ESAT Congratulates Al-Shabaab for allegedly killing Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia


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70 Responses

  1. Abreham says:

    Who is Ethiopian? How this can be supported? Really Sorry!

  2. Yoni says:

    Drop your FKN Ethiopian sentiment work me, you stupid neftegna Gonderes. I am tired of getting heat from Egypt while I baby seat you FKN neftegna azz here and not delivering any blow to GOE.

    Ok boss, we will do our best. From now on we will openly support all Ethiopia’ s enemies. Sorry boss.

  3. Kebkal says:

    This is way beyond yellow journalism and disgusting. I am sure Awaramba did not listen to the same news I listened. Reporting the news is not gongradulation. Get over with your anger on ESAT. It is funded by the Ethiopian diaspora and dont give a damn whereever it gets its funding as long as the content is pro Ethiopia and anti woyane.

    • Alemayehu says:

      “It is funded by Ethiopian dispora”…

      really? who are you fooling, let alone the diaspora, even the wana be “country” Eritrea can not afford to fund the pigs in ISAT, but of course the only way the terror money comes-through is through Eritrea since Eritrea can not survive without smuggling weapon and doing the dirty work for Arabs who don’t want to expose themselves to international bodies..

      • me says:

        Birhanu nega openly say he gets 500 000$ every 6 months and you say no .who do I believe brhanu not you. just because you pay the does not mean that is the only income they have.

  4. Cherkos says:

    The loser ‘journalists’ (the likes of Sisay Agena and Fasil Yenealem) and so called political figures (Al-Mariam and Berhanu Nega) at ESAT don’t know the fact that whenever they compromise Ethiopian interests, they are indirectly prolonging the lifeline of EPRDF. They are unknowingly working to its advantage. Many Ethiopians are giving their back on them because of their unholy alliance with the sworn enemies of our country: Eritrea and Egypt. EPRDF is fortunate enough to have these big-mouthed, good for nothing, hodgepodges as opponents. They will probably end up in exile until the government builds up Ethiopia within the coming 30 more years. Viva TPLF!

    • Tekle says:

      Awramba, I think you are confused, you don’t know
      who is Esat, these are ethiopians, domn ethiopian
      auramba,are funded by the ethiopians and the CIA,
      as you are stupid propogandist lier, Esat is nothing,
      go beg wheat to feed your people. Ahiya- talk about
      your country, Weyane has sold all the fertile land
      to foreigners and pay them in cash and put the money in foreign banks. You should forget your
      lousy-work against Eritrea.

      • axumawe says:

        @tekl(TEKLKA YBONKOS)
        this are Ethiopians but traders of Ethiopia !
        they well tread their family for mony,your
        dictator leader hired them to do what they are doing.
        Awramba is not confused as you say, Awramba is doing what needs to be done as Ethiopian for Ethiopia !
        you say Awramba is funded by CIA,why not if he is important for world peace,don’t you remember your leader use to be funded by CIA until the cheeps fol out and labeled terrorist !
        wrong again Ethiopia don’t beg any more we can feed our self and feed others like the Eritrean refuge to be specific 80,000 of them !
        you say ahia,that is the given name for Esats, not for our Awramb !
        you say Woyane is soled fertile land to foreigners,it is good to know Ethiopia is a fertile country,not desert like nakfa,barka,ginde,embatikala,or the hole packge of yours.
        get the fack out of our sight you clay head anseba !!!
        as all ways long live Ethiopia !
        long live Eprdf !
        long live Woyen !

        • Tekle says:

          Wediaxum seraki qorbet adgi.
          Do you know about your grandfather “WUBIE”
          the messanger of Emp/ Menelik was paying him for his service wheat for a month, one day while he was returning to his agameland from ethiopia in his
          way he stole a donkey from the amhara peasant
          then menlik called him and ordered to his banda
          to be barried alive. So your problem is with amhara
          neftegna-agame. For your knowledg ethiopia has asked
          the worldfoodprogram aid for 10 million hangry
          people. Kondaf make peace with your amhara-

          • Alula says:

            ኣታ ሰብኣይ
            ናይ ቀደም ኢኻ ትዛረብ ዘለኻ! ሎሚ ትግራይ ትግራይ ብዝኾነ ይኹን ርእሳ ኪኢላ እያ! ንስኻ ኣብ ርእስኻ ዘሎ ሓሳት ትምኒት ኢኻ ትዛረብ ዘለኻ ኾይኑ ግን ኢትትዮጵ ተቐዬራ ምኻና ኩሉ ዓለም ይዛረበላሎ!
            ህዝቢ ትግራይ ወያነ ፍትሓዊ እዩ፣ ናይ ከም ኢሳያሳውያን ረዋእዋእ ንዝብል ድማ ሕቑኡ ሰይሩ ብማዓኮሩ ኮፍ የብል! ሱቕ ኢልካ ኣብዚ ረዋእዋእ ኣይትበል!

