Mohammed Hassanein Heikal: Hosni Mubarak tried to assassinate Meles Zenawi


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33 Responses

  1. gebre says:

    አበበ ገላው ቀደመው።

    • jgna says:

      you are one of the liars. And one of those low-living depressed extremists. The shabeya sponsored ESAT (g7) extremists are good at lies and cut and paste. The want to collect money by cheating and fooling their follow haters
      The following link may cure your disease of lie (very nice song from Tilahun and Mahmud)
      Is it Ok?

      • gebre says:

        ኤርትራውያኖች ለሁለት ሳምንት፣ አበበ ገላውን፣አበድሩን ብለዋል ይባላል።
        ትክክል ነህ ዜናውን የሰማሁት ከእሳት ነው። በትክክልም ነው እሳቶች ዜናውን ያቀረቡት። ይልቅ ኮሜንትህ ላይ የአስቀመጥከውን ሊንክ ሊንኩን ስመለከተው፣ ተቆራርጦ የተገጣጠመ ቪዲዮ ሆነብኝ፣ እንዲያውም አኬር ዳማንና፣ ጀሀዳዊ አራካትን አስታወሰኝ።
        G7 ያልከው ደግሞ ማነው? ራሺያ ሳትወጣ G8 የነበሩት ናቸው? ስለምግብ ዋስትና የመረጋገጥ ራእይ በዚያን ጊዜ ሲያደምጡ የነበሩ ናቸው?

        • Gebez says:

          Hey hater, this is for you:
          “የሞትነውም እኛ የኖርነውም እኛ
          ኣፉን ከፍቶ ቀረ የስልጣን ጥመኛ::”

          • gebre says:

            @gobez ተረቱን ለኛ ተወው።

            አቤ ሲመጣ አይኑን አፍጥጦ፣
            ወይ መደበቂያ ትንሽ ቁጥቅዋጦ።

        • Suleman says:


          እኔ ያልገባኝ አበበ ገላው የጋናውን ፕረዚደንት ለምንድነው አብሮ የገደለው?? በስህተት ነው?? እባክህን እውነቱን ለጋና ህዝብ እንዲገልጥላቸው አበበን ጠይቀው::

          አበበ ገላው ባለመተት ሁለት ገዳይ በጩኽት !!!

    • LOVE says:


  2. slick says:

    Do we really care? this thug is gone forever ! Mubarek spare his penny before he spend for bullet

    • "Ahiya hula" says:

      Slick, I call you “Cave-man”, You will also hang yourself very soon. You can’t brag about somebody’s death. This shows how much ignorant you are. When you die, you will be dumped into garbage bin.Think how cheap you are, hiding behind a computer boasting like hero that might only fooling yourself,however nobody give attention to an individuals like you,who are suffering from identity crisis, inferiority complex and moral frangibility. There is a saying in Tigrigna that “the camel continue walking while dogs like you and your likes barking.”

  3. yonsnnes says:

    Finally they did it

  4. solomon says:

    Meles even though i disagree with him on eritear police ,i love his rast of his police on the econime ,on building the country infrastraction ,the equilty of (beheroch).
    The way he speek with confdance in any meeting international meeting(world econmice form)what a men .
    The only ethiopia leader ever with intallegent with so much edcation i realy miss him .

  5. Girma says:

    Even now we have no proof that they did not poisoned him for example with some radio active substance, from which he died later at such young age.

    Ethiopia should be always on it’s guard while trying to change firmly the evil attituted and policy of Egypt towards Ethiopia for generation.Building trust while building unbreakable capacity shall be our way.We should show Egyptians that they can’t make a luxury tour on the same river while upstream children are dieing of hunger beacause they cannot use the river’s water.We are no more ready to accept that! The world would not accept that anymore.

    Egypt should immediately stop the luxury projects like the Toshka Project and Mubarak Pumping station of diverting the Nile to the desert to grow rice(the world most water consuming plant) and cotton, build luxury tourist cities while people upsteam are still suffering of luck of rain and 6 millions Ethiopians are still on food handouts.

  6. teshome says:

    I think you guys have a huge problem in understanding Ethiopian intelligence and security service. It would have been easier to creat the universe than trying to assassin Ethiopian political leaders… So this story is just a wishful thinking

  7. Meaza says:

    Min asferaw tadiya ayasedefawum neber. Lenegeru, kenun tebiko motual. Besew ej tegedele berasu mote it is the same….in any case he had to die. Ethiopia is a better place with out him and his followers. Down to EPRDF and Meles Successor.

  8. Tagash says:

    Whaaaat? Is this English or Arabic?

  9. Mussie G says:

    Some of you are sucn a bunch of stupid guys. You are acting you are immortal. God knows when would each of us be called. Please grow.

  10. mamush says:

    Meles is a dead living and he has left his legacy forever; but your masters are a living dead and left their legacy in filling their butanta with huge … when they were arrested by law enforcing forces before nine years ago. Your living dead masters were died some nine years ago.

