Ethiopia welcomes Egypt’s change of heart over Nile water row


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22 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    In western politics, no permanent enemy or allies, as i saw in my life experience. in Arabs also no garantee on promise…. So we can play on the political field, but we /Ethiopians/ have to win the Nile game with smart way,
    then we shall lookafter the port to made perfect reform for our dignity.

  2. Gebez says:

    As if the sons of Khedive Ismail Pasha had another alternative!! They very well know that Ethiopia is the land of the merciless hero Alula of Gura’E and Gundet. We the citizens of Ethiopia expect from the authorities in Cairo to take their generals back from Somalia, S.Sudan, Eritrea. In addition to that, we expect them to deport the OLF cockroaches from Egypt back to their homeland of the jungles of west wellega. Only after they do this we will start to believe their words.

  3. Ermi says:

    Abet hod-ader hulu, ahun gilbit blachihu you became friends of Egypt.

    This is what happens when self is not ruled by principle but tire-siga.

    Peace to all but Woyane!


    • Alula says:

      Ermi Ermi Ermi…ante hod yelehim? I know your mentality now!
      ኢርሚ የዚህ ዘመን ፖለቲካ ኣገባህም! የኢህኣዴግ የጠራ ዲፕሎማሲ እንዴት ግብፅን እንዳሸነፈ ማድነቅ ነበረብህ፣በጥላቻ ከሰከረ ሰው ምንም ነገር እንደማይገኝ የታወቀ ነው! እግዚኣቢሄር ይማርህ ከጥላቻ ያንፃህ/ቹ።
      The reason woyane won over EPRP,Jebha, EDU,Derg,shabiya,Kinijit,Alshabab,G7 is because they know what to do! By the way, when I see Erimi writing a good English , I thought he is conscious, read this:”abet hod ader hulu,ahun gilbit blachu you became friends with Egypt”! Did you foget that they are leading a country! Remember what our great leader said! መጀመርያ ያስፈራራሉ ለዚህ መልሱ ደግሞ ኣለመፍራት ነው! EPRDF already passed this stage!
      Ermi, what you guys were hoping was Egypt to hit the Dam, therefore , you could say”we told you so”! Wow! The great diplomacy of the EPRDFites is bearing fruit! ESAT will run out of money very soon!

  4. teshome says:

    While the chauvinistic diasporas are metabolizing hate politics, Ethiopia is maintaining enormous growth in economic and diplomatic endeavors. Look how Addis is becoming a diplomatic hub from Far East to Europe, from Latin America to Australia. Soon or later, Ethiopia is goons WOW the world in every sector. Thank you Ethiopian officials for offering us extra layers of comfort. Right now part of me think, may EPRDF lead Ethiopia till the end of times. By the way I am extremely happy that eventually Egiptians are dragged to the negotiation table. In the diplomatic sector we are hearing story behind every story, and the recent of Israel foreign minister visit to Ethiopia is really a game changer in Nile politics. However On this regard Egiptians relations to Ethiopians is important but not indispensable, so it is up to Egipt to exploit this opportunity

  5. Z-ETHIOPIAN says:

    Change of hearts??????you guys are delusional

  6. Alula says:

    Good job! I salute you for bringing Egypt to the round table! Since Egypt has multiple faces, don’t trust them! Your diplomacy is working well keep it up!

  7. Gezaee says:

    Woyane is itching to sign another EEBC? It is the most cursed organisation that is hell bent to sell Ethiopia.Tedros Adhanom made a call to Egypt to reaffirm his commitment to serve them? This is called Kielet or ebdet or chat mekam. Does FM TA chew chat? This man is itching to sign another EEBC blunder.It has been awhile since woyane did not sign blunders like Alger’s agreement, EEBC, and locking Ethiopia. I say to FM TA fuck your dam if you are going to kill not only this generation of Ethiopians, but future generation Ethiopians. I am hating this man called TA. He does not seem he has no respect for the people of Ethiopia. This idiots call Egypt to reaffirm to sign agreement of win win? This damn idiot will sign another EEBC to make his name at the expense of our people. We have to tell corrupt woyanes to stop selling our country. Let them go to hell with dam. If they are going to sign any agreement with Egypt, we do not need anything built by woyane. Askeyami, ashloklki, aderbay. Egypt is the cause of our poverty. There is nothing Ethiopians or Ethiopia can win from Egypt. Yet, the cursed woyane leaders are preaching win win? My million question what is woyane winning from Egypt that contributes zero water and the water is inside Ethiopia? what does Ethiopia lose more than it did? I am against woyane to be honest. We can not take anymore garage sell of our natural resources. Leba acheberbari