          • Wedi Gigna says:

            Tekle anta Wedi Hadami,Resa Haftika gedifka zithadm Kebdam Trati seb, you can not talk with Winner of Badme like that, you dead for ever your brother body is still layed down. if you have the got why do not tried me again and you will see how your brother body look after 10 years. Eritreans are serekti,yebuna,yetef,yedero, black market in Addis Ababa in their embassy, Ethiopia is for Ethiopians, no respect from Ethiopians any more you own your own,you just missed that it is too late for that, go to the ghost country.

      • Meron Andemicheal says:

        Tekle you are stupid we know we feel sad when we hear bad about our country but don’t deny the fact we have lost 1(one) generation due to the current regime totalitarian mad dog leader who beats all his negibours who rules a country dancing in night clubs like SHAMROCK it is shame men we need to change Issayas Aforki who is the most cruel Eritrean in our history and the above datas are true dont you know Issayas was getting paid for sending military ofissials to work as a guard in countries like UGAnda Rwanda dont you know Issayas have deposited the money from Bisha gold in the name of his family don’t you know we are under family rule wher a son of Issayas Aforki Abraham appointed as higher official of AIR force of Eritrea what about his daughter who is the higher official of Eritrean communication TV and radio

  5. Selam says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk this news is too funny to be credible , Dawit eziga weradj alen yemaymeslewun le misteh atengerat alu

    23 years of TPLF why we de not believe in alternance politics in Africa??? why is one want to seize power for ever?? Ke ande gend tefetro megadelun yemankomew meche new???

    Sad for Ethiopia , our forefathers died for this land hoping we can live in it with freedom yet….

  6. Matt P-F says:

    How did ESAT congratulate Al-Shabab? This is a a confusing story, because the accusation is not backed up with the proof. On top of that, your premise that ESAT congratulates the Al-Shabab is based on an allegation that Ethiopians were killed? Were Ethiopian soldiers killed or not?

    Then you throw in an unrelated tid-bit about an NISS managed bombing in Addis using some naive young Somalis and suggest it was terrorism by Al Shabab. The US FBI did the same thing to justify its own anti-terrorism spending as the NISS is to make sure that foreign aid keeps coming in.

    ESAT is a propaganda machine for the Diaspora, and it would not have to be so full of propaganda if ETV and other organs of the EPRDF were not so focused on propaganda as well.

    If you want ESAT to be forthright and intellectually honest, you should start by demanding the same of the Information Ministry.

  7. robel says:

    Here is Hypocracy of US governement. WHy is the US government hosting criminal diaspora such as the owners of ESAT TV, who publicly praise and support Al-shabab(the group denounced as terrorist by US government).
    Or is this war on terror a fake campaign that serve the interest of US and not for the well being of mankind?

    It is frustrating, poor country like Ethiopia has to fight two terrorists one in the jungle and another hosted in US!!!

    • sahle says:

      Ato Robel, are you sure ESAT praised the Al Shabab? or it’s just because the woyanes have claimed that? Do not be confused…your government ( Weyane) has on several occasions lied to the the world in general and to the MSKIN ethiopians in particular…

  8. robel says:

    It is time for the FBI to investigate the ESAT TV inner circles. ESAT TV is diniing with Al-Shabab and residing in the country who claim itself as a defender of peace of mankind.

