What Will Birtukan Mideksa Do After Leaving Harvard’s Kennedy School?


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40 Responses

  1. kebraraw says:

    most probably she will go to iseyas afwerki (eritrea) to take terrorist training as it is 90% sure that the British government will order her to do so or else face consequences

    but got one thing for the Admin:
    did you hear that sudan is planing to sell fresh water from nail river to saudi arabia?

    • QEBRARAW, I didn’t know you can read people’s minds remotely. What does the hidatan pm hailemariams mind think about the great kehadi dead pm? While you are at read azeb hoyishas mind as well – that won’t be hard work thoug – we all know what keeps her mind busy, don’t we?

      • Tazabiw says:


        Why do you have to defame the history maker, one of the greatest man on earth, the late PM Meles zenawi? Why also do you have to Brag on his death and so forth? He made history so, most people don’t consider him dead, but eternal in each Ethiopians mind. If you are born, you must die as the holly bible depicts. Do you know that you will die soon as well?

        You must not be an Ethiopian to brag on someone’s death, because such act is not an Ethiopian ethics. Death is inevitable idiot!

        • Tazabiw,

          Dinqeim yegna tazabi!
          1) The ex pm id dead and good riddance for Ethiopia. Your ‘smallest’ man on earth did:
          2) Land locked ETHIOPIA
          3) Killed 190 demonstartors
          4) Wheels and deals to give away our land
          5) Son and grand son of traitors
          Enough to let you know how we see ex PM
          Now go hang!

      • bb says:

        Dear TENQEBARARIWA, well you might not read somebody’s mind but you can when you have a person like Birtukan who been a looser from day one. For you it is different story when it comes to this people never accomplished in any way you name it politically, socially, and so on so my generally point is she might succeeded in education that does not mean she will succeed in politics form day one she is a looser in politics. But your boss the late Prime minister Meles Zenawi did succeeded in every matter and most of all he changed your stinky country for good and I recommend you to go and check your country if you have enough money in your pocket if you don’t then keep your mouth shout.

        • Tenqebarariwa says:

          Is that as in bloody bas****? If it is nicely fits. It is spelled as loser, OK? Let us agree on the yardstick to measure success then we can use it to gauge but empty talk is so cheap no need to reply to claim of my banda boss’ success. Suffice to say at 7000 birr a month the dead pm would have would have about 2 million birr in the past 20 years – assuming he saved all. How much was he worth in his death bed? Is this success as well? Did you say ‘your stinky country’? So it is not yours then? What are you doing here then? Go to your nice smelling, aromatic country and get busy. Stinky or not we love our country!! We don’t like some bandas getting it land locked, calling our national flag names, telling us they are from a ‘worq’ tribe bla bla bla. Birtukan stood against this so – go hang!

          • bb says:

            Dear Tenqebarariwa, thank you for correcting me my spelling. Yes again the late prime minister Meles changes your county for the better. Yes there’s a few neftecha don’t like that because when they were in power never did anything other than singing about Ethiopia Ethiopia. What is your point about the flag of Ethiopia? I don’t get it anyway if you are not about your country the way she is going then you have to fight for it instead of barking like a dog is not going to bring a solution for yourself. I know some of you out there are jealous of the current government because they succeed in anyway. Good luck

          • Tenqebarariwa says:

            bb – my man! Have you heard any leader calling the national flag a piece of rag? You got to go to hell – that’s where he is – to find one. It is the context of hatred and condescending attitude that speaks more than was said. Do you get it now? Don’t think so! Singing ethiopia, ethiopia even to do that you must love it unlike … Neftegna – that is typical of thick headed brainless dummy cadre talk. For mubarak of egypt to fall did anybody has to fight? Get my drift, cadre boy? Don’t thank me for the spelling that’s the least I can do. Why not join ‘civil service college’ – do they have distance learning as well? Guaranteed to turn you thicker than you already are. Jealous? Wrong word boy. Must do better next time ki ki ki

  2. Desta says:

    Thanks to EPRDF, and crook Birhanu she was promoted to the level where she is now. Now, she got trained by CIA scholarship, hoping to serve American interest, but she will end up use for nothing. As usual, like others, Diaspora made her heroine for a weeks then dumped her. Good luck with your next phase of your life. Harvard does not have formula for Ethiopian society. but education can make us to think, unfortunately, Ethiopian education is all about certificate and title.

