali 6)South 7)Gambela 8)Benishangul 9)Harari (though the formation of Harari as a region is so controversial it is a region! A.A is a chartered city! I will come soon to this………………..Freedom to all!

    • Mengesha says:

      I think the newspaper apologies for the Title of the article. There was no mention of Holly-war by Teddy on the interview.

  40. Solomon says:

    Hodamu Tadross Kassahune .
    He is Banda like his ideal ,Banda Minlke and a looser .
    Her neve comper the really Ethiopian history .
    He so stupid thinks Ethiopian is only H/sellas and Minlke .he has no respect for the rest of Ethiopia .
    One more thing he only care about many .That way to make many he even sing for Banda so called Eritrean
    I am a shame even to call him Ethiopian .even though I believe every bady has a right to be where ever they want.

    • lily says:

      Solomon, please stop accusing that talented Man. So go back to school to learn how to write and grammar, vocabulary then came back to the group.

  41. dani says:

    Hey!…hey guys! Just RELAX !!!

    Teddy is just one of you… at least that’s how we see u guys from here in North America.

    I’d been amongest you…and this mentality of you and many others with you prompted me to leave you behind…

    It just reminds me what I saw when I was 10…going to my junior school in Addis, a beggar brutally attacking another beggar… and saying the BEST thing he’d love to see on earth was the death of the other beggar next to him…Even that beggar didn’t envy to be like other better people who walk/drive up and down the road where he’s sitting the whole day!

    Too bad, you are no better than that beggar’s mentality… u r all destitutes!

  42. WTF says:

    you all guys who are protesting Teddy or coca cola are such an ass holes! Listen your self before you write something stupid comments think more, read more,listen more, balance things before you judge, consider the conditions there were, refer the situations they have faced including the time, for all the things you are going to commenting. you have learned history for the bad and for the good, the good is for improving it continue what we have, the bad is too learn from our mistakes and not to do it again.
    so please don’t accuse our ancestors what they did in the different time line that you even never understand, just keep moving forward what they have kept for you even if it is nothing in the good side learn something from their mistakes and play your part and have something better for our feature world, think worldly take your self out from your district don’t hinder your mind by your kebele just let it to know the vast and adjust your action with that big world with big dreams(it’s 21century not 19) or-else you are repeating history and will crate the worse.
    you may say who the hell are you to say this? but if you are wise enough be smart to learn from any body who ever he is, just take something if u like it and don’t judge to fast!

  43. Qerro Negesso says:

    ADDis Ababa or Finfine

    Addis was established 127 year six years before the massacare on the day break minilik on south particularly Arsi oromo, even there was resistance before that called Gulele resistance-where know Gulele sub-city is located. Firstly, the interest of Minilik was to expand the land and promote his religion that is Orthodox Christianity,the fist time he stayed in Ejere he called Addis Alem (called new world) then he established the oldest orthodox in Oromoland. Ejere is 40 km away from Addis on the Ambo road but Minilik was not cofertable with the hostility of indigenous oromo people then he moved to Intoto hill where now St Mariam church is located …smoothly he and his wife (Taitu) moving down to the area called Finfine (filwuha), his wife found the area very fresh and healthy the springwater (Finfine) she started to find new name and renamed Addis Ababa(New flower in Amharic) while there was already Finfinee- is the second and the most cultural place next to Maddawalabu in Bale zone. I think that is why Oromos from any corner of life without any difference unite when the issue of Finfine come to being …remeber what happend when the capital of Oromia moved to Adama …and also the current uprising. Probably, the issue of Finfine is the singe uniting factor in Oromo poltics. It is so controvoresula if Harar become a region for the reseaso of preserving indiginous why Addis would not be part of Oromia why is Federal City?

  44. Dani says:

    Ignorant minds like Teddy are laughable in 2014!
    For one, he is not even an authentic singer. He simply plagiarized most of his songs and got himself to be famous among Abyssinians.. Even worse, as Tigist Geme wrote, this is an artist who lives in nostalgia of a mythical Ethiopia, lionizes brutal emperors that massacred so many lives, and preaches a falsified history.

    Clearly he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It is 2014, yo’
    Get a life dude for your own sake. World cup is not a stage you qualify for given all of your above characters. World cup is about peace, friendship and spreading love through sport. Like Coca Cola already told, you simply don’t qualify. Period!

  45. Hus says:

    አረ በጣመም የሚርም ነው፡፡ ምናለ ትንሽ ቢታሰብ፡፡ ያለነው እኮ 21ኛው… ላይ ነው፡፡ ወንድሞች ካለ ዕውቀት አትዘባርቁ፣ ኮካ ኮላ ዓለማቀፍ ብራንድ ነው፣ የአንድ አዝማሪ መለፍለፋ ምኑም ነው፡፡ ታሪክን እዩ ፔፕሲ እኮ የማሪያ ኬሪን ውል ሲቀድ አትመጥነንም ብሎ፡፡ በቃ ስም…ብራነድ ነወዋ! እና ቴዲ ማነውና፣ ወሬ አታራግቡ ነገረሩን የአገር ጉዳይ ለማድረግም አትሞክሩ፣ የአንድ አዝማሪ ጉዳይ በቃ የራሱ ነው፡፡

  46. Qerro Negesso says:

    Some points on Minilik

    He is excessively blackman, white teeth, the lower part of his leg is so big and identified to be having a diseases called Elephantiasis, in that he can’t walk a killo meter and he uses horse or Mule back …often taken from indigenous people around and refuse to give back. The other thing he was well known for is annual begging he practice as part of his exercise to be relived from “leprosy” Indeed, he had leprosy more importantly Minilik is 100% Amhara he has some mix with Jew. He likes gifts that is why he recived a gift from Italy for the case Ertrea …From france for Djibout …and that is why we should not celebrate him on top of the most worst thing he did.

    • Efriem says:

      Why all Oromo Peoples are fabricated. You lied a lots about aste Minelik killing. First of all he was half Amhara and half Oromo. But I wished he wasn’t have a bllod from Oromo. you guys are parasite. If you talked about Menlik you must talk about qube that he cut all arsie man jalla(pennis) and He called that meda Jalla meda.

  47. zol says:

    To bini i like your post(comment) zt is good response 4 all who hates our golden singers(Tedi Afro) zt found in zs gadem generation!

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