  9. ጦጵያ says:

    Awramba Times ከፈለክ:- ኢሳት ስለ በአልሸባብ እና በኢትዮጵያ-ሱማሌ ድንበር የሚንቀሳቀሱ ሚሊሺያ መካከል በተፈጠረ ግጭት ወደ 30 የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያኖች መገደላችው ተገለጸ ብሎ አየር ሞገድ ላይ ያሰራጨውን ዜና እንደገና ብትክክል እንድታነበው ልልክልህ እችላለው:: ያልተባለውን ተብሏል እያልክ ሰውን ከማደናበርህ በፊት::

    • Debretabor says:

      @topia, you are talking about something else. I myself have heard the same allegation from diferent source. They have no right to do so as far as they are in the US soil

  10. ida says:

    No one can believe anything that comes out of woyane mouth. They are working to sanction Eritrea again. No one will be fooled twice!

  11. idris says:

    What do you expect from Shabeia/egypt sponsored hate politicians and terrorists.
    They are always saddened by the continuous progress in Ethiopia.
    They get their happiness from the bad news like death of Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia, suffering of Ethiopians in Saudi, Yemen, or inflation in Ethiopian economy.
    That is how they live. NEGATIVISM! They are deteriorating, anyway. Because the good news about Ethiopia is greatly outweighing the bad. For sure their sadness will increase even more in the coming few years. They will die of gastritis and heart-attack.

  12. Be ewnetu says:

    what we expect form corrupted Ethiop News later publisher Sisay Agena? who receive money from the Accountant priest of Urael church Usher money,in the name of freepress when he was in Addis.
    In the world the only condemn Ethiopian Army invasion of Eritrean territory was GimBoat7. Esat is the big mouse of GimBoat7.because of Sharing money from Egypt through Eritrean Bank. they always sell their nationality for bread like banda . but it’s not always the same, day will come ….

  13. Ethiio says:

    ESAT Congratulates Al-Shabaab?? MY GOD!!why don’t you give us a link to prove it? telling news is NOT congratulation at all.but we (Ethiopians) knows who is telling the truth and this is NOT journalism at all!!!ESAT never say any negative things about Awrambatimes but Awrambatimes is ALWAYS talk about ESAT so who is wining???you are advertizing ESAT in a way because now people will start watching ESAT to find out if this is true or not and if they find something else instead…well they start donating …so what is that makes you? DON”T POST anything like this unless you have a prove…now we all know who you are!

  14. Solomon says:

    What do you expect from Banda sissy agna ,Banda assmaysay (massay ) mokonnen,Banda big mouth lemang(tamagn)Bayen..
    They don’t care about pour Ethiopian .They only care about H/selass and Minlke .
    To Esat Ethiopia means H/selass and Minlke
    1 Oromo is not Ethiopian
    2 Tigray is not Ethiopian
    3 afar is not Ethiopian
    4 wirage is not Ethiopian .
    To Esat only Amara is Ethiopian .they are so stupid .
    Prime minster H/ Mariam is not good enough to be prime minster because is not amara .

    • Ebsa says:

      Amhara people unite and rise up !! Lets deal this Tigre and Gala idiots !!

      • ethiopia says:

        እያለምክ ትኖራለህ እንጂ ማንም ኢትዮጵያን መበታተን አይቻልም!!! ምክንያቱም እግዛብሄር ይጠብቃታል!!! አንተ ግን ከእንቅልፍህ ንቃና እና የ21ኛ ክ/ዘመን አስተሳሰብ ይኑርህ፡፡ ካልሆነ ደግሞ ህዝብን ማጣላት በምድርም በሰማይም የተወገዘ ነው ፡፡ ማሰብና ጭንቅላትህን መጠቀም ከቻልክ ማለቴ ነው፡፡
        ኢትዮጵያችን ለዘላለም ትኑር!! በተለይ ካንተ አይነት ጭንቅላተ ቢሶች ያድናት!!!

  15. Solomon says:

    Dawit, It would be better if you attached the video or anything you have to back your news as usual. But, I know they will do even much worse than this as they are the mouthpiece of Shabia and Egypt. Keep it UP!

  16. Eshetu says:

    I kept reading this news to the end to see how ESAT congratulated Al Shabab but couldn’t find a single word.

  17. shekura says:

    Dear Dawit:- Would You please post the link of the news or the video that will prove your argument ?? I would like to listen and take my case from there . Thank you .