    • gebre says:

      KKkkkkkkkkkkkk, የአንተን ኮሜንት ሳነብ ልቀበለውም አልቀበለውም ግን ደስ ይለኛል።

    • Hermi says:

      In the above article:

      “Ethiopia strongly welcomes Egypt’s interest to re-launch talk over the GERD and solve the problem through dialogue,”

      “Egypt has no other option except dialogue and win-win negotiation to find a solution that is acceptable by both sides,”

      ” Adhanom has reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment for cooperation with Egypt based on mutual trust and confidence”

      Unless you missed to take your anti-psychotic (delusion) drugs, there is nowhere that stated the Ethiopian gov’t is ready to sign any agreement. What did you wanted him to say? or are you gone mad because you were hopping Egypt will go to war with Ethiopia and your hopes were dashed Al Sisi is talking dialogue (will bee seen in action) unlike his predecessors? All these insults for presuming in your rock brain of yours that the gov’t (FM) “if signs” and “Woyane is itching to sign another EEBC?” assertions?
      Arguing what the terms of the agreement should and should not include is wise but to vomit a torrent of insult based on it might happen not only shows how you were raised and who you realy are. Asafari. You keep saying “I am against woyane to be honest.” is this a cheap shot at gaining sympathy from the few extreme diaspora who did not like your wishywashy stand? The imprtant thing is people like you are only a background noise who amount to nothing. Take your xanax.

  8. teshome says:

    Gezaee. I think you have rocks in your mind. You don’t know what to say and what not in public forum. Would you mind if you grow up before you blow up. By the way did you write this comment before or after you had six beers. I can not imagine why the forum moderators allow you to have a free ride in vomiting all chauvinist attitude you ever ate in your lazy 50 years. Good luck ‘shebawe’

  9. Tn. says:

    It is back to business!! IPOE is back!

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    You all woyane dogs. I know you that you are corrupt and rotten from head to toe. You will not able to intimidate me. I live out of Ethiopia and u can not kill me or poison me. Yes I am rock head because I am not hodam or lksks woyane, agersheyach. I do not express myself to align with you or with diaspora. I do not have to be with you or with another. I can be indepedent. I do not need sympath either from you or from somebody else. I oppose you because are against Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. You landlocked my country, my people,you made me and others refugees all our lives for your so called liberation? whom did you liberate? Never expect I can ever support woyane. you did not even correct any mistake. It will be a miscarriage to support woyane that landlocked 95 million people by the barrel of gun?