  3. Hermi says:

    Could go back to Ethiopia and be a part of the political process. Although this would have been the natural and plausible likely direction to persue, I don’t belive she has the will and the tenacity nor the ability to transform the opopsition from its hate politics into a inclusive visionary alternative organizatio (party) it is seeking for too long. She has proved herself as being swayed or influenced by the vocal extreme hateful extremists, wushy washing from one side to the other without a firm stand ultimately causing her organization to disentegrate and landing her in jail and embarasing public display of her complaining like a little girl. She never had the guts and wisdom to say NO to the likes of Berhanu Nega. If she had the guts and wisdom to see their synister and selfish agenda, we would have a oposition that is vibrant and true alternative. But if her recent interviews and speaches at the same old dogs of hate exteme groups is any indicative, there is little solace that Harvard has made any impact. So may be the next alternative is either to be employed by the likes of Amnesty or other western sponsored color revolution backer organizations or start one and milk theEthiopian lameboras. Hope her education is worthy of something positive. Good luck.

    • Mengesha says:

      What a terrible time when evil is appreciated and humble person like Birtukan is vilified. I am so sorry for our youngster who grow up listning persons like you.

      God bless Birtukan and her likes. May also He bless our beloved Ethiopia

  4. Tn. says:

    Stay away from the mental illness called amharism! Work for UNDP for a few years, see where it leads.

  5. tola kebede says:

    When ahe is smart ahe will go back to Ethiopia.if she is not that means d…m

  6. Gebez says:

    Can’t you see her showing up again with the “kinijit” sign? Take your conclusions. lol))))

  7. Gebez says:

    I hope that Mrs. Birtukan will not be too selfish to live abroad for the sake of amassing money and enjoying a lavish life working for a big organization or similar. I, as a responsible citizen of Ethiopia and supporter of EPRDF,call Mrs. Birtukan to join the struggle against poverty back in our motherland Ethiopia. She has two ways to do that:
    1, Work in one/more of Ethiopias highest education centres and contribute in researches, teachings, e.t.c. This is if she does not want to actively deal with politics.
    2, Join the ruling party and give a hand to the guys who are toiling to change the life of our fellow citizens. This is only if she wants to deal with politics again as she is a veteran politician.

  8. truth says:

    Probably she will breast feed
    Another faterless child

    • mengesha says:

      @gebez & truth

      Don’t you have shame to talk trash about the beloved heroine?

      • Gebez says:

        መጥፎ ነገር የተናገርኩት የቱ ጋ ነው? እስኪ ንገረኝ ባክህ? ወይስ እንግልዘኛ ኣይገባህም? እንደውም ከሚገባት በላይ ያከበርኳት ይመስለኛል::

      • bb says:

        Dear Members, did you said heroine? I don’t believe it. Yes, you must be kidding or you must be blind and I think you should check on dictionary what it mean.

  9. Alula says:

    I think she is just wasting her time, coz some Ethiopian simply goes to education simply to build their useless ego! For Ethiopia , one farmer is more helpful to the people that the empty professors in the diaspora! Bertukuan Medeksa graduated from Harbard means nothing for Ethiopia! The only thing Bertukuan can do is show her ego …., anyways, let’s find out if she have anything to offer!

  10. lemma says:

    The leadership of a prominent political leaders has substantial and significant role in the struggle of democracy, freedom and justice and it is true the leadership of Buktikan in the ethiopian political history has a great value as a woman and as a person of modern politician. But what was/is the main problem of the ethiopian political parties ? Is it the absence of academician political leaders or is it the problem of the traditional political arena ?
    In short what is the prime problem of the ethiopian political parties ?

  11. sam says:

    Her choice to participate in politics or not should be left to her. But one false theory should be discouraged from spreading further in our society as truth. True, having clear-headed, far-sighted politicians might influence Ethiopian politics to the better. But those who have the greater impact in shaping Ethiopian politics are Ethiopians themselves. It is time to do away with cultivating personality cult. Especially those who are in the diaspora are in the business of cultivating personality cult for a long time now. It is practically useless. I am not saying she used not to be an honest politician. She was. Now, those who told us Hailu Shawael was a “God send” to save Ethiopia try to tell us now the political struggle depends on her being a leader, if not the leader. I repeat it is Ethiopians who decide the outcome of the political struggle, not necessarily politicians. The politicians impact is marginal indeed.

  12. Alemayehu says:

    Just hope she will not get trapped by polarized Diaspora “politics”…Best if she engages in peaceful opposition..

  13. Ethiio says:

    Probably NOTHING for Ethiopia just like Siye Abrah. they are all the same! She is no difference at all. After many poor Ethiopian die protecting them, they turn around and start their own life and forget about Ethiopia…what I don’t get is, why they start? useless politicians!!!

  14. Mekdes says:

    She will be bare estate at chercher restaurant in DC or a baresta in Boston Starbucks not more than that.

    • billfree says:

      @mekdes : this is a fucken comment from a fucken person.