  18. Dagna says:

    Awramba times, as you often do, why not post the whole clip from ESAT. unless you are cooking up the story. I am not fan of ESAT but this story of ESAT congratulating Al shabab seems way far off the truth even to the hard core ESAT haters including the Ethiopian government. —-


  19. tilahun says:

    Eritria,Egypt,Al shabab,Al qaeda,Ginbot7, ESAT,Awuranba,and few diaspora are enamy of our mother Ethiopia everyone knows this

  20. nahom says:

    I do not know why Amhara people relate , every evil thing which happen in Ethiopia with Eritrea. Have ever heard that Eritreans’ and our president said that we want the fall of Ethiopia? Never! Our president mentioned that strong Ethiopia is a benefit to Eritrea. You know the problem you do not care about you soldiers who died in every meaningless war everywhere you create. God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    • solomon says:

      Who is you president stupid dame essayas that baby killer
      The diceteter of african north korean leder banda essayas
      Let me remide you in 1995 ,he said in 7 years there will be no ethiopia
      Eeve thpugh it doesnt matter what that dame stupid banda who sell his ass to the his master italian and arbes essaysse.
      He cannot even speak pure tigrnga because tigrnga is belong to great tigigrayan.

  21. Dinsa says:

    Esat must not behave this way

    Why is etv it represent the official ethiopian news outlet in Amharic
    So if the news readers came from all region it sounds good .

    Even if sound like its region dialect it’s ok people can have some of theirs in etv.

  22. Proud of Tigray says:

    Dear Dawit, what happened to you brother? You used to atleast pretend to care about presenting the news. It now appears you have become a diehard Tplf cadre rather than reporting the news. You have not provided any shred of evidence which shows Esat, actually, transmitted a ” congratulation” message to the terrorists in their news. Provide a single evidence please where state the date and time the message was aired?

    If you are unable to present the above evidence, you are simply accusing Esat. Such an accusation and irresponsible statement will make you legally liable for spreading false rumors and ESAT can start court proceedings against this website in the US and London. There are many patriotic Ethiopians who can apply for such proceedings on Esat’s behalf and I would give you my brotherly advise to refrain from this type of activities as it may cost you dearly or even force you to shut down your site. The Law is very serious in this regards and applied effectively. I understand there is no law in Tplf’s Ethiopia today but do not make the mistake thinking such is the case in Western capitals. Freedom will come to Ethiopia soon and most Tpkf leaders will flee just like the Derg members who fled before their downfall. Tplf does NOT represent the people of Tigray let alone Ethiopia. We Tigrayans refuse to become the personal property of small group of hardcore Eritrean officials of Tplf in Addis. Thank you

    • jegnaw says:

      You are weyane suporter. Their is no EPRDF PARTY THEIR IS ONLY WEYAN. Why dont u critisis about the appahrtide system in ethiopia which is responsible for divided ethiopia by ethnics line. Esat tell only the truth. Why only tigrayans control the militery? Why only tigrayans have a previleg to run Business? Do u realy think the radio station in rwanda is responsible for the genocide? It was the rwandan poletical system which led the country in the wrong way for almost half a century. You mentiond Esat is amharisim media.ok it’s your right but Esat is only just one media. We the people have also the right to be agai st the system which tigranized the whole country in the militery, Business, poleticaly, security educationaly

    • Yirgalem says:

      በህግ አምላክ! ብያለሁ.
      አንተን ብሎ መካሪ፡
      አንተን ብሎ ትግራዋይ፡
      አንተን ብሎ ኢትዮጵያዊ፡
      ምነው ለ ESAT ይህን ያክል ተንገበገንክ?
      እንበል እና አውራአምባ የተሳሳተ መረጃ አቀረበ and u trying to thteaten him zat he c’d face Ur master’s…..
      ሌሎች ሚድያዎች ግን የፈጠራ ወሬ በማውራት የመንግስትን ስም ቢያጠፉ ማናባቱ ሊከሳቸው!
      ያው የጌቶችህ ተላላኪዎች አይደሉ፡፡
      የሚገርም እኮ ነው!
      ይልቅ ለልጅ ልጆችህ የሚተርፍ ጸጸት ውስጥ ከምትገባ ለአገርህ(ኢትዮጵያዊ ከሆንክ ማለቴ ነው) እድገትና ለውጥ ያቅምህ ብታደርግ ይሻላል፡፡

  23. Sol says:

    I am not surprised that ESAT ( Mouthpiece of the Eritrean Government) would go that low. I did write them long time ago from a list of Genuine Ethiopians bringing positive change to Ethiopia. This people are anti Ethiopia and its development goals. What they are doing is to completely wipe out Ethiopia as we know it. This mission is of Issayas’ Mission for our beloved Ethiopia. Ethiopia should be aware of the mission of ESAT.