    Woyanewoch, we will not allow u to sign anything in our name after now. We have had enough blunder. We do not need any agreement with Egypt. The day you sign agreement, the day I will start a new civil movement and mark my words and it will not be like G7. You will be removed in one day, no armed struggle, but I will mobilize all Ethiopians regardless ethnic and will form a brand new civil movement. I will abandon all my life project I am doing right now and fully 100% work against woyane. Mark my words, I am waiting for you to sign any agreement. I am saying any agreement. I hate you woyane now seriously. There were many times I said to myself may be they were doing things without knowing and with ignorance. But now I see you are evil people; ignorant, despots who keep on recycling doing bad things. You came with a bunch of ideas from dedebit and you have been forcing your dedebit ideas on the entire Ethiopia? Landlocking Ethiopia is your dedebit ideology and your EEBC and Alger’s agreemeent is dedebit ideology and betrayal of 100 000 soldieers during war is your dedebit idea. As I said there was many times I thought of forgiving u, but you are born evil, cursed people. you are destroyhing the country by selling its land, its people and now you are itching to sign agreement with the enemy and deny future Ethiopians from using Abay? u are the most cursed people in Ethiopian history? Ethiopia does not need any agreement with Egypt. It never had one and it will not have one. Woyane = curse = ebdoch = agershayacho. I always wonder why Abebee Gelaw hates woyane too much? there is something about it because you are evil people. You keep on forcing yourslef forever. You call yourself Ethiopian but no Ethiopian can make the idiotic decision except you? Who gave you all these right? Who elected u? No Ethiopian elected u? So, I wanted u to get lost woyane. You are burden to our counry. Evil. You landlocked the counry and we pay billion dollars each year? 24 years times 2 billion dollars = 48 billion years? How many Tigrean youth u killed in the name of liberation? How many infrastructures u destroyed in the name of struggle for liberation? For how many years u deprived Ethiopia from developmen by waging bloody war? How many people you made refugees like myself? How much money u spend for your cadres? Anyway, you are legalized robbers because no Ethiopian elected u. Lksksoch. Now u wanted to sign agreement with Egppt? Agreeement for what? no, stop your damn dam and leave us alone. Do not sign anything in our name. Rkash, waradoch. We do not need any agreement with Egypt to use our water. Leave alone us even they did noto need our agreemnent to use our water. Death to all woyanes, waradoch, lkslkksoch, agersheyach, corrupt, …I hate u now. u even try to tell me what are the terms of agreemen?. I am agaisnt any agreeemnt with Egypt. Leave alone with you rkash, lksksoch, agersheyacho, even if a good leader comes to Ethiopia,I would never support any agreeement with Egypt.I see now why Abebe Gelaw hate u too much. You are seflish and you will not hesitate from selling anything for money as long as u make money. You are disgrace for our country. Every Ethiopians must take this seriously. I will be ready to unite all Ethiopians and to dissolve all the factions. you make big mistake now will be a miracle for Ethiopia. If u sign any agreement with Egpt I will automatically stop everything and engaged actively to remove u from Ethiopia. I hate u now. I waited for u for 24 years to grow and develop but u never grow or develop. You grabed power by gun and now u can not live without it and u are making or itching to make agreements that kills generations to come. FM TA is calls Egypt for win win agreement? what does Ethiopia win? This man even said we sink together or we swim together? FM TA does not know but Ethiopia has sunk already? There will never be much sinking than the sinking Ethiopia is in already. lemut mekabr ymokewal. He does not know Ethiopians are dying everwhere ? He does no know Ethiopians are starving ? because he fills his tummy he thinks everyone is full of tummy? Anyway, I have been thinking it could be better to repair woyane? but woyane is rotten, smelly and cannot be repair. You are rotten with corruption and corrupt people can not stand for thier country because corrupts are corrupts .They will do anything for temporary financial gain because that is the tenets of corrup peoplet. Death to woyane Kehadiwoch, worebeloch, corrupt. I watch u start signing any agreement and u will see I will be a background noise.Enough is enough. All Ethiopian get ready. We do not want any dam or anything from woyane. We have had enouugh. Our country is landlocked by force and our ports are siting idle now and we are paying money to Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia,… u did not liberate anyone. You have rather become a burden to Ethiopia by signing agreeemnts everywhere and arbitrarily. Even Menelcik is better than u because he lived in different time. You corrupt woyane, know that u are are corrupt and corrupt people will never stand for anyone. Did not woyane tell us buying port is better than owning one? you have a dirty brain, garbage dedebit ra. You need to upgrade your dedebit brain. Denkoro, I did not ask u to fight for me, u decided to fight ? why u think now Ethiopians have to carry you as a heavy burden? This is an injustice. Ethiopia is not mother’s backyard and go around to sign agreements in every body’s name? Lksks, waradoch. U wanted to sign agreement for me with Egypt? Hell, no, get lost with your Hidase Dam. It is better not to have this dam than to sign any agreeemnt. Ahya dedeb, denkoro, hodam,… u wanted to sign agreement just for u to stay on power? Dedeb, worebala,if I was u, I would rather resign than keep on signing agreement that kills all Ethiopians. Woyane = cursed people in Ethiopia. When Gebremedhin said woyane is a curse, I used to ask my questions? wh? but now I see why Gremedin the then woyane cals u a curse, u are really the most cursed people. I know u have supporters, but even the murderer deg had supporters. You can still have supporterrs. But u have proved ourself many times u are really the curse of our country. Shame on u, shameful.

    • gebre says:

      ለማለት የፈለግከውን ተከታትዬ እንግሊዘኛ ለማይችሉ በአማርኛ summerize ለማድረግ ስሞክር ይህን ይመስላል ብዬ እገምታለሁ።
      1ኛ፣አሰብን አሳልፈው በመስጠት 80 ሚሌዮን ህዝብ ያለ ወደብ ቀረ።
      2ኛ፣አባይን ለኢትዮጵያ እንዲጠቅም ከማድረግ ይልቅ ለግብፅ እንዲጠቅም መሩዋሩዋጥ ተጀመረ።
      3ኛ፣በአልጄሪያው ስምምነት የኢትዮጵያን መሬት አሳልፎ ተሰጠ።
      4ኛ፣ዜጎቻችን ወደ አረብ ሀገር ሄደው እንዲዋረዱ ተደረገ
      5ኛ፣በኮረፕሽን ሀገራችን ትናወጠች፣ ዜጎቻችን ተፈናቀሉ።
      6ኛ፣ዜጎቻችንን በጎሳ ተከፋፈሉ፣የጎሳ ክልል ተፈጠረ።የጡት ሀውልት ተሰራ።
      7ኛ፣ጋዜጠኞች፣ምሁራን፣ዜጎች፣ ከሀገር ተባረሩ፣ተሰደዱ፣ታሰሩ።
      8ኛ፣የዜጎች፣የንብረት ባለቤትነታቸው እንዳይረጋገጥ ተደረገ።
      9ኛ፣በነፃነት ስም የትግራይን ወጣት አና የኢትዮጵያ ወጣት ተጨረሰ።
      10ኛ፣ከሰሩት ይልቅ ያፈረሱት ያመዝናል (ድልድይ፣መንገድ፣ቤት)።

  11. mamush says:

    @Gezaee H.
    You said “u are really the most cursed people” “I am against any agreement with Egypt” This is your father, the retarded dictator Isayas Afework’s legacy to disagree with any of his neighbors for the sake the country’s national interest.
    It is time to draw red line for this cocainized person, insult addicted the son of Shabiyan bitch, who is barking from about 10,000Km to destabilize our country either through Egypt or his country Eritrea. You stupid paranoid! leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians you can bark at your dictator Isayas Afeworki. Unless you come to the right track I will attack any of your comment written under your name on this forum and expose to the public until you curse the day you were born.
    አንዴ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሌላ ጊዜ ደግሞ ኤርትሪያዊ ነኝ እያልክ የኖረከዉ የትላንት አሳፋር የራስ ማንነት ሽሽትህ የትም አያደረስህም፡፡

  12. mamush says:

    @Awramba Times Editor
    Awramba Times Editor had posted the following comment on June 14, 2014 on this forum:
    Dear all,
    “We at Awramba Times actively encourage our forum members to comment on every post. However we want to let some insult-addicted netters know that, we don’t tolerate comments that contain libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing and threatening remarks.”
    “Without insulting each other, we need to be clear about the best way of getting what is best for Ethiopia.”
    Thank you
    Editor, Awramba Times
    Is this comment is for the selected individuals or for all? I have seen this while you were blocking the selected individual comments specially the ruling party supporters. Do you think that your forum is fair? I can call the name of individuals and the date you blocked their comments while you posted the comment in which the Ethiopian people is bitterly insulted by the arrogant Eritrean man by saying Ethiopians are “selling their body”.
    “አዉራአምባ ታይምስ”ን ማመስገንም መዉቀስም እፈልጋለሁ፡፡ ምክንያቱም ከፅንፈኛ የገዥ ፓርቲ ደጋፍ እስከ አክራሪ ተቃዋሚ፣ ከከፍተኛ ምሁራዊ አስተያየት እስከ ተራ ተሳዳቢ፣ ከለዘብተኛ ፖለቲከኛ እስከ ቀለም አብዮተኛ ወዘተ… ያሉ አስተያየቶችን ማስተናገደቹ በከፍል ስያስመሰግናቹ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝቦች ስሰደቡ ተቀብሎ ማስተናገድ ግን ድክመታቹ ነዉ፡፡ ይህ ወደፊት ሊታረም ይገባል ብዬ አስባለሁ፡፡ “አዉራአምባ ታይምስ”ን የኢዲቶሪያል ፖሊሲ መተዳደሪያ ደንቦችንና ገዥ ማዕቀፎችን ማሳወቅ ስገባቸዉ ፎረሙን የጋጠወጦችና የተሳዳብዎች መድረክ አደረጉት፡፡መብታቸዉም ፖሊሲያቸዉም እስከሆነ ድረስ ምንም ማድረግ አልችልም፡፡በፎረሙ በላቤቶች አድልኦ እስከልተፈጸመብኝ ድረስ እኔም በበኩሌ በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ላይ የሚሰነዘርን ስድብ በሚመጥን ስልት ግብረ-መልስ ለመስጠት እገደዳለሁ፡፡አድልኦ ከተፈፀመብኝ ግን ጥፋቱ የ“አዉራአምባ ታይምስ” ስለሆነ ቦኋላ እንደታዝኑብኝ አደራ እላለሁ፡፡
    Thank you