      • bb says:

        Dear billfree,I am sorry why you used this kind of words, it is always right you are not relevant if you struggle outside where the game play I mean while she is staying abroad as opposition don’t make sense to me it is a waist of time also in the long run she will end up like the looser Berhanu Negae

      • Mekdes says:

        Bill free, you are an a** Ho like other opposition groups in diaspora. What else she can do in this vibrant world. She will not get a job as you think. She might be a hero for you like Birhanu Nega. Why you guys are wasting your time writing bs with your broken English. There are so many brilliant academics in America. I mean intelligent. Not like this opportunistic lady. May be she will survive by the money you are contributing for he from the money you a are saving your subsidized house left over. I don’t want use the word which you used. This kinds of words are expected from Moron like u. So make her a queen in you dream but the facts are as I told you. I don’t know why you Gander e’s are bitter about this Govt. If you have gut go and fight with them.

  15. Worqu Belayneh says:

    Obvious answer: would probably ends up working in the service industry, such as tending parking lots and collecting you know what? No particular skill for a person trained in political science and/or African studies.

  16. Ordofaa Hordofaa says:

    I am glad to see her coming back to her real roots after going AWOL with those she did not belong with for a quite awhile. Finally she has joined ranks with her gallant brothers and sisters of Glorious Oromia. So stifle from calling her ‘Ethiopian’ any more because she has duly attested herself as being a red-blooded Oromian instead. She will have no time to cheer you up at your dysfunctional public gatherings since she will be very busy with her assignments close to our Independence Council for the upcoming independence of Oromia in just few weeks. Please don’t be upset with me for telling you this but you should always be thankful to me for taking my time for keeping up to the minute. Don’t forget!!! My order is still in effect!!! Don’t call her an Ethiopian!!! Ever!!!!

  17. Ewnetu says:

    It seems that there those us who can fortune tell and read minds of people like Birtukan. Well we. know who sent her and sponsored her to the Harvard school of Kennedy. Not only her but the Lidetu’s and the Siye’s. They will take their next assignment from their financiers and not from from any one else. As they say there is no free lunch or dinner for that matter. After that we will see what the Harvard group will deliver to Ethiopia. IF we were to go by what we hear and listen from them Harvard has not moulded any one of them. So, do not expect much. But let us respect whatever choice they make for their future as individuals as we want our choice to be respect

  18. idris says:

    BARKING DOG, AbebeGelebaw,
    Birtukuan is not going to join to a terrorist group, g7. If she did so, she will never be back to Ethiopia. You group terrorists,g7, that is the end of your life. You will rote in USA washing dishes. Even your BODY will not see Ethiopia let alone alive.

  19. Mario says:


    If you have the courage, the intellect and ability, you should direct this question to Birtukan Mideksa herself and not to your readers here.

    No one is the right person to answer this question except Birtukan herself. Because, the rest of us can’t read what is in her mind and answer the question. All we do is guess and we are doomed to make a terrible mistake. I believe you know that very well.

    Because you wanted some of your sick readers, to bash and trash her, you posted the question. That is the motive and the response of some of your readers says it all.

    Please be a journalist that discharges his responsibility fairly and sensibly.

  20. berhan says:

    ene yemilew weda ager bet yegebahew ye ethiopoian hezb ers bers endegachu chiger yefeteru gazeteghochin tibqena lemeqom new betam tigermaleh sele genbot 20 enkan 1 zegeba altenagerkim gin genbot 20 anten chimer ke gibo mengistu yetelaqkibet qen neberach tizib new tirfu dawit le ethiopia yemitasib kehona ewnatn temorgizh yazelu negeroch bitaqerb yishalal betilacha aydelam yetsfkut asteyayet new

  21. Legesse Belay says:

    The evil and dump Ethiopian Diaspora turned the smart girl to a confused political prostitute. That is not Birtukans fault, it is due to her unexperience and the evil nature of the hate diaspora.
    Wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong people. If Birtukan has the stamina to learn from past, I wish her to go back to Ethiopia and teach and be a role model to thousands Ethiopian girls. Good luck Birtukan. Whatever you do, you will be happy only if you keep yourself away from the toxic diaspora. They are no use for no one.

  22. Tn. says:

    There is a finger bending rock that she is sporting. That might have an effect on her career path as well. I don’t at all see her in politics for some time either. Nor do I see a teacher! Her exPerience requires a much bigger venue. I still say drop a bomb at the 5billion budget of UNDP. If the four areas, I see her best fit in two, namely poverty reduction and democratization. But I wish her to work in poverty reduction because true value creation is the only pilot to democratization or as meles noted early,” tell me how you can democratize a rent-seeking society”? Implying that democratization will inherently follow a value creating society. years as a political observer have thought me to give weight to this statement, I.e development not only for it’s own sake but as a catalyst and enabler of democracy. That being the case, the 5 billion UNDP budget, the area of allocation should really be re-considered. At present only 38 percent or so goes to poverty related issues. So too, very little of that 38 percent goes to “value creation” related projects or venues. I think Mideqsa will be a valuable asset in challenging the status quo from within UNDP,and ushering a true bottom up democracy by enhancing value creating developmental activities as opposed to the bulk of paper pushing that I see taking place at UNDP.