  24. May God help the righteous people says:

    May God help the righteous people of Ethiopia and destroy the liars.Having said that, where is the proof ESAT congratulated Al Shabab for killing Ethiopian soldiers.
    Ethics of journalism expects of you to present evidence before printing the kind of news you did.

  25. Dagna says:

    Esaias Afewerki of Eritrea will never say or admit publicly he is funding ESAT, Ginbot 7, Al shabab or any other Ethiopian enemies. –It is not secret that he is funnelling weapon and money he is got from Arabs to all of Ethiopian Enemies. However he will not say a word of it for one reason only, he is gaged by his arab bosses . The Cairo Arabs know that he ass will be whipped to the bone by the Ethiopians and their mission will domed sooner than they expect it last.

    I am the Amhara Neftegna
    I am Ethiopian just like my Tigrean, Oromo, Somali, Afar , Wolamo and all the other true Ethiopian ethnics.
    God bless Ethiopia
    By God Ethiopia will crush its enemies

  26. Alula says:

    All the sold outs of ESAT & G7 care care is money from Ethiopia’s enemies! I have never ever heard a shame of this magnitude! ESAT & G7 shame on you! Ethiopia prevails as usual!

    ESAT & G7 the blood money is going to consum you finally!

  27. Tazabi says:

    Please attach the clip/or link to support your article .
    Otherwise your credibility will be substantially tarnished and
    the rumours about you will be confirmed by your own deed .

  28. jgna says:

    A terrorist supports another terrorist. What is new?
    Why many commentators are asking for evidence. ESAT is g7 media outlet. g7 is “fighting” our deference forces at least in their night dream. If they are fighting themselves basing in asmera, what is wrong if they become happy and congratulate alshebab for killing Ethiopian soldiers in somalia. I do not expect anything from thses stupids. They are propagating hate politics to instigate violence among our peaceful people. They never succeed though. They are doing anything possible to defeat our military. They OFFICIALLY advised egypt to attach our defense forces and the GERD. So, why are many asking non-sense questions for evidence. It is simply you are ashamed of by the ESATs act. yes, it is shameful.

  29. tola kebede says:

    “Manh solomon kemawerth befit yemtbelaw yalehew kegurorohn watew”

    • Dream says:

      Jegna new Yemmotew!!!!!! Endenante Fesam were yawra.why you don’t go ESL classes to speak a little English. Doro Ras, Dingai Ras.

  30. Jhony says:

    Nothing expected from them if they don’t spread this kind of support, their income from Shabiya will be diminished. Meto Aleka Sisay Agena is wounded Derg soldier so he will do anything. But he doesn’t understand is better off without his likes Dergs. Any way Silb Lole begetaw k_a yikoral yibalal.

  31. Dawit says:


  32. Habesha says:

    First of all, there is no Ethiopian army, rather Weyane army who is killing the Ethiopian people as we speak. So, whoever kills the killer of the Ethiopian peoples I call them dem-melash and THANK YOU. Weyane is not Ethiopian. Remember, the people of Tigray is the foundation for Ethiopianism.

    Coming back to this bogus news, fabricated and posted by the confused Weyane cadre, Dawit, ESAT didn’t say that. If you have any video or audio evidence, show us here. This shows how low and cheap you are. You are NOT a journalist, you are confused Weyane cadre, sold-out mind living for your big belly.

    Did I say we don’t have Ethiopian army? Yeah, check out this:

    The most senior Command posts of the Defense Ministry

    Chief of Staff, General, Samora Yunus, Tigre
    Training Department, Lt. General Tadesse Worede, Tigre
    Logistics Department, Lt. General Geazi Abera, Tigre
    Military Intelligence Department, Brg. General Gebredela, Tigre
    Operations Department, Lt. General Gebre Egziabiher, Tigre
    Engineering Department, Lt. General Berhane Negash, Tigre
    Air force, Brg. General Mola Haile Mariam, Tigre
    Heads of the four commands

    Central Command, Lt. General AbebawTadesse, Agew
    Northern Command, Lt. General Seare Mekonnen, Tigre
    South Eastern Command, Maj. General Abraha W. Gabriel, Tigre
    Western Command, Brg. General Siyoum Hagos, Tigre
    Division Commands

