Ethiopia: Zami 90.7 FM Celebrates 6th Anniversary (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. Mamo Kilo says:

    Disgusting bunch of selfish morons.

  2. Aleqa Birru says:

    Dawit, you were against them at one time. Ahun min tegegne?

  3. Abayneh says:

    Keep up the goog job, Zerihun and mimi

  4. Birabiro says:

    Why did Mimi leave VOA? was she resigned or suspended?

  5. Eyasu M. says:

    Dawit, at last, you came back to glorify mimi and Zerihun. Shame on you!

  6. Jobiraw says:

    @Dawit kebede hoy le Zami ye zena shifan mestet kejemerk hulum neger abeka. Eskezare bante zuriya lemibalu negeroch bizum joro alsetem neber. Zare gin yihenen say amemegn.

  7. ደቡብ ኤፍኤም says:

    ዛሬ ኢሳት ላይ ጥላቻ የሚሰብኩት እነ መሳይ መኮንንና ብሩክ ይባስ ከአመታት በፊት ዛሚ ያሰለጠናቸው ናቸው። በርግጥ ያን ጊዜ ለደቡብ ኤፍኤም ነው የሰለጠኑት

  8. Baharu says:

    Congratulation , Zerehun & Mimi …. Keep up the good work .. Teach the extremist diaspora .. How you can contribute for your country on every sector you able to contribute !!

  9. billfree says:

    dawit : “lesedeb yetegabu tendoch ” this was what you write to eexpress about mimi and zerihun when you leave Ethiopia . what happened today ? you have became the most opportunist person in Ethiopia currently . shame up on you.

  10. negus says:

    I felt as if Meles is not dead. thanks zerihun and Mimi.

  11. Ambesaw says:

    Does Mimi have a plan to change her name to Lucy Sibhatu? Oh what about having some dental hygiene?

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