    • Mekdes says:

      Good answer For this dirty mouth Gondere. I bet you she is Gondere, I don’t wish her bad but, she might die of some kind of cancer soon. Their leaders are living dead and Meaza is one of them too. Meles will be remembered in Erhiopoan history for uplifting the country. Mutcha Yehonech neger.

  11. Tn. says:

    I can’t understand most of the writing of the English challenged middle-eastern brother. But I wouldn’t put it beyond Egypt and others to have attempted, and to might even have managed to neutralize PMMZ! Considering the humanly impossible pressure, the vastness of the magnitude of the changes that he was trying to usher, both politically and economically, what he has done is nothing short of miraculous. All one has to do is put him/herself in PMMZ’s shoe at age of 20 and lookforward. Not even PMMZ would have believed possible what he was able to achieve. I wouldn’t last 3 month in his shoe, at any point of PMMZ’s career, nor do I know that many people that can! Leadership under the most intense fire on earth, leading while not being burned-up, or being burnt-out; is a feet that few men can handle. Meles was an iconic symbol of mental stamina that the dictionary definition of the word should put him as a bechmark. The hotter the fire, the intense the pressure, the better the gem he became. There were several moments that I was overjoyed and gleeful but there was one moment that I hurled stuff form a joy similar to one experiences when his favorite team scores at the last few minutes of a final match and score in an extraordinary fashion. PMMZ’s double handed slum-dunk came mirroring Michel Jordan’s classic scoring against the Lakers; in PMMZ’s case his monumental all encompasing score came at the World Economic Forum, Infrustructure Pannel. Very very very few people have an understanding of the significance of that panel, the psychological shift that it EXPLODED on big big finance, and the type of danger that one would be put for inducing that shift into the mind of the gods of this earth. PMMZ wendu, YeMaydeferwen deferew… Megarejawn Tereterew!!! afenedaw afendedaw bexaxesew!! Add to that PMMZs Entebe agreement…haha, and his unfinished one liners albeit earth shattering and worthy of a noble prize even as is, clarifying issues and creating correlation between development and democracy including the best time that one would naturally occure. What have you! in the final analysis, if one would wonder who was leading who at the G20 meetings, it was none other than our own, his excellency Obbo Meles Zenawi. Alas, too much of a black mans’s visibility for comfort without impeding implementation. Thus i think God had it that the lion had to go to comoflage the cubs. PMMZ went where we will all go. My only regret is that the nation that he has magnificently lead is so much in the deepest of pits, that it can’t see the ladder that he has thrown it to climb out. Instead of grabbing a hold and climbing out, they turn around and blame him, coveting regression out of their temporary inconvenience. They yell out “Moses, why have you taken us out of Egypt”lol

    • Tn. says:

      If one fails to see the significance of this panel then he/she is an idiot. Specially,, watch 18 to 25 min. No world leader ever ever dares to call market-capitalization and derivatives a “wreaking ball”! Not Obama and not Gordon Brown! Follow that with a statement saying “we need the money here, perform financial engineering to accommodate us” is throwing a bomb at the rather lazy if not racist financial markets. in its essence, that is what money is supposed to do…that is, to accomodate people rather than playing itself in primary, secondary derivatives and waiting people to bow down and accommodate money. Here is the clip:
      IMO, viewing the clip and writting a one page report should be made mandatory to all entering freshmen in high school.
      Fenjiw teregxual, megarejaw tetertirwal!!!

  12. jgna says:

    Those who Hate PM Meles. They were happy at his death thinking that things will change. But now they realized that his legacy is long lasting. Meles plans and visions are becoming even more productive after he passed away. We are now seeing just a MIRACLE (economic miracle) in Ethiopia. Thanks to his all rounded and multifaceted vision and workable plan, Ethiopia is changing once and for all. Ethiopia is no more a SYMBOL OF POVERTY and STARVATION. But a ROLE MODEL for the rest of the developing world.
    Thanks to MELES, now things are smooth more or less. He has also his followers (EPRDF) ready to implement his vision. Ethiopia is in a good hand.

    • gebre says:

      ማንም ሰው ይሙት አይባልም።
      ስለዚህ እሱ ኖሮ ስራው ቢሞት ይሻል ነበር።

      • jgna says:

        Your making a bad wish on the Ethiopian people. Meles has given/sacrificed his life for the good of the oppressed Ethiopian people. He will live in the heart of the people. He is alive, b/c his vision has taken Ethiopia from poverty and put it into a trajectory of continued development. Success can not be attained without sacrifice. Real sons and daughters of Ethiopia have passed away to bring this change. In any country that is how radical changes come. Some generation must pay sacrifice so that the rest can live in progress and pride. We have now started to speak proudly in-front of citizens of any country and in any forum. We are just a role model who demonstrated how to go out of DEEP POVERTY and DARKNESS.
        Meles, like any radical thinkers, is expected to face extreme love and extreme hate. We the Ethiopian people love him and extremist hater like GEBRE hate him. So what? More than anyone you are hurting yourself. Because you have no hope. Your hope is for Ethiopia to fail and then to sing a nice song. But that is a day dreaming.
        My advise to you GEBRE, Just adjust yourself with the existing reality. Why not you enjoy the the day to day fascinating and inspiring changes and developments that you ”country” is registering. Otherwise you will die of heart attack and gastritis ulcer soon.
        I hope you will send your DOG (ABEBE) to ARE-TERA soon. Also do not forget to send the diablos, aba ….together with him so that he will bless him after barking-(a cross like bullet…)