    31st Division Commander, Colonel Tsegaye Marx, Tigre
    33rd Division Commander, Colonel Kidane, Tigre
    35th Division Commander, Colonel Misganaw Alemu, Agew
    24th Division Commander, Colonel Work Aieynu, Tigre
    22nd Division Commander, Colonel Dikul, Tigre
    14th Division Commander, Colonel Woedi Antieru, Tigre
    21st Divison Commander, Colonel Gueshi Gebre, Tigre
    11th Division Commander, Colonel Workidu, Tigre
    25th Division Commander, Colonel Tesfai Sahel, Tigre
    20th Division Commander, Colonel, Teklai Klashin, Tigre
    8th Mechanized Division, Colonel Jemal Mohamed, Tigre
    4th Mechanized Division, Colonel Hintsaw Giorgis, Tigre
    19th Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Guae, Tigre
    44th Division Commander, Colonel Zewdu Teferra, Agew
    13th Division Commander, Colonel Sherifo, Tigre
    12th Division Commander, Colonel Mulugeta Abraha, Tigre
    32nd Division Commander, Colonel Abraha Teslim, Tigre
    6th Mech. Div. Commander , Colonel Gebre Medhin Fekad, Tigre
    23rd Division, Commander, Colonel Wold Beilalom, Tigre
    43rd Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Abate, Tigre
    26th Division Commander, Colonel Mebratu, Tigre
    7th Mech. Div. Commander, Colonel Gebre Gebre Mariam, Tigre
    Defense Ministry Departments and other specialized Units

    Agazi Commando Div., Commander, Brg. General Muhamed Aisha, Tigre
    Addis Ababa Security Division, Colonel Zenebe Amare, Tigre
    Palace Security Force, Commander, Colonel Geresenay, Tigre
    Banks’ Security Force, Commander, Colonel Hawaz Woldu, Tigre
    Engineering College, Commander, Colonel Halefom Ejigou, Tigre
    Heath Science College, Commander, Colonel Tesfaye Giday, Tigre
    Mulugeta Buli Technical College Commander, Colonel Meleya Amare, Tigre
    Resource Management College Commander, Colonel Letayi Tigre
    Staff & Command College, Commander, Brg General Tesfaye Giday Tigre
    Bilate Training Center, Commander, Colonel Salih Berihu, Tigre
    Hurso Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negash Hiluf, Tigre
    Awash Arba Training Center, Commander, Colonel Muze, Tigre
    Bir Shelko Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negasi Shekortet, Tigre
    Head of Admin., the Ministry of Defense, Brg.Gen. Mehari Zewde, Tigre
    Dejen Defense Aviation, Head, Brg General Kinfe Dagenew, Tigre
    Defense Ministry, Head of Research, Brg. Gen. Halfom Chento, Tigre
    Defense Ministry, Head of Legal Affairs, Colonel Askale, Tigre
    Head of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Colonel Tsehaye Manjus, Tigre
    Head of Indoctrinated Centre , Brg. General Akele Asaye, Amhara
    Head of Communication, Colonel Sibhat, Tigre
    Head of External Affairs, Colonel Hasene, Tigre
    Head, Special Forces coordinating Center, Brg. Gen Fiseha Manjus, Tigre
    Head of operations Department, Colonel Wodi Tewik, Tigre
    Planning and Program Department Head, Colonel Teklai Ashebir, Tigre
    Defense Industry Coordinating Head, Colonel Wodi Negash, Tigre

    Kill the weyanes !

    • james says:

      so after all who cares what alshabab kill or destroyed? let mr. dawit and other tisla worry about that.