  23. Dagna says:

    She has plenty of choices,
    1- go back to her home land and help building up the nation even lead a positive Ethiopian opposition political party. I know it is a difficult task EPRDF is filled with sharks but it is an Ethiopia evil shark, it can only be dealt by Ethiopian political party that is based at home.

    2- Stay in US and sell her country for useless senators who are not allowed a mixed marriage because one (black one ) is not recognize as equal to his white compatriot Americans in some of their own states. in other words serve Isayias Afeworki fan club dream of harming Ethiopia.
    3- Get out of politics, cut the crap and stop the bullshit of I fight for my county drama and do a honourable job to her capacity and get laid to calm her ego. —

    No foreign country sponsored political organization can work for the betterment of Ethiopia. —
    Ethiopia can only built by Ethiopians despite our poison filled ethnic deferences —

    That is my take we can not afford to whore our homeland.
    Got it.
    —All home based opposition political parties and also including EPRDF join together and make one party and leave the rest of us alone to lead our life peacefully form just one government and leave the democracy for community organization like Edir and Senbete to chose their meaningful leaders.
    God bless Ethiopia

  24. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I have been reading this nonsense diatribe by a hum-drum nitwit by the name Ordofaa. I am not sure if he really realizes how he embarrasses himself by such false hope and utter stupidity. In one way it does not surprise me that he believes in what he is writing because he is just one of the products of false claims and outrageously exaggerated ‘accomplishments’ that some so-called ‘liberators’ have fed individuals like him. ‘We are closing on Finfine’, ‘Our gallant army just put 10,000 Weyane and Naftegna trrops out action’, ‘ Our army captured truckload upon truckload of heavy weapon from the Abyssinian army’, ‘Our gallant fighter (one female fighter) fought off the entire Abyssinian battalion alone and enabled the entire central committee members of our liberation front made it to safety’ on and on and on. And heaps upon heaps of false old news dispatches that tell millions were brutally butchered..on and on and on. There was one such news dispatch to the New York Times around the time of the Battle of Adwa that told a story of untold massacre that took place upon my people. I was shown the same dispatch about 25 years ago by someone close to these hate mongers. I was really upset and the massacre told in the dispatch made my blood boil with anger. The dispatch was sent from Massawa in the then Italian colony of Eritrea. Then I started investigating the history of that time. It was the time when both Menelik and Crispi were involved one daring the other to come to blows. The dispatch sent to the New York Times claimed a total of 85,000 Oromos were killed in the south but the owner news paper had printed a much lower number, 1/10th to be exact in Italy. That discrepancy was not lost to the savvy folks of the New York Times. One can suspect that the dispatcher of that news should not have been none other than someone close to Prime Minister Crispi who wanted to justify his war plan on an Independent people including my own Oromo forefathers. Then 1896 came and he ended up taking a good licking. We all know what my Barentuu Oromos horsemen did to the fearless and arrogant Italian general Dabormida and his well armed battalion on that fateful day at Adwa. I want anyone one of you to tell me how on earth my forefathers accomplished such a feat at a time Menelik massacred tens of thousands of their kin and kit just like yesterday. How? How? There are stories that had been and still being told, published and lambasted by wicked intellectuals just to spread hatred among naturally harmonious people. I am not saying atrocities were not committed. There were quite a few. Who had not? I have read stories from the 1870’s when Emperor Yohaness of Tigray conducted a military campaign into the present day of Gojjam where he laid siege that resulted in scorched earth everywhere there. As a result tens of thousands of Gojam people died of starvation and disease. Didn’t Emperor Tewodros do even worse atrocities to the people of Wello region? But what should be the purpose of telling stories of such atrocities in our times? They should be told to show our people specially the young ones that everyone in that country we all left behind at one time or another was victimized by former rulers but since then the common man and woman have chosen to live in peace as neighbors and citizens. That is what 99% of every ethnic group in that country has been telling us. But these 1% hideous group of intellectuals have been conniving and scheming to incite peaceful people by playing songs of victims so they can carve out a region they will claim it their own fiefdom. That is what they are salivating for. Nothing less and may be more. That is why they failed again and again. They play this song of a ‘victim’ so much so that it made them dizzy enough to conduct a war in Kenya. Some ended up in the lion’s lair in Asmara and some of them became victims of an acute vertigo and they need someone to tell them where in the dickens they are now. They are lost in the wilderness. This person is one of those who got really lost. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

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