  13. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Gebre,

    I really appreciate your insight. Listen brother, we are a victim nation to be honest. Everyone has playing games us. Without calculating the cost and benefit they started bloody war that held Ethiopia from any development for three decades. They did not know there was a better way of solving problem without waging a bloody war that consumed the souls of many young people in the name of liberation? Who can you liberate by killing 60 000 Tigrean youth? Is it worth all that life? Let us do cost benefit analysis on so the called their struggle for liberation.
    1. Buses were not burnt down
    2. Bridge blown out
    3. Power lines cut off
    4. Telecommunication lines cut off
    5. Schools were burnt to ashes
    6. Any development was brought to a standstill for three decades
    7. How much time was wasted? three cades since the Shabia war started and almost two decades of woyane bloody war
    8. The entire Tigreans population was displaced became refugees
    9.60 000 Tigrean youth perished for nothing
    10. How many Ethiopians perished from the side of derg?
    11. How many Eritreans youth perished?
    12. How many Eritrean become refugees since then and they are still refugees this is because woyane turn up the gun of war when Shabia was to given to derg for settlement.
    13. Woyane went to Nakfa to save Shabia and sacrificed Tigrean youth for that?
    14. Then woyane came and declared independent Eritrea and landlocked Ethiopia? They forced the entire country to be landlocked by force? No Ethiopian was given the comment or to have a say? As if Ethiopia is the back yard of few woyane who came from dedebit, they decided to landlock Ethiopia and they preached for the sake of peace let Ethiopia be landlocked? what an idiot Ethiopian would destroy his country for the sake of peace? do you give away your house to somebody else for the sake of peace? It is mind boggling where they got this stupid self-inflicting philosophy of stupidity. They told us buy port is better than owning port? It is mind boggling why about 95 million people have to forced to be landlocked by few Tigreans idiots who have an idiotic beliefs? It is extremely impossible to fathom what these people really wanted from the Ethiopian people? For they did not fight for freedom. They fought for power and to sell Ethiopian land, and even its people. If they care about Ethiopian people, they would not force the poor Ethiopians to pay annual port fee of 2 billion dollars buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia? People who fought to liberate people will never do this to their country. This bunch of idiots had no intention of freeing anyone from anything. Their aspiration was to become steal, to become rich and to enslave Ethiopians by taking away their land, their water and their everything. Now in the name of investment the country is entire given away to anyone who has money. There is no even any rule or law. You are given everything if you show them money. All they wanted is money. They do not care what they do. Opening investment sweatshop is considered development in their standard. Working with no or with extremely low wage for a foreigner is considered development? I do not think they even have clue what development is.
    By land-locking Ethiopia, now Ethiopia has spend 48 billion dollars roughly? can u imagine?
    14. PM Hailemariam Desalegn was officially shipping teen Ethiopian to Saudi Arabia knowing Ethiopians are not fit to live there and knowing they will raped where they work. We told them to stop shipping Ethiopians in the name of work, they refused and what happened later, we saw it and time proved us perfect.
    15. They are aborted war with Shabia at the last minute and they saved Shabia. Shabia was crumbling and Issayas himself was ready to go to Saudi Arabia. He was packed to take a boat. They saved him. Then he started proxy war. Instead of removing him these idiots went to Somalia to sacrifice Ethiopians and they could not even tell us how many people we lost. They refused to tell us how many people we lost as if every soul in Ethiopia is their own private property? Can you call these liberators honeslty?whom did they liberate?
    16. After saving Shabia, they have to fight war with ONLF because of Shabia and 10 000 Ugaden children became orphans. All these because of shabia. Yet the cursed woyane call me Shabia? am I Shabia? how is that I am Shabia? It is me who came public who declared I will fight for Eritrean independence? How is that I am called Eritrean? Is it me or Woyane who is Shabia? Is it me who betrayed 100 000 souls and signed EEBC or alger’s agreement? is it me Shabia who aborted war and saved Shabia and signed all those crap agreements in the name of Ethiopian people? how is that I am being called Shabia and Eritrean? it does not make sense. Woyane is not only Shabia, woyane is a slave of Shabia.
    17. How much does Ethiopia spend to watch Shabia for the past 15 years? Ethiopia spends 1 million dollar each day to feed its soldiers along the non-existence border in the north. This is 1 million * 365 days *15 years = 5.5 billion dollars. Without counting hardware and other logistics. By only considering a 1 million daily food expense to the soldiers in north Ethiopia, Ethiopia has spend 5.5 billions dollars in the past 15 years. Add this to 48 billion dollars. 48 + 5.5 = 53.5 Billion dollars is being wasted because of woyane. Only the 5.5 billion dollar could be used to build the Hidase dam. It is only that, can we express the souls of 100 000 Ethiopians in terms of monetary? Guys, woyane must removed long ago when it betrayed its own soldiers? Ethiopia is a lawless country. People who betrayed 100 000 souls must have removed long ago.