    • Menkem-Abyssinia says:

      Cave man! first of all being a solider is not something that you get it by division of share, it is a profession which any individual with Ethiopian citizenship and having the require competence can indulge. For this reason it’s very open to those individuals who have fulfilled the requirement.In this regard all Ethiopians have equal right to compete. If you need more clarification, you can visit the official reports, but I don’t think you don’t have the info. Your mere motive is to confuse Ethiopian, However Ethiopian know in their heart that Tigray people has always been shed their precious blood and died for the liberty and vanguard the Ethiopian from all kinds of foreign aggressions. This is not boast, you can take time rehears Ethiopian history. Like any profession, If you have the gut you can recruited as solider to safeguard your country but that is not your intention. You and your likes are working day and night to destabilize the nation with historical Ethiopian enemies, but due to the valor army all your schemes have been foiled. For this you banda and your likes tuned your strategies to simmer the globally recognized and reputed army but fabricating tales that do not amount anything. Why do not you claim same thing that the number of Tigrean of Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and soon is mounting? I do not believe that the very reason to channel such rumour is benefit Ethiopian but your intention is to spray frustration to those individuals who already feel estranged by consuming huge hatred propaganda. Have you ever ask same question that why are the Amhara constitute 60 per cent federal office employee? and similarly why the Amharas’ elites are so jealous? In a nutshell, I can only urge you to undertake genetic engineering our your identity before you brag if your genuine and concerned Ethiopian.

    • Solomon says:

      So Banda Esat all the Tigrayan are better than you .
      That way they got the position .
      Tigrayan are the really axumawian Ethiopian before Banda minelek even become Ethiopian .shut up and let the pure axumawian Ethiopia build the country the same way they build Axume hawalte

    • ym says:

      ante dedeb ye ahya zer afhin zga tigray tlaleh zmbleh .tigray mnm yagegnchiw neger yalem. tgraway malet hiwotun atito WEYM KEFLO lante hiwot yeseteh hzb new balemawekh new enji. behonlet ema lelam tgebwal
      zelealem endawerachihu tnoralachihu weregnoch

  33. AleQa Biru says:


    WHEN and HOW did ESAT “congratulate” Shebab?

    Tatbo chika….I thought AWT was maturing…

  34. Tn. says:

    Well I don’t know about this story! Seems a bit hard to create a connection. I have watched ESATs progression over the years and have seen it turn from good to bad to worst as time went by. I am not sure if nut cases like Messay, who readily exhibit all the symptoms of settler paranoia should get airtime into a volatile region. Messay’s difference with Rwanda’s RTLMC broadcasters is that his is well disguised but pushes all the right buttons to create the same effect of collective hate. What he lacks in intensity he makes up in repetition. In the end, he is galvanizing Amhara to become irrational haters of all other ethnics. Rationality and balance have been thrown out of the window. Amharism, a mental illness, has an intense protective group dynamics that crowdes out all other voices. Good examples of this, out of control hate at ESAT is 1) intentional dubbing/sound distortion of Dr. Merrera’s entire interview 2) Tag teaming of Dr. Berhanu from discussing his book, a book which attempted to put some rationality into this collective mental illness. One may like or dislike Dr. Merrera & Dr. Berhanu but one thing for certain is that they are a far cry from these dangerous vagabonds who run ESAT which no one seems to have a control over. ESAT is no al-shabab. It is 100 times more dangerous than shabab and as such, something has to be done at a higher level,( UN, USA, AU China, EPRDF) to bring some control, some genocide preventative steps.
    to this amharism media.

    • jegnaw says:

      You are weyane suporter. Their is no EPRDF PARTY THEIR IS ONLY WEYAN. Why dont u critisis about the appahrtide system in ethiopia which is responsible for divided ethiopia by ethnics line. Esat tell only the truth. Why only tigrayans control the militery? Why only tigrayans have a previleg to run Business? Do u realy think the radio station in rwanda is responsible for the genocide? It was the rwandan poletical system which led the country in the wrong way for almost half a century. You mentiond Esat is amharisim media.ok it’s your right but Esat is only just one media. We the people have also the right to be agai st the system which tigranized the whole country in the militery, Business, poleticaly, security educationaly

    • AleQa Biru says:


      I would have taken you seriously, if you were not demonizing one ethnic group by yourself. You see, talk is cheap. Why don’t you practice what you preach? Why do you associate individuals with entire ethnic group?

      The same is true with Awramba Times (specially Dawit Kebede). If you did not like the actions of ESAT people, then do not do it yourself even against them. If you do it, then where is the difference?

      In my opinion, this “news item” about ESAT congratulating Shebab is a smear campaign against ESAT just like there was a smear campaign against Dawit by some supporters (and probably ESAT staff) of ESAT a while ago.
      A common problem of Ethiopian journalists is that they take issues personally and try to make it look like a national issue. That’s how I believe Eskinder Nega is mainly in jail at this moment. After he was jailed during the 2005 election and the government took everything from him using the Kangaroo court, then his fight was a personal fight dressed as a national resistance. Many of the Ethiopian journalists in the Diaspora have a personal grudge against the system in Ethiopia. In my opinion that personal grudge is the main driving force behind their reporting rather than an objective journalistic reporting.