  13. Mario says:

    “Mubarak tried to assassinate Meles Zenawi three times and this was confirmed by Meles himself”. So they say! (ተባለ እንዴ!).

    The fabrication, false propaganda and make-believe stories of woyaness/TPLF, their agents and lovers never ends.

  14. Solomon says:

    Wayan never lie, you sow wayan coming to finfen (addiss Abeba )so they don’t have to lie.
    The layers are milkawia who lied for a hundred years ,to make minlek a hero that he is not.
    Why would you even think minlek is a hero .
    Minlke who sold half of Tigray Ethiopia now Ertirea to Italian .And Djibouti to the French .
    Minlke is a Banda and betrayed Ethiopian not a hero.

  15. ET says:

    No doubt that Meles was Poisoned, Haters like it or not Meles was a great leader, Meles has changed Ethiopia’s image for good, Meles has put Ethiopia back on to global map. Sadly the GERD has cost him his life, he payed the ultimatum price for GERD. RIP God Bless

  16. seifu says:

    at solomon

    honestly speaking, there is no human being as lair as meles. at least let us agree on that! If you disagree then, you will be the only guy able to break his record. I know the guys you mentioned also lay, but never like meles and his etv. Tell me, is there a single government leader who lead us with laying to us 10 times a day? even today? just sit for a while and listen to etv, then u will be convinced how meles educated layers, and how he was effective and efficient lair! endew yemote sew aswekesikegn. isaan nama duee’dha

  17. Gezaee H. says:

    If there is anything that boils my blood is Egyptian dwelling on Ethiopia. The Abay is Ethiopian private property. They need to pay; Let them live in their country. They are a foreign country like everybody but worse than that our enemy. No free water, they have to pay for every drop. Ethiopians, you must sell the water than selling your ems or Vagina in the middle east. You change your dress into Arab dress to go there to be raped, killed, abused, beaten, and to sell your emss. you are not embarrassed to sell vagina in the middle east? but you are ashamed to sell your water? You are going to the middle east to sell your vagina to those who are selling oil? Who aid oil has to be sold, but not water? which one is cheap? water or oil? Hey, worthless generation, you gotta stop begging food every year, and you gotta stop migrating to the middle to sell your vagina and even to drown in the high see. It is time now you know your God given right to sell the water now. No free water for Egypt after now. Those talk about water sharing are idiots. Even the Nile Basin or Entebbe agreement is useless and against Ethiopia. Ethiopia does not need any agreement or blessing to use its own resources. The Nile Basin or Entebbe agreement treats all countries equals. But hell, no , Ethiopia own the water. The water does not come out of Egypt, or Tanzania or Somalia or Djibouti. The water is Ethiopia. Time to charge for every drop. No free water. Stop begging and stop complaining you have no oil, you are poor? stop it, you have more than oil, it is just your are just idiots do not know what you have and you do not know your right. Why do you need oil the toxic hydrocarbon while you have a clean water that is more precious than anything on the planet? why you cry you have no oil? Who said oil is better than fresh water? Fresh water is 1 eon times better than oil,… the problem in Ethiopia is you because you are idiots who do not know your right. Ethiopia has obligation to enter into any agreement to use the water in its land. All Ethiopia needs is strongly Army and its has full right to use its waters with no one blessing. This is God given natural right. God has blessed Ethiopia, but the people self-cursed people who accepted humiliation, beggary, prostitution, manipulation, injustice, hatred as their way of life.You have heard Ethiopians leaders claiming Ethiopia has no oil? Ethiopian has more than oil. The problem you do not know what you have . Lksks generation. Why does Ethiopia need to beg Egypt ? for what? how ? I do not get it?

  18. Genemo Bariso says:

    This man could be one of the best economist Africa has ever produced, the young Meles from Hailasilassie first university, he went to the bush and become succefull with his commradess from “LFs” of all ethnic groups, after twenty years I think Ethiopia is progressing Economically no one can deny that thanks to our farmers that produce exportable commodity this is only true in comparsion to the past regime performance but politically this people did nothing,I speak on behalf of humanity than any thing else …consider what happened in Oromia and the measuere taken, the Oromo troops (students with thier pen and exercise) saying no to the plan on the other well equiped goverment soliders (Agaze of Tplf) killed more than four dozen oromo students is this democracy???????????????????????I felt completely sick and embarrassing?

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