    17.Land is sold a garage sell anyone who can show cash. Children are sold in the name of adoption. The country is administered by NGOS and there is no apparent a government in a real sense. What is there in Ethiopia is a legalized shifta that does anything to get money in the name of the people. NOGs are called parners. The ruling elites have other way of supporting themselves and they can not leave power because they have no life without it. Everything they do is right even if it is wrong and they believe they have right to do anything they wanted because they fought derg and won? Citizens can not ask or stop corruption? Job is given to party members. In general the country now belongs to a bunch of people who can do whatever they want with no regard for future generation.

    Any development that does not consider future generation is called Unsustainable development. Whatever is happening in Ethiopia is not sustainable because woyane only see their temporary gain and never consider future Ethiopians. Leave for woyane to consider future generation, they do not even care about this generation. All they care is how much money they are accumulating now. Job is given to zemedzemed and party member. If you are not their Zemed or party member, you are nominal Ethiopian but your third citizen. To your surprise, Ethiopia is now controlled by Egypt in the name of investment. Egyptians are in Tigrai, Afar, and all regions of Ethiopia. They will conquer Ethiopia easily. Woyane is a curse. Now woyane( curse ) wanted to sign win win with Egypt. For woyane every losing is wining and we saw it when Ethiopians were cheated to dance when badme was given to Shabia. The then FM cheated and lied in front of Ethiopians people and he did not even apologize because lying, cheating, betraying in Ethiopia by woyane is being considered excellence and virtue. Now the current FM TA wanted itching to cheat Ethiopians and to sign for them another Abay EEBC? so that he can make a record of himself as traitor who sold Abay? FM TA wanted to be recorded in Ethiopian history book as the one who sold Abay to Egypt. Otherwise, what would Ethiopia win from a country that is 2212 km away from Ethiopia and contributes zero water? Ethiopia has lost all its water because the country Egypt stole it for many years. He says we sink together or swim together ? FM TA has a blind eye otherwise, Ethiopia has sunk deep already. There can never be sinking than this. Its people live on hand out every year. As I speak 8 million are on the verge of starving. The country has no even a single dam that is used to do farm? Ethiopia uses nothing ? Yet, this self-appointed FM TA tell us or preach us win win or sink or swim together? Sir, what can we lose than have lost already? There is nothing Ethiopia can lose more than it did. There is no need for Ethiopia to enter any agreement because Ethiopia has no obligation to enter into agreement. If you can not stand for the dam, then the right to think to do is to resign and allow other Ethiopians do what they can. Otherwise, sticking your nose in Arat kilo because you are Tigrean only is not enough to be a leader. I do not believe this man has what it takes to be a leader. Ethiopia has no obligation to sign any agreement with Egypt and it is not in the interest of the Ethiopian people who deserve to harness the Nile. They have no obligation to die and feed other people at the expense of their own life. No normal human being would starve himself to feed us others at his expense. There is no law under the sun or above the sun that forces Ethiopia to sign any agreement with anyone in regard the water it springs from its land. If you can build the dam, then the right think to do is to give it up and resign from the position you are holding. You have made me a refugee all my life,but stop denying my children from using the Nile in the future. Stop it.