      If you like us to take you seriously, you should rise above your personal issues and focus on the issues which are common to all of us.

    • Mengesha says:

      @Tn, If you believe what you wrote and if there are few more Ethiopians like you then I don’t know what Ethiopia looks like this days….We need supernatural intervention to save our people.

  35. New comer says:

    Awramba Times Congratulates Al-Shabaab for attempting suicide bombing in Addis Ababa.
    (If reporting equals congratulating based on Dawit Kebede’s journalism thought).

  36. Timbakto says:

    Have you watched the ethiopian guy kicked by Australian tug
    They called him from asmera second capital of Ethiopia kikiki

    If you watch the video that’s what happening in Ethiopia in broad day light weyane tugs abusing the peace loving people .

    It reminds me once just watching in mehal merkato after fedrals cached him punch in the face the guy is bleeding they keep bit him.

    At least the Australian tug get 9 years sentence in his own country.

    Where is the justice in Ethiopia .

    They so cowered how once you under arrest the guy what do you call it abusing the person.

  37. Deromsew says:

    Neguse aykesesem semaye aytaresem
    Negeruma Semaye ye deresal kese Hulu yenesal

    Betselote kehone hiduna stelu
    Ayfetari aye aye mane yihone lebe yalew.

    Getaye yemote aywekesem wenjelun alkenseletena
    Yeker belegn getaye.

    Azmariw mene ale
    Sewema defare new fetarin yigafal.

    Have you seen melese zenawi the day Eritrea get independent
    He looks like mosolini in those day in Rome .

    Mane yinekagnale afenchawen yetebit bezat ashulo
    B ethiopian lejoch dem eyesake nestanet awejlachew .

    Kemesat yachin yemitelaten hager afer.

  38. Mekele says:

    Sis aye agene the coolest guy in esat TV
    Keep it up brov and tamagn beyene.

    What ever happen god is with those tale the truth
    And with those stay away from hate .

    • Solomon says:

      The agley person on tv is asta alka sissay agna corrupted brain corrupted so called journalism .
      Sissay agena sold his righting for the most biter when he was in Ethiopia know he selling to Banda essayass Ethiopia enemy and to Egypt interest.
      Sissay agna doesn’t care about Ethiopia he only care how much money he can get paid.
      And sissay agna ideal Banda Brhanu nega grew up selling pour Ethiopian women in samen hotel he father and him become billionaires .
      Now the telling as they care about Ethiopia
      Brhnu nege he would sell his mother for money and power Hodam.
      Sissay agan ,masay mokonnen ,lemagne(tamagn)they like to hire themselves on radio to them fact doesn’t matter.
      About tamagn he call himself activist ,how did he got that name which university did he go to get that activist degree .

  39. deme says:

    አቶ ዳዊት ለምን በማር የተለወሰ መርዝህን ትረጫለህ የተባለው ነገር እውነት ከሆነ በማሰረጃ አስደግፈህ ለምን አታቀርም ያነተ መጨረሻ እንዲህ ሲሆን ያሳዘናል

  40. Admin. why didn’t you attach the congratulatory message of Esat to Alshabab? Unless you attach a concrete evidence that could substantiate your claim, we don’t buy your mambo-jumbo. By far Esat is the voice of the voiceless Ethiopian and we don’t expecting anything from quasi-gov’t outlets.

  41. sami says:

    wow sorry to read zis a bunch of dengay rase hulla.a burger arbegnoch.
    wend ager bete hono niw yemitagelew

  42. what do you expeact from low life ppl such as Esat tv and thier Terrorist leaders? Nothing Nada.But one thing 4sure soon very soon all of them will be in our Hand Trust me.

  43. Ethio says:

    What do u expect from esat they are an arrogant out dated polotician they don’t know what they are doing they are there just to make money out of it from idiot People and unrest ethiopia they done none useful thing for the country since they start the media just they are a bunch of layers n loosers they need to ask them selfs what they are doing to there country

  44. lis says:

    I hate Esat

  45. getachew says:

    fuck the lier ESAT..

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