    In case, woyane become agitated to sign because woyane loves signing papers in the name of Ethiopians. What we need to do is dissolve all the factions and form brand new civil movement that is all inclusive where no Ethiopia feel excluded and then we can remove woyane in one day. It is easy to remove them in one day if we unite. Their power is diving people. The main reason they divided the country on ethnic lines is not to for the people. It is divide and conquer strategy which is Koreta by woyane. It is scientific method of manipulating problems and even people. It is used in computer programming, engineering to manipulate problem. But woyane used it to manipulate not problem like poverty but to manipulate people. What we need to do is dissolve all the parties like G7, OLF, ONLF, EPPF,… because there is no need for armed struggle. Armed struggle is expensive, and bloody and takes long. We can do in one day if we unite. If I abandon everything I do for my life it will be easy to unite Ethiopians based on humanity than based ethnic lines or race. We need that. If we are united, neither shifta nor mercenary nor foreign enemy will ever dare to intimidate us. Woyane is done. I am done with them. I have waited for them for 24 years hoping they will grow and develop. But to my dismay, they can not grow or develop. Ethiopia people have no obligation to carry woyanes heavy burden. I see now the dam is not build for any good purpose. It is a political ploy to stay on power. They have no any good intention from the beginning. If they had good intention they would not believe in land-locking Ethiopia and separating the Eritrean people from their own people. If they have good intention they would not argue buy port is better than owning one. It is this garbage people who have been ruling Ethiopians for two decades. No national agenda other than robber at large scale. Note: Ethiopia has lost 11 billion dollars in the past 22 years. Add this to 53.5 billion + 11 billion = 64.5 billion dollars lost because of woyane. What is that woyane has built that is compare to this? The Hidase Dam? that is 4.6 billion and it is funded by Ethiopian public. Apparently woyane are there to steal and sell everything in Ethiopia. They do not care about land, people, water or port, very selfish human being ever.

  14. Gezaee says:

    Heart-breaking news; As I speak woyane is busy uprooting Amhara from Wollega. Ethiopian people must do something before it is too late. Woyanes madness has no end. People are discriminated and segregated in their own country. The amhara people have become the main target of the cursed woyane. From the beginning Woyane started Guirrela war against amhara, not for freedom of anyone. Both Shabia and woyanes spearheaded and used antiamhara propaganda to mobilize people. Now we see amhara people are purged, uprooted from every corner of the country. Their land taken and their property looted and thrown into an open field. This is the liberation woyane claim fought for to spread black apartheid in Ethiopia. This is the fruit of the 17 years of tigrean suffering for the so called liberation. You claimed to form an independent Tigrai? then you switched your agenda to target one ethnic group? Erebakach beka, sew beageru abesa ybelal? We have had derg that kills people indiscriminately, but there was no system that targets one ethnic like this. I call upon all Ethiopians to do something now than ever. We were all shocked when last year Amaras were expelled from the south region but the campaign against Amhara did not upto now. It is an ongoing process. Probably woyanes agenda is to exterminate amahra from Ethiopia. That is why they tell us about Menelick and other past kings and forget what they are doing right now against the country. I just received email now that amhara are being expelled from Wollega as I speak now. It is heart-breaking Tigrai gave birth to human snakes who promote a never seen and never heard apartheid in Ethiopia. It is true we had bad past leaders but why is Woyane targeting the poor people now. They never elected their leaders. Does this means the Tigreans has to pay for the crimes of woyane which is misrepresenting them. Shame on you Woyane, you are dumb people . Why are you targeting the amahra people? What is wrong with these people? did they mutate to devils? Are they really human being or just they look human? what is Ethiopia for this people? what do they want from the people? Are they removing people to sell the land? Askeyami, Zeregnea, evil people. Ere, gedel gibu, looks guys, when Woyane were approached addis ababa in 1990. I told to this small kid boy that woyane are coming. He was 6 years old. When I told him woyane are coming. He said hu hu hu, he cried. I asked him why? he told me woyane is chiraq and woyane will eat me. I asked him how woyane looks like. He told me they have 4 eyes, 4 legs and they eat people. If they come they will eat us. This was a small kid who did not have a clue about the world around him. I think God was speaking through him. Woyane has become a wild beast that feeds on its children. I do not see this different from Chiraqness. They are selling land but they are doing this by removing amahra from every corner of the country. I can email u Awramba the email I have received this morning from Ethiopia. Amhara expelled in mass again from Wollega. We must mourn about this. This is a national disgrace. Ethiopia is not anymore the Ethiopia we claim. We claim about Ethiopia all that the country gone. My heart is broken when I received this email.

  15. Gezaee says:

    በሺህ የሚቆጠሩ አማሮች አማራ በመሆናቸው ብቻ ተመርጠው ከምዕራብ ወለጋ ከጊምቢ እና ቄሌም (እንፍሌ ወረዳ አሽ ቀበሌ) ተፈናቀሉ። June 20, 2014

    በብዙ ሺህ የሚቆጠር የአማራ ህዝብ ኢትዮጵያውያን ከምዕራብ ወለጋ ጊምቢ እና ቄሌም በኃይል አካባቢውን እንዲለቁ ከመደረጉ በላይ ድብደባ እና ግድያ እንደተፈፀመባቸው ቪኦኤ የአማርኛው አገልግሎት ሰኔ 12/2006 ዓም ምሽት ባስተላለፈው ዘገባ ገለፀ።

    ዘገባው የተፈናቃዮችን ምስክርነት እንዳስደመጠው ድብደባው እና ግድያው በከተማው ሕዝብ እና ፖሊስ የታገዘ መሆኑን እና ህይወታቸውን ያተረፉት በኮርኒስ እና ጫካ በመደበቅ መሆኑን ሲገልጡ፣አንድ ምስክርነታቸውን ለቪኦኤ የሰጡ ተፈናቃይ አክለው እንደገለፁት ከጊምቢ ከተማ ብቻ ከሶስት ሺህ በላይ የአማራ ህዝብ ኢትዮጵያውያን መፈናቀላቸውን ተናግረዋል።ሌላው ምስክርነት ሰጪ ደግሞ ቁጥሩን ከስምንት ሺህ ሕዝብ በላይ አድርሶታል።

    አምስት ልጆች የነበራቸው መሆናቸውን የተናገሩት ሌላ ተፈናቃይ የነበራቸው መደብር መዘረፉን እና ካለምንም ሀብት መቅረታቸውን፣ጉዳዩን አቤት ለማለት ወደ ባለስልጣናት ቢሄዱም ሰሚ ማጣታቸውን አስታውቀዋል።

    የቪኦኤ ጋዜጠኛ ጉዳዩን አስመልክቶ ቀደም ብሎ የአካባቢው የፀጥታ ጉዳይ ኃላፊ የተባሉ እሳቸው ግን የኦሕዴድ ድርጅት ጉዳይ ኃላፊ ነኝ ያሉ አቶ አወቀ የተባሉ የክልሉ ባለሥልጣን ስለጉዳዩ ሲናገሩ ”ያባረረ የለም’ ሲሉ ተደምጠዋል።

    የኦሮምያ ክልል የመንግስት ኮሚኒኬሽን ጉዳይ ኃላፊ ወ/ሮ ራቢያ ኢሳ ”ሰዎቹ የሄዱት ፈርተው ነው” ካሉ በኃላ ”ቁጥራቸው ”መቶ አይሞሉም ” ማለታቸው ግርምትን ፈጥሯል።የቪኦኤ ጋዜጠኛ አቶ ሰለሞን በመቀጠል ” ቁጥሩ አይደለም ወሳኙ አንድም ሰው ቢሆን ለምን ተፈናቀለ? ደግሞስ ምን ያስፈራቸዋል? ያብራሩልኝ ” ብሎ ለጠየቃቸው ወ/ሮ ራቢያ አጥጋቢ መልስ ለመስጠት ሳይችሉ ቀርተዋል።

    የኢህአዲግ/ወያኔ የጎሳ ፖለቲካ ሕዝቡን በአካል መለብለብ ከጀመረ ሰነበተ።ሺዎች የእዚህኛው ሌሎች የእዚያኛው ብሄር ተወላጅ ናችሁ እየተባሉ ተፈናቅለዋል።በተለይ ከአማራው ህዝብ ተወላጅ የሆኑ በብዙ ሺህ የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን ከጉርዳፈርዳ፣ከበንሻጉል፣ከኢልባቦር እና ከወለጋ አሰቃቂ ግድያ እና ድብደባ እየተፈፀመባቸው ለዘመናት ያፈሩትን ንብረት እየተነጠቁ መባረራቸውን ያመለከቱ ዘገባዎች ሲወጡ የነበረ መሆኑ ይታወቃል።

  16. Alula says:


    Whatever you say, it’s only your frustration that sending you nuts! All I can say is, you touched every political party from the beginning (1967 Ethiopian calendar) , every political party knew your instability & told you that they don’t need you starting from Derg to this day! Did you say anything when Derg was mowing innocent Ethiopian when you were a Derg cadre? Answer this if you have the gut!

  17. samson says:

    what is going on, some of you still call Eritreans port “our port” its 2014 and Eritreas kicked your ass in the 30yr war. admit it. i feel sorry for some good ethiopians, its not fun to live under worthless crminal woyana junta. look we got one agame bastard Isyase and we are living in hell.

  1. June 18, 2014

    […] to build build airstrips within striking distance of the GERD, were leaked. Since his election Al-Sisi has decided to resolve the crisis diplomatically and will be making his first official trip to Ethiopia soon. Ethiopia, for it’s part, will […]

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